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303 – Brother and sister reunion!

Chapter 303: Brother and sister reunion!


Although he could not strike back at Huang Huang now, but with the Illuminating Dragon Wall in his hands it more or less lessened his anger.

After all, no one could shine on him and identify as a dragon, right?

Li Muyang patted Tie Muxin’s shoulder and asked aloud, “Why are you here?”

Tie Muxin grinned, pointing to Lu Qiji. “I saw her chasing a small animal, and I had nothing to do so followed her.”

Li Muyang looked to Lu Qiji, realising that Lu Qiji was not paying attention to him. Her line of sight was fixed on the snow white beast that was fluttering about in the air not that far away and was not willing to come closer.

That was the Snowball that Li Muyang was fond of.

Li Muyang walked over to where Lu Qiji was, saying in a low voice: “I saw it first.”

Lu Qiji did not even glance at Li Muyang, her gaze was still on Snowball, when she said in a biting-cold voice: “Talents and treasure, are reserved for the capable. Whoever gets it first can have it.”

“I’ve already given it a name. It’s called Snowball.”

“When it’s in my hand, I can continue to call it Snowball.”


Lu Qiji no longer paid any attention to Li Muyang, slowly moving closer to the snow-white beast.

Li Muyang was not going to stand still and let his little Snowball get snatch away. He waved to Snowball, trying to please it. “Snowball, come her, I’ll give you something delicious to eat.”

Snowball looked more afraid of Li Muyang, seeing that Li Muyang was waving to itself, not only did it not come closer, but pursed its mouth and moved several metres back.

Tie Muxin wrapped his arm around Li Muyang’s shoulder, whispering, “What is that thing? It looks good but seems useless. Women like cats and dogs, and you like this? If you like this sort of thing, when I return to the Grasslands I will bring you a pink chinchilla, its much better than this little transparent thing.”

Li Muyang nodded. “Well, give me a few more, I can gift it to people.”

Tie Muxin suddenly raised his voice “that is the sacred creature of the grassland, it only comes by with luck. It’s much rarer than the little transparent thing that you fancy. It’s not easy to find one, and you want a few of them?”

“Fine, fine, fine, just one then.” Li Muyang did not want to hear Tie Muxin chattering non-stop. Snowball was almost snatched away by Lu Qiji, he must do something.

Lu Qiji slowly moved closer, a black ball of light surfacing on her palm.

By the time Snowball was closer, the black ball of light was released from her hand out, hurtling towards its little transparent head.

The little transparent creature, as though had not sensed danger coming, was still furtively glancing over at Li Muyang and then quickly looking away, repeatedly. It seemed to have infinite curiosity about Li Muyang, and also a great fear.

“Tie Muxin——” Li Muyang suddenly screamed.

Snowball, startled by the voice of Li Muyang, thought that he would make some movements, immediately turned and fled.

At the same time, the black ball of light abruptly exploded, changing into a huge black net. The air, elements of water, and even the weeds and stones on the ground, as long as were within the area covered by the big net, were all pulled towards the net, and unable to escape.

Because Snowball received an advanced warning from Li Muyang, just before the black light ball exploded it had already escaped.

Lu Qiji’s net failed once again.

Lu Qiji scowled at Li Muyang. “Li Muyang, what are you doing?”

“I didn’t do anything.” Li Muyang replied with an expressionless face. “I just shouted Tie Muxin’s name, I have to talk to him about something.”

“What are you going to talk to me about?” Tie Muxin came over with a bewildered look on his face, asking aloud. Li Muyang suddenly shouted his name and gave him a fright. He thought something had suddenly struck them.

“I forgot.” Li Muyang said.


Lu Qiji knew that Li Muyang was evading responsibility, though there was nothing she could do.

“If I can’t have it, you also don’t think of getting it.” Lu Qiji stated. She thought to herself: I will follow you today. If I cannot get the heart of the weak water, you also won’t have the heart of weak water. When I was about to catch it, you ruined it. Do you think I won’t prevent you from capturing it?

The snow-white ball came to a stop in the far distance, pouted and looked at Lu Qiji.

It did not understand that why people want to hurt it when it was so cute?

Ga Ga Ga—

At this moment, the wailing of a baby bird suddenly came.

Li Muyang and Qiandu exchanged a glance at each other, and kept a sharp lookout

Li Muyang clenched the Understand Heaven Sword tight, and the Magic Music flute in Qiandu’s hand was flashing out green light again.

Chong Diao, the Chong Diao that took Lin Canghai from Li Muyang and Qiandu.

“Everybody, on your guard.” Li Muyang warned. “That is one of the ten most vicious beasts of the divine continent. It’s fast, and can be invisible. Be careful not to be caught by it.”

