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308 – Dragon and Phoenix joint attack!

Chapter 308: Dragon and Phoenix joint attack!


Lin Canghai’s worry was not unreasonable.

The savage had said before that, the larger the external force, the greater the counterattack from the water elements. Just now the Savage had not exerted all his strength, but the water elements in the water illusion grew more and more concentrated, as though would seal up the illusion.

It would cause an imbalance in the air, water elements, and all other aspects of the illusion, and everything would be out of control. At that time, no matter whether its human, animals or plants it would not survive.

If the savage and Lu Qiji fought with all their strength in order to win the heart of weak water, then, this illusion would really be blown up?

“Of course, before you worry about the illusion being blown up, qw first have to worry about whether people would be blown up.” Li Muyang thought to himself.

The identity of Lu Qiji cannot be leaked, if an observant person saw this, then most likely his identity would also be exposed. After all, he and Lu Qiji have had many ‘wonderful’ and well-known interactions before.

However, given Lu Qiji’s current cultivation level, if she did not apply the mysterious techniques and remarkable skills of the Phoenix clan, she would be no match for the savage.

If the savage really could kill Lu Qiji, then all troubles end with her death. But the problem was that the savage may not necessarily be able to kill Lu Qiji——

“A lie needs more than thousands of words to cover it up.” Li Muyang thought to himself. As a tremendous dragon of the Divine continent, he felt that he was living a hard life. He felt mentally and physically exhausted.

So, as soon as the Li Muyang turned around, he darted into the air, standing side by side with Lu Qiji.

Savage was ready to administer a powerful attack, not expecting that there would be someone that was afraid of death and rushed over willingly.

The Savage’s eyes shifted over to Li Muyang, uttering in a low voice, “You also want me to give up the heart of the weak water?”

“I don’t have such a thought.” Li Muyang shook his head.

“Then why did you come here?” Savage was more irritated. “Fists and feet have no eyes, I advise you to stay away from trouble. It’s not beautiful to be accidentally injured or killed.”

Li Muyang pointed to Lu Qiji, saying loudly: “We are classmates, but I also owed her a very huge favour. A fellow classmate is in danger, how can I stand here watching and do nothing?”

When away from home, one must consider the word righteousness.

Li Muyang’s words sounded very pleasant to the ear, but on closer inspection, it made the savage feel uncomfortable and upset.

Your classmate blocked my path and tried to snatch away my treasure, and you’re worried that your classmate would be injured during the robbery, so jumped out to help——

Savage’s mood was turning violent.

The triangular ball of light suddenly expanded several times larger, like a dazzling triangular moon, rising up in the sky.

A white moon.

“Then——” Savage roared. “Then you will die with her.”

As the savage was speaking, his right hand clenched into a fist and then loosened.

As though he was issuing a command, the triangular moon overhead hurtled towards the direction of Li Muyang and Lu Qiji.

The triangular frame was expanding infinitely, trapping Li Muyang and Lu Qiji inside.

The triangular frame rapidly rotated and the area inside was constantly shrinking.

Seeing the silver frame was about to cut across Li Muyang and Lu Qiji at the waist, the fire bird in Lu Qiji’s hands also roared and charged out.


The moment the firebird was separated from her palm, its body grew infinitely, and in a flash a little bird the size of a palm had grown to a King Phoenix that could soar to the ninth heaven.

The Phoenix’s body was blazing with raging flames, its head stretching and claws extending, and every time it shook its body there were a clusters of flames falling down.

The Phoenix was stretching its body in the air, when its head abruptly jerked and slammed into the triangular moon.


The triangular moon unexpectedly was not destroyed, still rotating rapidly, trapping Li Muyang and Lu Qiji in the middle.


Once again, the fire bird knocked into the frame.

Bang Bang Bang——

Time and time again.

This was the gap between their cultivation realms.

Lu Qiji was currently only at the higher stages of the High Mountain, while the savage was at the higher stages of the Withered Glory.

Although it seemed that only the Free cloud realm was between them, in fact, there were three stages of the Free clouds realm and three stages of the Withered Glory down between them.

To climb from the higher stages of the High mountain to the higher stages of the Withered Glory, there was a natural moat between every stages of each realm. There were countless people that could not progress into the next cultivation stage in their lifetime, let alone this was such a huge ascension?

This battle was between a fire bird of the higher stages of the High Mountain and a triangular moon of the higher stages of the Withered Glory. And even though the fire bird looked more powerful and fierce, it was still difficult for it to break the Withered Glory cage, and achieve victory.

When the fire bird struck against the triangular moon, Li Muyang was not resting at all.

He clenched his right fist and thrust it into the triangular moon.

Frighten Dragon Fist!

This was the first fist fighting technique that Li Muyang mastered, the technique he was most skilful in and the most destructive.

Phoenix was blazing, the divine dragon was domineering.

The destructive power of the Dragon-Phoenix alliance was astounding.


