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96 – Wuyou helps out!

Chapter 96: Wuyou helps out! 

Some people are modest and prudent, and some are weak and incompetent. Some people are fierce and vengeful, and some are ruthless.

Who has the heavier fist then speaks with more weight. This is what the real world is like.

The handsome man dressed in a robe with a white cloud pattern stood tall on the crane’s back, facing the sky. He did not pay any attention to the four groups of assassins, he simply uttered the words: ‘get lost’.

What is arrogant and egotistical?

What is considering everyone else beneath them?

What is a model example of a pretentious prick?

Everyone was able to see for themselves today.

Language, manner, clothes, appearance, and most importantly the attitude of consider oneself a world above others—–added all together, this made the others feel inferior.

Wuzhi monk was enraged, just now his shovel nearly cut off Li Muyang’s head, the one hundred thousand gold coins was waving at him, but in the end it was snatched off by this bastard. He was robbed of his gold coins, blocking the road to money is the same as murdering his parents—-he did not care whether his parents were killed because he did not know who his parents are. However, his road for gaining money must absolutely not be blocked off.

This guy right now did not even take a glance at them, instead kept a straight face and commanded them to get out of here.

If they were to leave now, then that means they wasted time and effort in travelling thousands of miles here to lie in ambush?

If they were to walk away and this matter was to spread all over the divine continent, how can monk Wuzhi have the face to stand in this business again?

“If you have the nerve then battle with me for three hundred rounds, today I will take your dog’s head to feed the wolf—–”

Monk Wuzhi hurled all kinds of abuse, his language crude and extremely humiliating.


Xie Wuyou vanished from the back of the crane.

And then instantly reappeared again.

Although Li Muyang was riding on top of the crane’s back but he almost did not notice Xie Wuyou had left, even the moment his feet landed back on the crane’s back he could not feel a breeze.

However, monk Wuzhi’s cursing came to a stopped.

His eyes were swollen, his expression was of panic and fear, and his face in disbelief.

His mouth remained open as if he had something to say but only kakaka noises came from his throat.


This sort of sound resonated across, like broken bones being rubbed together that make hair stand on its end.

“Senior—–” Monk Wuzui dashed over in large strides wielding the wooden fish. “Senior, how are you doing? Senior, are you alright? Don’t scare me—-”

Worried that something happened to his senior, he reached out and touched monk Wuzhi’s shoulder.


Monk Wuzhi’s body fell forward to the ground; he had died already.

Everyone stared at the gorgeously dressed handsome young man in shock, it is difficult to believe that he killed a top expert in a split second.

Everyone present did not even see how he moved, except swordsman Gu Mo. Most likely the others did not know when he made his move.

His attacking style, whether he used his hands or weapons—–

Were all unknown.

But the brave and fierce monk Wuzhi wielding a thousand-kilogram crescent-moon shovel was killed in the twinkling of an eye.

Cruel and merciless but unfathomable.

Xie Wuyou pulled out a white handkerchief from his sleeves, gently and carefully wiped his stained fingers.

“Our skin and hair are given by our parents. I was not by my mother’s side everyday and unable do my duty as children. Wuyou is already ashamed and guilty. When I established myself by practicing The Way, as to spread the fame of my name to posterity and thereby glorify my parents, it is my demonstration of filial piety. Wuyou failed to become famous, instead attracted notoriety for my mother, it really is difficult to forgive.” Wuyou said calmly, it seemed he was explaining why he killed him, but even more like he wanted to relieve the regret in his heart.

Establishing oneself, practicing The Way, and making his name famous in future generations, he still has a long way to go.

“You—–” Monk Wuzui checked the breathing of his senior, only to discover he had died. It is difficult for him to accept this fact. The brothers had never separated from each other. One would attack enemies directly and closely with his shovel while the other harasses enemies using sound waves with his wooden fish drum. The brothers coordinate perfectly and countless famous masters have died in their hands. But today, before they even had the chance to launch their attack, this hateful pretty boy had already killed his brother.

What made him even more ashamed was that he wanted to let loose a torrent of abuse, but just as he was on the verge of saying what’s on his mind, he can’t help but hold back his words.

He did not dare!

Monk Wuzhi was killed after saying a few words, if he opened his mouth and began to scold at him, then wouldn’t he have the same fate as his senior?

“Why did you kill him?” Monk Wuzui finally thought of an excuse. “We brothers are in the business of doing things for people who give us money and we have no enmity against you, why did you suddenly join in?”

“You dare to commit violent acts at the bottom of Starry Sky?” Xie Wuyou looked like he was watching idiots when he stared at this group of people. “He deserved to die.”

“You’ve pushed me too far, today I have to repay senior—–” Monk Wuzui clenched tightly onto the wooden fish drum, preparing to beat it forcefully.

“Troublesome.” Xie Wuyou simply took a glimpse of him and said: “I just wiped my neck clean. I have to get dirty again.”

“——” Monk Wuzui’s forehead was dripping with sweat. He was unable to swing down the wooden hammer he lifted it high up no matter what.

