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243 – At your disposal!

Chapter 243: At your disposal!


People were wailing in terror, the city was in flames and a black dragon hovering above the starry sky.

Swords, spears and various weapons, as well as a variety of coloured waves of strong qi aimed in the direction of the black dragon.

Crackling and booming, the sounds of explosions never stopped. Like a place higher up than the sky was lighting colorful fireworks.  

An elderly monk, skinny as a twig, soared high and standing beneath the starry sky, his golden kasaya robe was blown about by the wind, creating an eerie whistling sound.

He looked at the black dragon with a sympathetic look. “With your seriously injured body, how can you escape from the capture of hundreds of human elites? Allow yourself to be captured, let me imprison you under the burning city and your clan members can live. If you continue to put up a stiff resistance, your whole clan would be slaughtered——Is it worth the pain?”

In response, were only the black dragon’s blood-red eyes and a heavy gasp.

Betrayed by the despicable human beings, the majority of his clan had been killed and their blood stained the rivers, but they want him to not resist and wait to be captured?

“Is it worth the pain?” The old man felt the unyielding heart of the black dragon, sighed lightly. “Is it worth the pain? Dragons are originally innocent, but it is a sin to have great remarkable powers. For the people of the world, I have no choice but to go against my heart and painfully kill you.”

His body flashed and flew toward the direction of the black dragon.

Enraged, the black dragon opened its fierce-looking mouth and spread his breath.


Massive balls of flames erupted out and huge dense black clouds were ignited by flames, and then become an inferno of red clouds.

The old monk’s body was engulfed by flames, vanishing instantly.

The black dragon watched the fire with vigilance, not in the slightest believed that he had killed the monk with a single blow. He felt that this was one of the strongest human he had faced before. The leader of the hundreds of human elites.

As expected, in the midst of the raging fire, darted out a golden ball of light.


The ball of light exploded and the old monk’s skinny body reappeared in front of the black dragon.

The golden ball of light was the kasaya robe draped over the old monk, although the material it was made from and how many Buddhist mantras had it been incanted with for it to withstand the destructive power of dragon’s burning breath were unknown.

The old monk’s body flashed three times consecutively in the air, as if the stars had blink three times in a row.

When he appeared again, he had already climbed onto the huge head of the black dragon.

The black dragon felt the existence of old monk, his body twisted and maneuvered in the air and he whipped his huge tail up and down, attempting to send the old monk flying.

But like a louse on the dragon’s head, the old monk had one hand tightly grasped onto the black dragon’s horn, letting the black dragon spin and tumble around in the sky, while his body had not left its body for a moment.

Enraged, the black dragon dived down rapidly from the ninth heaven, heading straight for the dark, ink-like river.


Monstrous waves lifted to the sky.

The black dragon soared swiftly upwards from the river and knocked his huge head against the mountain.


The towering mountain split into two parts, rocks shattered and the huge peaks tumbled down, pounding into the ice-cold, aggravated river.

Bashing sideways and colliding straight on, overturning the rivers and sea, the old monk still tightly clutched onto the dragon’s horn, as though integrated into one with the black dragon.

He murmured some words and the sound of his voice resounded through the ears of the black dragon——

“Ahh——” Li Muyang suddenly awakened from the nightmare.

He looked around in panic and found himself lying on his huge bed. The surroundings, the scenery, everything were familiar.

It was only at this time that he noticed himself soaking in sweating and his head ached with a splitting pain.

The dream was so real, and was exactly the same dream as he had before.

“What the hell is going on here?” Li Muyang thought. “Is this a dream or the memory from the Dragon King’s tears——That old dragon had been hurt by the ‘Subdue dragon and tame tiger mantra’ before?”

Thinking of this, Li Muyang looked back at the ‘Subdue dragon and tame tiger mantra’ opened in front of him and his expression became complex.

The ‘Subdue dragon and tame tiger mantra’ was a Buddhist scripture, otherwise Master Xiahou that arrogant and proud person would not tempt Li Muyang to beg Kong Li for it.

As the name suggests, ‘Subdue dragon and tame tiger mantra’ is mainly used to subdue dragons and tame tigers——

Li Muyang did not know whether he could tame a tiger, but the effect of subduing a dragon was pretty good. Li Muyang had already experimented on this himself. He had only read two sentence of the mantra and was ‘subdued’.

In other words, no matter how ingenious the book is, Li Muyang could not learn or master it.

If, every time he recited the mantra he was subdued, who would be able to bear it?

Li Muyang suddenly grabbed the ‘Subdue dragon and tame tiger mantra’ with both hands, attempting tear it in half.

But no matter what, he could not bring himself to do it.

“This is the ‘Subdue dragon and tame tiger mantra’.” Li Muyang groaned aloud in agony.

This book is so amazing that it can be called the crystallization of human wisdom. It would be too dangerous to leave it, but it would be a pity to rip it.

And it was impossible to return it now, Li Muyang could not learn it himself but also could not let others learn it.

