Chapter 316: Wolf and salted fish!


Upon hearing Li Muyang’s words, the Wolf King’s first reaction was ‘You took away my pearl and now want to trick me to come with you, do you think I’m stupid?’

However, seeing the earnest look on Li Muyang’s face, it felt that perhaps this time his invitation was from the heart?

After all, who doesn’t want a super strong fighter like him?

As a result, the Wolf King stared warily at Li Muyang, saying: “Why would I go back with you?”

“If, don’t get mad, I’m just saying if,” Li Muyang whispered to appease the Wolf King’s angry mood. “If Snowball is unwilling to return the Wolf pearl to you, what would you do?”

“I will kill you.” The Wolf King said furiously. “I will not leave stop till you die. If I don’t get the wolf pearl, you’re not going to leave the illusion.”

“Impulsive.” Li Muyang said. “Too impulsive. This solution that hurts both sides, is not one that the Wolf King that is famous across the world for its beauty and wisdom should choose.”

Beauty and wisdom? Famous?

The Wolf King was taken aback for a moment, ‘I am so famous in the outside world?’

Right, the human beings that have entered the illusion must have spread his heroic ways, thus attracting the outside world to respect and worship it.

“What do you suggest then?” The Wolf King asked in a hoarse voice. Although the expression on its face was still vicious, but its tone of speech was more mild. Even if Li Muyang said a word or two wrong, it would not immediately pounce on and tear at him.

“What do you want?” Li Muyang asked.

“My Wolf pearl.”

“What else?”

Wolf King looked over at the other side where Snowball was spitting out bubbles, adamantly unwilling to accept defeat. “The heart of the weak water.”

“Right.” Li Muyang smiled. “Our goals are the same. I have the heart of the weak water, and my weak water heart had swallowed your wolf pearl. If you go out of here with me, and spend some time with the heart of the weak water, you guys will get closer. Then if you ask Snowball to return your pearl, would it refuse? You saw it just now, how long have I been with it in the illusion? Yet it did not care about its life and protected me. Snowball has a strong sense of righteousness. If it hadn’t saved my life, you’d have trampled me to a patty. Right?”

“——” The Wolf King did not respond. But deep down, also thought that there was a little sense in Li Muyang’s words. This weak water heart has not seen what the world is like, easily deceived by the sly human beings. Wolf King felt that it could easily win its heart if it tried. Then at that time, it would possess both the heart of weak water and Wolf pearl.

However, Wolf King had never left or taken a step out of the illusion. He was born and raised here, and grew up absorbing the light of the red moon.

Who knows what will happen once it reached the outside world?

If that cunning dragon betrays itself after going out, what should it do?

As though had seen through the Wolf King’s mind, Li Muyang then added, “If Snowball does not return your wolf pearl, and you do not want to leave the illusion, what would your situation be?”

The Wolf King was silent and did not respond.

“Without the wolf pearl, you can’t absorb the red moonlight. Even your own soul would have been lost, there’s no way you could cultivate and break into the next realm, and you can’t use your power. Even you will slowly weaken, slowly grow old. At that time, you will be replaced by the new Wolf King. Is this the life you wanted?”


“If you lost the Wolf pearl, lost the dream and pursuit of a wolf, what is the difference between you and a salted fish?”

“What is a salted fish?” The Wolf King asked.

“It’s a specialty dish of Jiangnan.” Li Muyang explained.  “Dried freshwater fish, great with a bowl of rice porridge every morning. Very refreshing and tasty.”

“What’s wrong with being a salted fish?” The Wolf King was puzzled.


Li Muyang, not wanting to answer such a childish question, looked at the Wolf King and said, “You think about it. If you don’t like the suggestion, let’s go separate ways. I will probably not come back to this place in the rest of my life.”

After a brief paused, he looked at Snowball that had jumped onto his shoulder and continued, “You can fight if you want. Snowball will play with you. It is the heart of weak water. As long as there are water elements, it has endless energy to fight with you. Without the Wolf pearl, you can’t absorb the red moonlight for usage. Most likely that if you are not beaten to death you will be exhausted to death.”


Li Muyang was not in a hurry, he knew that the Wolf King needed some time to consider.

After all, this was the place where it was raised, and if it suddenly left like that, who knows what the outcome would be?

Li Muyang touched Snowball’s paw, and it slapped him with its little paw. Evidently, it didn’t like this kind of intimacy.

Li Muyang was amused, reaching out to touch its nose. It quickly retreated, constantly puffing out bubbles, like a big-eyed fish blowing out bubbles in a pond.  

