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291 – Ugly cute!

Chapter 291: Ugly cute!


The black dragon was flying to the moon, but the Red Moon was unreachable, mortals would never reach the palace in the moon.

The black mist reached a certain altitude, when the black dragon began to pull away.

First his huge skull was drawn out of the black mist, then it was his large, long, seemingly endless body.

One after another was swept up by the hurricane, even the brilliance of the Red Moon was blown to pieces.

As the black dragon’s tail emerged from the black fog, the black scales were emitting a dark red luster. The tail, like a palm leaf fan, extended out, sharp and elegant, waving to the moon.

Like a pig brought into the sky by a paper kite, no, a group of pigs, when the line of the kite was snapped, the paper kite drifted away. And what was waiting for these pigs was the fate of the rapid free fall.

Changbai six disgraces were swept into the mid-air by the black dragon, and their body had long lost self-control. When the black dragon pulled away, their bodies were so helplessly floating in the sky, extremely close to the red moon, that if they stretched out a hand, they might able to tear off a corner of the moon.

Of course, Changbai six disgraces were not romantic people. At this time and environment they had no mood to pick off a piece of the moon.

They tried hard to keep their bodies in balance so that they would not fall too quickly into the ground and become meat patty——and possibly meat slime.

“Everybody, steady your body.” Zhong Feng, while dropping to the ground, reminded his little buddies loudly. “Don’t give the black dragon an opportunity to take advantage of this.”

Inwardly he was suffering so much that he felt like dying. The person that they wanted to get rid of was just clearly a hairy boy of Starry Sky Academy with no background, how was it that, in the blink of an eye, that bastard became an evil black dragon?

“Are there any justice in this world?”

The other people threw their sword out and stepped onto it, turning the sword into a flying weapon and descending to the ground with various coloured lights trailing behind.

“Spread out, don’t run in the same direction.”

“Yes, don’t let the black dragon kill us all in one clean sweep——”

“Anyone that escapes go back to report to the sect. They must kill this dragon——”——

Qiandu’s fate and their fate was completely different, as her body separated from the black mist, like a duckweed floating down into the sea, her body suddenly touched something hard.

Cold and smooth, but it made her felt extremely comfortable.

After all, her body was like a burning stove, and the cooler things were, the more attractive they were to her.

She opened her eyes, to find that she was on the huge head of the black dragon.

The solid object that she touched was the long horn of the black dragon, and the smooth surface she felt was the scales of the black dragon.

She felt as though she was lying on a huge black crystal bed. Of course, this crystal bed was too gorgeous and valuable.

“Are you all right?” The ancient and unfamiliar voice sounded, voluntarily talking to Qiandu.

Qiandu with great effort climbed up to the head, asking: “You are Li Muyang? Are you Li Muyang?”

She knew that he was Li Muyang, but the voice was not like that of Li Muyang at all. It was a completely unfamiliar voice, a very old voice——Li Muyang said that there was a dragon in his body, but Qiandu felt that it was more like inside the dragon’s body there was Li Muyang.

Although the black dragon was strong enough to protect her, she still hoped that it was Li Muyang——was Li Muyang who had turned into a dragon, all of this was led by Li Muyang.

“Yes.” The black dragon said aloud.

It was still the old, unfamiliar voice, but the more Qiandu heard this voice the closer and more familiar it felt. It was Li Muyang, and it was her best friend.

“Muyang, you——” Qiandu wanted to ask Li Muyang that how did he become this, but such words would not come out.

If Li Muyang had a choice, he would also not want to become like this.

If it was possible, Li Muyang would also not want to be like this.

Transforming into a huge dragon in front of these people and battle against human, if this was to spread to the human world, not only would Li Muyang not survive, even Li Muyang’s family would most likely be killed——Your son is a dragon, how can you ensure that you’re not a dragon? What do you use to prove that you’re not a dragon? Show me the evidence.

“You’re poisoned.” The black dragon continued.

Qiandu nodded, then she remembered that she was standing on the head of the black dragon, and the black dragon could not see her nodding.

Her body was weak, but she was still trying to raise the volume of her voice to let the black dragon hear her: “Yes, I do not know what they poisoned me with, my body feels hot and dry, like being burned.”

“You don’t have to use too much strength.” The black dragon reminded. “My ears are right next to you.”

“——” This time, Qiandu was one hundred percent certain that the black dragon was Li Muyang. The real Li Muyang.

“They must die.” The black dragon stated.

Qiandu understood Li Muyang’s meaning. “But there are six of them, and now they’re escaping in several different directions.”

“Hold on tight.” Li Muyang said aloud.

“Don’t worry about me.” Qiandu held tight onto the long horn on the head of Li Muyang, her robe fluttering in the wind, her black hair dancing, like a beautiful maiden was driving a dragon carriage.

Qiandu’s face was abnormally bright red, and her vision somewhat blurred.

She could hear the whistling wind but not feel the cold, feel herself hovering at height but did not feel sudden jolts and jerks.

Once the black dragon comforted Qiandu, his eyes again became crimson red like blood again.

He looked down at the Changbai six disgraces escaping in different direction, and dived down fast, rumbling down to the front where Zhong Feng was.

Zhong Feng was the first to flee, the moment they were swept into the high altitude by the black dragon, he had been thinking of a way of escaping.

He was the leader of the six people, if he had not run away, the other brothers also would not think of escaping.

He activated the Changbai sword sect ‘flying sword technique’ to its peak state. The sword beneath was fully emitting a purple-red flame, as though the sword would burst into flames.

What was that phrase?

You don’t have to run faster that your enemies, you just have to run past your companions.

As long as he was in front of his brothers, when the black dragon chases the other people it would delay time, that was the key moment for him to escape.

While flying, he could feel that there was something wrong.

He threw his head back and saw the big black dragon opening his bloody mouth.


The black dragon was smiling at him!

An ugly cute smile!



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