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265 – Red beast tide

Chapter 265: Red beast tide


Lin Canghai pulled out his sword and stood alert in front of Qiandu. This was one of his habitual actions.

Li Muyang clasped Qiandu’s hand tightly. “Don’t worry. We’ll protect you.”

Qiandu smiled lightly at Li Muyang and nodded. “Thank you.”

Lin Canghai had a dissatisfied look, unblinkingly staring at the rapidly approaching shadows, he said in a cold voice. “You said you would protect Qiandu——why are you stepping back? You’re going back to Starry Sky Academy?”

Behind Lin Canghai, Li Muyang had already dragged Qiandu back several meters, keeping a distance from Lin Canghai.

“I’m just afraid that Qiandu classmate would be in danger, so I’m taking her away from the fight——Don’t worry, when you can’t cope I will come help you.” Li Muyang said in a comforting tone.

“Who says I can’t cope?” Clasping his sword, Lin Canghai stood proudly under the red moon and clad in a white robe, he looked confident and elegant like an immortal. The soft red moonlight illuminated his face and body, giving the beautiful youngster a mysterious glow.

He tensed his body, the sword in his hand due to the infusion of strong qi emitted a purple flame. The youngster’s heroism was reaching the clouds as he said in a clear voice: “if gods block, kill the gods; if demons block, destroy the demons.”

Li Muyang turned to look at Qiandu. “I like this kind of hot-blooded youngster.”

Qiandu shot a blaming glance at Li Muyang: “You’re cunning.”

“I’m not cunning, my ability is not good enough so I’m worry that I would drag him down——” Li Muyang explained.

“Even Chu Xun lost to you, who can compete with you? If you exert all your strength, maybe even Canghai can’t beat you——”

While they were chattering together in low tones, the shadows were already near them.

Li Muyang and the others could already see the outlines of their features; it was a group of young men in white. The same as them, students of Starry Sky Academy.

But they were not part of the Dragon Slayer course. Li Muyang and the others did not recognise them.

Lin Canghai was focused and calm, ready to strike the enemy at anytime.

A strong sadness surging inside him: they say this is a barren land, where there is no law and do not speak of morality, and people that enters could only rely on the human nature to restrain themselves.

They had just entered the illusion but the brothers of the same school are already killing each other?

“Hurry run.” A young student in white shouted to Lin Canghai.

Before his voice died away, they have already whizzed past Lin Canghai and Li Muyang. They did not have even the slightest intention of stopping.

“Not coming for us?” Lin Canghai said with a puzzled look.

Li Muyang looked over at the direction of where they were coming from when his face suddenly changed greatly. Holding Qiandu’s hand he began to run with huge strides while shouting, “Hurry run.”

Lin Canghai also reacted; clasping his sword more firmly he bolted towards the direction of Li Muyang and Qiandu.

Behind them, was a tremendous red light charging to their side.

Huge red beasts. The smallest was the size of a calf. They followed closely behind, making threatening gestures and jumping up and down.

Their wind-whipped red hair looked like flaming red clouds.

There were countless beasts, closely together, forming a red tidal wave, stretching as far as the eye could see.


That was the sound of the beasts behind them.

The not-so-great noises formed into one, creating an oppressive feeling of heavy force.

Li Muyang was the first to respond and at the start it was him that took Qiandu’s hand and ran, but as they ran it was Qiandu who was pulling Li Muyang forward. Lin Canghai was all by himself but after he exerted some flying technique, his body, like a light, a lightning, whizzed in front.

In the end it was Qiandu and Li Muyang that were at the back.

Very soon, Li Muyang and the others caught up to the students in white.

There was no time for everyone to greet each other; each and every one of them lowered their head and charged forward.


Just then, Li Muyang suddenly heard a cry behind him.

He turned around and found that the red beasts were crowding around several white-robe scholars that ran too slow. Several beasts attacked a Starry Sky student together, and caught off guard, the beasts tore off a piece of flesh from his body.

Li Muyang was about to speak when he noticed that Lin Canghai, who was running in front, had transformed into a ray of light, returning back to save him.


His sword was blazing brightly and with one slash of his sword the head of the beast was severed from his body.

However, the death of their companion did not scare the large group of red beasts, instead sparked their brutality. They grew more berserk, and more desperately pounced over at where Lin Canghai was.

Qiandu’s running footsteps came to an abrupt halt and she let go off Li Muyang’s hand. “Canghai won’t manage by himself, I have to go save him——you be careful.”

Before it was Li Muyang tightly clasping onto Qiandu’s hand, but not sure when it was Qiandu clasping Li Muyang’s hand.

