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234 – Killing people like cutting grass


“What’s happening?”

“Just where has the ice came from?”

“What is happening? I can’t move….”

All the people of the sects began exclaiming in shock.

The young soldier Sang Fusheng was slightly taken aback.

The expected pain did not arrive.

His eyes were still able to see.

Sang Fusheng saw as his eyes were nearly stabbed by the steel implement. But when it was just about to reach him, it suddenly stopped. Then he could hear the gasps of shocks from those bastards. When he lowered his head, he could see a familiar layer of cold ice and frost….

This cold qi……just where had he seen it before?

Sang Fusheng was dumbfounded, then suddenly realised something.

His originally dim and fatigue eyes suddenly burned with a splendid radiance.

Then, in the pupils of the black bear like man in front of him, he was able to see the figure of one person.

White clothes like jade, black hair like a waterfall.

A silhouette that was extremely familiar to him.

Ye Qingyu!!

Marquis Ye!

Sang Fusheng was dumbfounded.

And nearly at the same time, Qi Yong’s howl like a pig being slaughtered broke the silence of the interrogation room.

“Ye-Ye-Ye……” Qi Yong looked at the white figure walking step by step into the room from the door. HIs handsome heroic face was enough to make countless girls lose sleep, but in their eyes, it was unquestionably the most frightening face in the whole world. He lost his composure, sharply: “You……Ye-Ye-Ye….Ye Qingyu!”


Ye Qingyu did not pay any attention to Qi Yong’s desperate howl that seemed as if he was being castrated.

He flicked his fingers.

Four ice crystals shot out, cutting apart the steel shackles binding the soldier Sang Fusheng.

“How is it, are you still able to withstand it?”

By the time he had finished speaking, his figure had already travelled beside the young military officer like a bolt of lightning.

Sang Fusheng knew that Ye Qingyu was speaking to him.

The young soldier opened his mouth, and laughed in a stoic manner: “It’s not a problem.”

His arms and legs exerted strength slightly. Breaking open his wounds again, and causing blood to splatter everywhere, he had already left the broken shackles holding him, jumping down from the rack. With a slight stumble, he nearly fell. Holding on to the interrogation rack for support, and spitting out a mouthful of blood, the corner of his lips curled slightly: “Motherfucker, I was nearly killed by these crowd of scum……


Ye Qingyu’s palm was already placed on the head of the young military officer.

The young military officer was in a semi conscious state, his body fiercely struggling. He was completely unaware of what was going on in the outside world.

“I’ve already came for a period of time, and had always been observing behind the door.” Ye Qingyu’s head did not turn back, slowly inserting his inner yuan into the body of the officer. Then he said lightly: “His situation was somewhat undesirable. By them time I arrived, I already noticed that his life force was scattered……therefore, I could only wait, and allow them to torture him, activating the last of his energy and inciting the last of his life force. Only then could I save him and bet on this chance to make him live!”

Saying this, Ye Qingyu’s hand flipped out.

A robe was taken from his robe interdimensional pouch and thrown over to Sang Fusheng.

Sang Fusheng received the long robe, covering his body that were completely filled with wounds. He took a deep breath in.

Hearing these words, he was slightly taken aback, then he realised Marquis Ye was explaining himself to him. He could not help but feel slightly apprehensive, rushing to say: “There naturally has to be reasons behind Marquis Ye’s actions. My superior have long said to me, that you do not need to explain any of your actions to me. Even if you did not act to day, I would not complain in the slightest.”

Under the influence of Liu Zongyuan, he long had utter respect for Ye Qingyu.

Especially when he had heard Ye Qingyu spread the word around a couple of days ago that he would oppose the sects, and after he had killed the Five Poison Gongzi and the others with the force of thunder. It caused those righteous soldiers in the YOuyan army to feel incomparably excited. Sang Fusheng had already became a true follower and believer of Ye Qingyu.

After a short moment.

“Phew……” The young military officer finally opened his eyes.

He let out a long breath of murky air. His quivering body, finally stopped shivering.

Ye Qingyu let out a sigh of relief.

He was not a doctor, and only knew some rough methods to save people.

When he had first taken a look at the young officer hanging on the rack, he knew then that his injuries were far too severe and it would be difficult to save him. Therefore he could only use some unconventional methods. When the officer was being tortured he had not acted, and waited until he could no longer endure the huge pain and his body burned with the very last drops of his life force. Only at that very moment had he acted with his vast qi, using the most commonly seen method of a martial artist, to extend his life.

The young officer gradually opened his eyes.

The moment he looked at Ye Qingyu, he was taken aback.

His gaze was somewhat confused, somewhat conflicted.

“You are……Ye ……Marquis Ye, you…..” He had once seen a picture of Ye Qingyu.

Ye Qingyu smiled slightly: “Don’t speak, first rest.” A surge of cold qi spat out from his palm, instantly turning the steel shackles of the rack into ice scraps. Cold silver frost enveloped the wounds of the officer, staunching the blood. Then he lightly carried him to a stone bed nearby, using a long robe to cover his bloody body.

