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254 – Two dogs fighting!

Chapter 254: Two dogs fighting!


The Palace Hall of thought.

The Emperor of West Wind, Chu Xianda, was correcting documents while Chamberlain Li Fu was pouring tea at the side.

Chu Xianda stopped writing with his crimson red brush and said in a bored voice: “Li Fu, any strange things happened recently? Tell me some stories to relieve my tiredness.”

Li Fu knew that His Majesty was starting to get tired again, timely brought over a cup of ginseng tea of the perfect temperature and said with a smile: “Your Majesty, if you want to hear some strange things, there really is an interesting story. I heard Zhou Shilang of the Ministry of Rites secretly has a mistress and that mistress got pregnant. This news made Minister Zhou really happy. There are three forms of unfilial conduct, but the worst is to not produce an offspring. Zhou Minister had hoped for a son for many years.”

“Not sure how this matter spread to Lady Zhou’s ear, but Lady Zhou and her family rushed to the mistresses house, yelling and screaming and in the end the mistress had a miscarriage. Minister Zhou was furious and wanted to divorce his wife. Madam Zhou obviously disagreed, shouting down the street that Minister Zhou is ungrateful like Chan Saimei. It is said that it was the woman’s family that helped him raised money to go to the capital and to take the imperial examinations. Now that he is wealthy he is going to divorce the woman and marry another——Everyone is watching their little show.”

Chu Xianda laughed. “Zhou Pingan is a hapless fellow; he finally has a son, but was ruined by a bad-tempered and aggressive woman, it must be hard for him to take——”

“Who says it isn’t?” Li Fu also grinned.

“Then what are they going do?”

“What else? Deadlock. One wants to divorce and the other does not agree; would it be so easy to solve?”

“What a shrew——” Chu Xianda smiled.

Just then, a little palace eunuch appeared at the doorway of the Palace Hall of Thought.

Li Fu glanced outside and scurried out.

The little palace eunuch kept his head low as he reported and then immediately left. Li Fu scampered over to Chu Xianda’s side. “Your Majesty, you still want to hear some strange things? A strange thing just happened now.”

“Oh, tell me?” Chu Xianda took a sip of tea and said loudly.

“Because of some matters among their children, the Cui and the Lu families clashed.”


The young master of the Lu family had a conflict with a group of children of the Cui family. Soul Haunting Whip Luo Xu taught the children of the Cui family a lesson. Then, Cui family’s Heart Buddha Ning Xinhai appeared, so the two exchanged blows and now Noble Minister’s Gu Mo brought over a group of Cui family generals and the City Patrol Division led by Li Kefeng also brought along many people——Now the two sides are in a standoff.”

Chu Xianda laughed coldly. “When a dog bites a dog, each gets a mouthful of fur. At the foot of the emperor, they dare to be so lawless. Do they even respect me the emperor?”

“Your Majesty——” Li Fu lowered his head even more. “Do you want to send an imperial edict over?”

“No need.” Chu Xianda waved dismissively. “Let them bite. The two dogs are fighting and there will be one wounded. Let them bite properly, that will save my strength.”

“Yes.” Li Fu answered——

Yan mansion.

“Have you heard? The Cui and the Lu family are fighting? The two families sent out their elites——”

Li family.  

“I already knew a fierce battle would happen between the two families, just did not expect to be so quickly. Who do you think has a higher chance of winning? What are we going to go?”

The Song family.

“If something is meant to be happening, it’s meant to be, but how will it develop? Don’t worry, just keep quiet and slowly watch.”

All throughout Tiandu, everyone’s attention was fixed on the little alley called Wutong Lane, concerned about the farce that was caused by a fight between a few children——

Gu Mo hesitated, unable to make his decision.

His Master must have thought about this situation, but he still ordered him to bring people over, then it proves that he has a plan.

However, if had a head-on confrontation with the City Patrol Division, it would cause a lot of trouble for his Master——Is that what he wanted?

To leave is to be weak; to stay is to be useless.

At that moment, Gu Mo felt that his intelligence was not high enough.

Two soldiers of the City Patrol Division rushed over to support Luo Xu up. Li Kefeng looked at Luo Xu, asking, “You all right?”

“I’m fine——pffff——”

Before he could finish his sentence, he spurted out mouthfuls of blood.

Li Kefeng’s face darkened, shouting in a stern voice, “Who injured you?”

Luo Xu pointed to Gu Mo who was standing high on a wall. “He did it.”

Li Kefeng nodded. “Don’t worry. Whoever injures people in Tiandu will be punished by the law.”

He waved his huge hand, bellowing, “Come, arrest all the suspects.”

“Yes.” Hundreds of soldiers holding spears marched forward. Then there were the hundreds of soldiers with swords and finally, the archers. They stood still in their original place, the arrows aiming at the people in the alley.

The many generals of the Cui Family all turned their head to look at Gu Mo, waiting for him to give them a clear signal——To fight or to escape, make a decision.

“The law does not tolerate anyone.” Gu Mo laughed grimly, pointing to Cui Shaofeng whose hands were mangled. “If the City Patrol Division is so fair and impartial, then you would make sure justice is served for the injured young man, right? Why don’t you ask him who wounded him and why?” “

Without Li Kefeng asking, Cui Shaofen already pointed at Soul haunting whip Luo Xu. “My hands were wounded by him. He is a big bully, he deliberately injured people. This behavior is really shameful.”

“A big bully?” Li Shinian snapped, glaring at Cui Shaofeng. “Cui Shaofeng, you still have the nerve to say ‘this behaviour is really shameful’? When you bullied Lu Tianyu, did you think about shame? You did not even let off a little boy, yet you say you he’s a big bully——you are the biggest disgrace?”

The source of the matter eventually returned to the fact that Lu Tianyu was bullied and Li Shinian tried to defend him.

Li Kefeng nodded. “I have understood the situation more or less. Since you all have your own argument, then all of you will come with me to the City Patrol Department. The City Patrol Department will certainly give everyone a fair answer.”

Gu Mo obviously would not willingly come along to the City Patrol Division. That was the territory of the Lu family. Who knows what would happen?

He glared at Li Kefeng, saying loudly, “Li Kefeng, do you have to go so far?”

“If you owe money you pay your debt; if you kill someone you pay with your life. The Law does not tolerate anyone from doing as they please.” Li Kefeng stated in a low voice.

He pulled out a sword from a sheath hanging from around his waist and swung it up, ready to strike. If the generals of the Cui family fight back, he will take the lead and charge forward.

Gu Mo’s hand clasped tight to his heavy sword, leaping down from the wall, his huge body blocking the City Patrol Division, and stood together with the many generals of the Cui Family.

“Kill.” Li Kefeng uttered.

“Kill.”  The many soldiers of the City Patrol Division roared.



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  1. The emperor in this story is hella dumb. Thanks for the translation.

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