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268 – You wolf scum!

Chapter 268: You wolf scum! !



The flaming purple-red sword plunged into the body of the wolf king, like a long awl cutting through a piece of white paper, like a knife stabbing into a block of tofu.


The sword pierced right through the wolf king’s body, ripping a large hole in the middle of its stomach.

The wolf king’s body ruptured, the tip of the huge sword pushed into the flesh of its stomach and emerged on the other side. The blazing flames continued to spread downward with an unbearable murderous spirit.

“The wolf king is killed——”

“It’s definitely dead——”

“His sword stabbed through the wolf king, amazing——”——

Everyone looked at Lin Canghai in awe-stricken amazement, who was descending like the god of death. They watched his sword kill the wolf king, freezing the tremendous body of the wolf king on this dark night, and ending this battle with a crushing power.

But strange things quickly followed.

There was not a drop of blood flowing out from the wound, and the scene of blood spraying across the vast sky that the people expected did not happen.

As though the wolf king’s stomach was made from air and there was nothing inside.

No heart, no liver, no intestines and no blood.

Only beams of light erupted out from its belly, like his sword had opened a magical space-time gate, unleashing a red coloured ball wrapped in skin.

The red light was bright and dazzling, shining with boundless radiance.

Even the moonlight of the red moon high in the sky seemed slightly inferior. The red light that was released from the wolf king’s stomach merged with the moonlight, causing the red sky to be an even stronger blaze of colour.

Like blood!


The wolf king let out an earthshaking roar.


Tens of thousands of wolf responded.

The red wolves that had surrounded Li Muyang and the others also looked up to the sky and howled, as though they had endless hatred and dissatisfaction with the entire world.

“You stupid human beings——” A voice that seemed to have been through vast ages of the world echoed from the distant sky, drilling into everyone’s ears.

That voice was very strange. Although it spoke in human language, there was an indescribable pain and suffering. It was as though the speaker had the ability to speak, but had not spoken for thousands of years.

His throat was torn and badly wounded.

“During the divine dragon period, here was the gathering place for red wolves. You dare to hurt the son of the great red moon——” The voice continued to ring in the ears, like a broken gong was struck forcefully next to the ear, almost tearing a person’s eardrum.

When this sentence resounded, the wolf king’s body suddenly burst into flames.

Its red hair was blazing, its head burning, and its four feet were also ignited into four giant fireballs.

Its whole body was bathed in flames, but the red flame did not hurt it, and instead made it appear more powerful and savage.

Being surrounded by the fire, the wolf king’s already tremendous body seemed to have grown several times in size, like a towering mountain in the sky. Even more than half of the moonlight was blocked by its body.

“You all have to die.”

The wolf king suddenly jerked its body forward as though heading straight towards the blade.


Lin Canghai was hurled away by the wolf king.

Lin Canghai did not think that his sword ‘falling stars’ which could destroy cities could not kill this giant wolf, and instead aggravated his fierce nature and made it changed form in mid air once again.

At this moment the wolf king was extremely frightening – he suddenly felt powerless and not knowing what to do.

With his sword still stabbed in the wolf king’s body, he carefully observed the wolf king’s movements.

When he saw the wolf king suddenly jumped up, he reacted, pulled out his sword and leapt towards the high altitude.

Unfortunately, the wolf king was too fast, and after changing form it was much stronger than before.

Even though he was on the alert, Lin Canghai was still struck directly.


He spurted out a mouthful of blood, stepped onto the wolf king’s head and flew to the left. This was to avoid the rising force of the wolf king.

His feet were lit by the flames around the wolf king’s body and spread to the upper half of his body like a bolt of lightning.

Lin Canghai hurriedly kicked off the boots from his feet, and the boots were reduced to ashes in the air before falling to the ground.

If he had not taken off his shoes in time, his entire body would have been melted.

The fire was too powerful.

Before Lin Canghai had the time to check if his inner organs were injured, he once again clasped his sword firmly and went to greet the wolf king that was charging straight at him.

“Bad.” Li Muyang’s eyebrows twisted as he said in a low voice. “Canghai may be at a disadvantage. I’ll go help him.”

With that, Li Muyang was about to soar into the sky.

“Li Muyang——” Qiandu shouted. “It is the flames of the red moon. The book ‘mutation’ said that a mutant red wolf can consume the light of the red moon as energy for it to survive, but it is also the best spiritual qi and substance for cultivation. The wolf king is the son of the red moon and can communicate directly with the red moon. It does not need to eat or drink, and only absorbs the moonlight of the red moon——The moonlight stored in its stomach is their energy field. Adding to this, they can turn moonlight into fire, which is what we call the flames of the red moon——The flames of the red moon and the water of the weak water are known to be unique. There’s nothing the water of the weak water cannot drown and the flames of the red moon cannot burn. You must be careful, you must not contend with the flames of the red moon.”

