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320 – The disaster of Starry sky!

Chapter 320: The disaster of Starry sky!


“The deceased had a noble status, is a person. The deceased had a low status, is a number. The deceased is close to you, is a person. The deceased is a total stranger to you, is a number.” The grey-robed old man’s clear eyes gleamed. “I just want to say that all things are spiritual and all beings are equal. But, spirit has superiority, life has social classes. This is an irrefutable fact. There are quite a number of casualties from this visit to the illusion, almost the highest over the years. All Changbai seven sons had disappeared. Why don’t you cry for them? Why don’t you run for them?”

Without waiting for Yang Xiaohu to speak, the grey robed old man continued, “Because in your heart, they are not as important as Li Muyang. They are also just a number. A part that——can be sacrificed at the illusion.”

“——” Yang Xiaohu looked startled at the old man.

His skin was ruddy and face was hardly wrinkled. His pupil was clear and clean, but when he narrowed his eyes there were lightning rolling. Only his head full of white hair exposed his age.

The old man was very old, when Yang Xiaohu came to Starry Sky, he already looked like this. And when Yang Xiaohu became a teacher of Starry Sky, he still looked the same. So many years have past but his appearance had not changed much.

No one knew the age of the old man, most likely that he himself had also forgotten too.

“In your eyes, Changbai seven sons are just a number. In my eyes, who is not a number? We are all constantly looking for the Dao and breaking into the next realm, but if we cannot expose the false, directly point to the heart. Where’s the Dao? Where is the realm? You broke the realms through studying, which is rarely seen in Starry Sky. But you know, the more books you read, the more puzzles you run into. Writers have selfish motives, readers also have selfish intentions. A combination of the two, true or false, it is hard to tell if it’s real or sham. How do we break it down and differentiate?”


“Reading is to understand the facts.”

Yang Xiaohu nodded. “What Dean said is right.””

“There are so much facts and principles in books that we lose the ability to think. We agree with whatever others say, if you believe everything in books then you might as well not read.”

Yang Xiaohu was deeply touched, realising that Dean was telling himself the theories of life.

Recently while he was reading and cultivating, he felt that his mind was sluggish and obstructed, and was thinking too much but he was not good enough to overcome the obstacle and rise with the wind.  

Dean was an immortal figure, he must have seen through his conditions at a glance. So he took this opportunity to give him advice, so he could make great progress on his path of cultivation and step into the starry sky.

Yang Xiaohu was filled with gratefulness.

The Dean had always been very kind to him, when he was still a student he had took care off and helped him a number of times. On his cultivation path he had also gave him advice several times, which enabled him to break the realms with irresistible force.  

Then he requested him to stay in Starry Sky, entrusting him with an important task——Under the conditions that the people of the world do not believe that dragons exist in the Divine continent, he still respected his decision and placed him in the Dragon Slayer class. Even though there was a decline in the number of students in the Dragon Slayer class every year he still did not remove the class, and gave him all sorts of privileges and preferential treatment.

How many teachers can do this?

Yang Xiaohu opened his mouth to speak, wanting to say some grateful words.

“So, we are the same kind of people. Do you have the right to criticise me?” The grey-robed old man said coldly.


Yang Xiaohu was red with embarrassment, he had thought too much. “Dean——”

“Do you not agree with what I said?”

After the old man said this, his eyes shifted again to the bamboo pole in his hand. It seemed that , at any moment now, there would be big fish jumping up from Nujiang, biting his fishing pole.

Yang Xiaohu came here to save Li Muyang, the illusion had collapse. Logically, Li Muyang must have died.

But Yang Xiaohu was unwilling to accept it, also Kong Li said that Li Muyang would not die at a young age. Although Yang Xiaohu thought that Kong Li was a sham, deep inside he still wanted to believe him this time.  

The dean was not willing to lend a hand, and Yang Xiaohu himself could not break into the illusion, then the fate of Li Muyang could only be left to the heavens.

His Dragon Slayer class only had Qiandu, Lu Qiji, Cai Pa, Lin Canghai, Chu Xun and Tie Muxin and Li Muyang, these seven students…

Li Muyang’s live was uncertain, and Lu Qiji was missing. All of a sudden the Dragon Slayer department had lost two outstanding students——seven minus two. It was a huge loss that was hard to accept.

Seeing the gloomy expression on Yang Xiaohu’s face, Dean slightly chuckled. “All things in the world, there is cause and effect. You read scripture, how would you not know this principle?”

“What is cause? What is effect?”

“The mystery of the heavens must not be revealed.”

“——” Yang Xiaohu increasingly disliked talking to this old man. His words were always vague, not easy to understand at all.

Yang Xiaohu thought that, when he was older he must not become a person like him.

Since there was no outcome coming to see the Dean, Yang Xiaohu had no choice but to get up and take his leave.  

The grey-robed old man gazed intently at the huge red river in front. “The illusion has collapsed and the heart of the weak water has come into being. Hidden for years with no signs at all, but suddenly showed traces this time. Could it be that there will be a huge change occurring soon?”  

