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293 – Let you speak first!

Chapter 293: Let you speak first!


Was this a joke?

Not be the Dragon King, not spew out dragon breath, and come out to fight you with the possibility of being slashed to death———Do you think there’s something wrong with my dragon brain?

I’m a intelligent life form, right? I can kill you with a blast of dragon breath.

The black dragon was fuming with this idiot.

Although he felt that Zhong Shan was the only one with a bloody backbone among the Changbai’s seven disgraces, but———his intelligence was too low.

Now, the other six have been finished, and only a Zhong Bai was still lying down on the ground refusing to get up, sobbing hysterically, his voice hoarse and looking miserable and extremely pathetic with tears running down his face.

It made him have a strong impulse to gush out a dragon breath at Zhong Bai.

When he thought about it, Li Muyang really did it.

From his throat came the sound of rapid breathing as he spewed his breath at Zhong Bai.

Zhong Bai disappeared.

There was a big hole at where he was lying down just now.

The flames scorched the rocks, and the air was filled with the fragrance of barbecue.

It was so satisfying in every respect, that he wanted to do it all over again.

Li Muyang had his mouth wide opened wanting to spew out dragon breath, but there was no target left.

So disappointing.

So, Li Muyang breathed at the huge pit.

The huge pit grew bigger and deeper still.

At this moment, the black dragon’s huge body was slowly descending to the mountain peak.

When he landed on the ground, he had already reverted to human form.

Qiandu was lying on the ground, and so was Li Muyang.

Li Muyang got up from the ground, sprinted over to Qiandu, held her hand, and anxiously asked, “Qiandu, how are you?”

“I’m all right.” Qiandu responded with a light smile. The temperature of her body was rising, and her clothes were beginning to emit white smoke. Her mouth was covered with blood, because of her dried and cracked skin. The blood was almost instantly drying up as it flowed out, forming scabs on her lips.

Li Muyang touched Qiandu’s forehead, exclaiming: “Very hot. You’re burning.”

Qiandu wanted to smile but could only give a slight lift in her face, looking dimly at Li Muyang. “I did not die in their hands, that’s too good.”

“Idiot.” Li Muyang supported Qiandu up, holding her close against him. “Don’t talk about dying? We all have to live.”

Qiandu reached out her hand, gently stroking Li Muyang’s handsome face and saying softly, “You’re more pleasing to the eye like this.”

“You must stop talking.” Li Muyang’s eyes darted around the surroundings. “I’ll figure a way for you.”

The temperature up on the Mountain of flames was already high but the temperature of Qiandu was higher than that of the Mountain of flames.

The illusion of water was full of water, but when Li Muyang wanted to cup a handful of water for Qiandu, he couldn’t touch it at all.

Li Muyang spread his palm out, a ball of blue light ball emerging on his palm.

The visible sources of water came gathering towards the ball of light, solidifying into a crystal clear chunk of ice.

Li Muyang placed the solidified water into Qiandu ‘s mouth. “Take a bite, quickly take a bite to cool down.”

Qiandu gently licked the chunk of ice, and although there was a moment of coolness, it did not solve any of her problems.

The muscles of her legs were tightening into a painful contracted state and then relaxing, her body incessantly shivering. The effect of the drug was getting stronger, and with her concentration power and ability of resistance, she would soon unable to hold on.

“It’s no use.” Qiandu said shaking her head. “It’s no use.””

Li Muyang flushed, glanced at Qiandu and mumbled: “It’s not that I don’t want to sacrifice my body———it’s not so good, it’s like I’m taking advantage of you.”

“What did you say?” Qiandu asked, her voice weak.

“I heard what Zhong Ming said.” Li Muyang explained. “He said that you had been poisoned with ‘guardian deity cannot overcome’, and must need a man to———”

Li Muyang hastily looked away avoiding looking at Qiandu in the eye and mumbled, “In order to save you, I am willing to do anything.”


Qiandu felt that it would have been better if she had died.

Whywas she still alive?

“If you don’t want to, I’ll think of another way.” Li Muyang hurriedly said. He racked his brains, trying to find a way in his sea of memory to treat this ‘guardian deity cannot overcome’ aphrodisiac drug.

He found many other methods of aphrodisiac detoxification such as ‘I love wood’, ‘The Queen also wants’, and ‘The fierce woman turns back again’, such wild and extremely vulgar drug names and detoxification methods. But he could not find the aphrodisiac drug ‘guardian deity cannot overcome’, let alone a method of treatment.

Obviously, this was an aphrodisiac that had emerged in the recent thousands of years, and even the old dragon himself had not dabbled in such a thing.

From studying countless generations of men, the standard in the production of aphrodisiac was constantly improving, and the standard in naming had also risen substantially.

However, there was a piece of information that made Li Muyang’s eyes lit up. He felt that it was of valuable reference.

In the book ‘Introduction to Aphrodisiac’, it mentioned that aphrodisiac is a combination of hot and intense objects to drive the human body to have a sudden impulse and make people lose themselves. All things and living things in this world mutually reinforce and neutralize each other. For any type of aphrodisiac, as long as the neutralising drug is found then everything would be solved.

Of course, if there was no other option, one way would be to cure poison with poison. Use the strongest poison to treat the toxin so that the weaker poison would be swallowed up and dissolved by the one of more intense toxicity.

Of course, a new problem arises again: you have to find a way to treat the more intense poison.

Some people that had been poisoned with a highly toxic drug will choose this solution, using a more fierce poison to restrain the effect of the previous toxic drug. But as more poisons are being consumed, there would be a higher accumulation of toxins in the body. When those toxins erupt, the majority of the sufferers would die.

Such action was only for the sake of continuing life, it was impossible to completely cure it. Ordinary people would not take this option.

Of course, Li Muyang had no better option. Qiandu was currently so unwell, that she would very soon die without treatment. He was finally able to save Qiandu after all the difficulty, how could he helplessly watch her die in his arms?

So, Li Muyang turned to look at Qiandu, saying, “I have a solution———”

“I am willing.” Qiandu, as though had made up her mind about something, swung her head around to look at Li Muyang.

Her face was like the peach blossom, and there was a cloud of mist over her eyes, beautiful and alluring, that make poisoning symptoms appear from a person.

Qiandu froze.

Li Muyang also froze.

It was only after a long moment that Li Muyang finally eased the thudding of his heart and said softly and calmly: “You speak first.”



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