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299 – The human heart was the most poisonous!

Chapter 299: The human heart was the most poisonous!


There were gusts of cold wind and the black mist was rolling across. That valley was evidently not any ordinary agricultural land, and there may be an old black mountain demon jumping out suddenly.

Li Muyang was about to head up the mountain with Qiandu when he saw a man white shouting ‘help’ and rushing towards them.

Although Li Muyang did not recognise this person, but seeing that he was wearing a Starry Sky Academy’s starry cloud robe, he should be one of the students that entered the illusion with them.

The man’s body was stained with blood and seemed to have suffered a bitter battle in the valley. Across his chest were many wounds, blood flowing out, and his flesh was exposed, looking extremely tragic.

Barren mountains and wasteland, monsters were ferocious and terrifying. If those monsters came in droves, it would really be a huge problem. That was what happened when Li Muyang and the others encountered the pack of moon wolf.

It was said that there are no friendship in the land of illusions. Everyone would resort to their most primordial instinct, the evil of human nature would be infinitely enlarged.

Li Muyang did not care how other people think or what they do, since everyone were students of Starry Sky, were similarly wearing the Starry cloud outfit, they are of the same root. They should be supportive and look after each other.

Li Muyang was about to draw his sword to rescue him, when he saw that from the eerie valley dashed out another few shadows.

It was not a beast that was chasing after him, but humans.

And, from their appearance and clothing, they seemed to be students of Starry Sky.

“Attacking each other?” Li Muyang frowned. Qiandu’s gaze also narrowed in disapproval.

The leader, a white robed man, soared into the air and swung out his sword, and a white air current hurled toward the back of the injured man. If he was hit, the injured man would most likely be dismembered.

Li Muyang reached out his hand and dragged the injured man’s body behind him.

At the same time, the magic flute in Qiandu’s hand was turning blue, and then a bolt of lightning struck the sword light.


Sword qi and lightning collided against each other in the air, producing sharp cracking and snapping noises.

“Save me——” The wounded man grabbed Li Muyang’s arm and breaks out with a loud, tragic wail. “Save me. Please save me——they’re going to kill me, they’re going to kill me——”

Li Muyang patted his arm, motioning him not to panic, looked at the several white men that had surrounded them and shouted: “We are all students of Starry Sky, why do such a cruel thing? Aren’t you afraid of receiving punishment when you go back to the academy?”

“The punishment from the academy?” Huang huang was already furious when his sword attack failed, but when the boy in white dared question him he could feel the anger growing, bubbling up inside him. He raised his sword, and glowered at the injured man who was hiding behind Li Muyang. “He killed and stole the treasure, what should we do? Everyone should punish this kind of scum, I would say the same thing to the Academy when they ask me. Do you want to shelter this heartless scum?”

“Kill and stole the treasure?” Li Muyang could feel his heart thumping within his chest, a bad feeling inside.

“He is lying, I never did it——” cried the wounded man. “I did not kill, they saw that I obtained the Illuminating dragon wall inside the Dragon Palace, so they want to kill me, and take my dragon wall——”

“Dragon palace? Illuminating dragon wall?”

Li Muyang and Qiandu exchanged a glance at each other.

There is a dragon palace in the water illusion?

Right, Li Muyang suddenly recalled the words of the son of the Red Moon. The Wolf King said that his ancestor made a deal with it, exchange three years of use of the heart of the weak water for its wolf pearl. This proved that a dragon has been here, and has lived in this illusion for some time, and even built a temporary palace in this eerie valley——

The wealthy could do whatever they want!

But what the hell is the dragon wall?

Could it be that when you shine that thing at a dragon, you would know whether that is a dragon or not——Isn’t that useless?

A dragon is so enormous, a blind person could see whether it is a dragon or not. Do you still need to shine the illuminating dragon wall at it?

There is another possibility, you could shine it on a person. When you shine the illuminating dragon wall at a human being you could tell if the person is a dragon or not——how many people do you have to shine at to find a dragon? If they could so easily find a dragon in the vast divine continent, their divine race would had already commanded millions of races. Would there be a need for the revival of the dragon race?

Li Muyang suddenly felt that the illuminating dragon wall was of very little value, it was an object that was useless to him.

Of course, he must go take a look at the Dragon Palace. Who would not return to their own home?

The things inside his home are his property. The fact that these people went treasure hunting in his home and did not greet the owner irritated Li Muyang.

