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270 – Dance with wolf!

Chapter 270: Dance with wolf!


“You made a promise to me.” The Wolf King said to Li Muyang.

When this reached the ears of Qiandu and Lin Canghai, they were both perplexed by these baffling words.

The enemy that tried to kill them, was now shouting that someone made it a promise——which is the truth?

Even third-rated writers would be embarrassed to write such a romantic moment, right? Readers will curse at the writer.

Only Li Muyang understood the meaning of these words, it was not his promise but a promise that the old dragon had made.

However, why should he pay the debt that the old dragon owes?

Also, debt is discharged upon death; the old dragon is already gone, the debt should be cancelled, right? Is there such thing as ‘human pays dragon’s debts’?

“I don’t know him.”

Li Muyang’s first reaction was to refuse; he did not want to take the debt upon himself without any reason. He was a cautious and somewhat petty man.

However, after a little hesitation, Li Muyang decided to find out what was this about.

Who knew whether it was to ask the old dragon to accept it as his little brother or it wants to offer its many valuables and treasures to the Dragon King but the Dragon King had not accepted or rejected its promise yet——

Li Muyang had always been a child that liked fantasy fairy tales. He wanted to be a great writer back then.

He once wrote a novel and gave it to Li Shinian to read, but when Li Shinian said in a very disgusted tone ‘it’s extremely bad’, his dreams of being a writer was shattered.

“I made you a promise?” I don’t remember anything.” Li Muyang looked at the Wolf King.  

“Don’t think of denying it.” The Wolf King face was red with rage, threatening in a fierce voice. “Your ancestor borrowed my wolf pearl to enter the weak water. He said that when he obtains the heart of the weak water, he would lend me it for three years to wash the marrow of the bones and refine the body. I consume the light of the red moon as food, and I belong to the fire attribute. If I can receive the cleansing of the heart of the weak water, I can obtain the essence of weak water. Then, with fire and water attributes inside and outside, my powers will be much stronger than before.”

Li Muyang’s mind fretted, looking at the Wolf King with a smile across his face, he said: “I see, although I’m still not very clear what happened, but since it was my ancestor who borrowed from you——this debt should be repaid. A man’s promise is worth thousands of gold. Our family does not have any man that does not pay back their debt.”

The Wolf King stretched out a huge paw, “If you want to pay back your debts, give me the heart of the weak water.”

“Li Muyang, you have the heart of the weak water?” Lin Canghai whispered anxiously. Let alone such a sacred weapon like the heart of the weak water, he had not even seen the weak water before. “Besides, your ancestors are in Jiangnan city, how could they come to the water illusion to find the Wolf King to borrow things from? Don’t listen to the nonsense. Wolves are cunning, it must be lying to us.”

Lin Canghai was thinking that Li Muyang is crazy, and this wolf is also crazy.

He had read about the stories of the weak water spirit in ancient books, and after coming to Starry Sky Academy, Teacher Yang had also specifically mentioned about the weak water spirit, one of the three main divine weapons to slay a dragon——

This sort of world-famous magical weapon—is it something that an ordinary person can covet?

This man and wolf was discussing this object like discussing Chinese cabbage. One was demanding for it and the other asking to return it. Do they think people are idiots?

“You stupid human——” The Wolf King was enraged. There was someone that dares to wrongly accuse him of lying, if it really was lying, would he have waited tens of thousands of years for the debt to be repaid?

“Don’t worry. It’s okay.” Li Muyang whispered. “It has mistaken me for someone else. So I’m trying to take advantage of its mistake.”

“I’m not mistaken.” The Wolf King felt as though a knife was inserted into his chest. A buzzing noise sounded sharply next to its ears, making it extremely uncomfortable. “I usually stay in the Wolf Cave to cultivate, absorbing the light of the red moon each day to withstand heavenly tribulation. The last time I left the cave was hundreds of years ago, when someone broke into my Wolf Cave. I had to come out to fight it. Do you think a few human bandits deserve to be dealt with by the king himself?”

“They why did you come out today?”

“Because I smelled a familiar scent.” The Wolf King’s red eyes were unblinkingly fixed on Li Muyang. “Although thousands of years have passed, but I know that this is a scent that I’m familiar with——Even the transformations of the world, and the changes of time and space, would not make me forget it.”


Li Muyang was speechless. No wonder that the wise man always said that, to make a person remember you, you have to either make them fall in love with you or make them hate you. Or borrow money from them.

This, this was the truth of the world.

The old dragon had made a promise to the Wolf King, and even though thousands of years have passed, it still could not forget about it. It abandoned its training when it smelled a familiar scent and came running here to find him to collect the debt——Every debt collector has a sad past.  

“Then since you came to demand repayment, why do you want to kill me?” Li Muyang asked loudly.

“Because when I came her I realised that you are not the person I’m looking for——the closer, the fainter the scent. I thought I was tricked, so I placed my wrath on you and the other human beings.” The Wolf King explained frankly, without the intention of hiding anything.

