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244 – Chu Ning makes tea!

Chapter 244: Chu Ning makes tea!



“Li Muyang, I will be your servant for today. I’m at your complete disposal.”

What do you think of when a woman shouts ‘I’m at your disposal’?

Blood pulsing through veins, amorous feelings aroused.

Looking at her face, it was very pretty.

Looking at her chest, it was quite full.

Then he stared at her firm, slender thighs and her waist that looked like a weak willow branch swaying in the breeze——

Of course, this was a normal man’s psychological action and expected response.

If Li Muyang was not going to do that, he was not a normal man.

Li Muyang looked seriously at Chu Ning. “I said, I’ve forgotten what happened that day. Princess, there is no need to take it seriously. Let’s just pretend it never happened, alright?”

“No. I said that if you agree to have a bet, you must also accept the consequences of losing. If the outside world were to find out I don’t keep to my words, it would be detrimental to the reputation of the Royal Family of West Wind.”

“If you let the outside world know that you——was a servant and ‘at his disposal’ to a handsome unmarried man for a day, won’t the impact on your Royal Family of West Wind be worse?”

“Li Muyang——” Chu Ning irritably shouted. “I don’t like to owe people. Since I’ve said I’m going to give be your servant for one day, then I’ll be your servant today.”

“What does it mean to be a servant for a day?” Li Muyang’s gaze swept up and down Chu Ning’s body, a contemplative expression on his face. “You would do what I tell you to?”

Chu Ning finally reacted, understanding the meaning of Li Muyang sleazy eyes, she sneered coldly. “Li Muyang, not that I look down on you——if you dare touch me, do something out of line, I would really think you’re a courageous man.”

“Then I will be forced to be the West Wind emperor’s son-in-law?”

“Then you will be forced to chop off your head by the West Wind Royal Family.”

“Look, you behead people so frequently, everyone only live once, how precious is life——” Li Muyang said helplessly. “Chu Ning classmate, in fact, back then when I suggested to forget about this matter, you were willing to accept my kindness. Just because Song Tinyun threw in a few words, you had no choice but to follow along with what he said. You may be aware that Song Tinyun and I have had a conflict before, more specifically, Song Tinyun tried to bully me, but I didn’t let him——”

“We should have reconciled, but because of his words, we created new conflict. He is using a borrowed knife to kill someone, he wants to borrow the power of the West Wind Royal Family to kill me——Princess Chu Ning, you are a clever person, you obviously understand how sordid and hateful these little tricks are.”

A blaze of anger flashed across his Chu Ning’s face, this anger was not aimed at Li Muyang, but that Song Tinyun who had been inciting her to fight with him. The West Wind Royal family and Song Family had always been closely related and her mother is Song Tinyun’s aunt. That is, she and Song Tinyun are real cousins.

Song Tinyu’s meddling, how could she not understand his true intention?

But because she had to maintain the dignity of the West Wind Royal Family so she had to keep her promise and could not object to it——In front of so many people, she must not leave behind a bad impression about the Royal family of West Wind.

“Song Tinyun is Song Tinyun, the debt between me and him will be slowly settled. But now is the relationship between you and me, if you agree to bet you must accept the consequences of losing, this is an unalterable principle. I do not want anyone to know of this matter and deliberately spread adverse rumours about my West Wind Royal Family——”

Li Muyang knew that he had successfully planted a hostile seed against Song Tinyun in Chu Ning’s heart. A few more times, then most likely even this seemingly close and harmonious relationship between the cousins would be completely upset.

Since he could not get rid of her, Li Muyang frankly said, “Since you’re my servant today, what I tell you is what you have to do——as your master, then I will issue an order.”

“Come on. What do you want me to do?” Chu Ning’s eyes crinkled in a smile, she suddenly thought this was quite interesting. As a high and mighty princess, she was usually praised and pampered, and had never been commanded by others to do anything.

Most importantly, she finally persuaded Li Muyang to accept her suggestion, which made her felt an indistinct sense of accomplishment——If you succeeded in making what others did not want to do, is this not that kind of feeling?

“Go back to sleep.” Li Muyang commanded.

“What?” Chu Ning eyes widened.

“Go back to sleep. I want you to sleep all day. Don’t get up at all except to eat, drink or the toilet.”

“Li Muyang——”

“Yes, that’s my order.” Li Muyang said. “If you’re unwilling to obey, then our master-servant relationship will be lifted. Because you don’t regard me as your master at all.”

“Li Muyang——” Chu Ning fiercely glared at Li Muyang. “We said before the contest that both parties could refuse unreasonable requests. I think your request is unreasonable, so I would like to refuse.”

Li Muyang was about to cry. “Noble high and mighty Princess, just do it half-heartedly, do you really want to do my laundry, cook my dinner or cut my toenails?”

Chu Ning thought for a moment, then her mouth widened into a grin: “Physical contact between men and women is forbidden, so cutting your toenails is not possible, then I will go and do the laundry for you——please lead the way.”


“Brother Muyang, Brother Muyang——is brother Muyang here?” A light knock came from his door.

Li Muyang was about to get up and open the door, when a gorgeous shadow rushed ahead of him and opened the courtyard door.

Seeing West Wind Princess Chu Ning open the door for him, Lin Canghai’s face slightly stiffened. He asked: “Why are you here?”

“Why can’t I be here?” Chu Ning proudly raised her head and said very disdainfully.

“I mean——” Lin Canghai looked at Li Muyang, then back at Chu Ning. “Are you really going to be his servant for the day?”

“The Royal Family of West Wind keep their words, their promises are worth one thousand gold.” Chu Ning grunted. “I lost, so I have to be his servant for one day. This is what I said before, I don’t want Starry Sky students to say that I, Chu Ning, go back on my words.”

The eyes of Chu Ning swept across Lin Canghai, then at Qiandu standing behind before she asked, “what are you two here for?”

“We are looking for brother Muyang——” Lin Canghai was still unable to digest the sight. Li Muyang, this kid unexpectedly dared to let the West Wind Princess be his servant, if the West Wind Kingdom knows, they would definitely cut him up and toss into Nujiang to feed red-eyed fish?

“Come in.” Li Muyang came over, carrying a book and commanded: “Chu Ning, make tea.”

“Yes.” Chu Ning responded, quickly running into the inner room and became busy.


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