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282 – The dragon transformation battle!

Chapter 282: The dragon transformation battle!


The gate of hell was opened, and countless ugly little Chong Diao were engulfed by the strong wind. The black hole that suddenly emerged in mid-air was like the mouth of a monster, devouring all it could absorb.

The little Chong Diao that were swooping down in large numbers were being swallowed by the black hole, and some were shivering all over seeing the grim-looking hole and turned around for the mountain peak.

Ga Ga Ga——

In the blink of an eye, the little Chong Diao had all fled.

Li Muyang’s chanting came to a stop, and the golden Arhat in mid-air gradually faded until it completely vanished from the sky.

The gate of hell that had appeared out of nowhere was automatically closed, like a bag wrapped up and put away.

Li Muyang was soaked through with sweat like he had just bathed.

He had exhausted his strength, and if Qiandu was not there to hold support him, he would have fallen from mid-air.

“Muyang——Are you all right?” Qiandu asked urgently. She did not expect Li Muyang to be so tired.

“I’m all right.” Li Muyang’s face was dripping with sweat, saying weakly: “This move ‘hell is not empty’ is a high order mantra of the ‘subdue dragon and tame the tiger mantra’. With my current level of cultivation it’s extremely difficult to control. I had exhausted my strength to use this move. I pushed myself too hard——”

“Why did you force yourself? We have the glass mirror protecting us, as long as there is essential qi to maintain it, those Chong Diao cannot hurt us——”

Li Muyang looked up to the top of the mountain. “If we were only protecting ourselves, it wouldn’t be a problem using the glass mirror. But Canghai has been captured by the Chong Diao and we don’t know about his situation now——We have to go up the mountain as soon as possible, to save Canghai in the shortest possible time. The more time is wasted, the more dangerous Canghai wil be.”

Qiandu was deeply moved, looking at Li Muyang she replied, “If Canghai knows that he has such a good friend, he would feel this trip to Starry Sky Academy is worthwhile.”

“We must rescue him first them.” Li Muyang said aloud. He looked at Qiandu and asked, “How is your condition now?”

Qiandu’s face grew serious. “I still have some strength left, protecting myself should not be a problem——”

Her father, who dotes on and spoils his daughter, was worried that she would run into danger. So before she left home, he gave her countless miracle elixir and magical weapons.

With several precious treasures and magical weapons, she obviously had ways of protecting herself. But now she was not only protecting herself and trying to escape, she needed to climb to the top of the Mountain of flames to save Canghai, and at the same time protect the already defenseless Li Muyang.

This was a considerably difficult situation.

“There’s only one way.” Li Muyang’s mouth widened into a smile.

“Li Muyang, what do you want to do?” Qiandu sensed a faint uneasiness.

“In a moment turn around, so you won’t see me when I’m not good-looking.” Li Muyang softly said.

“Li Muyang, don’t——” Qiandu tried to stop him.

“There is no other way.” Li Muyang was murmuring to himself, the mantra of the ‘The art of traveling through clouds and summoning rain’ being recited.

He had experimented with this mantra countless times before, and every time he recited the ‘The art of traveling through clouds and summoning rain’, his body will begin to transform into a dragon.

Li Muyang’s eyes began to turn red, as red as blood. His whole pupil was flooded with blood.

On the back of Li Muyang’s hands were scales growing, spreading toward his arms and body.

“Li Muyang——” Qiandu stared wide-eyed at Li Muyang, reaching out and trying to grab Li Muyang’s arm.

“Hurry go.” Li Muyang pushed her away.

Qiandu had just separated from Li Muyang, when the ugly face of the Chong Diao appeared before his eyes, clutching Li Muyang’s neck with its claw.。

The cunning beast uses its colour-changing ability to move stealthily across the air, until in front of its prey, it suddenly reveal its ferocious face and murderous spirit.

It planned to capture Li Muyang like it did with Lin Canghai, and then take its prey to the cave at the top of the mountain and store as food.

Li Muyang did not hide, nor evade, his two fists that were covered with scales was punching out toward the claws of the Chong Diao.


There was a crisp and loud snapping sound as the Chong Diao’s thick and solid claws were unexpectedly broken just like that by Li Muyang’s punch.

The Chong Diao loved its pair of claws, when it has nothing to do it would polish it them on a smooth rock and do a volcanic rock manicure.

This was the tool it uses to hunt, a weapon it uses to kill.

The Chong Diao exploded into a fuming rage, watching its claws being snapped off by a stupid lowly person.

It wanted revenge!

It wanted to kill these tiny human beings!

Ga Ga Ga———

It let out a piercing shriek as it darted skyward.

Before Li Muyang had the time to catch his breath, the Chong Diao, more ferocious and quicker than before, was dropping from the sky.

Using its sharp mouth as a blade, it was plunging straight down at Li Muyang’s head.

Under a raging state the Chong Diao wanted to retaliate against Li Muyang, wanted to tear Li Muyang apart, and split him in half.

How would Li Muyang let it succeed?

His equally scaly feet were lifted off from the ground, leaping into the air.

Under his normal state, Li Muyang has little energy in his body. But when Li Muyang was in the state of dragon transformation, he felt that his body was full of strength.

The dragon can soar above the ninth heaven and possess the magical powers to move mountains and drain seas. Although Li Muyang was still very small and weak, but compared to this so-called one of the ten most ferocious beasts, he still possessed an advantage.

He jumped onto the Chong Diao’s head, and then with a summersault, he was sitting astride the Chong Diao’s spiky back.

Li Muyang grasped the feather on the Chong Diao’s back with one hand, while the other hand reached for a bone spur.

The bone spur grows on its back, like a decaying chunk of wood.

Li Muyang’s pupils turned crimson red, and his hands jerked up.


A spike was forcibly pulled out.

The bone spur was bleeding, and blood was jetting out from the hole.

Li Muyang’s face that was sprayed with fresh blood was a fearsome sight, like a demon.

“Ga—— “

Bearing the pain, Chong Diao took Li Muyang upto the pitch-black mountaintop of the Mountain of flames.

Li Muyang was still refusing to let go. He once again grabbed the other bone spur on its back and forcefully plucked it out.

If the beast dared to eat Lin Canghai, Li Muyang swore that he would pull out every spur and every feather on its body.


Li Muyang pulled out another spike, brought it high up in the air and pierced the tip ruthlessly into its back.



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