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278 – Red lava!

Chapter 278: Red lava!



“Should I kill her?” A bizarre thought crossed Li Muyang’s mind for no reason at all.

However, he very soon pushed such an unrealistic idea from his mind.

Qiandu was his good friend, she’s a person who had helped him repeatedly, how could he harm her?

Only then did Li Muyang realise that, in that split second, he was affected by the mood and personality of the old dragon. A dragon is impulsive, has an intemperate personality, and their temper is violent. Once an dragon is angry, its fire destroys cities.

And that dragon leader is even more realistic, egotistical. In his world, what is not beneficial to him, might as well be killed. It’s not a big deal anyway.

The little life of a human being, to the high and mighty Dragon Clan was an insignificant thing.

Li Muyang’s personality was gentle and kind-hearted. Let alone killing a person, he would hesitate for a long even killing a chicken. He would mumble constantly ‘little chicken little chicken don’t blame me, leave early this year and come back early next year’——How could he ever thought of killing randomly?

Qiandu did not say it out loud, and Li Muyang continued to play dumb.

“Of course we are the same kind of people.” Li Muyang exclaimed. “How many kinds of people are there?”

Qiandu cast a meaningful gaze at Li Muyang: “Now is not the time to say it.”

She looked up at the top of the mountain of flames that was erupting out fire. “I’ll go up and see, wait for me here.”

“No.” Li Muyang refused. “If you go up, I will go up with you, if you leave I will leave with you. How could I let you go up there alone? I can’t do that.”

Qiandu said awkwardly: “I have the glass mirror to protect me, the flames can’t hurt me. But to use the glass mirror it needs to be maintain by the essential qi of one’s body. If one’s strength is used up, the glass mirror can’t be activated and won’t have a protective role——In order to save time, I had consumed too much of my own energy to activate the glass mirror. If we go up the mountain together, the glass mirror needs to protect two people at the same time, and would need more energy.”

“My physical strength is not strong enough, your cultivation level is too shallow weak. If we cannot maintain the glass mirror, we may both be roasted to death by the heat of the fire, and can’t save Canghai——Besides, Canghai is not necessarily up on this mountain. You wait at the bottom of the mountain, and I’ll go up to take a look. If I encounter something dangerous up there, you can still save me in time.”

Li Muyang shook his head firmly. “The peak is too far from the foot of the mountain. How would I know if you run into something dangerous? Even if I know, I’m afraid I can’t rescue you in time——but your worry is also reasonable.”

Li Muyang glanced at the transparent light cloak that was protecting them and said: “However, our energy is not enough to support the continued use of the glass mirror. How about this, you just protect yourself with the glass mirror, then you could save a part of the energy. I have a way of coping.”

Before Li Muyang finished his words, and before Qiandu could respond, he had leapt into the sky, towards the peak that was almost not visible from the foot of the mountain.

Li Muyang’s speed was very fast, with two leaps he had already went up dozens of meters. It seems he had an abundance of energy.

It was also because all along Li Muyang was dragged by Qiandu, and he almost did not expend any energy.

Since he did not want to worry Qiandu, he had to do well

Men like to show their abilities in front of beautiful women.

“Li Muyang——” Qiandu urgently screamed, but found that Li Muyang had gone off into the distance.

She jerked her body upward, quickly following after him.

At the top of the peak, the huge Chong Diao was staring at the two little figures at the foot of the mountain, its eyes revealing a ferocious glint.

“Ga Ga Ga——”

It looked up to the sky and let out a long whistle, cries like a baby’s crying voice resounded.

While letting out a loud shriek, it was also waving the huge wings on both sides of its body constantly.

Hu Hu Hu——

A huge wave of energy burst forth, like a tornado was formed underneath its body.


Huge rocks were swept up by the strong wind, and then rolled towards the foot of the mountain.


Tumbling rocks collided against the walls of mountain, and a cloud of smoke and sparks gushed toward Li Muyang.

While racing forward, Li Muyang was avoiding the rumbling huge rocks. His speed was obviously slowed down.

Qiandu quickened her pace, protected by the glass mirror, she passed over mountains ridges like a walk in the woods.

The glass mirror is worthy of the name of magical weapon, when the falling stones touched the transparent light cloak they were bounced back and could not get close to the Qiandu.

“Li Muyang——” Qiandu urgently yelled, rushing over in the direction of where Li Muyang was. “Wait for me.”

“I’m all right.” Li Muyang shouted. He struck a huge, round rock with his sword, and an even bigger rock hurtled towards his head.

Li Muyang’s toes were on the wall, darting towards a huge bulging rock.


Huge rock dropped down from the position of where Li Muyang was, and then smashed into Qiandu’s glass mirror light cloak, and were instantly shattered into  a power by the strong defensive power of the light cloak.

Seeing that the huge rocks had not killed Li Muyang and Qiandu, Chong Diao grew more angry and irritated. Its eyes became fiercer, and its cries were much more miserable.

“Ga Ga Ga——”

It flew over to where the volcano was erupting, and then flew down towards the cave mouth that was erupting.

Inside the cave were plumes of smoke and beneath the valleys were the lava that was emitting high levels of heat.

Chong Diao was heading straight for the lava, its body diving down fast at a 90-degree angle.

Its head was about to touch the lava when its body suddenly took a 180 degrees turn.

Ga Ga Ga——

Its mouth was producing sharp piercing sounds, its body was madly rotating in 30 and 60 degrees.

Its two wings were desperately flapping, forming a strong pull.

The lava beneath the valley was pulled up by the mighty pull, spewing out of the cave mouth that was high up the mountain.


Red like the blazing sun, shaped like molten iron.

The Chong Diao shot out of the cave mouth, as though there was a rainbow behind it.

Chong Diao shrieked bitterly, darting over with the lava in the direction of Li Muyang and Qiandu who had reached halfway up the mountain.

Li Muyang looked up, only to see the ferocious eyes of the Chong Diao were glaring at him, its iron claws were extended, as though it was about to tear him apart.

Behind it, red rain that filled the sky was floating downward, the scalding heat wave stifled the entire area.

Li Muyang was staring at it in speechless fear.

No wonder the Chong Diao could become one of the ten most ferocious killers in the divine continent, it could even use such a shameless move.

Li Muyang could not hide, could not escape, the lava was gushing down right into his face.

If the two sides made contact, he would most likely die tragically, reducing into ashes immediately.

“Li Muyang——”

Qiandu screamed, leaping towards Li Muyang.




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