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253 – Dilemma

Chapter 253: Dilemma!


West Wind University. Weiming Lake.

A girl in a long white dress carrying a thick book took a seat at the pavilion by the lake, opened the book and carefully began to read.

In front were dark blue water, translucent like jade, the sun setting in the west, and in the distant center was the gleaming reflection of waves in sunlight, like countless silver fish jumping out of the surface at the same time.

The breeze gently blew, wafting the perfume of flowers.

There were birds chirping and insects crying, and the earthy-sweet smell of soil. This was a fascinating picture.

“I heard that the Weiming Lake of West Wind University has the world’s most beautiful sunset, we meet at West Wind to see the sunset at Weiming Lake together?” A boy’s voice sounded softly in her ear.

Cui Xiaoxin lifted her head, blankly looking around. She was surrounded by a peaceful silence and there was not a shadow in sight.

She shook her head and put her mind back on the book once again.

She looked at every word seriously, but it did not leave any impression on her mind. The handwriting flashed through her eyes like flickering light and passing shadows, then vanished without a trace.

Cui Xiaoxin, looking troubled, shut the book and gazed at the sunset reflected in the lake in a daze.

“We meet at West Wind to see the sunset of Weiming Lake together?”

The boy’s words were still on her mind, but now they lived far apart from each other and they would perhaps never meet again.

Thinking of this, Cui Xiaoxin felt somewhat disappointed and frustrated.


The hurried voice of a woman sounded over.

Cui Xiaoxin looked over to see her maid Cui’er running over, panting.

“Miss, I’ve been looking for you, so you were here——” Gasping for breath, Cui’er’s speech was incoherent.

Cui Xiaoxin raised her brow, saying, “Don’t panic, speak slowly.”

“Miss, you told me to pay attention to the news of Li Shinian. So I have been watching her, just now I received information that Li Shinian is in danger——” Cui’er said anxiously.

“Who did it?” Cui Xiaoxin hurriedly asked.

“Our family——I think Gu Mo is in charge.” Cui’er replied.

Cui Xiaoxin frowned. “If it is Gu Mo, that is the order of Grandfather. The situation might be bad.”

“Yes. Gu Mo did not go himself, I heard he also brought a lot of family generals with him, Miss Shinian certainly can’t defend herself.”

“What about the Lu family?” Cui Xiaoxin asked.

“I don’t know about the Lu family. The person who secretly follows her was in a hurry to let us know and don’t know about the situation after——”

“Is Cousin Xiangma in Tiandu?” Cui Xiaoxin asked.

“Miss, your cousin Xiagnma hasn’t come to see you for a while.”

“Try to get in touch with him. He will have a plan.” Cui Xiaoxin said in a loud voice.

“Yes. Miss.” Cui’er answered and then immediately ran down the road she came from.

Cui Xiaoxin was no longer in the mood to read, paced around in the pavilion for a while, looking at the distant sunset, and gently sighed: “Why must it be like this?”——


With the bellow of the General on a horse, arrows were fitted to the bowstring and swords pulled out the sheath. Countless spears aimed at the Cui family’s numerous minions, like they would break into a fierce fight at any time.

City Patrol Division is an important department that protects the safety of the imperial capital. Every soldier is an elite that had fought hundred battles, each person has the bravery to fight one hundred enemies at once.

200 people pulled out their knife, 200 people stretched their bow and fixed arrow and hundreds of people lifted their spear at the same time.

The attack was fierce and bold, and the atmosphere was austere.

However, the group of Cui family’s skilled master in the alley did not attach any importance to the City Patrol Division.

“What did they say? Kill? It’s a mosquito yawning, arrogant words coming from them——”

“Come, come, come, they all say that everyone in the City Patrol Division are elites, today let me ghostly sword king Wang Biao see——”

“All those that use spear leave it to me, I’m going to use my family’s ‘gale spear’——”

Gu Mo’s face twisted with a mocking smile, staring at the General on a horse. “Li Kefeng, even if you exhaust the elites of the City Patrol Division, bring all your people over, do you think that they can kill us? Are you kidding me?”

Li Kefeng cracked his whip and his horse galloped forward. “Cui family’s minions are world famous. The majority of the skilled masters of West Wind have been employed by the Cui family——I know you’re strong, invincible. My men, even if they do their best, I’m afraid there is no way they could win against one of your people.”

“You have self-awareness.”

“But, like me, they were all part of the frontier force. I’ve killed people, I’ve seen blood before. We’ve already abandoned our life without regret long ago, we only have loyalty and hot bloodedness——Tiandu capital is the territory of the City Patrol Division, all fights and matters that endanger the safety of the Imperial Capital is part of our responsibility. It is our duty, we can’t stand aside and watch. Even if we are no match for you we will not let the lawless people do lawless acts in the city of the emperor. We would rather die.”

“We would rather die.” The soldiers of the City Patrol Division shouted in unison.

Gu Mo sneered. “Li Kefeng, others may not know about the background of your City Patrol Division, but you think I don’t know? You have loyalty, but that loyalty does not lie with the West Wind Kingdom, but a clan? You are hot-blooded, otherwise you Li Kefeng wouldn’t have brought your elites to surround here at one command——”

“If you want to punish someone, you can always find excuses? The duty of the City Patrol Division is to protect the safety of the Emperor and the people. This is the right bestowed upon us by the Emperor. Now that your Cui family dares to kill in the middle of the street, we must carry out our duties and bring the evil to justice——Who dares disobey the order, that is, commit the sin of insulting the emperor, everyone in the world has the right to punish them.”

Gu Mo’s face darkened.

According to the number of people, indeed the City Patrol Division has the advantage.

But the people he had brought with him were all skilled masters of the Cui family; every one of them was well known in the West Wind Kingdom or the divine continent. These people have a very strong combat capability of fighting by themselves. Even when the hundreds of people of the City Patrol Division attacked at the same time they would not be at a disadvantage.

They come and go freely, the Cui family still had the upper hand.

However, they represented the Cui family, represented the attitude and will of the Cui family. No matter how fierce the Cui family is, they are just a family of government officials and could not be compared to the Emperor.

Although Gu Mo knew that Li Kefeng was an old man of the Lu family, a trusted aide of the Lu family and the most loyal dog but the City Patrol Division represents the imperial court, represents justice and righteousness. The City Patrol Division governs the whole city and has the responsibility of guarding the imperial city. If they injured the soldiers of the City Patrol Division or violently clashed with them, then a big accusation would be put on the Cui family’s head——Are you going to rebel?



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  1. How did it turn out like this? Your family is made up of asshole xaoxin

  2. At least we know Xiaoxin is still in love with Mc after disappearing for so many chapters

  3. So what if she still loves him ? She may be under pressure, but that’s exactly the sort of time where she ought to make a stand and go save her futur sister in law.

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