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247 – ‘The weakness of dragon’!

Chapter 247: ‘The weakness of dragon’!


The fact that everyone wanted to form a group with Li Muyang, made it difficult for Yang Xiaohu.

He cleared his throat, explaining: “My fellow students, I’m not against any one of you from teaming up together, but I think it’s best to have groups of two or three. This way, you can deal with the risks that you may encounter in the illusion, coordinate and take care of each other, and it also would facilitate the distribution of the final reward that you may obtain. Otherwise, if everybody comes back empty handed from the lands of illusions, you would be disappointed. Isn’t that right?”

Yang Xiaohu looked at Li Muyang and said, “Student Muyang, you decide——who do you want to be in a group with?”

Li Muyang took a glimpse at Lu Qiji, he knew that this woman was trying to team up with him for an easy opportunity to kill him. The lands of illusion is a dangerous place, if she killed him there then no one could accuse her of anything and she can forever hide the secret that she is a Phoenix.

Lu Qiji also looked back at him, her expression indifferent and cold, that you could not see her true emotions at all in this current moment.

As for Tie Muxin and Cai Pa, Li Muyang could only apologise to them.

Li Muyang explained to Yang Xiaohu: “I won’t lie to Teacher Yang. Me, Qiandu and Lin Canghai classmate have agreed already, that the three of us will from a group and enter the illusions of weak water together——A gentleman’s promise is worth one thousand in gold, a promise can’t be easily changed.”

“Yes.” Lin Canghai added proudly, very happy about his foresight. If he had not planned ahead, Li Muyang would have been snatched away. He cupped his hand in salute to everyone and said with a beaming smile: “We’ve already spoken about it at noon and had struck our hands as promise. Therefore, classmates, I’m really sorry.”

Yang Xiaohu nodded. “Since you’ve already decided on your group, the other students will have to form their own groups.”

He looked over at Chu Xun, Tie Muxin and the others. “Chu Xun and Lu Qiji will be a group, and Cai Pa and Tie Muxin will be a group, are there any objections?”

“No.” The crowd answered.

“Good.” Yang Xiaohu was also very satisfied with his own allocation. “There are a few more days till the date of the water illusion training, the things that you need to pay attention to I will tell you later. Today we are going to learn ‘the weakness of dragon’. People have weak points. What is the weakness of dragons? Greed, lust, and——”

“——” Li Muyang only felt his face burning hot.

He felt the world was full of malice!

The class ended and the students left.

Lu Qiji was collecting her textbook ready to leave, when Chu Xun, who has been sitting motionless, suddenly uttered, “I do not understand.”

“Don’t understand what?”

“I don’t understand why you want to be in a group with Li Muyang.” Chu Xun grumbled. “Didn’t you hate him the most? It was because you hated him that I hated him. But——your choice today made me feel like an idiot.”

Lu Qiji stayed silent for a long time before she finally said: “It is because I hate him, that I want to team up with him.”

Chu Xun said coldly: “It seems you seriously treat me as an idiot.”

He stood up, pushed his chair back away from him and walked straight out the classroom.

This was the first time he did not wait for Lu Qiji and did not accompany her.

Lu Qiji stared at his distant back view, letting out a gentle sigh——




The carriage rocked as the wheels and hooves clattered rhythmically over the cobblestone. Li Shinian sat in the carriage deep in thought.

Li Shinian planned to walk home together with her classmates after school, but Aunt Yu suddenly said Li Shinian needs someone to pick up and drop off from school and also did not listen to Li Shinian’s objections.

Without any other choice, Li Shinian had to happily sit on the carriage to and from school.

Ever since she had been collected and dropped off from school on a carriage, no one came over and strike up a conversation.

This saved Li Shinian a lot of trouble.

Also, Yan Xiangma that idiot had suddenly disappeared——for this reason Li Shinian had invited her good friends to eat roast duck at Dingshi Restaurant to celebrate.

Li Shinian was thinking of Li Muyang. Ever since her brother left Jiangnan there has been no news of him, as if he had disappeared from the world.

Recalling their farewell at Maple Crossing, Li Shinian’s eyes brimmed with unshed tears.

At that time she thought it was just a temporary separation, and they would very soon see each other again.

Unexpectedly, the separation was almost an eternal farewell.

Her brother had experienced a lot of things on his way and many unforeseen changes had happened in their home. Now that they had all moved to Tiandu, would her brother even realise this fact?

“Li Muyang, you idiot——you must live well.” Li Shinian held her hands together in front of her chest, silently praying.

As they passed by an alley, Li Shinian heard a familiar voice.

She opened the curtain and peered out into the alley, shouting: “Stop.”

As soon as the cart driver shook the reins, the carriage steadily slowed to a halt.

“Miss Shinian, what’s the matter?” Cart driver Luo Xu asked loudly.

“I need to get off.” As Li Shinian spoke, she had already lifted up the front hanging curtain and jumped out of the carriage.

“Miss——“ The cart driver tried to stop her. “Madam is still waiting at home. Recently it has not been peaceful, Miss please pay attention to safety.”

“It’s okay, I’ll go and see.” Li Shinian said.

Li Shinian ran into the alley, while the cart driver parked the carriage to one side and then quickly ran after Li Shinian.

He was a servant of the Lu family ordered to protect Li Shinian——although he did not understand why a maid’s daughter would enjoy the same treatment as Miss Lu, but since the Lady of the family had arranged him to follow and serve Li Shinian, he must perform his duties well.

“Lu Tianyu, aren’t you very arrogant? Lets see where you can run off to this time——”

“Fatso, run, can’t you run? Keep running——”

“Back then you had your big sister to protect you, so we couldn’t touch you, but now Lu Qiji has gone to Starry Sky Academy, let’s see who will protect you——”

Before Li Shinian was near, she could already hear the threatening voices.

Crowded together was a group of children, the youngest looking 7- or 8- years-old and the oldest 12- or 11- years-old.

The group of people was staring at the middle of the crowd with ferocious eyes, where a miserable little fat boy stood.

The little fat boy looked badly battered, nose bloody and face swollen, like he has been bullied a lot.

“You need so many people to bully one person, do you regard yourself as a hero?” The little fat boy said in a strong tone of voice.


The little fatty was slapped across the face, as a tall and thin boy sneered: “I am bullying you, so what? If you’re so amazing come fight me.”


The boy had only finished talking, when he felt a deep pain, a fierce force surged forth and his body propelled high into the air.



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  1. Ha! Shinian saves Li Muyang’s bio-brother. Incoming drama I suppose. Thanks for the translations.

  2. Rather annoying that they try to say those are dragons weaknesses aren’t they just human weaknesses.

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