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322 – Let alone the tiger?

Chapter 322: Let alone the tiger?


The aroma of tea filled the room, the noise splitting the skull.

“General, the Chu clan is going too far. General is an elder of two dynasties, an important minister of the nation. With General’s status and seniority, you don’t have to kneel in the palace hall——”

“They not only made General kneel, but did not allow General to get up——”

“They intended to insult General, but also deliberately insulted me and other soldiers——”

The incident that Lu Xingkong fainted in the palace hall from kneeling too long had been spread out, instantly fermenting throughout the entire Tiandu.

Who was Lu Xingkong?

The West Wind monarch unexpectedly forced him to kneel for a long time, causing his frail body to faint in court. Once the matter was spread out, it would definitely stir up a commotion.  

The most intense reaction was from the Lu family’s relatives and friends, and their subordinates. Lu Xingkong had been involved in the military his whole life, and had fought countless battle, occupying the position of Defense minister, truly worthy of the reputation of the first of the military.

Numerous of his former subordinates that were stationed in Tiandu had gathered in the Lu household, armed to the teeth waiting for Lu Xingkong to return.

If anything happened to Lu Xingkong, who knew what they would have done?

Moreover, the numbers of general in Tiandu were only a small percentage. Lu Xingkong had been stationed in many strategic locations when he was young, almost all soldiers and generals of the frontier region and strategic towns were his aides or under his command. If Lu Xingkong died in the hands of the Chu clan, people rebelled, then most likely that the West Wind Kingdom would be in danger.

The political allies and dependent forces of the Lu family came rushing over after the news. The housekeeper could only serve these people tea and snacks and reassure them that the head of the house was fine.

Enrage those that are close, would gladden the enemy.

No matter what the inside story was, Lu Xingkong’s action this time, indicated that the conflicting views between the Lu clan and royal Chu clan had reached an intensified state.

The outcome of the conflict between the Lu family and the Chu clan did not matter, because no matter what, the final victory would be theirs.  

Fortunately, through the physician’s treatment and recuperation, Lu Xingkong was safe and sound. It was said that he fainted because of recent fatigue, which caused a deficiency in both his qi and blood.

What nonsense deficiency in qi and blood led to him fainting!  

Within Tiandu, who doesn’t know that Lu Xingkong is at the higher stages of the Withered glory realm. Let alone kneeling indoor without wind or rain, even if he was to kneel in a mountain of daggers and sea of flames he most likely would not be wounded in the slightest.

It was true that the West Wind imperial family was dissatisfied with Lu Xingkong and deliberately made him kneel for a long time. It was also the truth that Lu Xingkong was unhappy with West wind monarch Chu Xianda and deliberately fainted in front to counterattack.

Of course, they both knew of each other’s intention, but they couldn’t say it out. Even the physician did not dare say that Lu Xingkong pretended to faint, and was forced to find a reason for why he fainted.

Would those present not know?  

However, they were still enraged because they were irritated with Chu Xianda’s attitude towards Lu Xingkong. They knew that General used this move to counterattack at the royal family, and that was what they liked to see.

If their Lord was submissive, they dared not to not follow.

Lu Xingkong set down the cup, scanning the crowd with his tiger gaze, “Do not make impertinent remarks. Your Majesty is the Emperor of the nation, it’s only right that I kneel.”

“General, we obviously know that he is the son of heaven, one should kneel before parents and the emperor. But he did that to humiliate General, humiliate an important minister who had fought for the country. It’s hard for me to accept it.”

“That’s right. When that person of the Cui family went to the Palace, did he make him kneel? And that person of the Song family has the power to not kneel?”

“General, we are unable to swallow this insult——”  

Lu Xingkong coldly swept a piercing glance across. “What could be done even if can’t swallow it?”

“General, we——”

“Nonsense.” Lu Xingkong shouted in a deep voice.

The crowd lowered their head, dared not to speak anymore.

There was a silent atmosphere, and only the fragrant tea steam curling in the air.

Lu Xingkong set down the cup, softly saying: “I understand your mood, also know that you are feeling unfair for me. But as courtiers, we have to perform our duties while working for the emperor, isn’t that right?”

“But General——”

Lu Xingkong waved dismissively. “Go back. Go back. Do not let the imperial censors pin the crime of forming a clique on you.”


Lu Xingkong gestured with his hand, and said with a smile, “Go back. It’s nothing serious.”

All generals and soldiers rose to their feet, bowed and left the study.

The tearoom was empty, and the aroma of tea also weakened.

