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321 – Fainted in the hall!

Chapter 321: Fainted in the hall!


Lu Xingkong according to the etiquette, bowed low and knelt before the emperor, before he replied: “Your Majesty, old minister don’t know about this matter.”

“Starry Sky Academy sends students to the illusion every year for training, the loss this year is the highest in thousands of years.” Chu Xianda said in a low voice but with a slight mocking smile. “I have just received the list, our first of the West Wind Imperial exam Li Muyang is unexpectedly lost in the illusion, it really makes people——incredibly sad. If one had known earlier, should not have done it in the first place? If he had came to study at my Tiandu’s West Wind University, would something like that happen?”

Lu Xingkong’s heart suddenly sank, while bowing his head he tried to calm his mood first before answering: “Your Majesty is right. If Li Muyang had come to the West Wind University to study, such miserable thing would not have happened. A talented person died young, and did not live up to the potential of the best of the imperial exam.”

“Yes.” Chu Xianda condescendingly gazed at Lu Xingkong’s expression, he was the emperor. Based on military power there was no way he could completely kick Lu Xingkong to one side, but the ruler guides subjects; as long as he was in front and didn’t tell the old guy to get up, he can’t get up himself.

Not sure when it started, Chu Xianda liked this kind of mischief. Perhaps it was when he tried to retake the military and did not succeed?

“Before, I was very optimistic about this Li Muyang. Originally wanted to send him to West Wind University to pursue his studies for a few years. True gold also need to be refined with fire, if he receives guidance from a respected teacher, then in time, he certainly will be a pillar of my West Wind. Unfortunately, something happened in the middle, this boy was unexpectedly admitted into Starry Sky Academy.”

Chu Xianda gave a meaningful smile, looking at Lu Xingkong: “Defense minister, do you know about this?””

“Old minister knew that Li Muyang was accepted into Starry Sky Academy, but did not know why he was admitted to Starry Sky Academy.” Lu Xingkong said in a low voice. “Starry Sky has its own rules, and it is difficult for an ordinary person to influence the outcome, Your Majesty should be aware of this.”

“Is that right? But as far as I know, the parents and relatives of Li Muyang has been taken to the Lu family’s mansion. I heard that the two families have some sort of friendship in the past.”

Lu Xingkong raised his head to look at Chu Xianda, remaining calm and collected as he explained, “West Wind owes Li Muyang a debt of gratitude, it was him who stepped forward bravely when an important general was framed. Without his help, our West Wind Kingdom would have lost a top general. General Xu Da is also my close friend, he was able to survive and continued to serve the nation, I also feel very happy.”

“Li Muyang rescued Xu Da for our nation and the people, but was harmed by some evil people. It’s only reasonable that I should take care of the family members of Li Muyang. But coincidentally, Li Muyang’s mother was a servant of our Lu family that left more than 10 years ago. The servant and the driver of our family had an affair, broke the household rules, and should have been punished heavily. My daughter-in-law is kind, in order to protect them, quietly drove them out of the Lu family. Later when she heard that their family was in trouble, she also personally travelled to Jiangnan to bring them to the Lu mansion. The deep friendship between master and servant still exists.”

Chu Xianda’s brows were knitted into a frown.

He already knew about the things that Lu Xingkong told him, since he had sent people to investigate about the details of the situation.

Including the fact that Lu family’s daughter-in-law personally travelled to Jiangnan city to collect the Li family, the fact that their entire family was now living in the Lu family’s mansion, and it was impossible for the Cui family to retaliate.

He felt that there was some something more, but what secret was concealed was not what he could have guessed.

As the emperor, thinking that he had been deceived by these people all along, fuelled his ever-growing resentment.

“This group of old dogs——” Chu Xianda scolded in his mind. “You think I’m a fool? Sooner or later, you will be slaughtered.”

Of course, his face obviously did not display such emotions.  

Lu Xingkong insisted that Li Muyang is the hero of the nation, and even though his Monitoring division was completely wiped out he also could not capture and punish Li Muyang for his crime. It was Cui Zhaoren fault’s for leaving behind such loose ends.  

Chu Xianda did not wish to argue with Lu Xingkong over this matter. The truth, they both knew in their mind.  

Looking at Lu Xingkong kneeling before him he said, “After all, he is a student of my West wind, I should send an inquiry. Defense minister who do you think would be appropriate to carry out this task?”

“Your Majesty’s decision.”

“Well. The dead can’t be brought back to life. Although it is unfortunate, but there is nothing we can do.” Chu Xianda gently sighed. “I will leave the responsibility of this matter to others, Defense minister do not have to worry. It’s important to take care of yourself. Right, Defense minister what did you come here for? You see, because of that Li Muyang’s death, we almost forgot  proper business.”

From the beginning till now, Lu Xingkong had been kneeling and replying.

Of course, Chu Xianda also dared not act too domineering. Lu Xingkong was an important minister of the nation, and had such immense influence on the Kingdom. If Lu Xingkong was humiliated, he may receive the foul reputation of ‘Tyrant emperor’.  

Seeming to have just thought of this matter, Chu Xianda hastily stooped down to support Lu Xingkong up, an apologetic look across his face: “Defense minister, quickly please get up. Why are you kneeling on the ground? How many times has Xianda said that you are exempted from these complicated proprieties. You’re my minister, not an outsider?”

“There is a difference in status, officials are inferior to the emperor Propriety must not be forgotten.” Lu Xingkong straightened his robe and was about to get up from the ground.

He just stood up, when he suddenly felt his head spinning.


Lu Xingkong’s eyes drooped, everything darkened, his body suddenly plopped to the ground.

“Defense minister——defense minister——” Chu Xianda shouted.

Lu Xingkong did not respond.

“Come, quickly call the imperial physician, quickly call the physicians——Li Fu, are you dead? Call the imperial physician.” Chu Xianda bellowed.

Li Fu and a bunch of Chamberlains came scrambling in, and then a few people hurried back out.

Looking at Lu Xingkong lying down in front, Chu Xianda’s face went as pale as dying embers.

“This old dog, this old dog——he dares to harm me like this.”




Around a luxurious carriage made of iron, skilled masters were tightly guarding both sides and the back and front.

Although this was the foot of the son of the heaven, the important capital, but the identity of the owner of the carriage was extraordinary, they must not be careless.

Lu Xingkong was sitting hunched in the carriage, flashes of light within his eyes flickering like lightning.

The carriage clattered along the street, and he did not say a word.

The fleet hurried across the street to the Lu mansion, where there were dozens of soldiers and generals waiting by the door.

Seeing the carriage speeding down the road, dozens of high-ranking generals hurried over to the carriage, and tightly crowded around Lu Xingkong’s carriage.

“General, are you all right?”

“General, how do you feel? General——?”

“That man insulted General, we all feel the same feeling, I must——”


Cloth curtain was vigorously lift opened, Lu Xingkong stooped a little and stepped out of his carriage.

His tall body stood on the shaft of the cart, sweeping a cold glance across the crowd, and saying in a low voice, “Speak inside.”

With that, he strode off the carriage.

The dozens of high-ranking generals followed, escorting Lu Xingkong into the Lu mansion.

In the distance, two black-clothed figures, upon seeing this scene, turned and headed towards the depths of the alley.



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