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273 – The land of Fenglin

Chapter 273: The land of Fenglin



“Idiot?” Chu Xun said in a sarcastic tone.

“You want a fight?” Tie Muxin had a short temper, and on hearing Chu Xun’s insult, he immediately had to fight back.

“Do you think I’m afraid of you?” Chu Xun drew his sword.

“The lands of illusion is dangerous, do you really want to fight here?” Cai Pa reminded.

If the two of them exhausted their strengths, then the other people could take advantage of this. If someone was eyeing on the treasures that they have, and stabbed at their back, then they would not even have the chance to fight back.

Under these well-dressed skins, who knows what kind of heart was being concealed?

The two people thought about this possibility, then cast an appreciative glance at Cai Pa.

Just as everyone was sighing, disappointed, the sky was suddenly shrouded in shadow, as if the red moon overhead was covered by some black clouds.

The shadow came closer and closer, and nearer to the ground.

Above the ground, sand whirled, stones rolled across and the wind roared.

Many students’ hair was dishevelled and the clothes billowed in the wind. Each and every one of them looked battered and exhausted.

“Monsters came to attack, be prepared to kill the enemy——”

“Heavens, what monster is that, it’s so huge——”

“Run, everybody run——”

The students were on their guard, drawing their weapons.

Then one after another they soared into the air, ready to attack together the monster from all directions.

Unexpectedly, the monster completely ignored them.

It rolled over above their heads, heading to the northeast corner of the water.


The Wolf King’s four feet landed as the ground shook and a loud rumble resounded, as though there was a huge change in the Earth’s crust.

Red eyes and red hair, its whole body was blood-red.

As its ferocious eyes glared at the Starry Sky students in front, they felt a spine-chilling danger.

What kind of monster was that? Looks like a wolf but its not a wolf, looks like a dog but is not a dog.

Tall and mighty, it looked as though a hill was standing in front of them.

As the Wolf king swept its gaze across, everyone felt a sense of absurdity as though their soul had been locked into place.

“Wolf King, it’s the king of red wolf——”

“The Wolf King is the son of the Red Moon, and is said to possess remarkable power, and will never die——”

“This is a divine beast, we should kneel and worship to it, to prevent a disaster——”

Just as everyone was hesitating whether to come forward to attack it or kneel down, a figure leaped up from the back of the warm red hair, followed by a second, a third, and a fourth——

After Li Muyang came to an agreement on the conditions with the Wolf King, he asked the Wolf King to take them to retrieve the heart of the weak water.

The Wolf King refused, it had a natural fear of weak water, and could only send them to the edge of the weak water. They have to depend on themselves to find the heart of the weak water.

Li Muyang did not demand for too much. He sat on the Wolf King’s back along with Qiandu, Lin Canghai and several other classmates, and was personally escorted by to the edge of the riverbank.

Li Muyang glanced at the surrounding students, happily cupped his hands together, and smiled: “Classmates, how are you? I didn’t expect to see you guys here. I thought there were just a few of us in this place.

Nobody answered.

Everyone stared wide-eyed at Li Muyang

“What the hell is this? How come there are so many Starry Sky students jumping down from this giant beast?”

“And who is this stupid guy greeting us? This way of making an appearance——isn’t it too flashy?”

Seeing that no one answered his questions, and all of them was staring in horror at him and the Wolf King behind, Li Muyang quickly understood their thoughts, smiling he explained, “This is the Wolf King, our good friend. The Wolf King is easy to get along with——Come on, Wolf King, say hello to my classmates.”


The Wolf King opened its mouth and howled.

Li Muyang immediately interrupted: “All right, don’t howl. As soon as you howl, your descendants will all howl, its too noisy——”

“——” The Wolf King had only lifted its head and muzzle to the sky, and gave a first howl when it was interrupted by Li Muyang. This suffocating feeling made it felt extremely uncomfortable. It shot a very dissatisfied glare at Li Muyang. If it was not for the heart of the weak water, it would have tore the boy up and feed him to the wolves. He was as annoying as his ancestor.

The crowd saw that Li Muyang dared talk so casually to the Wolf King, and the Wolf King looked so helpless, and they looked more shocked and——frightened.

“Li Muyang. It’s Li Muyang——” Standing on the edge of the weak water, within Chu Xun’s eyes were an ominous gleam flashing across.

He originally thought that in they would not meet in this water illusion, and even if they run into each other——he also wanted to make him suffer terribly. But he did not expect to see him riding the Wolf King, and displaying such power to everyone.

Under such circumstances, how could he attack him? Who else has the guts to provoke him?

Some families are happy and fortunate and some are sad.

Chu Xun felt fearful of Li Muyan’s way of appearance, while Tie Muxin was incredibly happy like seeing his own mother——his brother.

