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310 – The fierceness of the Wolf Pearl!

Chapter 310: The fierceness of the Wolf Pearl!


“Let me try.” Li Muyang said aloud.

Lin Canghai looked at Li Muyang. “What are you thinking? Didn’t Lu Qiji classmate just try?”

The impression that Lin Canghai had of Lu Qiji had greatly improved. He not only came to notice that she was not only beautiful, but also very strong. Because she was beautiful and strong, even her conceited and cold personality and bad habits were much more tolerable.  

In his view, if Lu Qiji’s fire bird could not destroy the ice mountain, what could Li Muyang do?

Was he thinking of slashing it with his sword?

Most likely that before the ice mountain splits, the water elements that were frantically gushing over would freeze them into a part of the ice mountain.

Li Muyang spread opened his hand and a bright red bead appeared on his palm.

The little bead was like a blazing small flame, jumping up and down as though it was alive.

“What is this?” Lin Canghai’s eyes widen in surprise.  

“This is the Wolf Pearl.” Li Muyang explained. “The wolf pearl of the son of the Red Moon.”

“What is the son of the red moon? You mean the Wolf King up there? He lended you the pearl?”

“We made a little deal.” Li Muyang said in a low voice. “But now is not the time to talk about that. I’ll explain it in detail when I get back.”

Li Muyang gazed at the water elements that were growing more and more violent, as well as the large area of withered vegetation and trees, beginning to feel a little impatient and anxious.

Water elements were gushing toward this side piling onto the ice mountain to protect the heart of weak water, destroying the ecological balance of the entire illusion. There were large areas of withered vegetation that had lost the water elements, and the animals were also dying from the water elements.

There were some intelligent animals that perceived the direction of flow of the water elements and followed the steps of the water elements. It would not be long before the ice mountain be surrounded by beasts.

Therefore, Li Muyang must at the fastest speed break apart the ice mountain and ‘rescue’ Snowball.

What if they were frozen to death?

The Lin Canghai fixed his eyes on the little bright fireball and said in disbelief, “Can you melt the ice mountain with just this?”

“Naturally not.” Li Muyang shook his head. “But it can take me into the ice mountain.”

As Li Muyang was speaking, he was pouring essential yuan into the wolf pearl.

The Wolf pearl suddenly grew brighter and blazing vigorously, a candle-like small flame had grown to the size of a large millstone in the air.

Li Muyang gave his fingers a little flick, and the wolf pearl slowly rose toward the sky.

As it was moving upwards it was still constantly expanding in size, like there was suddenly a fiery red sun rising in the illusion.

The wolf pearl soared to the top of the snow-capped mountain, before it came to a stop.

The dazzling flame suddenly erupted, melting a tremendous amount of ice, and the icy water was flowing down the ridges, drowning the withered vegetation and carcasses of animals on the ground.

As soon as the animals that were chasing the water elements saw the sun overhead they were frozen in fear, crouching on the ground not budging an inch.

In the illusion, there was always only the red moonlight, they had never seen rays of light that could illuminate the earth like the red moon.

It was a miracle!

In the face of the unknown, their hearts was full of fear.

“Awoo——” the forest wolves howled sharply.

“Roar——” The tiger bellowed.

“Chirp chrip chirp——” Some unknown birds were both excited and afraid, not understanding why the illusion that they had lived in for years would become so unfamiliar——

At the edge of the continent of Feng Lin, under the red moonlight.

The tremendous body of the son of the red moon was bathing in the moonlight, sensing that his own wolf pearl was emitting the glory and light that belong to him the Wolf King in the weak water.

It was an incredibly glorious moment for the Wolf King, and it felt a great sense of achievement.

So, the Wolf King opened its mouth wide and howled, “Awooo——”


Following the roar of the Wolf King, came the response of thousands of wolves.

Countless red wolves also opened their mouths to the red moon, howling out the awe-inspiring authority and domineering power of the red wolf clan.



When the Wolf King howled, the  thousands of wolves also responded.

As if there was some sort of meaning, every time the Wolf King howled, the wolf pearl erupted once more, releasing a more enthusiastic blazing red light.

The wolf pearl grew bigger and bigger, looked as though was about to cover the entire sky of the illusion.

The snow-capped mountains below the wolf pearl was rapidly melting into ice water, and even the water elements that were frantically rushing forth could not make up for the chunks of falling ice.

“Success.” Lin Canghai’s face was full of surprise as he exclaimed. “The ice mountain will soon melt. I didn’t expect that little bead to be so powerful.”

