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242 – Tearing apart space


Ye Qingyu nodded his head.

After doing many so things with no reaction from the Pass Lord’s Residence, even an idiot would know this was because there was the agreement of someone from behind the scenes.

Otherwise, Ye Qingyu would have already been held responsible for his actions.

As Liu Siufeng spoke, he seemed to remember something.

He gave another meaningful glance at Ye Qingyu but ultimately did not say anything even though he looked like he had something to say.

Ye Qingyu was able to notice that flash of hesitation from Liu Siufeng and could not help but be curious. Could there be something that even Liu Siufeng was wary about?

Ye Qingyu was about to say something, when the sound of footsteps sounded behind him.

It was Sang Fusheng bringing two armoured soldiers back. He presented the things he had discovered.

Liu Siufeng gave these a glance, his complexion changing slightly. “Restrict the camp. No one is allowed to enter. Everything obtained from the camp is to be restricted. Without my order, no one is allowed to interact with it.”

“Yes.” Sang Fusheng loudly accepted his order.

Ye Qingyu thought it over, then brought over the scrolls and documents he had discovered. “There are also these.”

Liu Siufeng nodded his head, indicating for Liu Zongyuan to take them away.

“There are three experts of the sects that I have been sealed away, alive. There is also the Zhao Ruyun of the military supply department….” Ye Qingyu explained.

“Take them all away to the prison of the Vanguard.” Liu Siufeng said blandly.

Everyone here could sense the chilliness in his calm voice.

Some people were about to be unlucky.

Liu Zongyuan said silently in his heart.

After following the commander for so many years, he knew the temperament and disposition of the commander well. Everytime the commander’s face had such calmness on it, it signified the extremeness his anger had reached. Just how terrifying was the [Butcher of Youyan] once he was enraged? One could know this just by asking the hundred of thousands of demons dead in the Explosive Glacier by his hands.

The dawn wind blew.

Every bit of evidence was collected.

Ye Qingyu trusted Liu Siufeng extremely much and was about to say something.

Suddenly, there was an abrupt change —-

Lines of light distorted in the sky.

Three rays of light, like thunder breaking apart the air, instantly neared.

Their auras were vast and powerful.

Their strong energy fluctuations were like the roar of the rivers and the surge of the seas– it surrounded everywhere, as if it was about to envelope the entire sky. They were utterly frightening.

At this moment, Ye Qingyu felt the inner yuan in his body being incited by these three rays of energy. It was as if a gigantic dragon was enraged, instantly compressing, exploding out. There was no way to control it; his yuan qi roared out like the thunder of the heavens from within his body.

This was the most instinctive reaction of a yuan qi martial artist.

Not only Ye Qingyu, but other people also had yuan qi light break out from around their bodies, the energy within their bodies exploding out uncontrollably.

The expressions of Wen Wan and Liu Zongyuan also abruptly changed, strong yuan qi fluctuations exploding out from the bodies of the two. Deep like the abyss, it was extremely powerful, but very quickly they used their powerful will and technique to suppress their powers back within their body.

Nearly at the same time, Ye Qingyu also suppressed the exploding yuan qi in his body back inside.

He even placed a hand, on Ye Congyun’s body, to help the young military officer withstand such a terrifying pressure.

On the flagship, there was only one figure that stood like the unfathomable ravine, not moving at all, his yuan qi as stable as Mt Tai.

Liu Siufeng.

The three rays of light broke through the sky. The strength of their powers was unimaginable, nearing instantly. It was as if the entire heavens were collapsing, and their target was namely the new recruit training camp.

If the three rays of light struck the ground there, then even the mountain behind the training camp would turn into rubble.

“Impudence!” The complexion of Liu Siufeng changed, a expression of anger appearing on his face. His voice was like the gong of a bronze bell, resounding throughout the world, his roar like thunder. “Ignorant little people, to be so impudent. Who gave you the guts, for you to do as you please. Could it be that you want your sects to be annihilated?”

Before he had finished.

Liu Zongyuan lifted his hand.

The blood red cape from behind him rose, surging and expanding, transforming in a scarlet blood red cloud that covered half the sky. Fluctuating with light, it headed towards the three rays of light, enveloping it and trapping it inside. The explosive energies constantly surged and struggled within it, and the blood red cloud boiled for a few seconds, then instantly settled down.


Liu Siufeng beckoned.

The blood red cloud instantly shrunk, transforming into the size of a clock that once again floated back into the hands of Liu Siufeng.

The Liu Siufeng at this moment, still possessed a slightly chubby figure, still wasn’t that tall, still held the steel balls in his hand. But under the golden glimmer of the sunlight, the shadow of his figure suddenly became vast and unfathomable. He stood alone as if he was a protective deity of his world, light shining from his eyes.

He held the cloak, touching it.

Three faintly golden arrows, appeared in his hands.

“[Piercing Cloud Arrows]?”

Liu Siufeng coldly snorted. Looking towards the three golden arrows, the killing intent in his eyes exploded, as if thunder and lightning was flickering madly.

Ye Qingyu saw everything clearly from the side.

So the terrifying pressure that broke through the skies, was emitted from the golden arrows that were not even the length of a palm. Right now, when they were gripped in Liu Siufeng’s palm, it still emitted a faint pressure, and was still quivering, as if it wanted to struggle to break through, but the power in Liu Siufeng’s palm suppressed it, making it have no way of breaking free.

[Piercing Cloud Arrows]?