Worried that everyone did not realise the danger of this beast, Li Muyang then added, “Lin Canghai was taken away by this fierce beast.”

“What? Lin Canghai was taken by it?” Tie Muxin and Cai Pa turned pale with fear. They and Lin Canghai were students of the Dragon Slayer class, so they were fully aware of Lin Canghai’s strength. The cultivation of Chu Xun was not weak, but Lin Canghai was able to forcibly take his sword away empty-handed. From this it was clear that his strength had reached what sort of terrifying stage.

A skilled master like Lin Canghai was captured by the Chong Diao, then with his large body size he would be an obvious target.

Tie Muxin’s manner changed from apathetic to sudden keen interest, concentrated his attention and held his breath, creating a layer of yellow qi around body. There were sparks around Cai Pa’s whip, as she unblinkingly stared at the sky, like she was prepared to launch a deadly blow at the enemy anytime.

When the others heard that that fierce bird took someone away, they all prepared their weapons ready to fight.

What was strange was that, they could only hear the sound of the Chong Diao, but did not see it flying down to hurt people.

It was circling in between the dark clouds and thick fog, its figure constantly appearing and disappearing.

Li Muyang and Qiandu had mixed feelings about this. They were glad that the Chong Diao appeared again, since it indicated that Lin Canghai was in this vicinity. They were also worried that Lin Canghai had died tragically already.

As long as they couldn’t find Lin Canghai, they would remain optimistic that he was alive. But if Lin Canghai’s body was found, they would lose all hope.

Qiandu was standing next to Li Muyang, saying, “I’ll go up and see.”

As she was speaking, she was activating the glass mirror ready to go up the mountain to find Lin Canghai alone.

“Didn’t we say we would go up the mountain together. If we can’t find Lin Canghai, we’ll keep looking for him.” Li Muyang interrupted.

After that, he followed her up the mountain.


The sound of Chong Diao was getting closer, the sky was shrouded with dense black clouds, and a huge shadow swooped down from the black clouds.

Li Muyang and Qiandu immediately twisted around and returned, standing together with everyone ready to greet the enemy.

Unexpectedly, the Chong Diao seemed afraid of Li Muyang.

It did not go near the Starry Sky students who were gathered together, but stopped on a huge rock not far away.

When enemies come face to face, their eyes are blazing with hatred.

Chong Diao glared ferociously at Li Muyang, just now it was him that jumped onto his body, pulled out of the spikes on his back and repeatedly stabbed him. If it had not fled quickly, it would have been killed by Li Muyang.

Li Muyang’s eyes shifted over to the back of the Chong Diao.

On the back of the Chong Diao was a man sitting astride.

A savage with dishevelled hair.

Could it be that this man is the master of the Chong Diao? If not, how could a vicious bird like it tolerate others casually riding on its back?

Moreover, Li Muyang could see that the Chong Diao was respectful and obedient in front of this person, like it had been tamed.

When he saw this man, Li Muyang had made up his mind.

He couldn’t reason with a bird, but he could reason with a human.

If this person really was the master of the Chong Diao, perhaps Lin Canghai was still alive.

Li Muyang was thinking about how to communicate with this person, when a pretty teenager in white jumped down from behind the tall savage. His wide smile seemed to light up the dark night.

“Li Muyang, Qiandu——” Lin Canghai greeted excitedly. “I’m all right. I’m alive.”

“Lin Canghai.” Li Muyang was ecstatic. “Canghai, you’re okay? They didn’t hurt you?”

Qiandu’s eyes were red with tears, seeing that Lin Canghai was safe and sound, it was as though the weight has been lifted off her mind. There were thousands and thousands of words in her mind, but she did not know what to say.

Lin Canghai sprinted over to Li Muyang and Qiandu, giving Li Muyang a tight hug.

Li Muyang patted Lin Canghai on his shoulder, smiled and said: “We thought you have been eaten by the bird.”

“I’m so good-looking, the bird wouldn’t eat me. If I got eaten, you would be very upset, right?”

“How would I? If you get eaten, I’ll be the most handsome person in Starry Sky Academy.” Li Muyang laughed. “Only you are qualified to be my opponent.”

“Even if I come back, you are still the most handsome boy of Starry Sky.” Lin Canghai stated.

After they exchanged hugs, Lin Canghai went over to Qiandu.

He lowered his head to Qiandu, performing the standard etiquette of a noble, and said in a low voice, “I’m back.”

Qiandu threw her arms around him and held him tightly.

Lin Canghai was taken aback for a moment, before breaking into a bright smile.

When they entered the school, they had been concealing their identities from the outside world. No one even knew what was Qiandu’s family name.

After this separation of life and death, she was finally willing to admit that he was her younger brother in front of her classmates.

“Big sister——” Lin Canghai exclaimed joyfully.



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