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266 – ‘Ambush on ten sides’!

Chapter 266: ‘Ambush on ten sides’!  


When Lin Canghai questioned Li Muyang why he knew the ‘Sounds of heaven attack’, Li Muyang even more wanted to ask why does Qiandu know the ‘Sounds of heaven attack’.

Li Muyang’s skills came from the old dragon. The tear of the dragon king contained the majority of his knowledge and skill, and the memories of the old dragon before its dragon soul self-destructed. He sealed all this in a teardrop, waiting for the successor to unearth and inherit it.

However, a secret like that can’t be told to anyone.

Even though Li Muyang and Lin Canghai relationship was extremely good and the two got along like brothers.

However, Li Muyang couldn’t guarantee that, when Lin Canghai knows of his identity he wouldn’t split him in half with his sword——This was a time when everyone wants to slay a dragon. The dragon was the enemy of the whole world, the embodiment of evil. Is it possible for the human race who were their sworn enemies to tolerate their existence?

Live together in peace? This was absolutely a joke.

Even if Li Muyang had this thought, the human race that feared his magical powers and remarkable ability, and envied his extraordinariness would think of every possible ways to kill him.

No matter whether Li Muyang wanted to or not, the moment he was born, he had became the alien race of this world.

He had to keep a secret like that to himself and not share it with anyone else.

He was alone.

Fortunately in this world, there was Lu Qiji.

Because she was alone just like him, she was the same kind of person as him.

“Qiandu——have you ever taught Li Muyang ‘Sounds of heaven attack’?” Lin Canghai asked.

It was understandable for him to have such a question.

Because ‘Sounds of heaven attack’ is a unique skill of the tremendous and terrifying family of Qiandu. It was also one of the important safeguards for them to maintain their supreme power.

When ‘Sounds of heaven attack’ reaches its peak state, the notes can change into thunder and lightning, and even advance to become a calamity of the ninth heaven——a power that not even deities can bear.

This was also the reason why Qiandu’s family had regarded it as taboo and only passed it through the male lineage, and even him who has a extremely close relationship to her had not had the opportunity to learn one move or two of it.

Of course, this strong person doted on Qiandu, his only daughter, so he had taught her the ‘Sounds of heaven attack’.

But, why did Li Muyang also know this technique?

Apart from the possibility of Qiandu teaching him, Lin Canghai could not think of any other reason.

Qiandu and Li Muyang stood back to back, glaring warily at the red beasts that were surrounding around them but seemed too scared to attack. “——No.”

“Now is not the time to talk about this.” Li Muyang not wanting to answer Lin Canghai’s curious question, tried to change the subject. “First get rid of these monsters. Otherwise, we would be buried in the lands of illusions. What the hell are they?”

“Red wolves.” The starry sky student that had a piece of flesh tore off his back said aloud. “It is said that they descended from wolves, but because they have been exposed to the red moon for too long, they slowly developed into this appearance. They are cruel and fierce, and like to live in large packs. They eat and live together and when there’s a prey the whole pack would attack together. They are hard to handle. In the end the prey will be divided among the pack by the red wolf king.”

“Where is the red wolf king?” Li Muyang asked. He glanced around and saw a wolf a lot taller than the common wolves. “Is it that long hair one?”

“I don’t know.” The wounded student replied.His companions were applying treatment to him and bandaging his wound. “It is said that no one has ever seen the real red wolf king.”

“Why are you looking for the wolf king?” Lin Canghai asked. “Capture the king first in order to capture all his followers? But even if you kill the wolf king, these red wolves would still fight to the end.”

Watching more and more large wolves gather around them, Li Muyang said, “So many red wolves, how long would it take for us to kill them all? The reason we came here is to train and learn, even if we killed all the red wolves, I’m afraid we will have wasted a lot of time——”

“Then chop them all to death with your giant axe.” Lin Canghai seemed to detest the red wolves. He was an extremely clean person, but when he killed a wolf to save a student, the wolf’s blood would spatter onto his favorite starry cloud robe, which made him very moody.

“How would I have so much strength?” Li Muyang smiled bitterly. To play the tune that they call ‘Sounds of heaven attack’, it consumed the essential qi of the dantian regio. But only by using the body of qi to fuel the sounds of the notes, could they form into a giant axe that could kill the red wolves with such powerful strength.

The wolves were casting greedy eyes upon the crowd of people, and the crowd of people was staring warily at the pack of wolves.

The two sides fixed their eyes on the other side, regarding each other as enemy.

For a moment, both sides could not do anything to the other side.

Li Muyang and Qiandu stood back to back and even though separated by thick layers of clothing, Li Muyang could still feel the softness and gentleness of Qiandu.

He was able to feel Qiandu’s heartbeat, faint and calm, and without any change in rhythm. As though she had the capability to cope with such a dilemma.

Li Muyang was thinking that she should also be able to feel his heartbeat and his own heartbeat should also be as normal and regular, right?

Steady, calm and not disorderly.

This was the impression that Li Muyang wanted to convey to others.

