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243 – Come and do battle

Originally when Yan Buhui had ambushed Youyan Pass, the two commanders Liu Xiufeng and Peng Yizhen were both present. But they could not interfere at all and were blown away by the strong pressure Yan Buhui gave off, unable to receive a single blow before spitting out blood and retreating. This made Ye Qingyu subconsciously feel that the strengths of these two were just average…..

But right now, the ability that Liu Siufeng exhibited was tearing apart space with just a casual grab. From an unknown distance away, he grabbed the figures within the palace like interior from within the crevice of space and killed them…..

Such divine ability made Ye Qingyu stunned and tongue-tied, utterly shocked.

This already was not a normal technique.

After connecting this with the image of Li Siufeng receiving the three [Piercing Cloud Arrows], Ye Qingyu could not but help but admit this time, he had really underestimated the commander of the Vanguard. That day, Liu Siufeng could not interfere in the battle between Yan Buhui and Lu Zhaoge not because Liu Siufeng was weak, but because the two were far too strong.

And the Liu Siufeng right now had finally exhibited his power and charisma. This was the true strength of the [Butcher of Youyan].

Ye Qingyu realised that the moment Liu Siufeng acted, the soldiers on the flagship including Liu Zongyuan and Ye Congyun, had heavy admiration madly burning in their eyes. It was as they were the most fanatic worshippers looking at a spiritual leader.

In the air, the crevice disappeared.

“Butcher Liu…….You’ve gone too far!”

A enraged bellow, sounded out from within the crack. Qi exploded madly, and a violent killing intent emanated everywhere.

“Too much?” Liu Siufeng laughed loudly. “Haha, it seems like you old bastards have really gone senile. Three days without a beating, and the child will scale the roof to rip the tiles. It seems that in these years, your bones have gotten itchy again. To dare use the [Piercing Cloud Arrows] to attack our camps within Youyan Pass. This is unforgivable. This time I have only just reprimanded you lightly and killed several of your disciples. The next time, I think that there will no longer be a need for your sect to exist.”


A violent and explosive rumble of rage sounded.

A power that was endlessly bloody and ferocious, surged out from the crack of the air– like a flood that was about to break and destroy everything in its path.

“Hahaha, old bastard, if you really can’t bear it, then come and do battle.”

Liu Siufeng’s long cloak fluttered, laughing loudly; his aura shooting to the heavens.

As he said these words.

The explosive power in the dark crevice seemed to be completely enraged, boiling instantly. It caused the crack in space to become more and more clear, as if the entire sky was about to collapse. Pitch black-like ink mist began seeping out from the crack, as if it wanted to dye the entire sky black…..

But this power ultimately did not truly take the leap and travel through the crack in space.

“Liu Siufeng, this matter does not end here.”

The previous violent voice rumbled again, filled with fury and hatred.

Then that black explosive power instantly disappeared, as well as the crack in the sky. The interior of the palace in the crack also gradually disappeared.

Even at his angriest moment, that brutal person had to endure his rage.

Liu Siufeng let out a faint smile.

“A bunch of sheep in wolf’s clothing…..hmph.” He snorted in extreme disdain, then barked several military orders.

Wen Wan ultimately remained behind, protecting the new recruit training camp.

Liu Zongyuan and Liu Siufeng left.

As the commander of the Vanguard, using the phrase “Having ten thousand matters to handle in a single day” to describe him was not much. Especially during this period of time, Liu Siufeng was especially busy, so naturally he could not always remain here. For the flagship to appear here once, and for the domineering method of Liu Siufeng to be exhibited, was significant enough. The information contained within this act was enough for many people to carefully reconsider with fear.

When the blood-red flagship broke past the dawn’s sun to leave, the surroundings was absolutely silent.

The originally noisy and raucous people outside the new recruit training camp obediently shut their mouths.

The young military officer Sang Fusheng was taken to the camp to rest from his injuries. Ye Qingu made him leave his detailed address behind, so he could be more easily contacted in the future.