“I understand.” Li Muyang’s eyes swept across the red wolves that were more threatening than before. “You have to be careful too, these red wolves——there is too many of them.”

Once Li Muyang finished, he leaped towards the sky.

Before he left for this survival training, he specially took the Understand Heaven Sword that he received from Cui Zhaoren.

Clasping tightly the Understand Heaven Sword he charged ahead. When he saw the scene of Lin Canghai looking battered and exhausted evading the flames of the red moon that gushed out from the wolf king’s mouth, he slipped behind the wolf king and lunged his sword at the wolf’s buttock.

Just then, the huge wolf king suddenly twisted around, its blood red eyes unblinkingly stared at Li Muyang.

Li Muyang came to a stop in mid-air, he could not lunge his sword any further forward.

He also stared wide-eyed at the wolf king, not able to understand what this huge wolf was thinking about.

“Who are you?” The wolf king asked. The strange-sounding voice echoed again.

“I am——Yan Xiangma.” Li Muyang said with a somewhat embarrassed tone. “I——came to say hello to you.”

“Yan Xiangma——” The wolf king chewed over the name. In its memory this name was extremely unfamiliar. “There is a familiar aura on you——”

Li Muyang gaped in stunned surprise, thinking that the wolf knew that he is the embodiment of the dragon?

It is said that a dog’s nose is the most sensitive and wolves and dogs are the same family in ancient times, which means wolf also has a very sensitive nose.

“Of course it is familiar.” Li Muyang said angrily. “Because I’m a human, you have eaten countless of human beings before——you have eaten our fellow citizen’s flesh and drank our fellow citizen’s blood, how could you not be familiar with our bodies?”

“I don’t eat human beings.” The wolf king snapped. It felt insulted. “Human beings such lowly creatures, filthy and foul-smelling, how can I eat their flesh and drink their blood? I’m the son of the red moon. I only need to absorb the essence of the red moon to live forever, and shine forever like the red moon. ”

“It seems that this thing had lived for a long time, it’s possible that it knows the old dragon.” Li Muyang thought. Old and immortal——it really is a wolf scum.

Having listened to the wolf king’s explanation, Li Muyang suddenly remembered that a fellow schoolmate had said to him that the wolf king do not drink or eat. He realised he had really accused it wrongly.

“You must have secretly eaten human before.” Li Muyang cried. “How can you live in this world without drinking or eating? You must be trying to make yourself look different than the other wolves. So you said that you do not drink or eat——Some monks also say that they don’t eat meat, but they secretly hide chicken in their sleeves——Yes, I also know a Taoist monk, he said he doesn’t kill, but he forced his disciples to kill for him. He said he doesn’t eat meat but he drinks chicken broth every time——”

For some reason, Li Muyang began to accuse his teachers of bad behavior. Perhaps because this resentment had been bottled up inside for too long and he had no courage to say it to their face, he now could only complain to a wolf.

“You stupid human——” The wolf king was enraged, the fire around him blazed up more fiercely. “I will tear you apart and let my citizens gnaw at your every bone.”

“Idiot.”  Li Muyang shouted. “You don’t even know how to talk clearly in human language, what makes you qualified to be a wolf?”


The wolf king was silent for a long time, trying very hard to figure out the logic of this sentence, until it realised that it was completely illogical and it grew more furious.

It opened its mouth and breathed out the flames of the red moon at Li Muyang. The coverage was so wide that it almost seemed that it had drown Li Muyang’s body.

Li Muyang consecutively twisted and turned to avoid the attack of the red moon fire.

While fleeing, Li Muyang urgently screamed, “Lin Canghai, have you taken your medicine yet?”

The reason Li Muyang deliberately talked to the wolf king was to stall for time, so that Lin Canghai had the time to take pills to heal his wounded body.

But now that the wolf king had gone berserk and was aiming all its attack at him, Li Muyang felt that he could not deal with it himself.

Also, Qiandu had told him about the power of the flames of the red moon and that he must not contend with it.

Li Muyang did not dare to come into contact with the flames of the red moon, or his body would be incinerated into crushed bones.

Crushed bones are worse than a wolf scum!

“Come.” Lin Canghai bellowed, his long sword swinging down at the wolf king’s head.


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