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292 – Do not allow insult!

Chapter 292: Do not allow insult!


Silhouetted against the round blood-red moon, the black dragon opened his mouth and smiled. The smile was sinister, strange and incomparably ugly.

In Zhong Feng’s eyes, the black dragon’s smile was obviously extremely ugly. Just that this ugly and absurdly comical smile, if he had not followed him, if he had chased after the others, it would have made Zhong Feng laugh out loud at this scene.

When it comes to dragons, people had always associated them with words such as majestic, overbearing, evil, bloodthirsty and so on.

But most people had never seen a real dragon.

Now that Zhong Feng had seen one, he thought that this dragon although was indeed very majestic, overbearing, evil and bloodthirsty, it had a down-to-earth side——it could smile.

The distance between the two races was suddenly narrowed.

Of course, their distance in space was also infinitely closer.

Even though he was desperately operating the sword beneath, but the black dragon was still leisurely travelling right behind, as though would catch up to him very soon.

Zhong Feng was tensed up, he knew that it was difficult for him to escape now.

At this moment he had no time curse this hateful black dragon for chasing after him instead of his other brothers. He swung his hand up, and the sword beneath him came flying into his hand.

Flames were still blazing, and the sword hilt was burning from a continuous instilling of inner energy.

As soon as the sword came into Zhong Feng’s hand, he once again began to gather more ferocious inner energy.


The violet glow of flames was burning fiercely, and the flames suddenly spread out to a few feet away.

Zhong Feng raised his long sword into the air and forcefully swung down at the cute ugly head of the black dragon.


The sword qi was whistling, the fire was fiercely blazing.

The third sword of the Changbai thirteen sword techniques.

Wildfire Sword!

The ‘smile’ on the black dragon’s face faded, in fact he did not want to smile, he just threw a ridiculing look at Zhong Feng.

As for ugly cute, he was more reluctant to accept it——no one in the dragon clan could accept such adjectives. Not to mention that he was the king of tens of thousands of dragon, the supreme dragon king of the dragon clan. If words get out, he was going to lose face.

There was a loud booming coming from his throat, when he opened his mouth wide at Zhong Feng.


Fire burst forth from the black dragon’s mouth, instantly engulfing the sword that Zhong Feng swung forward.

The rage of the dragon king, can melt cities.

Before Zhong Feng could utter a miserable cry, the breath of the dragon king had turned him to a puff of soot.

Killing a tiny insignificant human being was no different than swatting a dragon louse. The Black dragon did not feel proud,  did not even glance at him, and went chasing after the other people.

“Big brother is dead——” Zhong Bai cried in panic. “Big brother was killed by the black dragon——”

“Be careful of the dragon, be careful of the dragon breath, do not attack him head-on——” Zhong Ming used the sound passing technique; his voice shook the valley.

“Do not run, we have to fight it together, or we will soon all die——” Zhong Shan shouted in a hoarse voice.

He wanted to slaughter the dragon, wanted to become a Dragon Slayer, wanted to save the situation that they were in. But like beaten troops, his brothers had no confidence. They had witnessed Zhong Yu and their eldest brother Zhong Feng being killed by the black dragon in seconds, would they still think of fighting against the black dragon with him?

They panicked, like a group of rabbits scurrying in all directions.

Zhong Shan was filled with grief and indignation, the arrogant Changbai seven sons, who were the martial arts stars that everyone looked up to wherever they went, would be so weak facing a really formidable enemy. It really was embarrassing.

The black dragon was carrying Qiandu on his back as he headed straight for Zhong Chang, and before Zhong Chang had time to react, a jet of flames came pouring out his mouth.。


Zhong Chang disappeared.

The black dragon then dived over to where Zhong Bai was standing whimpering, “Don’t kill me, don’t kill me——please, don’t kill me. I don’t want to die. I don’t want to die——as long as you don’t kill me, I’ll do whatever you want.”


Another blast of flame was spewed out and Zhong Bai was incinerated so much that not even his bones remained.

Zhong Ming was the most scared, because he was the one that poisoned Qiandu, and also tried to drag Qiandu to one side and interrogate her himself.

Fortunately for him, the black dragon did not come for him first.

As he was shouting a few words to his brother telling them to desperately resist, he was already steering his flying sword into the distant forest.

As long as he reached into the forest, dived down, and hid in the huge bushes, he would be safer.

At that time, the black dragon’s enormous body would have had no advantage at all in the forest.

It was his only chance to survive.

His thinking was clear and the method was correct.