At the foot of the ice mountain, the melted ice water gathered into a river. Li Muyang and others could no longer stand up, and were hovering in the air.

Because the animals that were lying down on the ground could not levitate, their body was soon submerged in the ice water. They dared not to flee or get up, and was soon turned to ice sculptures.

How could their body withstand this extreme cold temperature?

The Wolf Pearl was indeed a mysterious object of the world, under its direct illumination the ice mountain was melting at a speed visible to the naked eye.

The ground had turned into a vast sea, when the ice mountain had finished melting, leaving only a white transparent light shield covering Snowball and the savage who kept following Snowball.

The strangest thing was that, the wolf pearl could melt that mountain of thousands of feet high, but unable to melt the light shield that looked weak and would collapse in strong wind.

It was tangible but no real form, like mist and like cotton yarn. No one knew what it was made from. The was the last barrier of protection for the heart of weak water.

In the light shield, Snowball and the savage were both vivid and lifelike.  

Snowball’s mouth was still spitting out bubbles, and seeing Li Muyang appearing outside the light shield, it was covering its small mouth with its little paw and giggling. It was unknown where it had learnt this kind of bizarre behaviour

Li Muyang could not help being amused by it, beckoned and said, “Snowball, come out. I’ll take you to find something good to eat.”

Snowball seemed to understand Li Muyang, and was dancing with delight, rolling around and spinning in the light shield, and then rushed towards the outside of the light shield.


Snowball was bounced back.

Savage did not receive such good treatments; he was first frozen under the ice mountain, and was now sealed in the light shield. His breathing was hard and was unable to move a single.

Right now his eyes were tightly closed and his eyebrows were frosted. It was still unclear whether he would live or die.

“The heart of the weak water is mine.”

An abrupt voice suddenly sounded.

When talking, a white figure darted toward the light shield.


The white figure charged right into the light shield and disappeared instantly.

It was a Starry Sky student that was lurking in the surroundings. Seeing that the ice mountain was melting, the heart of the weak water would soon be caught, he took advantage of the fact that people were unprepared to rush out to snatch the fruit of victory.

The snowball was still inside, and the savage was still inside.

But a living man had disappeared. Like nothing had happened.  

“What’s going on?” Lin Canghai blinked several times. “Where did he go?”

Li Muyang also had a puzzled look across his face. “The light shield covered such a large area, I clearly saw that guy charge in. How did he disappear? Was it dismembered by the light shield?”

“This is another domain.” Qiandu flew over to Li Muyang’s side, explaining, “This light shield is the eye of a formation, once entered the eye of the formation you will be transferred to another area. As to where you would be sent, is not something we would know. “

“How could that be?” Li Muyang was pale with shock. “That means that, if Snowball does not come out, we can never catch it? As soon as you get in, you would be transferred to another space domain?”  

“It seems so.” Lu Qiji agred. “This is the self-protection barrier of the heart of the weak water and the most advanced protection barrier.”

Li Muyang looked upset, also unwilling to accept.

Do you know how hard he tried?

And the result?

He had come so far, but someone told him that he couldn’t get the heart of the weak water. When he reaches out his hand, he would enter another world.

Li Muyang reached for a stone and threw it into the light shield.

The stone disappeared without the slightest noise.

He cut off a branch, firmly grasped one end and stabbed the other end through the light shield.

The branch was still there.

Li Muyang suddenly shouted in joy, and his eyes lit up. “I have a way. Doesn’t the eye of the formation transfer people to another domain? I’ll go in to bring Snowball back, and as long as you hold my hand and not let go, I would not be transferred away by the eye of the formation. Because I have connections with the outside world. Look, the branch is not sent away.”

“Look at the branch in your hand.” Lu Qiji reminded.

Li Muyang carefully examined the half of the branch, surprisingly found that the branch had become dark, dried and yellow.

He blew lightly and the half of the branch that went in was disintegrated to ashes, scattering away.  

“Has it gone to the other world?” Li Muyang said aloud.

“Yes.” Lu Qiji nodded. “So it completely lost the signs of life. It can be imagined what sort of frightening world is connected with the eye of this formation.”

Li Muyang could help but stood in silent tribute for the schoolmate that he did not even know the name of who plunged into the formation, hoping that he was safe on the other side.

Li Muyang gave up, looked at Lu Qiji and Qiandu, and said, “You both are smarter than me, is there no way to get in to bring Snowball out?”

Lu Qiji and Qiandu shot a glance at one another. Lu Qiji did not answer and Qiandu did not say anything.

The relationship between these two was awfully strange. They were willing to talk to Li Muyang, but were unwilling to communicate with each other.



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