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276 – Ten most ferocious beasts!

Chapter 276: Ten most ferocious beasts!


Lin Canghai jumped into the Weak water, Qiandu also jumped into Weak water.

Once they entered into the Weak water they disappeared without a trace. This looked more like suicide.

Only Li Muyang could poke his head out of the Weak water and swim freely. He was waving non-stop to the students on the shore and shouting: “Come down, maybe there are some treasures or immortal caves under the water——”

“Idiot.” Someone uttered.

“Yes, it’s suicidal going down——”

“We won’t be fooled——”

“Since you’re not coming down, I’ll go and find the treasures myself. ——” Li Muyang waved to the shore, before sinking to the bottom of the water, and then there was no movement.

Tie Muxin glanced at Cai Pa, saying: “I believe him.”

As he spoke, he was already taking huge strides towards the Weak water.

Cai Pa hesitated for a moment, then made quick steps forward to hold Tie Muxin’s hand and said: “I believe you.”

Then, holding hands they came to the centre of the Weak water, and when their whole body was submerged under the Weak water, they instantly vanished without a trace.

Many students on the shore were glancing at each other, a look of confusion and hesitation.

“These guys——they got into the Weak water?”

Chu Xun’s eyes were fierce, and his face ashen, staring at the boundless water lost in thought.

Weak water is very deep.

Very, very deep.

Li Muyang could only feel his body sinking, sinking down all the way, for as long as a century.

His eyes were wide open, and he was able to freely see.

But when looking around he saw no scenery, and not even a common fish could be seen. As if this Weak water does not give life to fish and shrimp, and not even water plants.

As far as the eyes could see, it was an expanse of white.

After some time, Li Muyang’s two feet landed on ground and he found himself in a strange world.

He was in a forest, and the forest was submerged in water.

There were brown fertile soil underfoot and huge bushes that were hundreds of feet high. As though they have been living here for tens of thousands of years.

When the waves were rippling, the green leaves were swaying, the red flowers were blooming, the birds were circling in the air, and cute little white squirrels were jumping from the treetops of the tree to the trunk of another tree.

Everything was exactly the same as the world Li Muyang had seen before, but the world was under the river.

It was as though an immortal had used his supreme power and transported a piece of land of the divine continent to here.

But, what made Li Muyang puzzled was that, why does the vegetation not wither? Animals do not die?

Why were they able to freely live in this underwater world? Looks just like the sunshine-bathed human world?

“Or is it——just a dream?” Li Muyang felt as though he could not distinguish between dream and reality.


Li Muyang’s sword flashed out its sheath, drawing a beautiful sword flower in the air.

Ka Pa——

Above his head, two chunks fell to the ground.

It was a two-headed blue-and-white snake, falling from the top of the dense leaves, wanting to launch a surprise attack at Li Muyang the intruder, but it had no idea that Li Muyang’s response would be so fast, his sword chopped it into two sections.

“Li Muyang——” Someone shouted.

Li Muyang was inserting his sword back into the sheath, when he saw Qiandu and Lin Canghai coming his way from afar.

They were able to walk freely, speak freely, but like Li Muyang they were underwater.

“Where is this place?” Li Muyang looked up, the sky was the white water surface. There was no sun, moon, and not even a star. It was hard to tell the time and direction.

Li Muyang thought to himself that, no wonder that no one dare to come in. Any normal person that comes to such a ridiculous place, would doubt whether they are still alive?

Luckily Li Muyang ran into Qiandu and Lin Canghai. Their existence was the best proof of being alive.

“Who knows?” Lin Canghai’s face was twisted with a wry smile, looking around. “To tell you the truth, just when I was landing I was frightened, I thought I was dead. After all, this is Weak water, maybe we have been killed by the Weak water, leaving only our soul——”

“He also let me slap him in the face.” Qiandu stabbed.

“You slapped him?”

“I slapped him.” Qiandu said.


Lin Canghai gave an embarrassed smile. “The fact that I can feel pain proves that I am still alive. Why did it take you so long to come down? We’ve been waiting for you for a long time.”

“I was persuading the other students to come down together.” Li Muyang said, smiling.

“Those idiots did not believe you, right?” Lin Canghai said with a smile.

Li Muyang had already known from the Wolf King that, the Weak water is the eye of the formation of entering the Water illusion.

The Weak water indeed has the attribute that goose feathers do not float and immortals cannot cross. No matter what the person person or object, if it goes in, it will immediately drown. However, this does not mean that people who enter the Weak water had died, but perhaps they were simply being transported to another area of the world.

Including the first one to enter the water, Wu Chou, who the people on the shore thought were dead. However, Li Muyang thought that he was the first Starry Sky Student to enter the illusion of water. If he becomes the student with the best harvest in this process, Li Muyang would not feel surprised at all.

Of course, because of the fear of the unknown, the students on the shore were at a standstill and, but were constantly encouraging others to look for a safe passage for them. Such people, Li Muyang had little affection towards.

Taking care of your own life is natural, but viewing other people’s life as worthless——Do they not have morals at all?

So, Li Muyang deliberately waved to them, telling them to follow him underwater.

