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274 – Muyang enters the water!

Chapter 274: Muyang enters the water!



Seeing that Li Muyang was seriously going to dive into the Weak water, Tie Muxin could not care less about his bet with Chu Xun anymore. He rushed over to the shore, shouting: “Li Muyang, come back, quickly come back——you can’t get out if you jump in.”

His care and concern were clearly shown from his words and expression.

Li Muyang was touched by his words: “Brother Muxin, did you make a bet?”

Li Muyang had sensitive ears and eyes, and although Chu Xun deliberately lowered his voice, afraid to be heard by him, Li Muyang could still clearly hear about their bet.

When Li Muyang inquired about this matter, Tie Muxin’s expression turned ashamed, explaining: “I just said a few words out of anger, don’t take it to heart—”

“Out of anger?” Chu Xun coldly snorted aloud. “You and I made a bet, you said that Li Muyang can certainly enter the Weak water. If you lose, you will publicly apologise to me, and at the same time kneel and kowtow three times to me. Everyone here can be witness to our bet. Do you want to break the contract now? A person that breaks a promise, do they have any credibility? Who would trust you?”

“When had I Tie Muxin not kept to my words? The people of the grasslands hold their promise, a promise is worth a thousand gold, we will never break a promise. It’s just three kowtow? I just have to knock my head against the ground?” Tie Muxin said. He thought that as long as he kneel and kowtow to Chu Xun, as long as he knocked his head against the ground, Li Muyang would not have to go into the weak water——

When he made the bet he had not thought about it too much, the land of illusion is huge and they may not necessarily run into Li Muyang. He did not expect to see Li Muyang riding on the Wolf King over. He really threw a rock at his own feet this time.

“Wait.” Qiandu grabbed Tie Muxin’s arm as he was about to kneel down. “You haven’t lost, why are you in such a hurry to kowtow?”

“I cannot let Brother Muyang be forced to do something because of my bet with a despicable person.” Tie Muxin insisted on going down on his knees.

Chu Xun was a person afraid of losing face, and hearing Tie Muxin publicly insulting him a ‘despicable person’, and said that he was forced, he could not restrain his anger.

“Who was it that said he is full of confidence in someone? Who was it that keeps on saying that he would definitely know the techniques of water? What? You thought that person wasn’t here so you could bet anything, since you don’t have to honour the bet? Now that the person involved is here, you could not deny it and began to insult others as despicable person and said that you were forced by others——The brothers present are able to testify. Who is the real despicable person here?”

“Exactly. If you agree to bet you must also accept the consequences of losing. You have to honour what you promised——”

“You said he has a way of getting into the water, so let him go in and try——”

“You were boasting so much before, but now that your friend is here, why don’t you let him into the water to show us?”

The crowd echoed Chu Xun’s words.

They did not care about Chu Xun’s and Tie Muxin’s bet, and they did not care who kowtow to whom.

What they cared most about was that someone would take their place and investigate the path under the water.

It would be a great blessing for them if Li Muyang found a way to enter the water.

“Chu Xun, you don’t need to provoke me, when had I Tie Muxin ever went against my words? I’m not a two-faced, back stabbing, despicable person like you.” Tie Muxin was furious, glaring at the people that were fanning the flames behind them. He had the urge to beat them all up.

“Tie Muxin——” Li Muyang interrupted. “A man’s words are worth thousands of gold. Since you made a bet, you have to honour the bet.”

“I was about to honour the bet.” Tie Muxin mindlessly replied, pushing away Qiandu’s hand and was about to kneel and kowtow again.

“I know you’re going to honour the bet, but you don’t have to be so anxious to do it.” Li Muyang’s sight was fixed on Chu Xun, asking with a smile: “If Tie Muxin wins, what will you do?” “

“What? Do you really dare to enter the Weak water?” Chu Xun had a mocking smile on his face, even now he did not forget to add fuel to the fire.

Li Muyang pretending that he did not understand the meaning of his words, said aloud, “You have to let me know what this bet is about, to see if its fair to Tie Muxin.”

“Of course it’s fair.” Chu Xun pointed to the vast water in front. “If you really do have a way of getting into the Weak water, I will publicly apologise to Tie Muxin.”

“Just an apology?”

“Also kowtow. I’ll do what he does.” Chu Xun was somewhat irritated, saying firmly, “Li Muyang, as long as you dare to enter this weak water, Tie Muxin will win, I will naturally fulfill the bet between him and I. Of course, the premise is that you have the guts to enter the water.”

Li Muyang pointed to Qiandu and Lin Canghai, saying: “If they two also accompany me into the water? How many more kowtows are you going to give Tie Muxin?”


“What? I’m raising the bet, are you afraid.”

“What would I be afraid of?” Chu Xun clenched his teeth, casting a ferocious stare at Qiandu and Lin Canghai. In any case, he has no favourable opinion of these people, and since they brought it on themselves, they can’t blame him. “If they follow you into the water, I’ll kowtow nine times to Tie Muxin.”  

“Chu Xun classmate, to think that such a handsome person of noble birth would be kneeling and kowtowing. Everyone must be very interested, I am looking forward to it indeed——”


Li Muyang leaped towards the depths of the weak water.

Everyone was shocked.

Just now Wu Chou of the Nine Heaven Sword Sect jumped into the weak water with protection and instantly vanished. They didn’t expect Li Muyang to jump, and he didn’t seem to have any protective measures.

Was he suicidal?

As expected, like Wu Chou, when Li Muyang dived into the water, the same expression of pain twisted his face and his mouth was wide open about to shout something, but it was too late, he silently sank down.

There was not a single ripple on the water surface, not even a bubble.

A person had just fallen into the water, but it seems like nothing has happened. The weak water was really wonderful.

“Li Muyang——” Tie Muxin was horrified, and his voice started to tremble.

If Li Muyang lost his life in the weak water, he would be ashamed and cannot rest in peace for his entire life.

His eyes were glued to the river, yelling, “Li Muyang, Come out, quickly come out——”

The scene was deadly silent. No one responded to his cries.

At first Chu Xun was extremely frightened, he did not think that Li Muyang would seriously jump into the Weak water. Li Muyang jumped into the water meant that he had lost his bet with Tie Muxin and needed to apologise and kowtow to him——

But on second thought, he only needed to apologise to Tie Muxin and knock his head a few time, but Li Muyang had lost his life. He felt this deal was too good for him.

If Li Muyang died, Lu Qiji would not put her mind on him anymore?

Of course, he would mention this of his own initiative.

Seeing Tie Muxin’s nervous and worried expression, Chu Xun felt free and unrestrained

After a long wait, the surface of the river was still and quiet.

Li Muyang had disappeared without a trace, as though he would never come back.

Lin Canghai walked in front of Chu Xun, snarled, “Li Muyang has entered the water, are you going to kneel and kowtow to Tie Muxin?”



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