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294 – Bursting and burning!

Chapter 294: Bursting and burning!


There was a saying in the divine continent: mistakes are easily made when talking more.

What this saying meant was that: when you talk too much, you will probably lose the woman you love.

Li Muyang really understood the meaning of this sentence now.

On that night it was possible that he would have to face a temptation that was difficult to resist and refuse.

When Qiandu said to him ‘I’m willing’, he only needed to nod with a flushed face and reply ‘I am willing to dedicate my body to you’. As a result, a single spark would had created flames of passion that are hotter than the temperature of the Mountain of flames.

Li Muyang was not a man that did not know how to adapt.

When his companion whom he entered the illusion with was at a life threatening moment, let alone giving his own body once, even for one year, he would never shy away.

“A good man doesn’t let a woman he loves suffer the slightest bit.”

Would never drift about like a gust of wind.

A good man would not let the woman he loves feel more and more anxious.

Lonely and can’t see the direction of happiness——

A good man would not let his beloved woman suffer the slightest——

What’s the harm in suffering a little hardship for someone you love.

Zhang Gaozhe was a famous wandering singer in West Wind Kingdom. His singing voice had given direction for quiet, helpless men that were at a loss.

Li Muyang was willing to give.

Of course, the seven Changbai seven disgraces also wanted to give, and were killed by him.

There was a trace of anxiety in his heart, an unusually gentle calmness on his face, and a look that said I respect your decision, when he said, “You speak first.”

Qiandu was extremely shy, as though something was flooding her body and there were powerful waves rippling through her body, making her lose the ability to think.

She bit her tongue, blood came seeping out from her mouth again as she said in a weak voice, “Did you say——you have a solution?”

You see, this is the perfect example of ‘mistakes are easily made when talking more’.

Li Muyang nodded. “Guardian deity cannot overcome’ is a very unique and strong poison, I cannot find a method of detoxification in such a short time. And even if I had one, I mostly likely would not find the neutralising medicinal ingredients required in this wilderness.”

“Then——“ Qiandu’s eyes were darting around, her cheeks were like peach blossoms in full bloom. She really couldn’t take it anymore. She felt that her body was getting hotter, and that Li Muyang’s body had a strong attractive force. If she had not been receiving the best royal education, if she had not had the perseverance and pride that are superior to common people, she most likely would had subdued to the aphrodisiac. “What is the method?”

“Fight poison with poison” Li Muyang stated.

“Good.” Qiandu immediately answered. At this time she couldn’t care less what the method was, as long as it could help rid the toxins in her body, she was willing to try any method.

“There might be some residual effects, I need your cooperation——” Li Muyang looked at Qiandu’s confused eyes, then gently sighed. There was no use in discussing anything with her now, he needed to make decisions by himself, since everything he did was the best for her, and he would never harm her.

Li Muyang would rather harm himself.

He slashed across his arm with a dagger, and blood came flowing out.

Li Muyang moved his wounded arm to right in front of Qiandu’s mouth, saying: “Drink it. Drink more.”

Qiandu was struggling to keep her eyes open, but no matter she was unable to.

She was still desperately refusing: “Why——”

“The dragon possess the attribute of fire and is a hugely poisonous thing to the average person. Drinking the blood of a dragon will cause one’s blood to boil, and may directly burn the organs and blood vessels of the body——The aphrodisiac drug you were poisoned with is also has heat attributes, using the blood of a dragon to counteract the poison should have miraculous effects.”

Li Muyang explained. “Quickly drink it. I’ll be fine. I don’t want anything to happen to you.”

Qiandu no longer hesitated, opened her mouth and drew in the blood that was seeping out from Li Muyang’s arm.

The dragon’s blood was burning as it entered down her throat, like scalding water or the lava of the Mountain of flames.

Her body was trembling from the heat, and her throat felt would soon be destroyed by the blood and qi.

As it entered her body, undergo conflict, and desperately swallow and combine with the qi and blood inside, Qiandu’s body was burning more fiercely, thick smoke emitting from her, like skewer of roasted meat in a small alley of Jiangnan city.

“Li Muyang——” Qiandu was writhing about in pain, constantly shouting Li Muyang’s name: “Li Muyang——Li Muyang——”

Li Muyang’s other hand was grasping her right hand to give her confidence and strength.

He knew that at this moment he was the only one that she could depend on.

