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271 – Goose feather not floating!

Chapter 271: Goose feather not floating!



The Wolf King was hesitant, and also sullen.

In his view, it was a difficult loan to refuse.

“If, as the cunning man said, I do not lend it to him then he would not get the heart of the weak water, and there is no way I would get the three years of usage rights of the weak water heart, and even the debt that his ancestor owed me would also be wiped away——I have been waiting so many years for the descendant of the dragon, if I missed this opportunity, how many more years would I have to wait?”

But what if he deceived it again?

It’s not like that there hasn’t been such a precedent, has the dragon not done such a thing before in the past?

There was a trace of a smile emerging on Li Muyang’s face. He stared with interest at the Wolf King’s pained and confused expression.

He then cast a meaningful glance at Lin Canghai, and Lin Canghai immediately understood him. “Forget it, since he doesn’t want to lend it to us, we shall enter the weak water ourselves. We will find a way to obtain the heart of the weak water by ourselves, why do we have to beg for help?”

Li Muyang nodded. “Canghai is right. Our people also have our own dignity and pride, we won’t insist on other’s doing something against their will. Since Wolf King doesn’t want to lend us the wolf pearl, we will enter the water to find the heart of the weak water ourselves.”

When Li Muyang finished, Lin Canghai and him turned around to leave.

The Wolf King anxiously yelled from behind: “Without the wolf pearl, even if you make it into the weak water, do you think you can get the heart of the weak water?”

Li Muyang and Lin Canghai glanced at each other, and at the same time turned around to face the Wolf King.

Lin Canghai smiled coldly at the Wolf King. “What? Do you mean to say that without your help, we can’t get the heart of the weak water? Other people can’t get the heart of weak water without your help?”

“Naturally.” The Wolf King said proudly.

Li Muyang jumped out to play the role of the hero, saying to the Wolf King with a smile on his face and a cupped fist salute. “Mr Wolf, we do need your wolf pearl to help us obtain the heart of the weak water. If you agree to let us borrow it, we will lend you the heart of the weak water for six years in accordance with the previous agreement. Of course, we can’t force you, if Mr Wolf King is not willing to lend it to us, we also should not pester you any longer, which makes us hated for no reason——”

“I can lend you the wolf pearl.” The Wolf King finally made up his mind. “But I want nine years of usage of the weak water heart.”

“Impossible.” Li Muyang shook his head. “This time, plus the last time, I can only give you six years of usage——you should know that, nobody would so easily let others borrow the heart of the weak water, a sacred weapon. They would not even let others take a look at it. I was able to make up my mind because my ancestor did owe you, I will repay the debt, as to not disgrace my family’s reputation and also to show our appreciation to you for letting us borrow the wolf pearl.

The Wolf King could finally put his heart at rest this time. Three years of the heart of weak water was enough time for it to go train itself in water and fire, and six years was ample time. The reason it suggested nine years was to test Li Muyang’s response to its request.

If he wanted to deceive the Wolf King into lending its wolf pearl, then he would had tricked the Wolf King in every possible ways, speak all sorts of nonsense without thinking, and agree to any conditions.

On the contrary, if he really intended to lend the Wolf King the heart of weak water, he would definitely fuss over minor matters and would never casually agree to any additional conditions——

Have to say, the Wolf King’s thoughts were very unique, and its IQ was also very——lacking.

Li Muyang looked deeply at the Wolf King, “Since Mr Wolf King is reluctant to part with your treasures, we have nothing to talk about. Time is precious, I hope I can see you again in the future.”

With that, Li Muyang was about to leave again.

“Wait,” cried the Wolf King.

“Success.” Li Muyang furtively made a gesture of success to Lin Canghai.

He turned back around and asked in a seriously tone, “Mr. Wolf, is there something else?”

“I accept your conditions.” The Wolf King said.

Li Muyang was thrilled, bowing deeply to the Wolf King. “Thank you Mr Wolf King for lending us the wolf pearl.”

“When you obtain the heart of weak water, immediately give me it for six years, okay?”

“A real man never goes back on his words.” “

As a result, having received an affirmative answer, the Wolf King opened his mouth wide.

From the Wolf King’s mouth appeared thousands of streaks of light, and the brilliance formed into a beam of silver. The beam of light was rising into the sky, as if forming a bridge over to the red moon in the sky.

No, it really was a bridge.

The Wolf King’s mouth and the red moon overhead formed into one, and within the light beam was a blazing red pearl slowly descending.

Li Muyang gasped in astonishment: “It hid its own wolf pearl in the red moon.”

“If it had not taken it out itself, who would find it?” Lin Canghai muttered.

“It is indeed difficult.” Li Muyang agreed. Moments ago he was still thinking that if the wolf really would not lend them the wolf pearl, he and Lin Canghai would kill it together and cut the wolf open to take its wolf pearl——What a foolish and naive thought.