Tie Muxin rushed past, hugged Li Muyang, and excitedly screamed, “Li Muyang, it is you, I knew it was you——”

It is indeed a very happy time seeing old friends again, especially in this perilous wasteland.

Li Muyang patted Tie Muxin on the shoulder, asking with a smile: “Brother Muxin, did you encounter any danger?”

“Hey, I killed a few red wolves and some three-step snakes that don’t open their eyes, and then arrived here safely——”

“That’s good.” Li Muyang said, smiling. And then he greeted Cai Pa. “Cai Pa, nice to see you again.”

Cai Pa had an indifferent expression as she nodded, but her line of sight was fixed on the Wolf King. Li Muyang’s ride was so dazzling that it was extremely difficult to ignore.

In her view, Li Muyang was the most mysterious student and the most difficult to see through in the class.

Li Muyang glanced around and then back at the Wolf King. “The ancient book, ‘Ten continents of the whole world’ stated:

The land of Fenglin is situated in an unknown area and the continent is surrounded by weak water, where goose feather does not float, and no one can pass. This is the weak water that surrounds the land of Fenglin?”

“It is here.” When the Wolf King spoke, it sneezed at a small hillside close by.

The wind began to rage and the dust on the hillside swirled up into the air, revealing a tremendous white stone tablet.

The name engraved on it was the land of Fenglin.

Li Muyang’s face lit up.

“It really is the land of Fenglin。” Li Muyang had an expression of delight.

Everyone would never had thought that the hillside that they ignored was a stone tablet, the boundary of place that was known as the land of Fenglin.

If they had knew this earlier, senior Wu Chou would not had sacrificed himself and plunged into the weak water——

The white stone table was obscured by sand and dust. It was not clear how many years had it been submerged. The fact that this red wolf could so easily find it, shows that it had lived much longer than the white stone tablet——

In the face of such a monster, everyone was a little uneasy.

The Wolf King evidently disliked the humans that were staring fiercely at it as a tiger does, but it could not crushed them to death with its paw, Li Muyang would definitely not agree, and only coldly looked at Li Muyang and said: “Do not forget the agreement between you and me, your ancestor have broken the promise once before, if you break the promise once again——”


“I will never believe you again.” The Wolf King thought for a long while, before finally finding a sentence that could be used to threaten Li Muyang.

Li Muyang stepped forward and patted its thick calf, saying reassuringly: “Don’t worry. I am not someone that goes back on his words. I always keep to my promise. If I break this promise, I will be hated by both humans and the gods.”

Only then was the Wolf King satisfied. Looking deeply into Li Muyang’s eyes, its tremendous body rose into the sky, and erupted in burning red flames as it shot towards the red moon.

“It really knows how to pretend.” Li Muyang thought.

Tie Muxin grabbed Li Muyang’s arm and asked in an urgent voice, “Muyang, you also want to enter this weak water?”

Li Muyang gave a firm nod. “Yes. If I don’t enter the weak water, what is the point in coming here?”

As he looked around, he asked: “Why are you all gathered here and not going into the water?”

Hearing Li Muyang’s words, the atmosphere suddenly became gloomy and cold.

“What does this guy mean? What do you mean by we don’t want to enter the water? It’s obvious that we can’ enter the water—What is he talking about?”

Li Muyang was still unaware that his one sentence almost offended all the Starry Sky students on the riverside.

Everyone had been standing in pain and confusion for half a day, but you suddenly came over here and said some sarcastic remarks—Who would like you?

Chu Xun finally found the chance to counterattack, he sneered: “Since Muyang classmate has a way of getting into the water, why don’t you go ahead first, widen our views and boost our courage? What do you guys think?”

“Yes, Li Muyang, you enter into the weak water first, let us see what you can do—”

“Brother Muyang we have to trouble you, we do not know any method of entering the water, give us a demonstration—”

“If you’re all talk and no action, you’re not a hero. Li Muyang, we are waiting for your performance—”

Tie Muxin dragged Li Muyang over by his arm, whispering, “Muyang, do not be impulsive. This is the weak water, people that go in will sink, even goose feather does not float up—Just now a student from the Nine Heaven sword sect jumped into the water, and was directly swallowed by this weak water. Even up until now he is nowhere to be seen—”

Li Muyang nodded. “I know.”

Li Muyang’s lips curled into a grin. “If not going into the water, what did we come here for?”

While Li Muyang answered, he was already making his way into the weak water.

He walked to the edge of the riverbank and his feet stepped into the river.

“Li Muyang——” Tie Muxin was extremely nervous, his hands were tightly clenched into fists.

“Do you want to lose?” Chu Xun said in a low voice. “If he’s not going into the water, you will have to kowtow three times to me.”

Tie Muxin glared back at Chu Xun. “It’s just three kowtow? Is that more important than my brother’s life?”



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