“You caused trouble, but you need me to wipe your arse. Peh, I’m really misfortunate.” Wen Wan grumbled in discontent. Liu Siufeng had left him behind to look after the new recruit training camp, and this was a boring task. All the valuable evidences in the camp had been brought away, and his mission was only to look after the citizens in the prison.

Ye Qingyu completely ignored the grumbles of this fellow. He suddenly remembered, “Oh, that’s right, what about those night pearls that I gave you at White Deer Academy? Had the results of the examination been obtained yet? Just what kind of objects are they? Why was there no news about them? Could you have taken them for yourself?”

“I, peh.” Wen Wan was enraged. “Do I look like that kind of person?”

“Yes.” Ye Qingyu seriously nodded his head.

Wen Wan: “…..”

“Those pearls are somewhat strange. They’re not held by me at the moment, if you have the need, I’ll go get it for you later. At that time, you should know what they are.” Wen Wan mumbled, claiming that the pearls were not currently held by him.

Hearing these words, Ye Qingyu did not ask any further.

After working for the entire night and undergoing several battles, Ye Qingyu was somewhat tired. Bidding Wen Wan farewell, he left the new recruit training camp.

On the way back, Ye Qingyu faintly felt that there was someone following him. But no matter how he sense, he could not discern anything distinct.

He did not directly return to the White Horse tower, but instead went to the Hundred Herb Hall.

Of course, he did not come to acquire ingredients to create the [Mysterious Heaven Pellet]. Before the [Mysterious Heaven Pellet] was successfully sold, Ye Qingyu was completely destitute. He did not have the financial power to purchase anything. He came to the Hundred Herb Hall for two matters.

Hundred Herb Hall

Ye Qingyu saw Shopkeeper Sui as well as the female herbal master Huang Zhen.

“Weak blood constitution?” Shopkeeper Sui looked at Ye Qingyu, frowning. “Is there someone close to the Marquis that has such a condition?”

Ye Qingyu nodded his head. “Do you know how to cure such a condition?”

“The weak blood constitution is caused by being naturally deficient, or perhaps being injured at their foundation when they were young. Another way to put this is that their blood qi is not enough or not complete. This is not a terminal illness, but if you want to cure such a condition, the most direct method is [Restore Blood]. But normal restoring blood methods will not prove to be effective, using herbs cannot work. Unless there are Spirit pills used for restoring blood, he cannot be healed.” Shopkeeper Sui was deeply versed in terms of knowledge of herbs and illness, explaining in detail.

“I need pills of the Spirit class to cure such an condition?” Ye Qingyu was surprised.

This really was not a small price to pay.

The rareness of Spirit Pills was evident; even the famous [Azure Phoenix Pill King] Chen Monyun was not able to refine Spirit level pills. According to what Ye Qingyu knew, in the entire Youyan Pass, there were many Pill masters working for the military. There was not a lack of talents or prodigies, but no one could say with absolute confidence they were able to refine Spirit pills.

Furthermore, the ingredients used to create Spirit Pills would definitely be incomparably precious.

As Shopkeeper Sui said these words, Ye Qingyu realised that this method would not work.

It was not that Ye Qingyu was not willing to pay the price. With the debt of the armoured sentries, as long as he was able to do it, Ye Qingyu was willing to pay anything, no matter how great the price to cure Ye Congyun. But the rarity and preciousness of the Spirit Pill, was already at a stage where money made no difference. No matter how great the price you were willing to pay, you could not fulfill your wishes.

“Are there any other methods?” Ye Qingyu queried.

“This……The weak blood constitution is when the very foundation of your life is injured. To want to restore it, one originally needs to go against the nature of the heavens. Normal herbs cannot achieve this miraculous results.” Shopkeeper Sui frowned and thought for a while, then shook his head. “Forgive me, I cannot think of any other method. But the weak blood constitution is not life threatening, if one practice martial arts and strengthens their body, their longevity can also be increased…..”

Ye Qingyu shook his head.

He of course knew this.

