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246 – Too popular

Chapter 246: Too popular!


“I’m afraid not.” Lin Canghai said, shaking his head. “Since your major is in Dragon Slayer, which is classified as a combat subject, it is compulsory to undergo training in the four lands of illusions. Arts major including music and painting can choose not to go.”

Lin Canghai gave a rather strange look at Li Muyang. “The opportunity to train in the four lands of illusion is every Starry Sky student’s dream, it is the most attractive aspect of Starry Sky Academy. Moreover, the four lands of illusion are full of spiritual influence, a day inside the illusion equals to a year outside. Otherwise, why would the elites of the major sword sects come here to learn——Why is brother Muyang so against it?”

Li Muyang smiled bitterly. “I just feel that the time I’ve been cultivating is too short and my power is too weak, I worry it would be difficult for me to cope with the dangers of the illusion.”

Lin Canghai glanced at Qiandu. “We knew you would have such concerns, so Qiandu and I came to see you——”

“What does that mean?”

“Because the land of illusion is an unknown place, none of us know where we would be transported to. But if we entered the illusion together, maybe we would be teleported to the same place——”

“Is that possible?” Li Muyang exclaimed. “If that’s the case, why doesn’t everyone enter the illusion together? There is strength in numbers, and with all of us together we wouldn’t be scared of any dangerous beast?”

“Selfishness.” Lin Canghai said.


“What does everyone enter the illusion for?”


“Right. They enter the illusion for cultivation, but there is also the intention of finding rare treasures or peerless weapons. If a group of people enters the illusion together, then once they find treasures, who is going to use it in the end? Who should have possession of the peerless weapons? What about the sword techniques and divine pills inside the ancient monuments?”


“Beasts are dangerous but the human heart is more terrifying.” Lin Canghai gently sighed, like a person who has had such an experience. “When the students try to kill each other, the number of casualties is even more disastrous. If it isn’t someone close or a selfless person, who would dare to enter into the illusion with them? Such a tragedy has happened before.”

“I understand.” Li Muyang nodded. “In order words, some people would rather go into the illusion alone, bear the unknown danger and the horror of the monsters, than to work with the people who cannot be trusted, who might perhaps stab them in the back.”

“Exactly.” Lin Canghai said with a smile.

“Then you two mean?”

“We trust Brother Muyang’s moral and believe that Brother Muyang understand the personal character of me and Qiandu——We set up a gentleman’s agreement that we will evenly distribute all the treasures found, one for each person. We can work together to avoid danger and not have to deal with the miserable situation of teammates stabbing each other. What do you think?”

Li Muyang looked at Qiandu and then at Lin Canghai. “Thank you so much for your trust, I have no objections.”

“Then it’s decided.” Qiandu said softly. “I believe we will reap a great harvest on this trip.”

“I hope so.” Li Muyang smiled. “Canghai said there are four illusions, then which one are we going into this time?”

“The illusion of weak water.” Lin Canghai said aloud. “This is arranged according to the difficulty of each illusion. The freshmen of Starry Sky can only enter the illusion of weak water, only when we successfully return from the weak water and our cultivation level progresses to a certain level, the Institute will arrange for us to enter the other three. Of course, the majority of students would only enter the weak water and magic moon – the first two illusions. Very few people can enter the third illusion, the Demon Cave, the best in the Academy. As for clear heaven, it is extremely difficult. Ordinary people are not qualified to enter and also unable to enter.”

“I see.” Li Muyang said, nodding. “The Weak Water Heart in the list of top weapons that Teacher Yang had mentioned before in, is it related to the weak water that we would soon enter?”

“I don’t know about that.” Lin Canghai shook his head. “The heart of weak water is the heart of the weak water. But what is the heart of water? Where is it? Most likely no one knows? Moreover, there is the existence of weak water in the divine continent, but the weak water we’re going to, will we be able to even discover the heart of weak water? Even Teacher Yang can’t give us a definitive answer. We need to explore ourselves to know.”

“I’m kind of looking forward to it.” Li Muyang said, smiling.

He thought that since he has fused with the Tear of the Dragon King, and if he also found the heart of weak water, then among the heaven and earth, he is the best——Of course it’s important to be low-key, he couldn’t let them know the secret that he is a dragon.

“I hope we have a full harvest.”

The three of them clasped their hands together.

Chu Ning grumbled: “Talk when you can come back alive.”

Li Muyang looked over at Chu Ning. “Guests are eating here for lunch, you go to the canteen to buy more food——”


One must say, Lin Canghai’s and Qiandu’s information was very accurate.

During the afternoon class, Yang Xiaohu informed them of the water illusion survival training. And asked everyone to form their own groups.

Tie Muxin was the first to rush over, clapping Li Muyang’s shoulder he said, “Li Muyang, let’s be in the same group——”

Ever since Li Muyang had broke Chu Xun’s bones, the Prairie man had developed a deep favourable impression of Li Muyang.

Cai Pa had always followed Tie Muxin, when she heard Tie Muxin’s words, she casually added, “Me, Li Muyang and Tie Muxin will be a group.”

Lin Canghai anxiously interrupted: “Qiandu and I already agreed to be a group with Muyang classmate, us three will enter the water illusion together——”

Chu Xun glanced at Lu Qiji, saying: “Me and Qiji are a group.”

Lu Qiji and him were both from Tiandu and had always got along with each other. Therefore, when Chu Xun said he wanted to be in a group with Lu Qiji, no one was shocked, they have long expected such a result.

Lu Qiji stared at Li Muyang. “I will be in a team with Li Muyang.”

“——” Chu-Xun’s face turned as pale as dying embers

He didn’t expect his request to be turned down by Lu Qiji. It should be said, they are dear friends bound by deep emotions. But Lu Qiji wants to be in a team with Li Muyang, the man who broke his bones——

Yang Xiaohu looked surprised at Li Muyang, not expecting that this dark horse had such good popularity and relations with other people.

Needless to mention Qiandu, Lin Canghai and Tie Muxin, who had always got along well with Li Muyang, but Lu Qiji, who had never liked him since the start of school, also wants to be in a group with him, was really unexpected.

Everyone loves Li Muyang!



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