The blazing ball of light descended slowly, following along the silver beam towards the Wolf King’s mouth.

Seeing the emergence of the wolf pearl, the red wolves on the ground were stirred.


They looked up to the sky and let out a long, loud howl. Their faces bore the same expression of excitement and their voices rose in enthusiasm.

A pack of wolves whistling to the moon, an extremely mighty and spectacular scene.

After a few howls, the red wolves crouched low on the ground.

They kept their head close to the ground, not daring to look up.

Qiandu stood awe-stricken at the sight, lifting her head to look at the Wolf King. Her eyes could not help but stop on Li Muyang.

“The kind of power that ordinary people fear, Li Muyang could so easily make use of it?”


The sky and the earth were boundless, the cold wind whistling.

The vast white sea in front, under the shining light of the red moon quieten down like a baby.

The waves were hushed and the billows were calmed.

Even when the wind blew, there was not a ripple on the water.

The crowd stood in twos and three along the shore, staring at the sea in front with an expression of sadness.

These people were wearing the white starry cloud uniforms of Starry Sky Academy. It seemed that they were Starry Sky students that were sent here by the water moon mirror.

“We are in the illusion of magic water, so, as the name suggests, our main objective of exploration is this water——” A tall Starry Sky student pointed to the sea in front and said loudly: “I am Wu Chou, from Renchuan of Dawu——”

Someone gasped before whispering: “Dawu’s Renchang is the territory of the Nine heaven sword sect. The founder of the Nine heaven sword sect also has the surname Wu. He is called Wu Daoxian, a very famous person of the divine continent——”

“Our Nine heaven sword sect is skilled in water martial arts, today let me throw a brick to attract a jade. I will perform my family’s [Nine heaven diving water technique] to explore this sea, so that fellow classmates can advance without worry——”

At the time of speaking, Starry Sky student Wu Chou was already several metres above the ground, his body hovering across the heads of the crowd towards the white sea.

Wu Chou was deliberately showing off his family’s [Nine heaven dividing water technique], a mysterious skill that causes essential qi to flow naturally around the whole body when entering water. It creates a transparent barrier, dividing the water and clearing the obstructing body of water.

However, Wu Chou was still in mid-air, when he had already activated the [Nine heaven dividing water technique], and a near-transparent qi instantly enveloped his body. His body was covered by the cloak of qi and there seemed to be no abnormality.

Also, when the wind blew, his long hair was still neat and tidy, and his clothes did not flutter. It seemed that the transparent cloak not only divided the water, but it also resisted the attack of foreign objects.

“Senior has impressive skills——”

“What a beautiful [Nine heaven dividing water technique]——”

“Brother please advance first, Wang Lei will enter the water in a short while——”

The crowd shouted.

Wu Chou cupped his hands in salute at the many academy brothers standing at the shore. “I will go in first, I’ll wait for you guys at the bottom.”

“Senior, if the water is not dangerous, can you come back to inform us?” A fatty in the crowd shouted out.

The crowd roared with laughter, then one person said aloud, “Fatty, are you afraid? Brother Wu Chou has mysterious skills to defend himself and has [divide heaven and divide water technique] to avoid water, what is the danger? He could just kill any beasts or sea monsters that he encounters with his sword——Who enters first can go find the artifacts and treasures first. This is an adventure, why do people have to come back to inform you?”

The fatty was ashamed, he felt his face flushing with embarrassment. “I just ask, casually ask——”

There were also some unfathomable people, staring at the white sea with a gloomy expression, but looking at Wu Chou’s back view with an ironic smile.

Wu Chou gave a cupped fist salute at the surrounding crowd and said: “See you guys later.”

After that, the sphere of water slowly descended into and below the surface of the sea.

Just as it touched the water, it disappeared with a ‘swish’.

Some even heard a shrill cry of panic of Wu Chou’s voice.

The crowd looked at each other.

“What the hell was that?”

“Did you hear the cry of Senior brother Wu Chou? I thought I heard something——when his feet fell into the water, his expression turned terrified——”

“It was as if some monster had bit onto his feet and dragged him under the water——”

“Senior brother Wu Chou——” The kind students shouted loudly.

No one answered.

“Brother Wu Chou, Mo and I were joking——”

The water was calm and there was no response.

The waters of river and sea drowned people. A man that was in perfectly good condition had suddenly disappeared.

All people had a bad feeling inside. It was likely Wu Chou classmate had been killed already.

Someone threw a stone into the sea, and the stone immediately disappeared with a ‘swish’. On the water surface there was not a ripple.

Another person tore off the corner of his robe and gently blew it into the water.

The cloth was carried by the cold wind, drifting onto the water surface.


The cloth also disappeared.

When the crowd looked at the white water in front again, each and every face grew ashen pale.

The water was very strange!


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