“Snowball, where did you hide just now? Didn’t you swallow me? Why did you spit me out again?”


“How is the situation of the water illusion now? Have all my friends escaped?”


“What do you usually like to eat? If you go out with me, I will not let anyone know that you are the heart of the weak water, I have to find a way to hide you——”


Li Muyang also found it difficult to communicate with Snowball.

It was too small and did not know much.

Li Muyang had waited for a good while, and the Wolf King still hadn’t made a decision.  

So, Li Muyang stroked Snowball’s head, saying: “Snowball, let’s go back.”

With that, he headed to where the red moon was hanging.

At the break of day, they would be able to return to the academy through the eye of the formation. Everything that happened in the water illusion would be buried.

“Wait.” Wolf King roared.

Li Muyang turned around, asking, “Is there anything else you want to say?”

“Return my wolf pearl.” Wolf king said irritably.

Li Muyang’s mouth curved upwards into a wide smile, beckoning to the Wolf King, “Come. Come home with me.”

As a result, Wolf King walked over to Li Muyang and squatted down.

Li Muyang along with Snowball climbed onto the Wolf King’s back, emitting bright and fierce flames, flying to the highest mountain peak of the continent of Feng Lin——





Zhang Zhidong of the Buddhist class came out.

Zhang Zhidong staggered, although he tried hard to maintain calm, but from the blood around his body and the scars across his face it was obvious he was in distress.

He stooped and bowed to the teachers before the water mirror. The teachers did not ask him what he had learned within the illusion, and staffs helped him back to rest.

Student Li Xianlong of the Taoism class was also supported out.

Student Li Xianlong was riddled with scars. Without his companion helping him, there was no way he could come out of the illusion. It was only when the teachers present promptly gave him treatment, that he restored a little consciousness, bowed to the teachers, and was hustled away.

Student Liu Qijun of the war class came out.

Dragon Slayer class students Tie Muxin and Cai Pa also came out.

Following the continuous fluctuations of the waves, there were constantly Starry Sky students coming out from the water moon cave.

The conditions of Tie Muxin and Cai Pa were not too good, Tie Muxin seemed like he had sustained a lot of injuries, and Cai Pa looked a little better.

The two of them bowed to the teachers, and were ready to leave, when Yang Xiaohu dragged them to the side.

Yang Xiaohu looked at them with a concerned expression, whispering, “Where are the others?”

Tie Muxin had a gloomy expression, keeping silent.  

Yang Xiaohu was really terrified. “Speak. Say something. How are they?”

Tie Muxin still did not answer.

“Are you mute?” Yang Xiaohu said angrily. “Are the others dead or alive, give me an answer?”

Tie Muxin, the tall and stocky man, unexpectedly let out a loud wail, tears welling in his eyes. ‘

“Why are you crying? No——nobody else is coming back?” Yang Xiaohu asked, his voice shaking.

There was too much noise over at Tie Muxin’s side, which naturally attracted the attention of the others.  

Xiahou Qianbai said in his harsh and arrogant voice, “Bookworm, how do you teach your students? You didn’t tell them clearly before they enter the illusion? Life and death is determined by one’s fate, success or failure by the heavens. What happens in the illusion is unpredictable, one can only rely on their ability and intelligence to solve the problem. It’s obviously lucky to have gain something. But even if there was no harvest, it is still a good training experience. There’s nothing to weep about.”

Kong Li also cast an extremely disdainful glance at Yang Xiaohu, saying: “Injuries and deaths of students, are obviously not what we want to see. But if all the students were protected under our wings, would the students be able to grow into towering trees? Yang Xiaohu, I know you have few students, each one is like your child. However, still need to be treated with equanimity. It is not your first time sending students to the illusion. Your womanly gestures are making people laugh.”

Yang Xiaohu was in no mood to fight with these two old opponents, he also never had fought with them. 

His eyes were red, staring at Tie Muxin and asking: “What about Qiandu? Lu Qiji? Lin Canghai? Li Muyang?—They’re not coming back?”  

“What?” Upon hearing the name of ‘Li Muyang’, the look on Xiahou Qianbai’s face abruptly changed. He sprang over, his wide sleeve and robe ballooning about him, grabbed Tie Muxin by the collar, and lifted his iron body up, shouting: “What happened in the illusion? How’s Li Muyang? Is he dead? Hurry tell me?”

Kong Li also could not help displaying ‘womanly gestures’, trotted over to where Yang Xiaohu was, and asked anxiously. “Kid, why are you not saying anything. What happened in the illusion? Li Muyang went into the illusion with you, where did he go? Dead or alive, give us an answer——”


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