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242 – ‘Subdue dragon’ subdues a dragon!

Chapter 242: ‘Subdue dragon’ subdues a dragon!


This master was a bit mischievous!

Li Muyang hurriedly took the cup in Kong Li’s hand, dashed off to make him a cup of tea, and when he returned, respectfully set the cup on the table in front of Kong Li, speaking in a clear voice, “Master, your tea is ready.”

Kong stretched out his hand, but not to pick up the teacup, rather put his hand above Li Muyang’s head and a white glow of light flashed from his palm.

The white light penetrated through Li Muyang’s head, flowed all around his body and finally rushed toward his sea of qi in the dantian region.

With Kong Li’s cultivation level, the body of qi guided by him obviously was undefendable, easily sweeping away all obstacles in the way, and it could be said that Kong Li was in complete control of Li Muyang’s body.

The white light had very smoothly reached the location of the sea of qi, but then all of a sudden was frightened by a vast spectacle.

Kong Li’s eyes shot open, staring at Li Muyang with astonishment.

Li Muyang opened his mouth to speak, but no sound came forth like his mouth was blocked.

It wasn’t until Kong Li had withdrawn his body of qi and his palm left the top of his head that he had felt comfortable again.

“Master, what do you mean?” Li Muyang asked with a puzzled face. How can you touch someone’s head without saying anything? What if you mess up his hair?

“Your valley——just what is it’s situation?” Kong Li asked in a low voice.

Li Muyang grinned. “Was Master Kong also frightened? Master Xiahou had also questioned me for half a day about this. He said that he had never seen a valley like that. He also said that the valley is like a sea and I may never be able to fill it. He did not know whether it is a blessing or misfortune——Master, you would not think that there are no medicines that could save me and is no longer willing to accept me as your disciple, right?”

Li Muyang clutched tight to the ‘Subdue dragon and tame tiger mantra’, an alert and vigilant look on his face like he was thinking that even if he went back on his words he would not give him back the ’Subdue dragon and tame tiger mantra’.


Kong Li kept silent for a moment before he finally asked, “Have you ever told anyone about it?”

“No.” Li Muyang shook his head. “Only Master Kong and Master Xiahou knows.”

“You must never let anyone know.” Kong Li advised with a stern face. “You must remember this.”


“Xiahou Qianbai didn’t tell you?” Kong Li’s brows furrowed a little. “Cultivators know that the greater the valley, the more likely the success one will likely to achieve in the future. But I have never seen a valley as vast as a sea. In other words, you may never be able to fill the valley and never progress from the Empty Valley Realm your entire life. Or you may fill the sea, possess unfathomable foundation and an unending stream of qi, breakthrough realms and soar all the way to the sky——”

Li Muyang nodded. “I know. Master Xiahou told me about this——”

“In other words, you may be a genius, may achieve accomplishments unattainable to ordinary people.” Kong Li said.

Li Muyang pursed his lips wanting to smile, but the thought that this might not seem modest, he hurriedly held back his smile as his face twisted into an ‘I do not care about this in the slightest’ expression and said, “I have to ask Master to train me.”

“Although this is a very slim possibility, the higher possibility is that you will never fill the sea in your entire life——” Kong Li said.


“But, I’m afraid someone will be jealous and try many ways to destroy your sea of qi, break the valley of your dantian——” Kong Li warned in a grave voice. “You are a potential competitor that may as well be destroyed. Such situations are not uncommon. How many talented people have been destroyed in just one day. With no accomplishments in their life at all, living miserably till they die. It’s a pity.”

“I did not provoke anyone, those people are so vicious——really hateful.” Li Muyang cried.

“The weak are prey to the strong. The laws have always been like that. No one can change it.” Kong Li stated. “What you can do is to become as strong as possible. Accumulate body of qi at the fastest speed, and fill the sea. At the time the sea overflows, you have a lifetime to enjoy the benefits.”

Li Muyang bowed his head. “Disciple will do my best and not disappoint Master.”

“The you now is too weak, if I had not examined you in person, it is hard to believe that a guy who had just built his foundation and is only in the Empty Valley could enter Starry Sky Academy——”


It was only now that Kong Li reached out to receive Li Muyang’s cup of tea, carefully took a sip. “Since I drank your tea, and also became your master, then I will give you a ride.”

He fished out a small white porcelain bottle from his bosom, pulled out the cork and carefully poured out a small red pill.

The red pill was covered with a layer of purple flames, like it was burning.

Kong Li, with the flick of his finger, aimed the flaming little pill into Li Muyang’s mouth.

Li Muyang suddenly felt his body hot and dry, like he was thrown into a huge stove to be roasted.

In particular, the throat, the oesophagus and the stomach stung as though he had drank a huge mouthful of a strong liquour or swallowed a countless leg poison centipede.

Kong Li’s palm once again glowed white when he held it in front of Li Muyang’s abdomen. The white light sparkled, illuminating Li Muyang’s chest, making Li Muyang feel sluggish and warm.