It seemed to be one of the treasured tools of some sort of sect. The power of it must not be common.

“This time they’re really willing to pay an expensive price, for them to even bring out the [Piercing Cloud Arrows].”

The complexion of Liu Siufeng gradually settled down.

A smile very quickly appeared on his chubby face.

As his yuan power was activated, there was suddenly a faint golden light flickering from Liu Siufeng’s palm. the three arrows were burning within, and the golden arrows struggling madly. The noise of the vibrating metal could be heard that thundered in one’s hears, as if a gigantic battering ram was striking against another battering ram. Endlessly, such sounds resounded from Liu Siufeng’s palm.

Approximately ten breaths later.


There were three low and deep noises emitting from within the three golden arrows.

One could see three jade green lights, being ejected from within the golden arrows that let out a sharp and piercing howl, wanting to escape. It was blocked by a sweep of Liu Siufeng’s palm, instantly crushing it as it dissipated in the air.

The golden arrows constantly struggled, then finally settled down.

The Liu Siufeng at this moment, showed a domineering power.

Ye Qingyu guessed, that it should be Liu Siufeng who used his almighty yuan power to erase the will of the owners of the arrows from the arrow itself. He had taken off the mark from the arrows, and right now they had become objects without owners.

Liu Siufeng looked towards Ye Qingyu, thinking it over. Then with a casual flick, he tossed the three arrows towards Ye Qingyu.

“Commander, this…..” Ye Qingyu was greatly surprised.

Liu Siufeng chuckled, and said teasingly: “Did marquis just not resent us for the fact that we have not given you any support whatever and let you bitterly struggle alone? These three [Piercing Cloud Arrows] have an extraordinary history; it is rumoured that when Heaven Wasteland domain was first born, to fight against the chaos Fiendgods, the citizens of this land used their own bones to create these arrows. They are indestructible, and could be counted as a Dao tool. With normal experts controlling it, it is the same as a special sharp blade, able to use it to hurt others. It has the power to kill opponents of a higher realm. By giving you this, this can be counted as making some reparations.”

Haha, there was a such a great thing?

Ye Qingyu’s mouth split open in a grin.

The destructive power of the [Piercing Cloud Arrows] was clearly witnessed by everyone just now, it really was a precious treasure.

Who would have thought that Liu Siufeng would be so generous.

Since the [Piercing Cloud Arrows] were already objects with no master, Ye Qingyu inserted his will into it, and used the Supreme Ice Flame to slowly refine it, making it become his. There was a sensation of intimacy that was born, as if it was family; one could even feel the familiarity the three golden arrows had with him, as if they possessed intelligence…..

The profoundness of Dao tools was definitely higher than Spirit weapons or Sprit tools.

Ye Qingyu slightly inserted his yuan qi into it to activate it.

A radiance that was dazzling to the eyes, instantly erupted from the three golden arrows. A invincible sharp will spread every, emitted an ancient aura that let out shudders of pressure.


Ye Qingyu’s heart could not help but be shaken.

The strength of these [Piercing Cloud Arrows] was even more sharp and powerful than what he had imagined previously. Just by controlling it slightly, he knew that with his own strength, if he shot these three [Piercing Cloud Arrows] when he was within the [First Limit] of the [Limitless Divine Way], he was able to threaten the lives of experts at the Bitter Sea Stage.。

These were true killing weapons.

It absolutely could be cards up his sleeve that could turn the tide around.

“Thank you commander!”

Ye Qingyu seriously bowed down in gratitude.

After sensing the might of the [Piercing Cloud Arrows], Ye Qingyu instantly realised many things.

Liu Siufeng had given him three golden arrows. This was not only to reward him. Most likely its true meaning was to increase his own strength and ability to protect himself. After all, in these days, he had offended many sects, which included the tops six sects. If the top level experts of the sects were really enraged and decided to attack him, his situation was exceedingly dangerous.

The careful considerations of Liu Siufeng, made Ye Qingyu moved in his heart.

“No need to thank me, this is what you should receive.” Liu Siufeng, seeing that Ye Qingyu understood his meaning, nodded his head. “The people of the sects, are becoming more and more reckless. You have to be careful, in case those people are pushed into a corner……Having not been beaten for so many years, it seems like those people have really forgotten the pain of their scars. It seems like it’s time to remind them.”

As he finished saying this, the aura of the [Butcher of Youyan] changed.

Looking at the direction where the [Piercing Cloud Arrows] had shot from, his gaze instantly became cold and sharp.

He lifted his hand and lightly grabbed through the air.

An incredible matter happened.

One could see several hundred metres away from the flagship, in the air covered with dawn sunlight, a crack was suddenly torn in space. They could faintly see a scene through this crack like the interior of a place, like seeing flowers through a mist, everything seemed unreal. But one could still faintly discern several figures within the crevice. As the severe snort finished, before they could do anything, an invisible energy began tearing at the crevice, that turned into bloody rain everywhere, limbs flying…..

Ye Qingyu was dumbfounded.



Tearing apart space.

This was the legendary technique that could tear apart space.

The power of Liu Siufeng, was so strong that it had reached such a stage?

This was divine upon divine.

It really made it hard for someone to believe what he had done.

Just who was it that Liu Siufeng had acted against?


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    you’ve gotta join another site such as wuxiaworld or gravitytales …
    they have more readers and more sponsorship if they like the story. This story is extremely good and the pace is too slow making its fatancy grip on us lose its strength and as such low sponsors.They actually forget about the site there’s a new chapter.
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