But for the perspective of Ye Congyun, he did not have any meaning in his life if he was not cured.

Shopkeeper Sui closed his mouth without saying anything.

The female herbal master, Huang Zhen, seemed to thought of something. Carefully, she spoke out: “In truth…..there is another method that can cure the weak blood constitution…………

“Hm?” Ye Qingyu’s eyes brightened, “What method?”

Huang Zhen gave a glance to Shopkeeper Sui and stared at Ye Qingyu in surprise. She did not dare tarry and ordered her thoughts. “I once read an ancient lost text that had many methods used to cure various conditions and illness. Within, there was a method that was mentioned to cure the weak blood constitution. If a top level expert is willing to give a drop of blood containing their yuan power and spirit inside into the body of the patient, then this could restore the injuries done to the foundation of their lifeforce….”
The female herbal master carefully explained the theory and practical aspect of this treatment.

Of course, all this came from the ancient text.

“I’ve only seen it in book and have never tried it out before…..” Huang Zhen finished what she said, staring in trepidation at the two.

Shopkeeper Sui patiently listened to this; his brows knitting together tightly. “This….perhaps it’s a method that can really work. For those top level experts at the pinnacle, a drop of their blood has vast amounts of yuan qi in it. Their blood qi is extremely strong, so powerful it is hard to imagine. This blood perhaps could restore the lack in the foundation of the patient. In theory, this is workable. But the problem is the blood of pinnacle top level experts is not much more common than Spirit Pills.”

Ye Qingyu carefully considered Huang Zhen’s method. If it was workable in theory, then it was worth a try.

For other people, perhaps blood from a pinnacle top level expert was something that was incomparably hard to obtain. But for Ye Qingyu, this was not anything difficult.

Because in his hands, he namely had a droplet of Lu Zhaoge’s blood.

Lu Zhaoge had guarded, with his power, the borders for many year. He was like the sun or sky, with unfathomable strength. He was definitely a pinnacle top level expert. If the method outline by Huang Zhen was really effective, then his drop of blood was definitely usable.

Of course, the requirement was that Ye Qingyu had to hurry and erase the strange power of the flames of darkness from the blood.

“Thank you two for your assistance. If you have the spare time, I would greatly appreciate you to see if there are any other methods to cure the weak blood constitution. You will have my deepest appreciation.” Ye Qingyu already knew what he would do in his heart.

“We don’t dare. Aiding the Marquis is our glory.” Shopkeeper Sui quickly paid his respects.

Huang Zhen also rushed to do the same.

Ye Qingyu took a scroll that he handed to Huang Zhen from his interdimensional pouch,. “This is the talent examination of your son in the martial path, for your inspection. Shadow talent is rarely seen. I have a cultivation technique that is suitable for him. But it is not a traditional systematic cultivation technique so I cannot decide easily. You are Ling’er mother, so you should make the decision.

Huang Zhen received the scroll with surprise excitement. Giving it a read, she said: “In this matter, I am willing to entirely listen to Marquis.”

Ye Qingyu waved his hand, smiling. “This matter is very important. It concerns the future martial path of Ling’er. We need to properly consider it and not rush to make a decision. You discuss it well with Ling’er and tell me the result of the discussion.”

Huang Zhen expressed her thanks once again.

Ye Qingyu faintly smiled. Not saying anything more, he bid his farewell.

Shopkeeper Sui saw Ye Qingyu off at the door.

Departing from the Hundred Herb Hall, Ye Qingyu did not have any other matters to take care off. He headed in the direction of the White Horse Tower.

The batter last night with White browed Yu and the others had made him gain many valuable insights. He needed to return and train, carefully pondering over what he had gained in that battle.

Turning the corner of the street.。

Ye Qingyu was thinking in his heart, when he suddenly sensed something. Lifting his head, he saw a figure that was blocking his way. The young girl wore a golden patterned mask, a tight fitting dark red dress. Her eyes were as clear as snow as she stood there silently.

Song Xiaojun.


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