“What if my heartbeat beats very fast? Would she think that I am a cowardly, weak and handsome man that doesn’t know what to do in the face of danger——”

Thinking of this possibility, Li Muyang’s heart pounded more violently that before.




“Li Muyang——” Qiandu called.

“I’m listening——” Li Muyang said.

“How long can your essential qi support your ‘Sounds of heaven attack’?”

“I don’t know, probably not too long——” Li Muyang said very bluntly. He had just entered the Empty Valley realm a while ago and his sea of qi was almost empty. If he used the same technique as before which consumed a considerable amount of his energy, he most likely would not able to administer more than a few attacks with his axe.

“Then——” Qiandu asked in a low voice, “Can you play ‘ambush on ten sides’?”

“I can, but——” Li Muyang answered. Although ‘Ambush on ten sides’ was not as famous as the three greatest classics of the divine continent ‘Phoenix seeking phoenix’, ‘Guangling verse’ and ‘Lovesickness’, it still enjoyed great fame in the divine continent. If a place has a gathering place, the people would have heard of ‘Ambush on ten sides’.

However, because it had only existed for a very short time and that the old dragon had not descended to earth to study for a long time, so in Li Muyang’s memory, there was not the existence of this tune.

Li Muyang only knew about the melody that is known by everyone, he could not guarantee that the rhythm he plays would be correct.

“It will be fine. I can lead you.” Qiandu knew what Li Muyang was worried about. “My flute notes will be the main component, and your whistle sounds as the supplement, you only need to follow my rhythm, this can save your essential qi——”

“I understand.” Li Muyang nodded.

“Then we’ll play ‘ambush on ten sides’ and slaughter all the red wolves together.” When a beautiful girl says such murderous and cold words, people would not think she’s fierce, instead feels that she’s adorable and want to give her a hug.

“Okay.” Li Muyang readily agreed.

He liked to play music with Qiandu, it makes him relax and has a feeling of happiness like the notes of qin and se harmonising and resounding with each other..

[1] two string instruments that play in perfect harmony.

Of course, he would not like to show his strangeness or abnormality. The gains would certainly not make up for the losses.

“What about me?” Lin Canghai asked. He felt a little upset. He used to work with sister Wang to solve all kinds of problems together but ever since the appearance of Li Muyang, he felt that his position in sister Wang’s mind was being challenged——Who can he blame for not knowing anything about music? If he also knew several kinds of instruments, perhaps sister Wang would be willing to cooperate with him?

“You follow behind us, you’re in charge of protecting those that are wounded.” Qiandu commanded like a general.

“I have no objection.” Lin Canghai said. It was the best arrangement, though he was somewhat unwilling to accept it.

“Let’s get started.” Qiandu said loudly.

She once again put the jade magic flute to her mouth, blowing with essential qi, to produce the biting cold and harsh sounds unique to the melody of ‘ambush on ten sides’.

Li Muyang also wrapped his hands together, put close to his mouth and blew.

The music from the flute was clear and loud, the whistle sounds were low and soft.

Two different styles of notes collided together and then merged quickly.

After merging together, a frantic force gushed toward the red wolves from all directions.

Swoosh swoosh swoosh——

The notes accumulated into the arrows of qi, filling the sky and shooting towards the red wolves.

Seeing that there was movement from the human side, the red wolves were ready to strike first.

Under the leadership of the wolf in front, several wolves pounced toward the little circle that Li Muyang and the others stood in from all directions.

Swoosh swoosh swoosh——

A group of red wolves were shot by the rain of arrows that pelted down.

Even more red wolves, fierce and unafraid of death, desperately pounced over.


But another batch was swept away.

In that pack of wolves that were like a red map, were large tracts of blank white space that were starting to appear.

The red wolves finally felt the danger, turning around and fleeing into the distance.

However, it was too late for some. Red wolves were surrounded by the rain of arrows and were instantly shot down to the ground.

When a red wolf dropped to the ground, the arrow that had transformed from musical notes disappeared instantly, as if it had never existed.

Each collision of notes could trigger a burst of rain of arrows, sweeping away many red wolves at once.

Clattering sounds lingered in the air, as the power of ‘ambush on ten sides’ was displayed vividly and thoroughly.

“Heavens, this is ‘Ambush on ten sides’——”

“I never thought that sounds could kill——kill wolf——”

“Ah, this is ‘Sounds of heaven attack’——”——

Because Li Muyang and Qiandu’s attack was too strong, all wolves had their attention on them. So Lin Canghai who was in charge of protecting the wounded people and the several other Starry Sky students started chatting.

Under the strong offense of ‘Sounds of heaven attack’, it was difficult for the red wolves to even come near and before they could come near there was a barrage of arrows that nailed them to the ground.

The wolves finally stopped moving forward, and began to retreat.


The red wolf that withdrew from the fight gave an enraged howl.

“Awooo——”Tens of thousands of red wolves let out a fierce roar at the same time.

The sound trembled the wilderness, and even the red moon overhead faintly shook from the tremendous roar.



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