“It’ll be fine. It’s going to be okay.” Li Muyang held her tightly, whispering gently in her ears——

The blood-red moon had grew lighter, turning from the previous crimson red into the present weak red. The moonlight was no longer as dazzling as before,  but instead was gently illuminating the earth.

The red moon was getting further and further away, and looked as though the last of the moon would soon disappear before their eyes. Darkness was imminent, and as soon as the red moon disappears, dawn would break across the horizon.

It would be the beginning of a new day.

“The sky is getting brighter.” Qiandu said softly, slowly opening up her eyes, looking at the red moon that was getting further and further away.

“You’re awake?” Li Muyang walked over to Qiandu, holding a roasted red beak bird in his hand. “Eat some. It tastes pretty good.”

Qiandu did not receive the bird meat, looked deep into Li Muyang’s eyes and said, “I’m not hungry. My body feels warm and powerful——thank you.”

“Then I’ll have it. You can’t waste anything here.” Li Muyang said aloud, tearing off the leg of the bird and began to chew. “Thank me what? Remember the last time we went exploring around the academy? At that time I fell into the cold pond and you jumped into the cold pond inside to save me. It was so dangerous, but you didn’t give up, did you? Canghai had told me.”

When Li Muyang mentioned Lin Canhai, his mood became heavy.

Lin Canghai was taken away by the Chong Diao, and they were unsure whether he was alive or not.

The Chong Diao was wounded and had escaped, and might retaliate against Lin Canghai.

They should have immediately gone to rescue Lin Canghai, but they ran into the Changbai seven disgraces, who all had been killed in that fierce battle, and Qiandu was poisoned——

Li Muyang fed Qiandu dragon’s blood and as a result Qiandu fainted. Li Muyang could not leave her by herself, so their search had been delayed until now.

“It’s all my fault.” Qiandu said with shame all over her face. “If it wasn’t because I was poisoned, we could have saved Canghai earlier.”

She got up from the rock that she was leaning against and said, “Let’s go. Let’s go find Canghai. I will not leave this illusion until I find Canghai.”

The illusion of water only opens once a year, and if they do no leave before dawn, they would have to wait one whole year to get back out.

In this one year of time, they would have to immerse in the living water that was everywhere, endure the coldness of the Red Moon, and walk through dangerous areas like the Mountain of flames. Chong Diao or some other beasts of the divine continent would see them as preys, and they would serve as a companion for the moonlight wolves, because they are the ruler of this territory.

They would never see daylight, falling into darkness and the abyss.

There had been people that were left behind, but they had all died.

It was incredibly hard even for teachers of Starry Sky Academy to spend a year in this illusion.

Of course, those able to stay a year can become a strong person of Starry sky or perhaps——a madman.

Li Muyang did not doubt Qiandu’s understanding of the water illusion, based on knowledge alone she would be ranked in the top of the Starry Sky students.

Of course, in addition to Lu Qiji that psycho and a genius like himself.

However, since she clearly knew of the danger of the illusion, yet still remained unhesitatingly behind to search for Canghai, this proved that their relationship was more than that of ordinary classmates, right?

Li Muyang stuffed the last piece of the bird meat into his mouth. “I won’t go out without you. The three of us came into the illusion together, how can I go back myself? People would think I killed you two.”


“Then it’s decided.” Li Muyang was glancing around. “While you were sleep, I have scouted out the surroundings. There is a mountain over at that direction, although not as high as Mountain of flames, it should belong to the environment that Chong Diao likes to live in——and it is not too far from here. Chong Diao has been wounded and shouldn’t have gone far, maybe it left Canghai there.”

“Then let’s go.” said Qiandu aloud.

Looking up and down at the tattered and dirty single layer of clothing on Li Muyang, she then asked, “Where’s your clothes?”

When they came here, everyone was wearing the Starry Sky uniform- starry cloud robe. But now the starry cloud robe was nowhere to be seen on Li Muyang, only this piece of blood stained clothing that had many holes on it, like a beggar.

“It burst apart. apart.” Li Muyang said with a low embarrass tone. When he transformed into a dragon, he did not have the time to take off his long robe and the other pieces of clothing on him, and afterwards they all disappeared. “I just took the robe and clothes of the Changbai seven disgraces Zhong Yu for us to change into——”

“We?” Qiandu looked down, noticing the starry cloud robe on her was extremely wide and loose. It was obvious that it was not her own specially tailored robe. What’s more, there was nothing inside, except for this piece of starry robe she was not dressed in any other layer of clothing.

“You were burning.” Li Muyang hurriedly explained.



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