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246 – Come back from Death’s Door

Although Lu Zhaoge was not anything like a handsome old man previously, but he had occupied such a powerful position for so long. Adding to this, was the fact that he had already achieved great success in his martial cultivation; it caused him to radiate an air of authority and prestige. There was an aura of glory radiating around him, and he could definitely be called a person without peers. But right now, this deity of the Youyan army was completely withered up, like a dry branch. There was barely any aura of life from him at all, his skin tightly stretched onto his bones. It was as his entire flesh body has been completely sucked dry by something, causing his entire person to become like a corpse.

Lu Zhaoge was currently using his utmost to activate his yuan power, resisting against the two strange and bizarre powers within his body.

It was only that the golden light previously emitted was currently flickering. Compared to the previous days, this golden light had already diminished significantly.

It was really hard for someone to believe, that the old man sitting on that mat like a withered tree, was previously the deity of the Youyan army.

An entire two hours passed.

A jet of blood spat out from Lu Zhaoge’s lips.


When the black coloured blood landed on the floor, there was a great pit that was instantly made from the eriosion. Flames flickered from it, emitting a peculiar aura of evil.

Seeing this scene, Mister Liu, Liu Siufeng and Zhang San were all utterly shocked.

“Big brother, are you okay?” Zhang San was the first to rush over, holding Lu Zhaoge with utmost care.

The other people also instantly encircled him.

Lu Zhaoge slowly opened his eyes, drawing in a long deep breath. He minutely nodded his head. With a bitter smile: “I’m fine, it’s just that…..I failed again.”

Previously when he had attempted to erase the strange powers within his body, he purely thought he would use his ultimate yuan powers to directly eject and erase the curse from the bone dagger as well as the flames of darknes. There was not a need to waste his blood essence. But in these days, even if he used his blood essence to eject these strange power from within his blood, it would not work.

For an extreme level expert like him, every drop of blood was incomparably precious. It was the result of many long years of cultivation. Cutting his own blood essence away, was equal to him decreasing in power, and was comparable to a normal person crippling themselve. But there still were not any effects.

Lu Zhaoge deeply breathed in.

His chests that was rapidly heaving, gradually settled down.

“I don’t care. Could it be that those retards of the Imperial family really eats shit? They still haven’t sent the [Lotus Fire of the Black Moon] here after such a long time. I can’t wait anymore. Big brother, let me personally go to the Capital. Even if I have to take it by force, I’ll get the [Lotus Fire of the Black Moon] for you to recover form your injuries!”

Zhang San’s face was completely red with fury. He could not help but bellow in rage.

“I’ll accompany him.” Liu Siufeng also tightly clenched his fist.

In front of other people, they were powerful great figures, legendary people that were like high mountains. But right now, these commanders seemed to have reverted to what they were like in their youth, turning frantic and impatient.

“I’ll also go.” Peng Yizhen grinded his teeth.

Liu Yuqing’s face faintly changed. He wanted to say something, but in the end did not utter a word.

“Cough, cough……” Lu Zhaoge wanted to speak, but all that came out was a dry cough. Another trickle of blood appeared on the corner of his lips. Everyone was greatly shocked, and did not dare to say anything anymore. After several coughs, Lu Zhaoge finally recovered his composure, giving Zhang San a glare in anger: “Close your mouth. You’ve already caused enough trouble recently. You want to go out and cause even more chaos?”

Zhang San’s personality was conceited and prideful, and would pay attention to no one normally. But right now, he was like a child who was being berated by an elder. He lowered his head with fear and respect: “Big brother, I….””

“Sigh, fine. It’s also not easy being you in these years…..” Lu Zhaoge let out a sigh, a faint sign of guilt flickering across his face. “Old San, you…….could you let this go. If you let this go right now, there’s still time”

There was a sentimental sign that flickered across Zhang San’s eyes, but he shook his head in the end. “Big brother , I know you mean the best for me. But the things that I have decided on, I will never abandon halfway.”

The two other great commanders, Peng Yizhen and Liu Siufeng, had faces of dim sadness.

“Pass Lord, your current condition…..” Liu Yuqing opened his mouth, breaking the suffocating silence in the room.

Lu Zhaoge shook his head.

Liu Yuqing’s complexion changed, as if he had made a great decision. Biting his teeth, “Great commander, let me go to the Imperial capital. I have a method, to obtain the [Lotus Fire of the Black Moon].”

Everyone’s gaze fell on Liu Yuqing.

Lu Zhaoge looked at the Painting saint, then smiled. “I know what you mean. But, even if I have the [Lotus Fire of the Black Moon] right now, it’s already too late. The curse of the bone dagger of the demons have already deeply penetrated into my body. I manged to forcefully protect some veins in my heart ony. Even the [Lotus Fire of the Black Moon] will not have any effect.”


“Brother, this….”

“It can’t be….”

As these words were said, all the great figures in this room was utterly shaken.

For a very long period of time, they have long gotten used to regard this old man in front of them as an existence like a god. From their memories, ever since they had sworn brotherhood to each toher, it seemed as if there was nothing this person could not do, nothing that would ever trouble him. But they have never ever imagined, that today, they would hear such words from their brother…..

The feeling at this instant, was as if the entire world was collapsing on them.

Zhang San suddenly stood up, clenching his fists, biting his teeth. The expression on his face was unprecedently furious. Taking several steps backwards, there were strands of blood that appeared on his eyes, as if he wanted to killing someone. Taking an other look at Lu Zhaoge, he suddenly kneeled down, bowing to him three times. Without saying a single word, he rose and left for the outside…..