In normal people’s eyes, the grey-robed old man would never catch a fish like that even if he fished for 10,000 years.

However, the blade of slender leaf on the bamboo pole lightly swayed, like wind was blowing.

The old man opened his eyes and smiled, staring at the beautiful scenery.


From Nujiang, a huge black monster suddenly sprang up.

The water monster was hundreds of feet long, had a dragon body and head, looking like a tremendous dragon in the sky.

The body of the water monster was an illusory form, and the body, like lightning, shooting over towards the old man’s direction, opening its huge mouth, wanting to swallow him into the black illusory body.

Fu Fu Fu——

The water monster was ferocious, as it was swiftly charging over, there was red river water flowing down its body, adding a majestic aura…..

The grey-robed old man was not at all alarmed or panic, holding the bamboo pole and sitting still.

He waited until the long black dragon was right in front, the rotten stench was blowing in his face, and the boundless mouth was about to engulf him.

The grey-robed old man finally moved.

The tiny bamboo pole in his hand swung high up, and whipped at the dragon’s tall head.


Black Monster was struck in the face, half of the dragon body dropped down.


The monster was in pain, opened its mouth wide and emitted a loud roar.

However, it was only a soul, even if it tried its best, still could not utter the slightest of sounds.

Not only did the whip not fight it off instead aggravated the monster’s fierce nature.

Its body flipped and tumbled in mid-air, before striking the old man with an even more violent force.  

“It’s getting more and more restless lately.” The old man said loud and clear, the bamboo pole in his hand lifting high up again.


The whip of his pole lashed through the air, exactly striking the top of the black monster’s spine.

That black dragon that came gushing over with such divine force that seemed to could move mountains was unexpectedly split into two, wailing, its head and tail plunged into Nujiang.


The river splashed, and peace was restored in an instant.

The old man glanced at the rumbling red Nujiang, heaving a slight sigh, and placed the bamboo pole on his shoulder like an old fisherman heading towards the distance——

Every year the results of the visit to the illusion affected the mood of many major forces of Divine continent.

Firstly, Starry Sky Academy was an existence that the world focuses attention upon and the outstanding talents were the people that the Royal family and rich and noble families fight over. Secondly, the royal family of each nation and major sects would send talents to Starry sky, entering the illusion at the same time as others. Whether or not they safely returned and what they had gained inside were also matters of great concern.  

The fact that this time the number of casualties of students was the highest in thousand years, even more attracted countless people’s attention.  

West Wind. Tiandu.

West Wind monarch Chu Xianda usually disliked Lu Xingkong coming to see him, because the old man always disagreed with him on everything. Every word that came out his mouth seemed to be for his own good, but when carefully thought about it he found that it was to defend his own stronghold of arrogant soldiers and fierce generals.

West Wind monarchy had always feared and was jealous of Lu Clan’s strength, repeatedly trying to reclaim the military power, and weaken the Lu family’s military influence.

For this reason, the West wind royal family had attempted many methods and wasted many time.

He first removed Lu Xingkong from the military, assigned him to the position of Defence minister, and arranged the three important generals under him to discipline the troops of the world.

And then transferred the high-ranking military officers loyal to Lu Xingkong to some peaceful lands or the center of the imperial capital and placed them in some positions with practically no importance.

The last step, when Lu family’s position and power have been completely taken away, use the ruthless method——

Unfortunately, the ideal was very plump, the reality was very bony. 

Lu Xingkong’s influence in the military was too much, even if he never meddled in military affairs, but every one of the military division all still felt that his shadow was present. Many of the important issues of the military, if not properly communicated with Lu Xingkong, were difficult to implement.

Such as ‘The essence of military strategy and tactics’ and ‘Double Spear technique’.  

And it was even more so with the troops. They had transferred groups and groups of high-ranking generals away, only to find that that all senior high-ranking generals were loyal to Lu Xingkong. Finally, they sent over the sons of rich and powerful families of the Kingdom. However, in the end they simply could not command their subordinates.  

Fortunately the number of people in Lu Xingkong’s family was small, there were not too many talented people. Otherwise, the family would become the greatest trouble of the Royal family.  

Of course, right now it was still the greatest trouble of the Royal family.

The thing most important to an emperor was military power, but the military power was in the hands of others. As the West wind Emperor how could Chu Xianda not be resentful and angry?

Chu Xianda was in the garden admiring the winter chrysanthemum with many concubines, when Chamberlain Li Fu came to report that Lu Xingkong came to see him.

Chu Xianda’s first reaction was to refuse; it was never a good thing whenever this old fart comes.  

But when he was on the verge of saying what was thinking, he suddenly changed his mind, and said to Li Fu: “Take Defence minister to the Absolute Ultimate Palace Hall to wait for me.”

“Yes. Your Majesty.” Li Fu deeply bowed, carefully moving backwards and left.

Chu Xianda arrived at the Absolute Ultimate Palace Hall, and before waiting for Lu Xingkong to kneel and bow, immediately asked, “Defence minister, have you heard of the disaster of Starry Sky?”



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