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304 – Savage behaves shockingly!

Chapter 304: Savage behaves shockingly!


Now that Lin Canghai had safely returned, Li Muyang and Qiandu were ecstatic.

They were prepared to bring him back no matter whether he was dead or alive, but they did not expect that such a difficult matter would be so easily solved.

Not only did the Chong Diao not eat Lin Canghai, he was alive and well, and not wounded at all——When they were hugging, Li Muyang could even smell a strong aroma of barbecue from his body.

Did the Chong Diao also invite him to have a meal with it?

Li Muyang thought that this was because he has the divine dragon protecting him, and luck was on his side.

Li Muyang gave a cupped fist salute to the Savage that was sitting astride the Chong Diao. “What is Senior’s name?”

Savage glanced at Li Muyang, saying: “A Savage of a cave, I’ve long forgotten my name.”

“Skilled masters don’t like remembering their own name.” Li Muyang smiled. “Thank you for saving my friend Canghai. Your kindness, I don’t know how to repay you. If Senior has any requests, we will try our best to repay you.”

“I didn’t save him.” Savage stated. “I just didn’t kill him.”

Li Muyang seriously pondered for a moment; this really was the truth.

Lin Canghai did not provoke anyone on the way, but he was taken away by the Chong Diao. In order to find Lin Canghai, how much had they suffered and how tired were they? If he did not have the ability to transform into a dragon, he most likely would had been killed by the Changbai seven disgraces, and it would had been worst for Qiandu, almost impossible to imagine.

In the final analysis, it was the Savage’s fault.

Li Muyang cupped one hand in the other, saying: “Since Senior said so, then we are even.”

Savage paid no attention to Li Muyang, as though he had found a new world, his eyes lit up when he saw the Snow-white ball, saying with a trembling voice, “I knew it is here, I knew it has been here all along——I’ve waited so many years, it has finally appeared.”

Li Muyang’s eyes were flickering back and forth between the direction of the Savage’s gaze and the excited expression on his face. He knew the situation was bad, how come everyone wants to have his little Snowball? What about the traditional rules of first come first serve?

When Lin Canghai heard what the Savage said he asked aloud: “Brother, what did you say? Wait? What did you wait for?”

“The heart of the weak water.” Savage said aloud. “I had sensed that the water elements were suddenly crowding together, and that there were a lot of water elements gathering over here. I knew it must have came here. I didn’t imagine I would be right.”

There were tears sliding down the man’s face. He had came for this treasured object, he had invested too much in it, and waited too long for it.

But, all these years, he had not even caught a glimpse of the shadow of that heart of the weak water. He had thought that he would never see it in his whole life, and then he would die in the wilderness and never have any connection with anything in the world.

Today, he finally had the chance to see its true face.

“What? That is the heart of the weak water?”

“Heavens, a treasured object like the heart of the weak water heart really exists in the world? Isn’t it just a legend?”

“That little animal is the heart of the weak water, we must find a way to snatch it——whoever has it, will be able to become a strong person of Starry Sky——”——

There was a long clamour of discussion, evidently everyone was shocked by the news that they just heard.

Although no one had seen it before, everyone should have heard of its famous name. Because the heart of the weak water was too famous.

Even Li Muyang was shocked by the savage’s words for a moment, staring in wide-eyed astonishment at Snowball, asking in a tone of disbelief: “You mean that little guy——is the heart of the weak water? The heart of the weak water is an animal?”

During a Dragon Slayer lesson, Li Muyang had heard from Yang Xiaohu about the origin of the heart of the weak water. It was said to be a rare treasured object of the world, that has been lost for tens of thousands of years, and there was no one in the world that has seen its true face.

Moreover, it’s the heart of the weak water. The question what is the heart of the water itself was an extremely difficult question to answer.

Li Muyang had never expected the heart of weak water to be an animal, and even more did not expect it to be the little Snowball that was in front of the Glass Mirror.

If he had known that it was the heart of weak water earlier, Li Muyang would had drag it into the glass mirror to protect it from being hurt——

Li Muyang and Qiandu looked at each other, feeling ridiculous.

If what the savage said was true, they knew very clearly what great opportunity they had missed.

At that time, Snowball should have belonged to both of them.

In a lifetime, sometimes one just needs a chance to be able to rise.

Of course, you have to grab the chance.

In Lu Qiji’s eyes, there were purple flames blazing, of course, that glow only flashed across.

She was glaring at the savage with hostility, and since the he knew the origin of the little transparent beast, then he was a potential enemy of her.

In any case, Lu Qiji would not so easily give away a treasured object like the heart of weak water to other people.

Not even to Li Muyang.

She would rather give it to anyone but Li Muyang.

Water is the soul of all living things, and no one knew how much power would erupt from the integration of the Dragon King’s reincarnation and the heart of the weak water.

