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319 – Dean of Starry Sky!

Chapter 319: Dean of Starry Sky!


The mist was like cotton yarn, the red sea was roaring and tossing.

Lu Qiji stood at the thicket of bamboo in the backyard, gazing at the endless red tides in the distance in silence for a very long time.

Nujiang was not angry, but had an indescribable solemnity and grievance.

Lu Qiji felt that it mirrored her current mood.

The illusion of water had completely collapsed, and after they all came out, Teacher Yang wanted to enter to search. Unfortunately, the entrance of the illusion had closed and no one knew when would it reopen again.

Li Muyang was dead!

Before she could do it herself, Li Muyang had died.  

In her heart, it was not that Li Muyang must not die. But he must die in her hands.

If he had really inherited the black dragon’s unfulfilled wishes, wanted to destroy the human race. Then she would have certainly clashed with him in a battle of life and death.

But how could Li Muyang have died so easily?

Lu Qiji felt that she was not ready yet.

The Divine continent was vast, the mountains and rivers were magnificent and beautiful. But everything already had nothing to do with her.

The former happenings and past come to nothing, everything ceases here.


Lu Qiji sighed softly, and then turned and headed out of the house.


The courtyard door was pushed open.

Clad in entirely in black, Chu Xun stood at the door, looking at Lu Qiji and asking, “Qiji, you’re going out?”

“Home.” Lu Qiji said with a blank face.

On the spur of the moment, she felt incomparable determined inside.

She came for Li Muyang, everything of Starry Sky had no meaning to her.

Now that Li Muyang was gone, it was also time for her to leave. There was no reason for her to exist.

What does this Divine continent had to do with her?

“Home?” Chu Xun’s eyebrows were raised, asking loudly: “Back to which home?”


“You want to give up school and give up on Starry Sky?” Chu Xun asked anxiously.

“Give up.” Lu Qiji looked thoughtfully at Chu Xun, pondering it. “I never owned it, so how could I give it up?”

“Never owned?” Chu Xun’s face was overcast with the deepest gloom, questioning further, “You and I are the same, are students of Starry Sky, study at Starry Sky, what do you mean never owned? Starry Sky was willing to admit you into the school, accept your talent, then you are already a part of Starry Sky. You are one with Starry Sky, and now you so easily peel them off? Has Starry Sky ever treated you badly?”

Lu Qiji cast a pensive glance at Chu Xun, softly asking: “What do you want to say?”

“Are you leaving because of Li Muyang?” Chu Xun was aware of Lu Qiji’s temper, she would be more irritated if he spoke indirectly, so he answered frankly. “Because Li Muyang is dead, so you no longer have any reason to stay in Starry Sky, you would rather quit and go home, is that right?”

Lu Qiji, after a brief pause, nodded: “Yes.”

It was indeed true that she going to drop out of school because of Li Muyang. There was no point in hiding this fact. She also didn’t like to hide either.

Chu Xun had an intolerable expression on his face, and his handsome white complexion was smeared with the colour of a strong flame.

Although he knew what he was thinking of was the truth, but when Lu Qiji personally said it to him, he felt as though an arrow had pierced his heart, heartbroken.  

He originally thought that with Li Muyang’s death, his relationship with her would be more harmonious. Without the existence of the ‘third party’ Li Muyang, they could be like before.

He really could not understand that, why had she became like this when she saw Li Muyang?  

To say its love, wasn’t exactly right. Because Chu Xun had saw Lu Qiji looking at Li Muyang with murderous intent a number of times. With his understanding of Lu Qiji, he knew that she had a lot of animosity towards Li Muyang.

To say it was hatred, was also not exactly correct. She had repeatedly protected Li Muyang, and now that Li Muyang had died, she was so upset that she gave up everything to go back to Tiandu.   

“Have you ever thought of how I feel?” Chu Xun fiercely looked at her in the eye, his voice took on an even more gloomy, somber tone. “You said you wanted go to West wind, and I also wanted to go to West wind. You said you want to come to Starry Sky, and I thought of every possible ways to come to Starry Sky. We came for you, but you——you are going to leave us? We have known each other for many years, and have spent many years together. Our relationship is special, why did you become a different person after coming to Starry Sky?”

Lu Qiji studied Chu Xun’s upset expression, pondered for a long time and did not speak.

“Li Muyang is dead. Whether we want to accept it or not, we have to face this reality. The illusion had caved in, Li Muyang had died, there is no way he could come back. We must bravely continue on. We have a lot of things to do and many dreams to complete. The great wilderness of the Divine continent, the culture of the nine nations, we agreed to experience it together. Are you going to give up halfway now?”

Lu Qiji’s beautiful brows were slightly raised, her gaze slightly cold. “Coming here is my business, you coming here is your problem. Everyone should be responsible for their own choices, rather than letting others take responsibility for their own choices.”