Before she finished speaking, she took out a blue piccolo from her bosom.

It was the magic piccolo that Li Muyang had seen before. Qiandu and him had performed together the tune that was lost for hundreds of years ‘Phoenix seeking Phoenix’.”

Of course, it was precisely that encounter, which led Li Muyang to play that song, that made Qiandu and Lin Canghai began to suspect his real identity——

Qiandu soared into the air, her white robe whiter than snow, like a fairy descending from the heavens.

She put the magic piccolo to her mouth and gently blew, producing a bitingly cold and harsh sound like the strike of a sword.

Then, a shocking scene emerged.

The flowing notes turned into thousands of frosted blades, slashing the frantic red beasts that were attacking Lin Canghai and the others.

Kacha Kacha——

Wherever the frosted blades passed, the huge red beasts were severed into pieces. Corpses everywhere, and blood flowing over the ground like water.

As Qiandu continued to play the piccolo, more and more notes drifted out, turning into more and more intense frosted blades.

Countless frosted blades beheaded the countless red beasts, corpse toppling to the ground. But more red giant beasts were charging toward Lin Canghai.

Qiandu hovered above Lin Canghai, playing the notes at a much closer range, and the frosted blades beheaded even more of the red beasts.

“Sounds of heaven attack.” The words appeared in Li Muyang’s mind.

He had never seen such a technique before, nor had he ever heard about music notes turning into frosted blades to kill.

But he somehow knew about this kind of magical technique. And had a very familiar feeling.

As though he had heard it hundreds and thousands times before.

Li Muyang felt a very strong impulse, he wanted to play along to the music, perform the same magic tune as Qiandu.

But, looking around he could not find a piece of leaf to play.

So, Li Muyang wrapped his hands around each other, put it close to his lips and gently blew.


The sounds were heavy and serious, like the sound of the bugle-horn.

The floating notes assembled into a tremendous battle-axe that whirred in the air and struck the beats that were surrounding Lin Canghai and the other people.


The giant red beasts in front were chopped into two across the middle, the head still kept the posture of charging ahead, while the tail stayed in its original place before collapsing to the ground with a loud rumble.

The power of the axe was so great that even Li Muyang was astonished.

He forgot to continue to play, staring wide-eyed at the corpse of the red beast that had fallen at his feet and the blood that flowed to the soles of his shoes, he had a very absurd feeling.

“What the hell is going on here?” Li Muyang asked himself.

The last time when they went on a trip to Broken Mountain, Qiandu played the tune ‘Phoenix seeking Phoenix’, which evoked his interest, and he pulled off a leaf and followed playing.

Before, Li Muyang had never played that tune before or heard of it. He just knew that it was one of the three greatest songs of the divine continent.

But this time it was more amazing, when Li Muyang saw the notes that Qiandu played transforming into frosted blades, he had a very familiar feeling. It was as if Qiandu had shown him countless of times before.

But Li Muyang remembered very clearly that Qiandu had never showed her strength in front of him. She had never fought with anyone before.

In the situation where there was no instrument, Li Muyang used his two hands to play. The monotonous thick notes turned into a huge battleaxe, chopping the giant beasts’ head off cleanly.

“Know without learning?”

Because he had integrated with the dragon king’s tear, he was not in the slightest surprised that he knew how to use such strange skills.

What he was puzzled about was what is his relationship with Qiandu? Why can they both know how to play the same divine tune of the ancient times ‘Phoenix seeking Phoenix’? Why can they both turn notes into combat weapons?

“Could it be Qiandu and I are long-lost siblings?” Li Muyang thought.

The axe was too powerful, beheading several red beasts with one swing.

The red beasts at the back finally felt frightened, stepping backwards, they fiercely glared at Li Muyang. They exposed their mouth full of sharp teeth and a yellow liquid gushed out.

The other beasts also felt the danger and they realised that the group of prey was not that good or easy to eat.


The giant beast leader bellowed and all crowded around Li Muyang.

They did not approach too close, forming a huge ring of encirclement and surrounding them with three layers on the outside and three layers on the inside.

Lin Canghai assisted the injured classmate up before running over to Li Muyang’s side. Qiandu was still hovering in the air, keeping a sharp watch for any launch of sudden attacks from the beasts as she escorted several other students over to Li Muyang’s side.

They stood back to back, forming a small solid circle, to counter the threats from all directions.

“Li Muyang, what just happened?” Lin Canghai questioned Li Muyang who was standing beside him in a quiet voice. “How do you know the sounds of heaven attack?”



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