“Old San, you….” Liu Siufeng wanted to say something.

Lu Zhaoge waved his hands. “Just let him go.”

The silence in the room was so quiet it was terrifying.

Worries emanated everywhere.

If it was possible, every person in the room was willing to offer the years of their own life to extend Lu Zhaoge’s life. But no one was able to do this.

Ther was a faint smile on Lu Zhaoge’s face. Unexpectedly, it seemed his entire body was at ease.

“A person’s life naturally has its own end. The universe is so large, you and me is after all a little floating leaf in the ocean… matter how sturdy this little raft, don’t forget that there is a day that the waves will overturn this raft. Just how many rafts are truly able to endure the waves of the great ocean and successfully reach the shore?”

Lu Zhaoge said calmly without emotion.

“But brother….” Liu Siufeng had not even spoken, but tears had already covered his face.

There were sounds of sobbing able to be heard from behind him.

For the great and mighty commander, above everyone, having killed an unknown number of demons and powerful aura, to have such tears flowing from down his face.

Tears does not fall easily down a man’s face.

But this means the time to hurt has not yet come.

Seeing the man that they normally respected and revered as a god saying a speech like his last words, even a man made out of steel would have his heart broken.

Thinking back, when the seven had oath sworn as brothers, they were like a raft in this warring times, withstanding against the currents. They laughed at the heroes all around the world, influencing the flow of the country, just how great and powerful they were, But even the most stunning and peerless people, could not withstand against the merciless cuts of time….

This day, would it really arrive?

“A group of men, crying like women…..” Lu Zhaoge rarely swore but he did so now. With a smile: “On the battle that year, I already hurt my foundation. For me to last this long is alrady a favour by the heavens. I hae no regrets, but it’s only that the matters is a bit chaotic within Youyan Pass right now….”

“I’ll go immediately. I’ll gather the army and slaughter those useless trashes of the sects….” Liu Siufeng wiped away the ters on his face, his face completley red. He said these words with a ferocious flare.

“Your personality, is exactly as brash as Zhang San. In these many years, I made you knead those metal balls every day to calm your temperament but it seems it has had no effect whatsoever.” Lu Zhaoge reprimanded with a smile.“

Ten years ago, the [Butcher of Youyan] Liu Siufeng had suddenly carried two steel balls that did not leave him at all, playing with it constantly. It was said that he even carried it in his sleep. No one knew just why he had do this, only a rare minority knew that it was casual words that Lu Zhaoge had briefly mentioned in a meeting between the brothers, telling him to use steel balls to temper his personality that Liu Siufeng treated seriously.

Liu Yuqing stood dumbly by one side, his thoughts unknown.

After a short while, his eyes brightened. He quickly rushed to say: “Pass Lord, do you remeember, there was someone that had imprisoned a drop of your blood. That person is extremely mysterious, so much so that even you aren’t able to sense his exstence. If we can find out where he is and bring him here, perhaps….”…”

Lu Zhaoge let out a bitter laugh. “That person’s strength is so strong that even I cannot find him. It is not a easy task to discover who he is. Even if I utilised the entire army and search foot by foot, it is likely that we cannt ofind him. For such a person to disappear, it is impossible for us to find him…”

As he said these last words, there was a stunned expression on Lu Zhaoge’s face.

His expression was aboth shocked and happy, extremely complicated. He did not finish his words, but sat dumbly where he was.

The otehr did not know what had happened, but they did not disturb him. They could only hold his breath as they waited for Lu Zhaoge’s reaction.

A short while later.

Lu Zhaoge let out a long breath, and said in an extrmely stunned tone. “What has happened? I can suddenly entirely sense the aura of that drop of blood, it’s only that……why is it in such a place?”

His expresion, was shocked to the extreme.

As the others heard this, they all became excited.

“Could it be that great person, wants to see us?” Liu Yuqing was madly eager. “It must be so…..commander, where is he? I’ll invite him here right now……”



White horse tower.

The sun had just risen.

Sunlight shone into the quiet room, bringing with it a shred of warmth.

Ye Qingyu stood at the window, looking at the radiant outside world sparkling with light. There was a hesitant expression on his face as a drop of scarlet blood contained a vast energy swirled in his palm.

The young officer Ye Conyun with a pale white expression stood behind Ye Qingyu.

“You’ve really decided?”

Ye Qingyu turned around.

Ye Congyun nodded. “Marquis, I’ve decided, I’ve decided to risk it, no matter what the consequences, I am willing to bear it.”

Ye Qingyu nodded his head. “I’ve only heard some medical friends discuss such a method before. I’ve consulted the ancient texts, but it is without precedent. If it fails, your life most likely will….”

“If i continue to live like so, my life is like death. Please proceed Marquis.”

Ye Congyun said with determination.

Early in the morning, Ye Congyun had received Ye Qingyu’s summons. Liu Zongyuan had personally invited the young officer to White Horse tower. Only after he had arrived, did Ye Congyun knew that the Marquis had thought of a method to cure him of his weak blood constitution during the night.

Although there was danger, but for Ye Congyun this was tantamount to having a flicker of light in complete darkness. Even if he risked his life, he was willing to try it.


Ye Qingyu nodded his head.

With a flick of his palm, the drop of blood flower out, arriving before Ye Congyun. It gradually seeped into his forehead between his brows.


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