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269 – The ties between the dragon and wolf!

Chapter 269: The ties between the dragon and wolf!


Your words are so nasty!

Even wolves don’t like it.

When Lin Canghai and Li Muyang were together, the wolf king evidently liked Li Muyang less.

Just now it was violently breathing out fire at Lin Canghai and before Li Muyang could stab its buttocks, it immediately twisted around to glare at Li Muyang.

But now that it was about to emit a jet of fire from its mouth at Li Muyang and Lin Canghai administered several sword attacks from behind, it did not respond, fixing its stare on Li Muyang.

The flames of the red moon was too fierce, Li Muyang dared not to risk it.

So, when the wolf king was madly spiting out fire, he could not counterattack, and could only dodge to the left and right and running in an S-shaped curve in the air.

Worried about Li Muyang’s safety, Lin Canghai closely followed the wolf king from behind, waving his sword and swinging out a shower of shooting stars, but the sword qi could only slash bloodless wounds across the wolf king’s body.

Li Muyang was enraged.

He was the new and official dragon king, but was being attacked by a wolf like this, if he does not fight back any time soon, wouldn’t he lose his dragon face?

A humiliation like that was unacceptable to Li Muyang.

He was affected by the dragon inside him.

Li Muyang decided to fight back.

The understand heaven sword was clasped firmly in his left hand and his right hand was balled into a fist.


There was a blazing bolt of lightning that flashed across the sky. Sharp cracks of thunder pierced the air with a deafening noise.

Li Muyang’s threw out a punch in midair, and the lightning streaked right onto his palm.

Above his fist and in the palm of his hand were bolts of lightning, like roaming dragons.

Li Muyang suddenly took a 90 degrees turn, throwing out a punch at the wolf king’s head.


The lightning in the sky responded to the power of the punch, shooting toward the wolf king with an explosive force.

The wolf king had just opened his mouth and flames were already gushing out.


Lightning flashed and struck its body, sending it flying away.

Frighten Dragon Fist!

Hand of lightning!

This was the second move of the Frighten Dragon Fist, able to control the lightning of the sky with your hand, refine it to become your own power and then throw it out to crush your opponents.

“Awoooo——” The wolf king cried.

Hu hu hu——呼呼呼——

The wolf king’s body spun and turned several times as it hurtled through the air, like a shooting star that was circling non-stop.

“Awooo——” The red wolves howled tragically in response, as if the punch had struck their head.

After several flips, the wolf king’s body finally came to a stop at the heavenly skies.

A deep crack appeared across the wolf king’s head, emitting the same red light as before.

It was the trace that the lightning had left behind. If not for the timely defensive stance it took, the wolf king’s entire head would have been ruptured by the lightning.

Even the son of the red moon could not contend with the power of lightning.

Evidently, the damaging power of Li Muyang’s fist was much stronger than that of the sword of Lin Canghai.

The wolf king hovered in mid-air for a while, uttering several howls, and even its breathing became heavy.

Its eyes turned blood red, as though filled with blood.

He cast a wary stare at Li Muyang, thinking hard about something, like recalling something from the distant past.

Lin Canghai darted over to Li Muyang’s side and stood next to him, panting, “You all right?”

“I’m fine, you?”

“After eating two heart protecting pills, my body feels better now——This wolf is powerful, I almost died after being hit by it——” Lin Canghai said. “Luckily you appeared just in time, otherwise being chased by it I wouldn’t be able to take treatment and my blood qi would not flow smooth. I was almost eaten by the wolf.”

Lin Canghai’s face was filled with fear, that moment was indeed too dangerous.

“I’m glad you’re fine.” Li Muyang said. “Let’s get rid of it together.”

“Good, if brothers unite, their strength can cut through metal.” Lin Canghai said with a smile. “In the ancient times, the starry sky heroes united to slay the dragon, today we will join hands to slaughter the wolf——”

“——” Li Muyang wanted to kick Lin Canghai into the wolf’s den.

Do you know how to speak? Why must he stab at someone’s weakness——

The wounded wolf king was not as fierce as before, its blood red eyes were filled of confusion.

Finally, the cloud of confusion disappeared from its eyes and it stared in shock at Li Muyang. “You are——the descendant of the dragon?”

“What descendant of the dragon?” Lin Canghai said loudly. “The descendants of the dragon are dragons, Li Muyang is clearly a human——are you an idiot?”

Li Muyang knew that it had recalled something from his Frighten Dragon Fist move, his heart pounded anxiously and the thought of silencing the wolf crossed his mind.

Of course, he could not display too much anger or that would make people suspect that what the wolf king said is true?

Li Muyang laughed bitterly. “I do not know what dragon or phoenix you’re talking about, I am not their descendants——However, your method of provocation is too childish. Taking into account your cultivation, I wanted to spare your life, but I did not expect you to be so despicable and so sinister. Then do not blame me for being ruthless. The time of your death is here, prepare to die today.”

“You planned to spare it?” Lin Canghai asked.

“I intentionally said that.” Li Muyang whispered.

“Oh, than would make us human seem merciful, and that we have compassion for all living creatures——”

“The main reason is that I don’t want to violate the Kingdom’s animal protection laws——” Li Muyang explained.

“You know the Frighten Dragon Fist——“ The wolf king grumbled, evidently unwilling to accept Li Muyang’s false allegations, his voice was quivering with rage but more of fear. “You know Frighten Dragon Fist. What you just display was a real dragon’s Frighten Dragon Fist——I won’t be wrong. I will never forget it.”

Li Muyang looked startled at the wounded wolf king, could it be that the old dragon had also injured it before? What kind of story had happened between them?

And if the wolf king and the old dragon did have some kind of grudges and dispute between them, then its age——really is too frightening.

Perhaps it did not lie, and it really does not drink or eat and only relied on the light of the red moon to survive and live an endless life.

This was a divine beast!

Only a divine beast has such an endless lifespan and has the same immortal body as the fairy and deities.

“So noisy, I don’t know what you’re talking about.” Li Muyang looked blankly at the wolf king. “Let’s kill it together.”

“No problem.” Lin Canghai clenched his sword as response. “It tried to ruin the relationship between us, but the most ridiculous thing was saying that you are the descendant of the dragon clan——It is insane. Kill it.”

“You can’t kill me.” The wolf king looked at Li Muyang.

“I do not agree.” Li Muyang almost laughed out loud. “You just gushed out fire at me and tried to kill me. Now it’s my turn to dominate, but I can’t kill you?”

“You made a promise to me.” The wolf king stated, staring at Li Muyang.



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