“Zhang An-an, stop denying it. Your teammate Li Mi discovered the Illuminating dragon wall first, but because of your greedy intentions, while Li Mi was off guard against you pierced his heart with your sword——”

“Zhang An-an, you must not have thought of it, while you were hastily running away with your treasure, we arrived when Li Mi was still breathing and he told us the truth——”

“The net of Heaven has large meshes but it lets nothing through and always catches the evil, today we will enforce justice on behalf of the heaven——”

The people crowded around and yelled, they hated Zhang An-an to the core.

Li Muyang turned around to look at Zhang An-an, saying: “What is going on? You have to tell me the truth. If you have received unjust treatment, I will definitely protect you. If you’re really the kind of person that they say you are, I will leave you to die.”


Zhang An sank to his knees in front of Li Muyang, his eyes red, and his face was wet with tears, pointing to those that were accusing him. “They are lying. They are lying. Li Mi and I found the Illuminating dragon wall together, just as we were about to take it away, these people suddenly broke into the Dragon Palace. They asked us to give them the dragon wall, and we obviously refused.”

Zhang An-an pointed his blood-stained finger at Huang Huang, screaming: “He suddenly pulled out his sword and started attacking, and thrust his sword at Li Mi’s back. I saw that the situation was unfavourable, I took the dragon wall and tried to escape, they wanted to steal my treasure and kill me, so followed me all the way here. If I had not ran into you, I would have died in their hands.”

“Distorting the truth, you’re so shameless.”

“Zhang An-an, no matter what today, you will not leave this illusion——”

“We don’t need to have the Dragon wall, but we must kill you——”

Li Muyang was torn between the two versions of the story.

It was said that beasts are hateful, but the human heart was 10 times more hateful than those beasts.

These people argued their side of the case well. However, no matter what the truth was, it would still be shocking.

In order to gain possession of a useless piece of treasure, they pulled out their swords to kill each other.

Do they have any sense of honour? Do they not care about the friendship between classmates?

Li Muyang looked at Zhang An-an and asked loudly, “Where is the dragon wall?”

Zhang An-an suddenly stopped wailing, staring warily at Li Muyang and asking, “What——are you thinking of doing?”

The others’ gaze was also fixed on Li Muyang. “Boy, are you trying to snatch the treasure?”

“I told you, there is no hero, he is just a greedy trash——”

“Just say it if you want the treasure, if you don’t tell us how would we know that you want it——”

Everyone were staring strangely at Li Muyang, thinking that he was suddenly more adorable.

After all, they were the same kind of people.

Li Muyang gently shook his head. “I don’t want the Illuminating Dragon, I don’t care who has it. But since this started because of the wall, why don’t we just destroy it? Suffering financial losses can dispel calamities, everyone treat it as though nothing had happened. What do you think?”

“Never.” Zhang An-an yelled sharply. “I risked my life for the illuminating dragon wall, why should I give it to you to destroy?”

The others burst into loud laughters, and Huang huang looked at Li Muyang and said, “Boy, did you see that? He is refusing your help. So go do whatever you have to do. You don’t have to meddle here.”

“Exactly. Your kindness is being treated as ill intent. I advise you to leave quickly, you might not be able to leave later.”

Li Muyang looked at Zhang An-an, gently sighing: “If you don’t have your life, what is the use in having the Illuminating dragon wall? You won’t have it and others also won’t have it. Don’t you think that’s good?”

“No.” Zhang An-an shook his head. “That’s impossible. It’s mine, I found it, I won’t throw it away.”

“As long as you destroy the dragon wall, I can guarantee your safety.” Li Muyang glanced at the Starry sky students that crowded around them, before he continued: “At least I won’t let them hurt you.”

“No, that’s impossible.” Zhang An-an’s face was filled with panic, screaming, “I would rather die.”

“So you killed Li Mi?”

“It was him who wanted——” Zhang An-an stared in shock, his face paler than paper.

Li Muyang gave him an icy glare as he questioned him: “You and Li Mi found the Illuminating dragon wall together, then he wanted to kill you, so you killed him first. Is that right?”

“No. It’s not like that.” Zhang An-an was desperately shaking his head. “I didn’t kill him, I didn’t kill him. Don’t force me, do not force me——you are with them, you want to steal my illuminating dragon wall.”

The sword in his hand suddenly thrust towards Li Muyang’s stomach, when Qiandu kicked him in the elbow, and the sword in his hand went flying off to one side.



Li Muyang kicked him in his chest and forcefully stomped on his body.

“Why do people like you live?” Li Muyang uttered in a cold voice, his foot firmly on Zhang An-an’s chest.



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