He knew that the more he did that, the more skeptical those people would be, and the more reluctant they were to follow them into the water.

In this way, Li Muyang’s true purpose has been achieved.

With less people entering the water, with less people entering into the illusion, the possibility of them getting the treasures or rare books would be higher?

This is the land of illusion, a desolate place, every student used unusual tricks and carried out their plan.

Li Muyang was only using a much gentle way to prevent them from entering, if they were bold enough, they could have followed him into the water——If they didn’t believe him, then there is also nothing he could do?

“That’s right.”  Li Muyang said, smiling. And the underwater world is so vast that no one knows where everyone would be transported——”

Li Muyang looked around, then casually pointed to one direction and said, “Let’s go there.”

“Why? Lin Canghai asked.

“Or which direction?” Li Muyang asked in reply.  

Lin Canghai thought for a while, then smiled, “We will listen to you.”

This was a wonderful trip, they were clearly walking in a forest, there were flowers and plants living independently, accompanied by insects and birds, and friends could talk freely and honestly with each other, but they were situated in the Weak water.

They could see the water and touch the water. But when they opened their mouth to speak and when breathing, there was no water pouring into their mouth or nostrils.

They passed mountains and cut through forests, and killed countless poisonous snakes and scorpions along the way.

Fortunately, they had not encountered any real danger.

The further they advanced, the narrower the road, the higher the trees, and the denser and deeper the leaves were.

Finally, the foliage covered the sky, and they had no way to see overhead.

As the sky darkened, the water began to turn grey, and then finally grew dark as ink.

The visibility was getting worse, and it was now hard to tell the way.

“Can’t see the path.” Lin Canghai said.

“Me too.” Li Muyang said. His condition was not serious and his eyesight was not affected by the darkening of the sky.

Perhaps, this was also the aftermath of fusing with the Tear of the Dragon King. Li Muyang was already accustomed to the feeling of surprise at these moments.

Of course, in order to avoid the suspicion of Qiandu and Lin Canghai, he also echoed Lin Canghai’s words and said that he also found it difficult to see.

Qiandu fumbled around in her bosom, reaching for a pouch, and from the pouch she took out a luminous night pearl. The luminous night pearl blazed brightly, that a distance of thousands of feet was clearly visible.

“Do you hear the cry of a baby?”  Lin Canghai’s footsteps abruptly stopped, asking aloud. “It seems there’s a child crying——”

“Why would there be a baby crying in here?” Li Muyang said, smiling. “If there is, it’s not a baby, it must be something ghostly——”

The Li Muyang’s words came to an abrupt end.

“Ga ga ga——”

Because he also heard it, it really was the sounds of a baby crying.

“There really is a baby crying.” Li Muyang exclaimed. “The sounds are getting closer to us——”

“Be on guard.” Qiandu reminded. She held the luminous night pearl in one hand, the magic flute in the other, as though she was about to strike the enemy at any time.

Lin Canghai listened carefully, only to find that the sound was gone.

He relaxed his tensed up body and said smiling, “Maybe it’s a wild bird that we don’t know, we are likely to encounter any monsters here——”

“Watch out.” Li Muyang suddenly shouted, the sword in his hand flashed out, mercilessly slashing across.


A huge shadow flitted over his head, flying straight to where Lin Canghai was.

Its two claws were like hooks, capturing Lin Canghai before he could react and flying away towards the dark night sky.

Under the illumination of the luminous night pearl, Li Muyang was finally close enough to see the appearance of the monster.

It looked like a bird but was not a bird; it looked like a leopard but was not a leopard. There was a single horn above its head and sharp spikes over his back.

Its eyes were red and its mouth was sharp.

It’s extremely ugly!

It’s extremely ferocious!

A green rainbow was streaked out from the Understand Heaven Sword in Li Muyang’s hand, while Qiandu was releasing streaks of lightning with the magic flute.

They attacked from left and right, intercepting the monster.

However, the monster’s body ad already vanished in the darkness, disappearing under the eyes of Li Muyang and Qiandu.

“What kind of monster was that?” Li Muyang asked.

“Chong Diao [1].” Qiandu said in a low voice, looking in the direction of where Lin Canghai disappeared with a face of concern. “One of the ten most ferocious beasts of the divine continent.”

[1] 蠱雕 Chong Diao is a mythical Chinese creature



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  1. Thank you for the chapter 🙂

  2. “Who knows?” Lin Canghai’s face was twisted with a wry smile, looking around. “To tell you the truth, just when I was landing I was frightened, I thought I was dead. After all, this is Weak water, maybe we have been killed by the Weak water, leaving only our soul——”

    “He also let me slap him in the face.” Qiandu stabbed.

    “You slapped him?”

    “I slapped him.” Qiandu said.


    This kind of simple humor is why I love IDS so much. It’s not as funny as other comedies, but its humor is simple and realistic. The action is the same way. The story is full of fantastical things, but the plain tone makes it feel much more real than other xianxias. If I had to liken this to a series, then I’d have to pick Ze Tian Ji, which I like to think as a high recommendation.

  3. Thank you for the chapter!

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