After a brief pause, she continued, “I know Li Muyang is dead, and I had never thought that he would come back. I just think that Starry Sky Academy would be boring and want to leave.”

She lifted her head and looked at Chu Xun, “I wish you success in your studies.”

With that, she lightly strode away, her white robe fluttering, stepping past Chu Xun.

Chu Xun’s face was cold as ice, his complexion drastically changed, yelling angrily: “Lu Qiji——”

Lu Qiji stopped suddenly, but did not turn around.

“Why do you have to be so cruel?”

“Cruel?” Lu Qiji chewed over these words, before she softly replied, “I do not feel so.”


The waves of fragrance gradually wafted away, and the beauty was far away——

Top of the cliff, the heart of the sea of clouds.

A grey-robed old man was sat on a boulder with a small bamboo pole in his hand.

The bamboo pole was the thickness of a pinkie, a few feet long, with a thin piece of leaf hanging at the top of the bamboo pole, it seemed as though that the old man had casually snapped it from a bamboo forest.

The bamboo pole was extended out slightly, and the grey-robed man was resting his eyes.

Below the bamboo pole was the bottomless cliff, and under the cliff was raging Nujiang.

There was no fishing line on the bamboo pole, and there was no hook or bait.

The old man looked leisurely, quietly waiting for fish to take the bait.

Yang Xiaohu was running up to him, when he saw a collection of qi around the old man, greeted him with clasped hands from a distance before he said aloud, “Dean——”

“Shh.” The old man made a silencing gesture and whispered, “Don’t scare away my fish.”

“Dean.” Yang Xiaohu glanced down at Nujiang and said, “Even if you sit here for 100 years or even 1000 years, you won’t catch a fish. The great sage of the past Jiang Shang fished with a straight hook, but it was nothing but a dazzling skill. He did not catch any fish, but captured the heart of people. Is Dean going to catch the heart of people?”

The old man shook his head, “No, I came to fish.”

“You only have a small bamboo stick, and do not have a fish line, hook or bait. How would a fish bite?” Yang Xiaohu boldly ran over to the old man and sat down and said in a worried tone. “Dean, can you help me?”

“Have we not talked about this problem?” Dean’s eyes were fixed on the fishing rod, as if there would be a fish at any time. “Everyone has their own fate, as Kong Li had said, that Li Muyang would not die at a young age, he must certainly be living in a place that we do not know. Do not worry and watch me fish.”

“Kong Li spreads fallacies to deceive people. He said that Li Muyang would not die early, but he refused to bet with me? He said that Li Muyang was still alive, but he did not know where Li Muyang had gone——The illusion had collapsed and the door has closed. And we do not know whether we can open it again.” Yang Xiaohu was more anxious as he spoke, tears in his eyes. “Dean, Li Muyang is the best student of my dragon slayer class——”

“Is the best not Lu Qiji or Qiandu?”

“I mean amongst the boys.” Yang Xiaohu explained. “He has a very high ability of understanding and is extremely studious. Although he is currently not strong enough, but in time, he will be an outstanding talent of Starry Sky. Dean, a student like that had an accident, do you not feel regretful?

“Regret?” The grey-robed old man nodded. “It really is regretful. However, such things happen every year. The Academy has its own rules, and the illusion also has its own rules. If we violated the rules this time, then what would we do in the future? Besides, the gate of the illusion has closed. Haven’t you tried already? If you can’t get in there, do you think the others of Starry Sky can?”

“Dean, I mean you personally make a trip——” Yang Xiaohu said in an embarrassed tone of voice. “The door of the illusion has closed, others may not be able to go in. But you can. Just hat place in this world can the Dean not go?”

“You bookworm.” The grey robe old man shouted angrily. “Do you not see that I’m busy.”

“Dean——” Yang Xiaohu clenched his teeth and dropped to his knees, crying emotionally, “For my Starry sky student, can you take a trip? If you don’t agree to my request, today I will kneel here and not get up.”

The grey-robed old man swept a glance over at Yang Xiaohu, “Do you like to kneel?”

“I just——”

“Then kneel,” said the old man. “Since I’m bored anyway, having an idiot to amuse me is not a bad thing.”


Seeing that the Dean remained unmoved, he replied in a very melancholy voice, “Dean, in your heart, does every student only represent a number? From 107 people to 106 people, or from 106 to 100 people, or even less——that is all.”

The smile on the grey-robed old man’s face faded, looking at the piece of green leaf on the bamboo pole, and softly said: “My heart doesn’t think so.”

“Then Dean why don’t——”  

“But that’s the truth.”


“One dead, that’s a life. With many dead, that’s just a number. Since ancient times, has it ever changed?”



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