Li Muyang felt much more comfortable, the feeling of burning also slowly disappeared.

An hour later, Kong Li closed his palm, looked at Li Muyang and said: “What I just fed you is the Buddhism Scarlet Fire Bodhi pill. This pill is a variety of the Scarlet Fire Bodhi, which flowers only every 300 years and bears only a few fruit every 300 years, and each time only a few fruits. After this fruit is picked, it is refined into a pill with fire for nine thousand nine hundred and eighty one days. It can disperse cold poison within the body and treat chronic illness. It can invigorate qi and lengthen one’s life; there are endless remarkable uses. With your cultivation level, it is difficult for you to directly enjoy this pill, so I helped you break up and dispersed the pill. When you practice, the essential qi will slowly merge into your body and eventually absorb, filling the sea.”

“Thank you, Master Kong.” Li Muyang cried gratefully. “Master Xiahou helped me build my foundation, Master Kong help me replenish qi, you two are like my second parents.”

“Who is your second parent?” Kong Li snapped. “Tell me clearly, Xiahou Qianbai and I, who is the father and who is the mother?”


“You should try now, see if there are any changes in your valley.” Kong Li said.

Li Muyang sat cross-legged and quietly without looking sideways, entering into the internal visual state.

The valley was still a vast expanse of blue water, but the edges of the sea darkened a little, like little blue paint had been poured into it.

However, to fill the whole sea with qi——just how many scarlet fire bodhi pill would be enough?

Li Muyang composed his thoughts, describing the changes of the valley to Kong Li, and Kong Li softly sighed: “If an ordinary cultivator devoured the rare scarlet fire-Bodhi pill only seen once in a thousand years, they would directly advance from the Empty Valley to the High Mountain Realm——If not, there would at least be great improvement in the state of their body. This would still be pretty good. But in your stomach, it is only a cup of water on a burning cart of firewood. There is almost no effect.”

“Master, I can eat a few more——” Li Muyang looked at Kong Li with an honest face. “I’m not afraid of scalding, even more unafraid of suffering.”

“I’m afraid of heartache.” Kong Li said coldly. “I had to beg for just one, but I gave it to you, are you addicted now?”

Li Muyang smiled a simple and honest smile, when he said: “Master is disappointed in me?”

“Constant dripping water wears the stone, the path of cultivation is difficult and dangerous, you will slowly understand.” Kong Li stated aloud. “Only when you rely on your own diligence and insights to comprehend something, will it be truly useful. The masters who depended on pills and medicines and teachers to guide them to accelerate cultivation, in the end would not progress further as those who figure things out themselves and diligently practice——”

“Yes. Disciple understands.” Li Muyang bowed.

Kong Li gave a dismissive wave. “Go back. I don’t have anything else to give you here.”

“I’ll pour another cup of tea for master.”

“Don’t. I don’t deserve to drink it.”


After he had made sure that he closed the courtyard door and the door of his room, Li Muyang fumbled in his pocket and pulled out the ‘Subdue dragon and tame tiger mantra’ to carefully study, but couldn’t resist laughing out loud.

Worried that his laughter would be overhead, he hurriedly pounced onto the bed and buried his head in the blankets.

Dragons are naturally greedy, and liked to collect all kinds of treasures.

Especially shiny gold coins.

Every gift was enough to make Li Muyang happy for a long time.

Of course, not only Li Muyang, if the other students of Starry Sky received ‘Authentic Scripture of Pervading Mystery’ or ‘Subdue dragon and tame tiger mantra’, such sacred scriptures of Buddhism and Taoism, they would also be ecstatic.

There are many sons and daughter of wealthy and noble families in Starry Sky and also quite a few Princes and Princess, but not everyone had such good luck as Li Muyang to receive such care, kindness and generosity from Xiahou Qianbai and Kong Li——

Kong Li is a strong person of Buddhism and Xiahou Qianbai is a skilled master of Taoism, they are the representative of Buddhism and Taoism of Starry Sky. Even in the outside world they are well-known figures, but Li Muyang received guidance from the two of them at the same time, his future was obviously boundless——if he really could really cultivate both Taoism and Buddhsim.

Li Muyang sprang from under the pillow, flipped open the ‘Subdue dragon and tame tiger mantra’, wanting to know exactly what kind of content was inside

He was glad that he could read the strange Sanskrit.

This was thanks to the wealth of knowledge in the sea of memory that the old dragon left him.

So, Li Muyang cleared his throat and according to the Sanskrit pronunciation began to read.

Li Muyang only read the first sentence, when he felt a little dizzy.

As if he was exhausted and a little drowsy.

He shook his head and tried to read the second sentence.

Waves of golden halo lingered around the top of his head, Li Muyang’s upper and lower eyelids constantly fought. Opened and closed, closed and opened again.

When he attempted to read the third sentence, he found that the text on the scripture was blurred.

Everything grew darker as he slipped into unconsciousness.



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