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277 – Under the Mountain of Flames!

Chapter 277: Under the Mountain of Flames!


To run into one of the ten most ferocious beast of the divine continent in the water illusion, was really not a fortunate thing.

To make the worst of it, Lin Canghai was captured by the beast that could appear and disappear unpredictably.

Li Muyang was heavily worried, but still tried to comfort Qiandu. “Some birds like to tease little animals, they take a small animal to the high altitude and drop them from there. When I was in Jiangnan, I often saw wild eagles grabbing rabbits into the air and then letting go, Ospreys catches fish from the river and then drop them down——With Canghai’s cultivation level, when the Chong Diao drops him from the air, he obviously can safely escape.”

“It won’t throw him.” Qiandu said in a low voice. “Chong Diao eats people.”


Li Muyang was silent for a moment, then said: “In any case, we must find Canghai.”

Although this is the case, but the forest is not only vast, it is a strange underground water world, where do they have to go to be able to find him?

“Yes, we must get him back.” Qiandu and Lin Canghai were very close. It was not clear whether they knew each other before, but since coming to this school, Qiandu and Lin Canghai have been inseparable. Whenever Qiandu encounters danger, Lin Canghai would be the first time to jump in front of her and defend her. Whenever Qiandu was bullied, Lin Canghai would fiercely counterattack without thinking and without limit.

In Li Muyang’s eyes, Lin Canghai was equivalent to that annoying Chu Xun who was always at Lu Qiji’s side.

However, Li Muyang also felt that Lin Canghai has towards Qiandu is not admiration, but more like attachment and respect to a family member.

They were more like a pair of extremely outstanding older sister and little brother. No matter whether it is in appearance or cultivation level, they could be called a top leader of Starry Sky Academy.

“To find Canghai, we must first find the nest of that Chong Diao——what clues do you have?” Li Muyang asked.

“I have seen an article on Chong Diao in the [Strange objects of the divine continent]. It said that this beast comes and goes without a trace, but is also able to change their colour for hiding——-even integrating with the surrounding environment. Just when you and I were attacking together, it body transformed into the black colour of the sky. The same colour as water. That’s why our attack failed and it took Canghai safely away. Canghai must also be confused, otherwise he would have been able to protect himself——”

“According to [Strange object of the divine continent], the Chong Diao likes to stay in the caves of high mountains. As long as we find the highest mountain here, we will be able to find the Chong Diao to save Canghai——”

Li Muyang nodded. “Let’s go now.”

Li Muyang spun his eyes around the surroundings, and said in a rather disappointed tone: “Unfortunately there is no one around at all. Otherwise, we could ask someone, this is better than aimlessly searching around.”

Li Muyang’s body soared into the sky, flying onto the tall and thick treetops, staring into the distance, searching for the highest mountain nearby.

Unfortunately, the surrounding was pitch black, the visibility was extremely limited, besides the dense forest, there was not one mountain peak in sight.

However, in front he noticed that there were occasional sparks, like stars twinkling.

Li Muyang, after landing, told his findings to Qiandu, and Qiandu thought for a while before saying: “With the current visibility you could see little sparks, then the sparks must be in very high place. We’ll advance in that direction——also there’s no better plan right now.”

Qiandu’s face was pale, and even her voice sounded a little weak.

This was the Qiandu that Li Muyang had never seen before.

The Qiandu before was always calm and collected, no matter how dangerous the situation she kept an indifferent expression, as if everything was under control.

Now that she was exposing such a worried look on her face, it seems that she was really concerned about Lin Canghai’s safety.

It may be assumed that, the relationship between them must be very good, Lin Canghai was taken away by a human-eating Chong Diao, perhaps before it had flew back to its cave it might have bit him already, in that case, would Lin Canghai still be alive?

Li Muyang’s heart also felt very uncomfortable, his relationship with Lin Canghai was also very good. He particularly liked this honest and straightforward classmate. And Lin Canghai is also very loyal to friends, when he got into a conflict with Chu Xun and Lu Qiji, he had stood up for him many times.

If Lin Canghai really did meet with misfortune, then he would lose a good friend.

“Don’t worry.” Li Muyang patted Qiandu’s shoulder. “We will be able to rescue Canghai. Come on, let’s go now.”

With that, Li Muyang strode forward in huge steps.


A beam of white light flashed overhead, and a several feet long three-step snake was sectioned into two, falling to the ground.

Qiandu’s body produced a pale silvery glow, and a transparent light cloak shrouded her whole body.

This is the glass mirror, a magical weapon listed in the [list of top precious weapons]. The owner can climb the highest mountains and cross through dirty water, and not even rain and snow could penetrate.

Qiandu clasped the magic flute, saying aloud: “Li Muyang, come with me.”