Even as a descendant of an immortal race, Phoenix was absolutely afraid to take such a risk.

“It is an intangible state, but can transform into a tangible body” Savage said in a low voice, staring fiercely at little Snowball. “Have you not noticed? The water elements around it are the most concentrated, and it blends in with the other elements of water, and it does not need any external force or wings to fly freely.”

Li Muyang nodded. “I only noticed it now.”

Before he only had the desire to save Lin Canghai, so he and Qiandu moved as fast as they could. How would they notice the abnormality around Snowball?

Besides, if they had realised at that time, you people wouldn’t even have the chance of seeing it?

Just then, a boy dressed in white suddenly darted over to Snowball.

Who strikes first gains the advantage. He needed to take the heart of weak water first when everyone was not paying attention.

Unfortunately, his idea was too stupid.

After everyone knew that the little white ball was the heart of weak water, each and every pair of eyes were lit up, firmly fixed on Snowball. How would they let anyone have a head start?

His body had barely moved, when more than tens figures from all directions simultaneously pounced toward the snow-white ball.

Everyone was like wolves, itching to swallow Snowball.


The Chong Diao shrieked, its huge wings suddenly unfolded wide.

Its speed was like lightning, swift and violent, shooting towards Snowball.

The Chong Diao’s enormous body was blocking in front of Snowball, those that had an ulterior motive had no way of coming close to Snowball.

As a result, more than ten figures wielding a sword came charging toward the Chong Diao.

To steal the heart of weak water, they must get rid of this Chong Diao.


The Chong Diao uttered a prolonged shriek, unfolded its wings and began beating the air, immediately whipping up a gust of strong wind. Countless feathers, like countless sharp arrows, were launching an undifferentiated attack on the people.

The people around swung their swords, ducking and turning, in order to avoid getting hit by the countless feathers.

The Chong Diao was too ferocious, which made those Starry Sky students, who wholeheartedly wanted to snatch the heart of the weak water, more vigilant.

They took several steps back, preparing for the second round of attack.

Savage was still sitting astride the Chong Diao, looking at the foolish Starry Sky students and said: “We study under the same teacher in the same school, I do not have the heart to attack you. You have to retreat, this is the treasured object that I have been waiting so many years for. I must have it.”

The savage was so pompous.

Moreover he acted pompously under the situation where they were not aware of his strength at all.

So, the Starry Sky students that were pushed back by the Chong Diao’s feather arrows were not satisfied at all.

“What study under the same teacher in the same school? Do people like you deserve to be a student of Starry Sky?” “

“Exactly. What do you mean the heart of weak water heart is a treasured object you’ve been waiting so many years for. I can also say that I have been waiting for it my entire life.”

“Whoever takes it first can have it, don’t talk nonsense.”——

The majority of the students of Starry Sky was full of pride, and had the mindset that they are the best in the world. But now the Savage was bluntly telling them to go away, would they comply so easily?

The students retorted one after another, and many were looking at the savage with a hostile glare.

They planned to get rid of that man and the bird first, and then decide how to fight over the heart of weak water.

Of course, because everyone was interested in the heart of weak water, they did not want to waste too much time on the savage.

Li Muyang did not act rashly.

Firstly, he knew that the spirit of the weak water was not an ordinary object, and could not be captured so easily.

Secondly, he knew that the Savage was not an ordinary person, otherwise it wouldn’t be possible for him to tame the Chong Diao, one of the fiercest beast of the divine continent.

Thirdly, if they were really to fight, wouldn’t the heart of the weak water be his?

He glared at Lu Qiji warily, thinking to himself: “This woman must have known the identity of Snowball, so she wanted to have it. If I obtained the spirit of weak water, she would never be able to kill me?”

“Why bother?” Savage said regretfully.

His sight shifted again to the spirit of weak water. “If it was other treasures, I would not fight against you. But if it is that, I must fight.”

“Who do not know that the spirit of the weak water is one of the top divine objects listed in [Treasured objects]. You want it, do you think other people do not want it?” Someone sneered.

“Brothers, let’s work together to get rid of this savage——” Someone yelled out.

The person’s proposal had received everyone’s approval.

As a result, more than ten young men in white drew their sword one after another, preparing to come together to destroy the savage and his bird. 

“You overestimate yourselves.” Savage uttered in a low voice.

Inside the black robe, was a palm stretching out.

A pitch-black, charcoal-like palm.

His palm was stained with soot and meat oil because he had just been roasting wild animals.

A white triangular ball of light was emerging on his palm. The light ball had just appeared, when the people around felt a threatening pressure and a strong airflow.

What was even more shocking was that the surrounding water elements were frantically being expelled away, the grass was withering instantly, and safflower suddenly died. A two-winged grasshopper had just jumped up and became a dried-up carcass when it landed.

“Withered Glory realm.” Someone exclaimed. “This person had entered the Withered Glory realm.”



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