This pretentious prick——-How could his pretentiousness be so hateful.

The men with the terrifying names Wuzhi and Wuzui, one was killed in a flash, while the other—–did not even have the courage to say something to the enemy who killed his brother.

“Brothers, our partner was killed by this boy—–” The fourth eldest of the seven demons was simple-minded. Since Xie Wuyou was all by himself, he thought they could work together to kill him. How strong could one person be? There was a whole bunch of people on his side.


The eldest turned and slapped his face, he scolded: “Shut up.”


Swordsman Gu Mo’s face blanched, his eyes stared at the handsome young man wiping his fingers on the crane’s back without blinking.

When they were preparing an ambush here, the possibility that they might alert people of Starry Sky did pass their mind.

However, the vision of people of the Starry Sky is unusually high, they generally will not take notice of the mundane world.

More importantly, he felt that with their present strengths, killing Li Muyang would be as easy as reaching into one’s pocket and it would only require one round of battle.  

But they had no idea that before they kill Li Muyang, they have attracted the attention of the Starry Sky, and also one valiant member of his party was killed with one move.

Now that they are in a dilemma, what should they do?

Gu Mo cupped his hand in the other and asked in a deep voice: “What is young master’s name?”

“Xie Wuyou.” Xie Wuyou bluntly answered. He does not care if people would come and reliate against him if they knew his name.

“Young master Xie, I know the rules of Starry Sky—-but we are at the bottom of the mountain.” Gu Mo pointed to Li Muyang, said: “This kid killed my young lord, he’s escaping from his crime. I cannot share the same sky with my enemy. If young master Xie can step aside, we will be very grateful. ”

“The rules has changed.” Xie Wuyou said without any expression. “No one is allowed to kill at the bottom of Starry Sky.”

“When did it change?”

“When I just said those words.”


Xie Wuyou’s beautiful eyes swept across the audience, smiled and said: “You guys are not going to leave, right?”


Everyone’s line of sight was on Gu Mo. Gu Mo can be considered as their leader in this loose organisation. If Gu Mo said leave, they obviously would leave. If Gu Mo said attack, they definitely would advance—–If Gu Mo did not say the words, they also would feel embarrassed to escape by themselves. If they ran over before the battle, how can they face other people of Jianghu.

Gu Mo glanced over at monk Wuzhi’s body, gestured with his big hand and roared: “Withdraw.”

His fierce eyes glaring at Li Muyang as he growled: “You can escape today, but you can’t escape your whole life—-I will remember this, your head can also stay attached to your body for now.”

With that, he was the first to march towards Flower language plain.

Li Muyang jumped down from the crane’s back, the white crane stared at him unhappily.

The crane likes cleanliness but Li Muyang’s body gave off an unpleasant smell.

Li Muyang walked over to Xie Wuyou and bowed deeply: “Wuyou senior, I do not know how to repay your kindness—–if you did not help out—I’m afraid, I won’t be here anymore.”

The fat man crawled up from the ground up, one arm wrapped around Li Muyang’s shoulder: “Not ‘I’m afraid’, if he did not help out, you definitely and most certainly would have died—–that Gu Mo’s strength could be compared to those at the high stages of the free clouds. And his accomplishments in sword is simply too amazing, there is no way you could have withstood the power of his sword. ”

The fat man cupped his hand in greeting at Xie Wuyou: “Gongshu Yuan. Li Muyang’s brother.”

“Huh?” Xie Wuyou pensively looked at Gongshu Yuan as he asked: “Gongshu clan?”

“Haha—–” Fatty said with a blushing red face full of embarrassment: “I failed to establish myself, I have not made my name famous so that my parents become renowned, my family history and background are best not to be mentioned—-Li Muyang is a good brother that I watched growing up, I now leave him to you. He angered some of the most important people in the entire kingdom, he was chased all the way here. As long as he enters into Starry Sky Academy he should be fine, right?”

A smile surfaced on Xie Wuyou’s face: “Starry Sky is the most simple and the most complicated, you will know when you arrive there.”

Gong Shuyuan nodded, it’s obvious he also knows about Starry Sky Academy.

“Muyang, my worthy little brother, you finally reached the foot of Starry Sky, there shouldn’t be any danger from here—-Us brothers should also part at this point. I will go back and put in more efforts, hoping that one day I will also be able to climb to Starry Sky. Us brothers could be together, travel between heaven and earth. ”

“Thank you, big brother Gongshu.” This time Li Muyang sincerely called Gong Shuyuan big brother. If this fat man was not by his side and helped him along the way, he would never reach the foot of Starry Sky. “After today, I don’t know when I will see you again. ”

He picked up the Understand Heaven sword from the ground and cried: “Your little brother, I, have nothing precious with me, only this Understand Heaven Sword is valuable—-The owner of this sword told me to give this sword to a suitable owner, I think brother Gongshu is a good owner. As they say: a sword matches well with a hero—–well, brother Gongshu, don’t run—–”



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