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097 – Wine, women, avarice and temper – the four cardinal vices!

Chapter 97: Wine, women, avarice and temper – the four cardinal vices!

Gongshu Yuan ran off like a rabbit.

A big and plump rabbit.

Li Muyang’s face was full of regret, clenching onto the Understand Heaven Sword that he was unable to give away. “Why did brother Gongshu run off? It’s fine that he don’t want the present but I still have many parting words to say to him.”

However, from this small matter, Li Muyang values fatty’s character even more.

He was not subdued by force. In this journey, there were dangers after dangers, and attacks came one after the other. The two of them worked together and stood together in times of need, and now they finally arrived at the foot of Starry Sky. No matter how hard times were, or even in life-threatening situations he never once said he wanted to leave.

Neither riches nor honours can corrupt him. He clearly knew that Li Muyang’s head was worth one hundred thousand gold coins, and as long as he beheads him while he was fast asleep or unguarded, he could have lived comfortably for the rest of his life. Even if his own head was also offered a bounty of fifty thousand gold coins, he had never thought of selling his own head—-

Also the Understand Heaven Sword was made by smelting meteoric ores and was created by a famous master, its value is no less than one hundred thousand gold. But from the beginning to the end, he did not even glance at it twice.

A good brother like that is rare.

Li Muyang secretly decided that this is his brother.

Xie Wuyou looked at Li Muyang and said comfortingly: “The divine continent is vast, there will definitely be a chance to see each other again.”

“I hope so.” Li Muyang watched fatty’s silhouette in the far distance, he sighed slightly. Along the way, the two have shared hardships together and also faced numerous enemies together. They ate, slept, laughed and joked together, and built a very strong friendship. Seeing his friend disappear into the distance, Li Muyang found it difficult to bear.

“Fatty, the divine continent is vast, we will see each other again.” Li Muyang thought of Xie Wuyou’s word and repeated softly to himself: “I’ll wait for you at Starry Sky.”

Xie Wuyou knew that Li Muyang was sad to part from fatty, he tried to change the subject: “Junior Muyang do you know the name of this mountain?”

“Nameless mountain.” Li Muyang answered. Fatty had told him a short while ago that this mountain is known as nameless mountain. It really is strange that such a large mountain does not have a name.

“So junior Muyang already knew.” Xie Wuyou chuckled aloud: “The outside world calls this mountain ‘nameless mountain’ because no one has given it a name. But students and teacher of the school like to call this mountain ‘broken mountain’. ”

“Broken mountain?” Li Muyang’s face looked confused, he raised his head to see what the mountain actually looks like.

But the mountain is huge, stretching over thousands of miles. It towers into the clouds like pillars extending to the heavens. Since only a corner of the mountain can be seen, it was difficult to know the true face of the mountain.

“That’s right. This mountain was originally nameless so it was called nameless mountain. But a dragon slayer immortal travelled here and was extremely happy when he saw this mountainous region. He soared high into the sky, drew out his sword, and slashed off the mountaintop. After levelling the dome-shaped top, he asked the nine nations to build Starry Sky Academy at the top. The dragon slayer was the first president of Starry Sky Academy.” Xie Wuyou’s face was full of admiration when he talked about this dragon slayer sage, an expression of praise and worship. “Because the mountain was cut off, so the mountain is also known as ‘broken mountain’.”

Li Muyang was dumbstruck after hearing this.

A sword could break off a mountain into a cliff and he could ask financial help from the nine nations to build Starry Sky Academy—–How remarkable was he?

Dragon slayer sage, he was the celestial beings in legends right, right?

In Li Muyang’s mind, only celestial beings were able to do something like this that makes the blood racing.

Li Muyang was excited to the extent that he could not control himself, he was proud of himself to become a part of Starry Sky Academy, he wished he could immediately climb to the top of the mountain and kneel down in front of the Dean and take him as his teacher.

He did not want to ask to have the ability to break off half of the mountain with his sword, he just hoped he could behead his enemies.

If he had the power of a dragon slayer, would he still be worrying about assassins attacking him?

“Broken mountain—-so this is the origin of the broken mountain.” Li Muyang’s face flushed, his eyes shining. “Wuyou senior, as long as I enter Starry Sky Academy, I will also have the opportunity to be a dragon slayer like the Dean of the school?”

“Naturally.” Xie Wuyou loftily replied. “Starry Sky Academy exists to train people to become elites.”

“In that case—–” Li Muyang pursed his lips and smiled. At this very moment he was bursting with joy, if he was not worried that Wuyou senior would look down on him and that people would think that he has not seen much of the world, he would already grinned and rolled across the ground laughing happily. “I have a question for Wuyou senior, how often does a dragon slayer sage appears in Starry Sky Academy? On average, how many years will it take for someone to become like that? ”

“Ten thousand years.” Xie Wuyou once again lifted his head to look at the sky.

“——” The smile on Li Muyang’s face froze. This world isn’t as wonderful as he imagined.