He had left the zone of the Mountain of flames, and beneath was the thousand-year-old dense forest.

He smiled a relief smile and steered the flying sword into the forest.


He bumped into something.

His body was knocked back several feet and tumbled through the air, looking badly battered, his head broken, and his forehead oozing out blood.

By the time he was finally able to come to a stop with the aid of his flying sword, he found that it was the black dragon that struck into him.

He did not know when had the black dragon went ahead of him, and gave him a head-on impact when he was about to dive.


Zhong Ming knelt on his flying wide sword.

He desperately kowtowed to the black dragon, knocking his head over and over again against the blade of the flying sword.

“I was wrong, I know I was wrong, please let me go, I’m willing to work for you like an ox, be your servant——I will never tell others what happened today, if I do not keep to my words, the heavens will strike me with thunder and make me die an unnatural death.”

Seeing a lack of response from the black dragon, instead indifferently staring at himself, Zhong Ming again knocked his head harder and begged for mercy: ‘Qiandu, spare me. Let me go this time, I will never dare again, I will give you all my own secret techniques and treasures, I have thousand year old ginseng fruits, heart pills——they can help enhance your cultivation level.”

Qiandu responded with a devastatingly cold glare, “Li Muyang had warned you already, never go too far, in case you want to keep the relation in the future. Now that it had passed the point of no return, you can’t blame others for being ruthless.”

Seeing that Qiandu was unwilling to let him off, the expression on Zhong Ming’s face grew fierce. “Bitch, you dare kill me, you would also die——You’ve been poisoned by my ‘guardian deity cannot overcome’, not even Arhats and deities can save you. Unless you find a man, if you kill us all, where are you going to find for a man? Do you want to be with that monster?”

“Did he poison you?” The black dragon asked aloud.

“Yes. It’s him.” Qiandu replied.


Another sheet of flame gushed from his mouth.

Zhong Ming disappeared.

His flying sword vanished at the same time.

And everything to do with him.

“He deserved to die.” The black dragon stated.


At this moment, besides Zhong Yu who the black dragon had split into two, Zhong Feng, Zhong Chang, and Zhong Ming of the Changbai seven sons were all killed within seconds from Li Muyang’s dragon breath.

Only Zhong Lei, Zhong Bai, and Zhong Shan were still escaping.

To be exact, only Zhong Lei and Zhong Bai were. Zhong Shan had all along been following the black dragon, waiting for an opportunity to attack the black dragon.

He had intended to bring his brothers together to create an attack plan to slaughter the black dragon.

But all his brothers had disappointed him.

Instead of running to the more distant forest, Zhong Lei fled for the valley of the mountain of flames.

He wanted to enter the cave because the black dragon cannot enter the cave, and there was no way he could flatten the entire mountain, right?


He darted straight to an opening of the Mountain of flames.

He had hardly the time to take a closer look, planted himself within the mouth of the cave.

It was only after he had entered the mountainside, that he was truly certain that he was still alive.

He was free.

He was alive.

The black dragon glided to the mouth of the volcano, his copper-bell-like eyes peered into the hole. His body was too big, and really could not get into the mouth of the cave.


A jet of flame spurted out from the mouth of the cave.


Raging flames roared through the air towards Zhong Lei, and in front was fiery lava splattering all around.

Zhong Lei’s eyes were wide with fear, feeling his body getting hotter and hotter.


The dragon breath and the fountains of fiery lava that was sent leaping into the air from the terrifying pressure of the dragon breath collided in mid-air, fusing together.

Zhong Lei vanished.


Zhong Bai immediately dropped to his knees at the top of Mountain of flames, crying: “Let me go, please let me go. I am willing to destroy my martial skills myself and blind myself——spare my worthless life.”

Zhong Shan darted over to Zhong Bai’s side, kicked him in the back, and yelled: “Get up, get up now, our Changbai sword sect does not have such a coward——Get up, if we do our best, we might have a chance of winning——”

Zhong Shan, kicked down by Zhong Bai, was refusing to get up, discarded his sword to one side and began howling loudly and miserably.

Zhong Shan’s eyes were blood red, pointing the sword in his hand at the black dragon above, and shouting: “Li Muyang, come out, I want to fight with you one-on-one——come out and fight me alone. What hero would hide in a dragon’s shell?”

“I respect the brave.” The black dragon unblinkingly stared at Zhong Shan, that ancient voice resounding across the air again. “But the intelligence of the Dragon King is not to be insulted.”


Zhong Shan also disappeared.



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