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297 – The heart of the weak water!

Chapter 297: The heart of the weak water!


“Abandoned student of Starry Sky?” Lin Canghai had a puzzled look across his face. “Starry Sky Academy?”

“What other Academy dares to be named after the starry sky?”

“You were a student of starry sky?”

Lin Canghai had never imagined that, the man in front of him with messy hair like weeds, face dark like a cauldron was also a student of Starry sky.  Apart from the pair of gentle and confused eyes, there was hardly any other facial features that were visible.

Also, the clothes that were on him had lost its colour, even the part that was covering his buttocks had been mended with animal skin. Where is the pride and presentable appearance that a student of Starry Sky should have?

A person like that, was also a student of Starry Sky Academy?

The favourable opinion that Lin Canghai had of Starry Sky was greatly reduced, to think the academy would accept all kind of people?

The savage did not like what he was hearing, so he simply didn’t listen. He strode towards the fire in huge steps, sat down on a rock by the fire, lifted the red gourd and gulped down huge mouthfuls of water.

The Chong Diao was fiercely glaring at Lin Canghai, a callous look on his face as though it was saying that if he dare run away it would capture him again and eat him, while shifting over to the savage, squatted in the fire and finished eating the piece of meat that the savage tore off.

Lin Canghai took another glance down the cliff, where the cold wind was whistling and black mist tumbling. The moon in the sky was growing fainter, and his visual range was getting narrower. It was dangerous to jump off a cliff at this time.

However, because the savage called himself an abandoned student of Starry Sky, it made Lin Canghai felt somewhat close to him. Is this what they call meeting an old friend far from home?

Lin Canghai moved closer to the fire pit, which could dispel the chill in the cave.

He stood in the distance observing the expression on the savage’s face, asking: “Since you’re a student of Starry Sky, then why don’t you go back?”

“I won’t go back. I also have no face to go back.” Savage stated loudly.

“Why?” Lin Canghai asked with a curious look on his face. “The reason the academy sends students into the illusion, is to let students to experience adventure and break into the next realm. When we came in, the teachers repeatedly told us that, no matter what, we must return before morning——You must have lived in this illusion for some years?”

“How many years?” Savage mumbled, pondered for a long time, shook his head and said. “There is no sun and moon, I don’t know how many years have I stayed here. Maybe, it should be a long time? I have watched generation after generation of students come in, generation after generation of students go out. There were some students that have never gotten out——”

Lin Canghai gasped in surprise, trying to discern the age of savage, but because the cave was dark, the savage’s face was even more dark, it was difficult to see clearly.

“Then you should be my senior——which year did Senior enter the academy?”

“What year?” Savage looked down deep in thought, then shook his head. “I also do not remember.”

“What does senior remember?”

“I remember what should be remembered.”

“For example?”

“Why I am here.” Savage said in a low voice. This was evidently not a topic he wanted to discuss.

Lin Cangahi’s curiosity about the savage was piqued.

He sat down savage on a rock like the savage, looked at the savage across the fire, and asked: “Why did you come here?”

Savage lifted his head, his eyes shot a look at Lin Canghai from beneath his messy hair and said: “Didn’t you also come for that thing?”

Lin Canghai replied after a brief thought, “If it was an ordinary treasure, it is not worth you staying here for so many years. So it must be a divine treasure that is tempting your mind——I’m guessing. I don’t know what divine weapons thee are in this water illusion, but when we came in, we saw the stone tablet of Feng Lin Continent, and the island was surrounded by weak water. Weak water is the eye of the formation, a natural barrier of the illusion of water. So what you’re looking for must be the legendary heart of the weak water, right?”

“That’s right.” Savage did not deny it. “We were here for that thing.”

Lin Canghai did not know whether to laugh or cry, looked at the savage and said: “Senior, you should be aware that the heart of the weak water is not an ordinary object, the outside world does not even know about it. I don’t know what it looks like, I don’t know what remarkable ability it has. Even until now, no one has seen it in person or had possessed it before——Of course, there are historical records that during the Dragon Slayer period the strongest person of Starry Sky Xuan Yuan used the heart of weak water time and time again to slaughter dragons. But that is just a legend. Even now there are historians arguing that the object that Xuan Yuan used infinitely was not the real heart of the weak water——”

Lin Canghai felt pity for the savage, continuing in a consoling tone. “For a mysterious weapon, that perhaps does not exist in this world, you wasted your youth and time here, is it worth it?”

Savage pointed to the running water inside the cave, asking: “What is that?”

“Water.” Lin Canghai said. “It was only when I came here that I noticed this world is full of living water. What’s even more strange is that, the water does not affect the normal life of humans. We can still breathe and talk, and can barbecue. Not even our clothes or hair are wet. It’s like we are living in the underwater world. It’s very mysterious”

“Why is that so?” asked the savage.

“In the illusion of water, what sort of strange things won’t happen? To tell you the truth, I don’t even know whether I’m actually here or this is just an imaginary space. Just like the assessment when we entered Starry Sky Academy, every illusion that we entered was a set up. It was a randomly generated scene or person based on what we were thinking in our minds——or it could be said, it was one nightmare after another.”

Savage shook his head. “This is the real world. Every person or animal you see here is real. I am real and the Chong Diao is real. The dead are also real. If you die, it is real.”

Lin Canghai could still feel his heart fluttering with fear, as he glowered at the Chong Diao. “Almost could not go back.”

“If you can’t go back you really couldn’t go back.” The savage said.

He touched the water with his finger and stated, “This is not water. This is water element.”

“Water element?”

“The illusion of water is supported by countless water elements. The reason for this is that there is a steady stream of water elements produced by the heart of weak water.” The savage spoke some startling words. “The heart of the weak water is not illusory, it does exist. And it’s all around us. It is within reach for each one of us.”


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