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280 – Honest to friend!

Chapter 280: Honest to friend!


Li Muyang had read countless of similar stories: a villain, in order to hide a big secret, will kill those that know of their secret.

Every time he read stories of bad people killing the innocent, Li Muyang felt a gust of anger inside his heart. He hated these bad people to the core. He felt that they were the biggest villains in the world and scum, that would kill innocent people just to protect their own secret.

The victims that were killed, some were even the ones that they loved the most in the world.

But, Li Muyang had never thought that, he would become a bad person.

In order to keep a secret, he had to kill those that he wanted to protect.

Because ever since the war between the human and dragons tens of thousands of years ago, the human race has regarded the dragon clan as enemies, the dragon clan also has a deep-seated hatred with the human race.

The human race cannot tolerate the dragon clan. After generations of brainwashing from their rulers, in the divine continent, every hot-blooded youngsters hope to defeat the evil dragon clan, become a Dragon Slayer hero that would be admired for centuries.

While the Dragon Clan——the old dragon left a seed within his body, and the tear of the dragon king had fused with him. He hoped that there would be one day that he could borrow his hands to destroy the human race to avenge his own clan.

Because Li Muyang was burdened with such a secret, he has been living under pressure.

He could not let others know that he was a dragon, not even the people closest to him.

There was no way that he could trust the evil people, but he also had no way to determine whether Qiandu would help him keep his secret after knowing that he could transform into a dragon, or would she directly stab him with a sword——

It was a choice of life and death, he must not act impetuously.

Kill Qiandu, kill Qiandu in this barren land.

As long he killed her, his secret will never be known to anyone.

Dead people can’t talk, and she can’t threaten him with this secret.

There was no wiser and simpler way to do it, than to kill a person——

Li Muyang glared ferociously at Qiandu, Qiandu also stared warily at Li Muyang.

At this moment, the feelings of friends, the friendship between classmate was nothing and non-existent.

One side wanted to live, the other side also wanted to live.

In this world, there is nothing more important than to live.

The silence was long and the atmosphere was stifling.

A gust of wind blew, and a small rock rolled down from the top of the mountain, gently hitting against the rock beside Li Muyang.

The red light in Li Muyang’s eye gradually dissipated, sighing softly, “I should have killed you.”

Qiandu also let out a sigh of relief, the green light that was flashing from the magic flute in her hand also disappeared.

She looked at Li Muyang and said: “Why did you give up then?”

“You saved my life just now.” Li Muyang said. “If it weren’t for your help, I’d be dead now. Besides, you just woke up before me. You had a chance to kill me at that time, but you didn’t do it—”

“It’s because of such reasons?”

Li Muyang thought again, then shook his head to negate the answer before. “I don’t want to kill you. My heart doesn’t want to kill you. Because you’re my friend, I regard you as one of my best friends.”

Qiandu nodded. “Although I don’t understand what I had discovered, but when I woke up and was about to shout your name, my first sight was the scales on your arm. Your whole arm was covered with scales——I shouldn’t ask, but I want to know, what is going on here?”

Li Muyang was able to imagine the scene, sometimes when he was secretly practicing ‘The Art of Travelling through Clouds and Summoning Rain’, a secret technique of the dragon clan, his whole body would turn to a human-dragon form. Of course, he had not been able to completely transform into the dragon. After all, he was not really part of the dragon clan. He was just result of the fusion of a human body and the soul of a Dragon.

“I was struck by lightning when I was born.” Li Muyang stated.


“Everyone thought I was struck by lightning, that was what they told me.” Li Muyang looked at Qiandu’s surprised expression, his expression grew incomparably serious as he explained: “I think I have really bad luck. How come all the other children are fine, but I was born to be struck by lightning and turn to an idiot? Later I came to learn that I was not struck by lightning, I was struck by a dragon. And then I gained some more dragon skills.”

Li Muyang looked at Qiandu, his voice was weak and powerless as he tried to explain: “Do you know about these things already?”

This sort of feeling felt like a release for him. Before he had to hide this secret by himself all this time, which was really tiring.

Now that he had told his secret, no matter what the end result would be, this very moment Li Muyang felt relaxed.

“I didn’t know.” Qiandu said.

Li Muyang’s eyes shot wide open. “When we were at the foot of the mountain, you hinted that we are the same people——you’re also part of the dragon clan, aren’t you?”

“That’s not what I meant.” Qiandu said. “I meant that, I could feel that you have the aura of the dragon clan radiating from you, but I wasn’t sure that you’re part of the dragon clan——You’re clearly a person, how could you be a dragon?”

“——” Li Muyang felt that he wanted to die. Who would dig a big hole and bury themselves?

Qiandu, as though understood Li Muyang’s thoughts, comforted him: “You don’t have to worry, I won’t hurt you, I won’t betray you, I won’t tell your secrets to others——My ancestors and the dragon clan have some connections, so I can feel the aura of dragon emitting from you. Do you remember the first time we met in Starry Sky Academy?”

Li Muyang nodded. “I remember. At that time I also felt strange, I’m not outstanding, why would the outstanding you feel——especially close to me.”

“Because I think you give me a very familiar feeling, like we’ve known each other for many years.” Qiandu softly said. “I can’t describe the feeling, but I do feel particularly close to you, which makes Canghai very jealous.”

Thinking of Lin Canghai, Qiandu’s face grew upset. “I hope Canghai is fine.”

“He’ll be fine.” Li Muyang said softly.

Then his voice turned callous: “If the silly bird dares to eat Canghai, even if the world knows that I’m a dragon, I will tear it to shreds and barbecue it.”

Qiandu nodded. “Thank you.”

Li Muyang shook his head gently. “We are friends. When I’m in danger, you would also help me, just like how I will help you.”

“Yes, we are friends.” Qiandu replied with a nod, her voice sincere.

After a pause, Qiandu looked at Li Muyang in the eyes and explained, “But you’re wrong. I didn’t save you just now, it was you who saved me.”

“What? I saved you?” Li Muyang exclaimed.




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