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259 – The true meaning of painting!

Chapter 259: The true meaning of painting!


Gu Huangwu did not know of the worries in Li Muyang’s heart, patted him on the shoulder and said with a smile: “These days I have been studying your painting ‘shower of spring sunshine’, the more I see it the more alarming it is, but also the more happy I am. There is not a single peach blossom in this painting, but it gives the feeling that peach blossoms are blooming everywhere. The shower of spring sunshine is full of the correct true meaning of painting. It is a rare masterpiece.”

Li Muyang had to bow again. “Thank you for your praise Teacher Gu. Student needs to continue to work hard, Teacher Gu please give me your advice and comments.”

Gu Huangwu nodded. “It’s strange, I thought it was your first time painting, so your techniques would be a bit rusty. But looking at the composition of your painting, as well as the details and how you handle it, it is just like a painting expert——”

Gu Huangwu cast a rather puzzled look at Li Muyang.“Was it really your first time painting?”

Li Muyang was inwardly apprehensive, there really were consequences for studying the old dragon’s painting technique; Gu Huangwu, a national level expert could easily spot the flaws within his story.

Of course, Li Muyang was not going to admit it even if he killed him. “I used to love painting and studied painting, but had never painted before. So I had no confidence.”

Gu Huangwu had doubts, but Li Muyang wouldn’t tell him and he also could not think of an explanation.

“In the future, you must work hard and practice, act modest and prudent. Only by doing so, can you can go farther.”

“Yes.” Li Muyang respectfully bowed again.

Gu Huangwu’s eyes swept across the students as he said, “By helping each other students, you would improve together. Excellent. In the future when I’m not here, Li Muyang will teach you and explain for you. From today on, Li Muyang is my assistant teacher.”

The so-called assistant teacher, obviously assist in teaching. In other words, he would be the teacher’s helper.

Most of the Starry Sky teachers were very busy. They needed to cultivate and break the realms themselves. Therefore, most of them have requested to have assistants, and whenever they could not attend class, the assistant teacher was the one that taught the lessons in their stead.

However, not everyone can become an assistant teacher. Most of them were knowledgeable teachers, at least not too much difference from the teachers they assist. Yang Xiaohu was a former assistant teacher, and then step by step became a Starry Sky teacher.

There were also teachers that choose the best student to become the assistant teacher, but this student has to be the most talented in the entire academy and not just better than the other students by one or two times, but three or five times more outstanding or even at a higher level to be able to serve as the assistant teacher.

Hearing Gu Huangwu suddenly proposing to make Li Muyang as his assistant teacher, the audience was astounded.

But thinking of the fact that Li Muyang drew such a high standard painting, as well as his patience and attitude in solving and answering the problems that the students had raised, everyone came forward to congratulate him.

“Brother Muyang, congratulations on becoming an assistant teacher——”

“Are we going to call you Teacher Li? How old is Teacher Li? Probably not as old as I am, right?”

“After one lesson you became an assistant teacher, if you come a few more times, will you be hired as a Starry Sky teacher?”——

Li Muyang was not familiar with the position of assistant teacher, only thought that it was a duty like the ‘class representative’. However, seeing the shock look on everyone’s face and then one after another ran over to congratulate him, he knew the responsibilities of this role were heavy.

Li Muyang turned to face Gu Huangwu. “Teacher Gu, I’m worried my ability——”

“It’s fine, it’s fine.” Gu Huangwu said very irritably, taking a mouthful of alcohol. “Your ability, I know more about than you. If I don’t think you can, I wouldn’t have suggested it. That would be destroying my own reputation and hampering my students’ progress. I, Gu Hungwy will not do such a thing.”


Seeing that Li Muyang was no longer acting modest or making excuses, Gu Huangwu cheered up. “Now begin class. Just now you guys have showed your peach blossom painting to Li Muyang and he had commented on it, so I will not explain too much. Now I will point out the flaws in your painting and then you can produce another peach blossom painting. If I feel that the latter is not a work of any progress, I will ask you to draw 100 pictures of peach blossom for me.”

Everyone were shocked, afraid of producing 100 peach blossom painting, so when their work was submitted to Gu Huangwu they listened very seriously. They were worried that they would miss something and would not make any progress on their next painting.

Li Muyang also carefully listened. Gu Huangwu absolutely does not count as a hardworking teacher, most of the time a substitute teacher had to come take his class. Li Muyang found out that Gu Huangwu would come to class today, so he specially came.

But Qiandu and Lin Canghai had other things to do today and had not came with Li Muyang to the walls of peach blossom.

Although Li Muyang had fused with the Tear of the Dragon King, inherited the old dragon’s painting skills, he still wanted to study hard, master the subject, and become a little dragon that surpasses the master.

Gu Huangwu finished drinking his wine and the morning class ended.

He tossed the bottle gourd to the little boy in green, staggering away in his loose robe with wide flowing sleeves.

As though he suddenly thought of something, he yelled to Li Muyang who was standing among the crowd seeing people off: “Li Muyang, come with me, I have a problem to discuss with you.”

Under the envious gaze of his classmates, Li Muyang followed after Gu Huangwu with quick steps.

Chu Ning was about to go forward to talk to Li Muyang. When she saw Li Muyang was called away by Gu Huangwu, she stopped abruptly, stamping her feet in frustration.

‘There is a peach blossom hut in the peach blossom village, where the peach blossom immortal lives.’

This was a poem of Tang yi, a great painter and poet in ancient times. It was evident that it was Gu Huangwu’s favourite poem, not only had he named the place he teaches at the Walls of Peach Blossom, but also the little courtyard that he lived at was called Peach Blossom hut.

Gu Huangwu brought Li Muyang into his art studio, pointing to the scroll unfolded on a table. It was Li Muyang’s ‘Shower of spring sunshine’ that made him famous.

“Li Muyang, why do you paint?” Gu Huangwu asked loudly.

Li Muyang was taken aback, stumbled for a moment and then replied, “Because I like to.”

Why did he ask such a question all of a sudden? Could it be that Gu Huangwu also wanted to take him as his disciple?

Li Muyang was very troubled, he has to deal with so many men he was really worried that he would be too busy.

“Poem has a poetic soul, paintings has a meaning.” Gu Huangwu was not at all surprised with Li Muyang’s answer, questioning him further: “What is the meaning of your painting?”

“——” Li Muyang was thinking to himself that wasn’t it you who told us to take peach blossom as the theme? Now why are you asking for the meaning of my painting?

“Grind the ink for me.” Gu Huangwu said aloud.

Li Muyang grinded the ink stick against the ink stone into a smooth flat surface, his force was even and his speed was uniform as he grinded in one direction. This was the way to make good liquid ink.

Once Li Muyang prepared the ink, Gu Huangwu dipped his brush in ink, walked toward Li Muyang’s ‘shower of spring sunshine’ painting and added a speck to the huge dog’s eyes.

A gust of wind blew, the dog leapt out of the paper, jumped to the ground, barking loudly.



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