As she spoke, she stretched out her slender lily-white hands to Li Muyang.

Li Muyang did not think too much and reached for Qiandu’s little hand.

Her skin was soft and gentle, like silk or the finest cosmetic.

When their hands touched each other, the glass mirror that was only covering Qiandu instantly expanded, the transparent light cloak was also enveloping Li Muyang.

“The road is dangerous, no one knows what would happen——and our time is too precious to delay——” As Qiandu spoke, the transparent light cloak had soared into the sky, bringing Qiandu and Li Muyang towards the place that was releasing sparks.

A transparent light cloak was shuttling back and forth like wind in the primeval forest, all kinds of bizarre monsters and gorgeous scenery were coming into view.

When their speed increased, all they could see were black shadows.

Li Muyang completely did not need to use any strength, and was completely supported by Qiandu and the transparent light cloak.

It was an independent space, unable to feel the wind, unable to feel the water, but one could still breathe.

Intrigued, Li Muyang stretched out his finger and touched the transparent light cloak.

As though his fingertip had touched a thin light film, as his fingers extended forward, the light film also expanded.

Qiandu was in deep thought, he also did not know what she was thinking about.

The ball of light was travelling at a very rapid speed, and in a short period of time they had reached the place where Li Muyang saw the stars shining brightly before.

It wasn’t until now that Li Muyang realised what he had seen was not a fiery star, nor a star winking its eyes.

It was a volcano.

An active volcano that was erupting huge sparks from time to time.

Because of the distance, Li Muyang had mistaken the flames and magma as tiny fiery stars.

Without coming close, Li Muyang and Qiandu could already feel the waves of heat coming straight for them.

“Without the glass mirror or essential qi protecting your body, we would have been melted in the temperature outside.” Qiandu whispered in explanation.

“What the hell is this place here——” said Li Muyang grumbled.

Qiandu and Li Muyang sprinted down to the foot of the mountain, when they finally stopped.

Qiandu did not loosen Li Muyang’s hand, because Li Muyang would lose the protection of the glass mirror.

At the foot of the mountain there was a stone tablet engraved with ancient characters.

Some words have been smoothed by the wind and sand, so it was not very clear.

“Mountain of Flames.”

Through the faint glow emitted from the glass mirror, Li Muyang was able to read the ancient lettering on the stone.

“I didn’t think there is really a Mountain of flames in this world.” Li Muyang exclaimed.

In ancient fairy tales, there is also a story about a Buddhist monk’s journey to the west in search of Buddhist scriptures and passed by The Mountain of Flames. In the end the monk’s oldest disciple Sun Wukong, The Monkey King, asked Gyuumao’s wife, Iron Fan Princess, to borrow her palm-leaf fan and extinguished the fire of the Mountian of flames. Finally the master and disciples could smoothly pass through the area.

Of course, at that time, Li Muyang merely listened to it like it was a story. In this world, how could there be a mountain blazing with flames all day long?

He had no idea that he would encounter Mountain of Flames one day, although the fire of the Mountain of Flames was not as big and violent as that in the story.

“This place is named the lands of illusion, the most important thing is the word ‘illusion’——Everything can appear here.” Qiandu explained. She carefully studied the font of the words ‘Mountain of Flames’, and then looked up at the majestic and spectacular sky——there was no cloud here, so there were no skies. But the giant tree, which Li Muyang thought was extremely tall, looks like a wild weed growing under trees at the foot of the mountain.

It was an existence that was extremely at risk.

Li Muyang looked at the unending summit, asking in a worried tone, “Canghai is up there?”

“I don’t know.” Qiandu said. “But, we still have to go up and see——even if we search all the mountains in this illusion, we must find Canghai.”

Li Muyang, moved by the relationship between Qiandu and Lin Canghai, forcibly shook Qiandu’s hand, saying: “I’ll accompany you. If you search for the entire day, I will accompany you searching for the entire day. If you search for one year, I will accompany you searching for a year.”

“Thank you.” Qiandu looked deep into Li Muyang’s eyes. “Li Muyang, do you know why I like to be with you?”

“Because I’m a good person.” Li Muyang said.

“No, because we are the same kind of people.” Qiandu stated, pointing.

As soon as Li Muyang heard these words, his heart suddenly pounded violently.

“Could it be, Qiandu is also a dragon——a dragon like me?”

Holding Li Muyang’s hand, Qiandu could feel Li Muyang’s abnormal heartbeat.

She chuckled lightly. “Don’t be nervous, I won’t hurt you.”

“——” Li Muyang thought to himself: “it’s over, she does know my identity.”

“Do I need to get rid of her?”

Such a thought crossed Li Muyang’s mind for no reason at all.



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