That would only add an extra enemy to him?

Li Muyang had experimented with the effect of the book in person, what if someone studied the curse and used it against him?

Racking his brains and thinking back and forth to himself, he still could not come to a decision.

“I’m going to leave it.” Li Muyang said to himself. “Not only leave it, but also work hard to learn it, to adapt to it——if I could adapt to the power of this ‘Subdue dragon and tame tiger mantra’, then when others try to use this curse to deal with me, wouldn’t it be the same as listening to the wind and birds singing?”

“Yes, just do it.” Li Muyang muttered to himself. “I’m not only going to learn, but master it——I want to be a divine dragon that can use the ‘Subdue dragon and tame tiger mantra’.”

Thinking about his grand dream, Li Muyang grew uncontrollably excited and expectant.

Li Muyang climbed up from the bed, took a bath and changed into plain clothes for sleeping.

When he lay back in bed, he once again stroked the ‘Subdue dragon and tame tiger mantra’ under the pillow.

He then flipped open the book and read two sentences of the mantra.

Very soon he closed his eyes and went off to the lands of dream.

Since Li Muyang now has the ’Subdue dragon and tame tiger mantra’, his mother no longer had to worry about Li Muyang suffering from insomnia——

Li Muyang was getting busier.

Everyday before dawn, he got out of bed to learn the ‘Art of Breaking Body’, training according to the plan he had set out when he was in Jiangnan city. Every morning he would go for an early walk of 18 great laps and then another 18 small laps. He could feel that his body was more and more strong, the body of qi of his dantian region more and more full.

Then, he would copy the handwriting of predecessors, but this routine was not fixed and depended on Li Muyang’s mood. Sometimes it was cursive script, sometimes regular script or weibei [TN Note:A style of calligraphy of northern wei dynasty.], and he had even dabbled into kuangcao. [TN Note: A free cursive style ]

The old dragon had lived for such a long time, and in his endless years, he had always tried to find something new to pass time.

So these precious legacies were an advantage to Li Muyang. Li Muyang had only needed to follow the writing, word from word from memory, and was very soon in control of the essence——It should be said that although Li Muyang already knew the essence, he needed to once again hone his skills, to return to the peak state.

Following his practice in writing or painting, Li Muyang would follow Qiandu and Lin Canghai to eat breakfast together. Sometimes Tie Muxin would also come along.

Unwittingly, Li Muyang had become the core figure of the Dragon Slayer course.

Having rested his body for a period of time, Chu Xun had recovered to the state as before and attended class as normal. Lu Qiji was still as cold and unfriendly, but Li Muyang knew that her cultivation level had improved once again——because the purple colour of her hair had intensified.

Cai Pa was still not close to anyone, came and go alone, seeming more mysterious than Qiandu and Lu Qiji.

However, that was always the case on campus——The good-looking girls always had friends around them and had countless boy and girl friends.

The girls who are not good-looking were always lonely and quiet, walking by themselves and eating alone, left alone with only their own shadow and did not want anyone to pity them.

If there were classes at noon or in the afternoon, Li Muyang would attend class as usual. If there were no classes he would use the time to comprehend the ‘Authentic Scripture of Pervading Mystery’ and at night before bedtime he would use the ‘Subdue dragon and tame tiger mantra’ to hypnotise himself to sleep.

Unfortunately, this period of time he had not seen the skilled in calligraphy and painting Gu Huangwu. Ever since he took away Li Muyang’s ‘Shower of spring sunshine’ painting, he had disappeared mysteriously.

Every day was so packed, every day was so rewarding.

As the days continue to move forward in time, Li Muyang also worked assiduously to progress.

He came out from Xiahou Qianbai’s classroom, when an incomparably gorgeous woman blocked his way.

Li Muyang scrunched his brows, wanting to pass through the edge of the crowd.

“Li Muyang——” The woman shouted.

Li Muyang helplessly stopped, turned to the woman and bowed with hands held in front. “Hello princess.”

“There is no difference in status in the school, you and I are good friends.” Chu Ning said aloud.

“Yes, Princess Chu Ning.” Li Muyang dared not to speak in a harsh tone with Chu Ning. Those that shouts ‘there is no difference in status in the school’ all day long are your people, if the school really does not have a difference in status, do you need to keep saying it over and over? “I don’t know why Princess Chu Ning is looking for me?”

“Last time, our bet——” Chu Ning’s cheeks turned a light shade of red as she cleared her throat, admitting defeat. “I lost.”

“Thank you, Princess.” Li Muyang said with a cupped fist salute.

“I’ve been waiting for you for a long time.” Chu Ning said.


“I thought you’d come find me——” Chu Ning said.

Li Muyang smiled. “I’ve been busy recently, besides, I do not have any reason to come find princess, it’s inconvenient to disturb you——”

“So I came to look for you.” Chu Ning’s slender white neck flushed a blotchy, embarrassed red as she said firmly. “Li Muyang, I will be your servant for the day, I’m at your disposal.”


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