Worried that his answer will deal a blow to the young little junior, Xie Wuyou then hurriedly encouraged Li Muyang: “Become a deity is easy but become a dragon slayer is difficult. Even if you can’t become a dragon slayer, you could still set foot in the astral projection realm and also proudly roam the Starry Sky, and be able to move unhindered throughout the divine continent. Among the heaven and earth, where could you not go at that time? ”

“—Of course, as long as Muyang junior try your best and never give up. It’s possible you would also become a dragon slayer sage of Starry Sky Academy. After all, some things are not about age but in terms of talent. Several dragon slayer sages in a year were also common. Perhaps the miracle will happen with you?”

Li Muyang is a very simple person but someone easily swayed, after listening to Xie Wuyou encouragement his blood was racing again and his eyes filled with determination. He clenched his fist and said: “Thank you senior Wuyou, I will work hard. For myself and for my family——”

After he mentioned his family, Li Muyang began to worry again. He deeply bowed at Xie Wuyou once again. “Wuyou senior, Muyang has a request. I want to ask Wuyou senior for help.”

He can’t help it; fatty said that Li Muyang would be fine as long as he enters into Starry Sky Academy. And when the moment comes he has to cling to someone powerful and request the skilled master for protection. Only then, will his family far away in Jiangnan would be safe.

Li Muyang has not entered through the doors of Starry Sky Academy but he already found someone powerful—-no, the only person from Starry Sky that he knew was Xie Wuyou. If he did not hold onto him then who?

Since he just helped him drive off some strong enemies and also saved his life, asking him for help again would be quite shameless.

However, even if he is branded as a rogue, this was something he must deal with.

“Just say what is on your mind.” Xie Wuyou bluntly said.

“As Wuyou senior have seen already, I have angered a very powerful family so they repeatedly sent people to hunt me down. I finally arrived at the foot of Starry Sky after much difficulty, and in the future I have senior and many fellow schoolmates to protect me, I obviously can sleep with ease of mind now. But I’m worried about my family far away in Jiangnan, since those enemies can’t find me, they might seek revenge from my family—-Every time I think about this, I feel my heart is torn with anxiety. If my family is not safe, I’m afraid there is no way I could concentrate in learning. Wuyou senior can you help me take care of my family? Please.”

Li Muyang bowed deeply to Xie Wuyou once again. His words were sincere and his manner was urgent.

This matter can’t be ignored any longer. If anything were to happen to his family, he could never forgive himself. So what if he becomes a dragon slayer sage?

Xie Wuyou slightly raised his brows: “Logically speaking, we usually do not care about ordinary affairs—–However, since Muyang brother have asked me, I will ask someone to help take care of them. This is because of our friendship, you must not tell other teachers and students.”

“Muyang understand.” Li Muyang was thrilled, he immediately answered in a cheerful voice. As long as he has help from Wuyou senior or even if Wuyou senior found someone to look after them, no matter who it is, his family will certainly be safe.

Although Li Muyang did not know what realm Wuyou brother was actually in, but his skills was simply too astonishing when he killed the monk just now. He will never be as good as him.

“Then let’s head up the mountain.”  Xie Wuyou said with a smile. To this junior he really gives preferential treatment.

Li Muyang looked up at the unapproachable mountain peak, then headed towards the back of the crane: “I have to trouble senior Wuyou again.”

He thought to himself: the mountain is high and the path is dangerous, senior Wuyou came here on a crane. If he gave me a ride, then I would be able to climb to the top of the mountain within minutes. He could also quickly reach the mountaintop to complete the school registration.

Xie Wuyou stayed still in his original position, smiled at Li Muyang on the crane’s back.

A puzzled expression formed on Li Muyang’s face, he looked at Xie Wuyou and asked: “Senior Wuyou, what’s going on?”

“Junior brother Muyang, you need to climb the mountain by yourself.” Xie Wuyou said, smiling. “Other people can’t help.” 

Li Muyang’s face was flushing bright red, he immediately got up on the crane’s back, and repeatedly apologised to Xie Wuyou: “I’m sorry, I’m sorry I thought———–senior could give me a ride.”

“The mountain breaks off easily and the road is difficult.” Just as Xie Wuyou spread out his robe, he was already standing on the back of the crane. The crane lifted its head high and seemed very tame, completely different to the disgusted face it displayed when Li Muayng climbed on its back. “You’re unaware of the true face of Broken Mountain because you’re here. Muyang junior, ahead of you are the four obstacles of the four cardinal vices, wine, women, avarice and temper——-I wish you luck.”


With a loud and clear cry the white crane flapped its huge wings and leaped into the air, entering into the midst of the clouds.

Blown by the strong wind, Li Muyang staggered back and nearly fell over, his clothes stained with grass and his hair covered in dirt. His dusty hair and face looked extremely pathetic.

“Starry Sky Academy——–” Li Muyang gritted his teeth thinking to himself: “Would I ever reached there in my lifetime? If I managed to climb the mountain, only to find that all my hair and beard are completely white and I’m approaching old age——I most likely won’t find a wife or girlfriend?”

Li Muyang felt worried.


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      • Just guessing but I think he ran away because Muyang was trying to give him the treasured sword of the Cui Clan. Would be like a spotlight saying hey come kill me to anybody who recognized it.

        • Ultra Mega Giga Super Sonic-Booming Ninja Assassin Cake

          April 17, 2018 at 5:33 am

          No I think it’s probably guilt, it’s his fault that Li Muyang was framed for colluding in the first place, and he then even saved his life with focusing all attention on himself.

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