Li Muyang understood. When Qiandu and him were playing the song ‘Ambush on ten sides’ together, the Wolf King must have sensed the mysterious smell that exuded from his body.

Li Muyang was not sure whether the Wolf King had heard the old dragon played the song ‘ambush on all ten sides’, but presumably when he was performing this song, his body exuded some kind of scent that was connected or perhaps the same to the old dragon.

So, the Wolf King came step by step to find him to demand repayment.

At that time it was relatively restrained. Although fuming inwardly, it dared not overdo it——because it knew that the dragon clan was stronger than it.

However, when it found out that the person it was looking for was not here, it could no longer restrain the anger inside its heart, rose high into the air and breathed out fire, as though it must completely eliminate this guy that lured it out of its cave as revenge.

When he performed the Frighten Dragon Fist, the smell that the Wolf King was familiar with appeared again——

Li Muyang felt deeply worried, could he use the Dragon Clan’s secret techniques in the future?

If he does not use it, then he most likely could not win against other people and would be bullied. For example, just now, he was bullied by a wolf.

If he use it, then it would easily be recognised by the old dragon’s enemy or the human beings that has knowledge deep like the sea.

“Being a little dragon is really hard.” Li Muyang sighed inwardly.

He looked at the Wolf King and said, “I can’t give you it now.”

“You want to deceive me again.” The Wolf King flew into a rage. If not because it knew about the strength of the Frighten Dragon Fist, and that it was uncertain of Li Muyang’s identity, thinking that he might be the old dragon’s descendant——it would not had restrained its anger and barbaric behaviour in front of Li Muyang.  

No matter how fierce a wolf is, it still is not as noble and majestic as a dragon’s descendant.

Wolves are called animals, although it does not think so. But dragons are half divine beings. They had magical powers, and are the one that controls and dominated the world.

Of course, because the Wolf King rarely left its cave, it was almost isolated from the rest of the world. It was unaware of the matters of the divine continent, so it did not know that its debtor’s clan was almost massacred by the human race.

The mighty divine race that red moon wolf, a mythological creature, feared, was eliminated by the inferior and weak human race that they looked down on——This was a wonderful irony that demonstrated the mighty force of the human race.

“I did not take the heart of the weak water, how can I give it to you for three years to refine your body?” Li Muyang asked in response, indifferent to the Wolf King’s attitude. Since he already possessed the Frighten Dragon Fist, and the opponent seemed very frightened of it, if worst comes to worst, they would end with a fight, and once the Wolf King dies he could take its wolf pearl.

Although Li Muyang did not know what sort of object the wolf pearl was, or its uses.

But, since the old dragon came to borrow the Wolf King’s wolf pearl, it shows how important it actually is.

Also, where is the weak water? Why does the old dragon want to obtain the heart of the weak water?

Li Muyang thought long and hard, but found that in his memory there was not an image of the wolf king or anything related, and there was not even the existence of the heart of the weak water anywhere.

In other words, it was an insignificant existence that does not even deserve a mention in the old dragon’s mind?

Or, because the old dragon has memories from too long ago, he could not remember——The Dragon King’s tears, although it can be said as a microcosm of the dragon’s lifetime of knowledge and skills, it is still only a microcosm. It could not wrap up all the information in a short period of time. Only deeply memorable things or something he most cared about was placed inside.  

“The heart of the weak water is not in your hands?”

“No.” Li Muyang shook his head. “The heart of the weak water is still in the weak water.”

“You’re not lying to me?”

“Why would I lie to you? Our trip this time, was precisely to retrieve the heart of the weak water——”

Li Muyang winked at Lin Canghai, and Lin Canghai immediately understood. He knew that Li Muyang said all this to trick the Wolf King to send them to retrieve the spirit of the weak water.

This purpose of this trip to the illusion of water, was to train and hunt for treasures. They would each encounter their own adventures, but if their group of people could obtain an ancient weapon, the spirit of weak water——they would definitely be the team with the greatest reward.

“You cannot find the heart of the weak water.” The Wolf King snorted.

“So, we need your help.” The way Li Muyang pulled his lips back made him looked more like a wolf than the Wolf King. “You lend me the wolf pearl, and I’ll go find the heart of the weak water——that way, I can repay the debt back then, what do you think?”

“You think I’m an idiot?” The wolf King smiled coldly. “What if I don’t lend it to you?”

“Think about it, my ancestor already owe you three years, if I can obtain the heart of the weak water, I can lend it to you for another three years. That means, by letting me borrow the wolf pearl, I can lend you the heart of the weak water for 6 years——Think about it, you will gain a huge profit in this transaction?”  


“Of course, if you don’t lend me it, I won’t be able to retrieve the heart of the weak water, I can’t repay the debt that my ancestor owes you, and you won’t gain anything——Your thousands of years of waiting would be wasted, and the ties of borrowing the wolf pearl would be gone.” Li Muyang seriously analysed the situation for the Wolf King. “What do you think? Are you lending it to me or not?”



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