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285 – Surprise attack!

Chapter 285: Surprise attack!


It must be said that, Zhong Lei, the big mouth, poked Li Muyang and Qiandu right at their most vulnerable spot.

The Chong Diao had taken Lin Canghai away, and even now they were not certain whether he was still alive or dead. Li Muyang and Qiandu were dreadfully worried, trying to think of ways to find Lin Canghai, but one word from Zhong Lei saw Li Muyang and Qiandu grimacing slightly.

“Hahaha——” Once Zhong Lei was laughing his head off upon seeing Li Muyang’s and Qiandu’s expression, turning around and said to his several brothers: “Don’t tell me I got it right? Is that Lin Canghai really dead? I also have the ability to predict the life and death of others——”

“If you have that ability, it’s better to give yourself a good prediction first.” Qiandu eyes were sharp like a blade, her voice biting cold. “Be aware of your own safety first, just know what words you can say and what words you can’t say.”

“Oh, this little girl, seems tough——” The second eldest brother Zhong Yu was the most perverted. The last time he saw Qiandu at Starry Sky library, he was already amazed at her beauty, but he couldn’t do anything lawless. Also the fact that Qiandu knew about Shark elder’s rib injury made the Changbai seven sons confused and worried. The seven brothers left in a hurry.

But he did not expect to meet her again in this illusion, where it is not protected by the law, there are no moral constraints, and no one would know what happened here.

Thinking of this, Zhong Yu’s gaze became more intense.

He licked his lips and grinned. “Brothers, this is a threat, a naked threat.”

“Just the two of you?” A look of ill intent blazes Zhong Lei’s expression as he glared at Li Muyang and Qiandu. “If we were in Starry Sky Academy, us brothers would have thought twice. We wouldn’t be able to do much to you. But we are in a barren land, even if we killed you all, who would see it? Who’s going to stand up for you?”  

“Then you should try.” Qiandu narrowed her eyes and responded in a low voice. From his understanding of her, Li Muyang knew that this girl already had the intention to kill. Qiandu is a calm and composed person. The more dangerous the moment, the more calm she would be. This was distinctly different from Li Muyang, who frequently exploded and his eyes turned blood-red. “If anything happens to me, you seven sons of Changbai would all have to pay with your life. There will never be days of peace in Changbai sword sect.”

Zhong Feng’s eyes were piercing cold, his hand clasping tight around the sword hilt. “No one can threaten our brothers, and no one can threaten Changbai sword sect.”

The oldest brother Zhong Feng bellowed, and the other six brothers also clenched the sword hilt at the same time, preparing to launch a collective attack.

At first glance, the seven brothers seemed scattered about and extremely disorganised. But upon careful observation, you would find that they were in fact scrambling into positions in accordance with the Big Dipper. Every one of them was like a star dropping from above.

Li Muyang’s eyebrows were drawn together in a frown, inwardly worried.

Just now, he and Qiandu have exhausted themselves fighting the Chong Diao. Even if they ate a few fire rockfruits to replenish their strength, there was no way they could deal with the Changbai seven sons right now.

His only chance of defeating them was to transform into a dragon.

However, in that case, his identity would be exposed to the Changbai seven sons.

If he could kill them all, then all troubles would be solved. He was just worried that if one of them was able to escape during the battle it would put him in a very bleak situation. They would ran back to tell everyone that Li Muyang is a dragon, and even if the majority of the people do not believe them, there would be a small handful of people with bad intentions that start paying attention to him and investigating him.

Once they find any flaws, waiting for him would be the entire population trying to kill him, the road to death.

Transforming to a dragon was a suicidal attack, he would wound eight hundred but lose one thousand; Li Muyang did not want to try if not absolutely necessary.

Even worse was that, Li Muyang was worried that other people would see his transformation into a dragon.

The Changbai Seven sons could enter the Weak water, other people might also have followed them into the Weak water?

In this wilderness, deep in the forest, are there no other hidden eyes?

Ultimately, Li Muyang did not want to fight this battle.

If it could be avoided.

Besides, it takes time to fight. 。

Li Muyang did not want to waste time, they had to save Lin Canghai at the fastest speed possible.

If the Chong Diao vented his anger on Lin Canghai because he lost to Li Muyang, would Lin Canghai have a way of surviving?

Li Muyang knew about the relationship between Qiandu and Lin Canghai, also knew that, because of Lin Canghai, she hated the Changbai seven sons, and most likely would initiate a fight at the slightest disagreement.

He stood in front of Qiandu, protecting her with his body, looked at the eldest of the seven sons of Changbai, Zhong Shan and said: “We are all students of Starry Sky Academy, we should know the purpose of this trip? The land of illusion is the best place for training, we only have such a precious opportunity once a year. And before entering the illusion, the teachers have repeatedly warned us to return before sunrise——Before sunrise, all of us must leave the water illusion. Time is precious, the opportunity is rare, do we really want to waste precious time and opportunity on this pointless matter? ”

Li Muyang’s mouth widened into a smile. “Besides, we originally do not have any deep-seated hatred. But because of the trivial matter of fighting over a book in the library, are we really going to fight and kill at this kind of time and occasion?”

Zhong Shan relaxed the frown upon his brow, realising that this guy’s words were quite reasonable.

Although they hated Lin Canghai, that matter was not worth mentioning compared to their training in the illusion. As long as they were still studying at Starry Sky Academy, there would surely be a chance for them to seek revenge.

Zhong Shan and the several other brothers looked at each other. “What he said is right. We need to find that thing. Time is precious and we should not waste time.”

Zhong Lei suddenly thought of the order given by their sect master. The purpose of they coming to the water illusion was mainly to find that magical object. “I will listen to big brother.”

Zhong Yu gave a helpless look and shrugged his shoulder. “Since you guys have all decided then I have nothing to say.”

He looked at Li Muyang’s bulging bosom. “What is that in your bosom? Looks like you made a lot of harvest up there.”

Li Muyang took out a few of the fire rock fruits and said grinning: “We haven’t found anything. If senior don’t mind, you can have a fire rock fruit to quench your thirst, the fire rock fruit tastes really good——”

“Give me one.” Zhong Yu walked over smiling.

He stretched out his right hand to receive the fruit that Li Muyang was passing over and once the fruit was in his hand, in the split second that Li Muyang was about to let go, a silvery glow was lunged at Li Muyang’s stomach.


The sound of flesh being cut open.



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