The injuries of the officer was very serious, and he needed systematic treatment.

Only when he finished everything, did Ye Qingyu look towards the young soldier Sang Fusheng.

The strength of Sang Fusheng was countless times stronger than the minor officer. The blood surging in his veins was like a massive bear, and as a result of this, his condition was many times better than the officer. After a slight rest, he could already move as he pleased. The robe on his body were already completely seeped with blood, but he acted as if he did not even notice and was in high spirits.

“Superior, what should we next?”

His body was upright and straight like a spear.

Even when he was heavily injured, he still maintained the posture of a true posture. his figure was drawn straight like a tightly arched bow.

This was the true style of a soldier of the Youyan army.

Ye Qingyu looked at Qi Yong and the others who were frozen where they stood, and was completely terrified. Saying calmly, “What are we going to do? Of course it’s the thing you want to do the most……you can just leave one or two alive.”

Sang Fusheng was stunned.

Then he instantly began to grin happily.

“Thank you Marquis.”“

He paid his respects.

Then he turned around, heading towards Qi Yong and the others.

“Look at everyone of you, your smile is so hard to look at. Come, come, come, be a little happier……” Sang Fusheng pointed, blood dripping from the tip of his finger. There was the sound of bones cracking as he moved his shoulder, and slowly walked over. With a smile, “Did you not have fun just now? Now it’s my turn, come; I’ll play with you!”



How was this possible!

When the frost like water had completely covered the interrogation room and locked everyone in place, everyone including the guards at the passageway as well as the experts of the seven stars sect could feel the temperature of the cave dropping below zero. They witnessed with their own eyes, that white clothed figure appearing with knowing when at the entrance of the cave. His entire body emitted a seeping cold that invaded their very bones, like a death god from hell that walked step by step inside.

“Ye…..Ye Qingyu!”

Qi Yong, the leader of the Violet Seven Stars sect, swallowed a fearful mouthful of saliva.

He could not believe in his own eyes. How was it that this legendary ice death god would appear here.

When when Ye Qingyu was treating the young military officer, there was no one who dared to speak.

An indescribable terror had completely drown everyone.

In this period of time, there was absolutely no one who had not heard of Ye Qingyu’s name before. The blood and bones of hundreds of Jianghu people had caused Ye Qingyu’s killing fame to spread. Right now, the Leaf of Youyan was one of his titles. Not only in Youyan pass, but even in the entire JIanghu and Empire, his name already had enough respect attached to it.

Qi Yong and the others knew very well that not one of them was the opponent of Ye Qingyu.

They were only responsible for interrogation here.

The true top level experts had some matters to attend to and had left today.

There completely was no one here who could even block half a move of Ye Qingyu.

The moment Ye Qingyu appeared and used his ice cold power to seal the entire room, no news and alert could be passed on.

Their group of people was like a herd of sheep waiting to be slaughtered.

When they heard Ye Qingyu say that he could do the thing he most wanted doing, Qi Yong and the others felt the sickle of the reaper pressed against their necks. The sharpness and coldness of the blade was enough to make them despair.

When these icy words were spoken like the verdict of the reaper, every word was filled with endless suppressed rage. Qi Yong and the others could only feel that even the blood in their body was so shaken it could not flow anymore, a unsuppressable fear causing every one of them to quiver.

Sang Fusheng first came to before the bear shaped man.

This burly and muscular man that was filled with a malicious aura and completely covered with black hair, currently has an expression that was worse than crying. He opened his mouth, but could not even managed to say anything…..

“Look, Karma came really quickly.“

Sang Fusheng smiled, grabbing another steel implement from the rack and struck out.

Blood went flying everywhere.

The head of the black bear like man was chopped apart like a watermelon.

The young soldier did not even show the slightest hint of mercy.

There were several disciples that lost their composure and began screaming, begging in tears for mercy. They had experienced killings of the Jianghu before, and had seen blood and death. But the large majority of the time, they were on the other side of this scene, forcing such a fate onto other people. For example, when they had tortured Sang Fusheng and the military officer, this bloody and cruel scene was even more shocking than the steel implement hacking the head apart. But they gazed at the torture like watching a performance, everyone of them applauding and screaming for more.

But when such a fate descended upon themselves, the terror was enough to completely envelop them.

“Hey, how could you guys be like this. Everyone of you call yourself hard men of the Jianghu, can you not be afraid of the slightest thing.” Sang Fusheng reprimanded with furrowed eyebrows, then seriously thought it over. “I’ve been splattered with blood, En,……it seems like it’s not good to be too violent.”

Then his gaze casted all around his surroundings, grabbing a rusty executioner’s blade in his hand.


The blade glimmered.

A head of a nearby Jianghu person flew through the air.

“It seems like it’s slightly easier with a blade……” Sang Fusheng nodded his head in satisfaction, then his wrist moved against and the blade flashed. Another head of a Jianghu person flew through the air, blood spurting out like a geyser.。

Killing people like cutting grass.

This was a true soldier that had been born from experiencing battles between the demon race; there was no mercy at all in his actions.


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