The earth quaked and the mountain shook.

Red lights filled the sky.

Everyone was so frightened that they closed their eyes.

Others were swept away by the blast of wind of created by the explosion.

By the time Qiandu and Lin Canghai opened their eyes, they found that the world had become one that they completely do not recognise.

The woods were gone and the hills were gone.

The wild flowers and weeds that covered the mountains and plains had disappeared, and even the withered flowers and animal corpse had been cleared away.

“What just happened?” Lin Canghai gasped, his eyes wide with shock.

“Is the strength of Li Muyang and Lu Qiji so powerful?” Tie Muxin flew back from a distant place, standing next to Lin Canghai and asked.

They both had a confused expression on their face, like curious babies.

But Qiandu, who had the glass mirror protection, seemed unwounded.

She knew about the identity of Li Muyang, so was not at all surprised about the destructive strength of Li Muyang.

What she did not expect was that, Lu Qiji who had remained low-profile and who she almost had never seen fight, was so strong. Moreover, when the Fire Phoenix slammed into the triangular moon, that courageous ambition and that overbearing power she possessed was indeed awe-inspiring and terrifying at the same time.

Qiandu could tell that, the fire bird was not ordinary fire bird, and was more like the legendary Phoenix.

However, in the divine continent, what kind of technique would there be a Phoenix emerging?

Could it be the legendary ‘Nine cycles to rise from the ashes’?

However, the ‘Nine cycles to rise from the ashes’, was said to be a secret skill of the Phoenix clan. In order to help the human race fight against powerful enemies, it was taught to the human race. Why does this girl possess a long lost unique cultivation technique?

All students enrolled into Starry Sky Academy are elites of the world, the most outstanding group of young people in the whole divine continent.

But this was only referring to the future of those young people.

For example, a young man may now be at the High mountain realm or even Empty valley but of Starry Sky Academy felt that he would be able to accomplish something and has a lot of potential, they would accept him into the Academy.

Another example is that the prince of a royal family or the heir of a noble house does not have much power right now. But because of their special identity, they have the opportunity to become King. By the time they hit success, they will have the same opportunity to command people to die for them, become powerful men who can change the land of the divine continent.

This is in the future.

Their future achievements.

This does not mean that these young people can now soar to the ninth heaven.

If every young person was a hidden divine dragon like Li Muyang, or Lu Qiji, possessing the lost technique of ‘Nine cycles to rise from the ashes’, would they need to go to Starry Sky to cultivate?

In this vast world, where could they not go?

If they go exploring in the mountain of immortals, the demon city or some unknown places, would that not improve their strength at a much faster speed?

Besides, if a student already possesses such strength, how do they expect the teachers of Starry Sky to teach them?

A strong person of the Withered Glory realm cannot kill Li Muyang and Lu Qiji, how much stronger is Yang Xiaohu compared to him?

Countless bewildering mysteries came to her mind, causing Qiandu to speculate and suspect about the identity of Lu Qiji.

She knew that there was a great secret that she did not know.

The space was torn to pieces and the water elements were shattered by the impact.

The Savage’s body darted out of a pile of water elements, while Li Muyang and Lu Qiji showed up in front of another mass of flames.

They were holding hands and looked like a pair of lovers.

All eyes shifted to their hands.

The strength of Withered Glory was extraordinary. Even though Li Muyang and Lu Qiji launched a joint attack with all their strength, they were still impacted by the force of the explosion.

In that critical moment, Li Muyang and Lu Qiji promptly held each other’s hands in order to stabilise their body. Otherwise, they did not know where that blast of air would send them away

The savage’s eyes turned to blood red, which was the repercussion of the agitation of qi.

The strange thing was that, after this attack, the skin on his face made him looked like he had aged a lot and there were some fine wrinkles appearing on his face.

The first time Li Muyang saw the savage, although he could not determine his age, from his skin he thought he was a youngster the same age as him. The realm of Withered glory was able to decide life and death with one thought and possess the ability to regenerate.

Once one reached the Withered Glory realm, one can maintain their appearance and no longer age. There was even the effect of returning to one’s youthful appearance.

However, if you use too much qi, your body will begin to age.

Every bite and every sip, is decided by destiny.

Savage was still gripping onto that yuan bottle, and the heart of the weak water was still contained inside.

The little snowball was no longer struggling trying escape, instead sat at the bottom of the bottle and kept spitting out bubbles.

Pff Pff——
Those bubbles were constantly separating, one becoming ten, ten becoming hundreds. One hundred splitting into ten thousands, and ten thousands becoming hundred thousands.

While the savage was fighting with the others, the inside of the bottle had been filled with bubbles.

There were more and more bubbles and limited space inside the yuan bottle. There was no way it could store the water elements that were incessantly growing and wildly splitting into more water elements.

A crack was spreading across the bottle, emitting a loud creaking noise.



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