The old housekeeper changed the teapot with a new pot of tea, pouring another cup of tea for Lu Xingkong. “Master, they just feel unfair for you. Why don’t you console them?”

Lu Xingkong brought the cup up to his mouth and took a small sip, then let out a long sigh, “A group of fierce soldiers and brave generals were abruptly transferred by the imperial household to this capital, forced to stay idle at home with no use for their skills, they obviously are filled with pent-up grievances. If I counselled them, the anger in their hearts would have been harder to contain. If they said something foolish or do something stupid, they could be beheaded. They’re not afraid of death, but they have to consider their children and family.”

“They must suppress their anger, otherwise there would be disastrous consequences. I know they came here for me, they feel unfair for me, and I couldn’t follow them. Nevertheless I must let them leave with a clear mind, otherwise they might be instigated to do something disloyal to the Emperor. At that time, it would be too late to repent.”

The old housekeeper also let out a sigh, “Master’s intention, the generals must know in their hearts.”

“I hope so.” Lu Xingkong said with a nod. “Let’s not talk about this, send someone to investigate about something.”

“What’s the matter?”

“I obtained some news in the palace, Li Muyang had not returned from the lands of illusion, said to have died in the wilderness.” Lu Xingkong’s voice was deep, flames blazing within his eyes. “I don’t believe this.”

“What?” The housekeeper was startled. “We haven’t received any information here.”

“It’s just happened, the Academy confirmed the authenticity of the news before it feeds back to each country. Get someone to go to the Academy and investigate. See what the situation is, and promptly report back.”

“Yes. Master.” The housekeeper answered and hurried out. “

“Wait.” Lu Xingkong called him back. “Let Suixing go. If possible, bring the kid back.”

The old housekeeper looked taken aback for a moment, then the wrinkles on his face silently bloomed as he replied with a smile: “Yes. Let Suixing go.”




“Lu Xingkong that old bastard, he is so daring?” Chu Xianda flung the brush and ink stone on the table, then threw the cup of tea and the jade cicada he often plays with.

The Chamberlains sank to their knees and dared not move.

Li Fu, who was the closest, was struck right in the head, blood pouring down his face yet he still did not dare to wipe it.

“Your Majesty, please calm, Your Majesty is the Son of Heaven, why get angry over those filthy mortals.” Li Fu kowtowed incessantly, anxiously persuading.  

“What mortal, he is clearly a lowly military man. Who do not know that Lu Xingkong is at the Withered Glory realm, yet he pretended to die in front of me——why don’t he really die? If he’s really dead——”

“Your majesty——”

Outside the study, a little chamberlain kept his head down low and cautiously reported, “Your Majesty, Duke is here.”

“Duke?” Chu Xianda thought for a while before replying, “Quickly take him to see me.”

When Cui Xichen came in, the chamberlains were busy cleaning the battlefield.

Seeing that Li Fu’s forehead was soaked with blood, Cui Xichen softly advised, “Li Chamberlain, why don’t you go bandage up. It is not the moment to display utter loyalty to His Majesty.”

“Thank you, Duke, old slave’s injury does not matter.” Li Fu did not go.

“Go.” Chu Xianda gestured with his hand, and all the chamberlains were all gone.

Chu Xianda looked at Chu Xianda with a wry expression. “Duke, you also know right? Lu Xingkong that old thing unexpectedly played this trick, he wants to ruin my good name. He is detestable.”

“Your Majesty’s please calm. If your Majesty is angry, does it not only make the evil people secretly happy?” Cui Xichen advised in an earnest tone.

“How can I not be angry? I am the Emperor, I only let him kneel for a little longer, and he holds a grudge? Such courtiers——such courtiers are simply unheard of.”

Cui Xichen stood silent for a long while, quietly letting the Emperor vent his rage.

Chu Xianda also knew that if he lost his temper in front of his courtiers he would lose his dignity, after composing his emotions, he looked at Cui Xichen and asked, “Duke, tell me——how should I deal with this?”

“Does your Majesty want to vent your pent-up rage or want to——vent your hatred?” Cui Xichen bowed his head, asking in a quiet voice.

His head was dropping low, and it looked like he was talking to the bricks under his feet.

Chu Xianda gazed fixedly and pondered for a while before asking aloud, “How to vent pent up rage? What about venting hatred?”

“To vent pent up rage, there are many ways. Your Majesty is wise and brilliant, obviously does not need this old minister’s suggestion.” Cui Xichen said aloud

He knew that the reason the man in front came to find him was not that simple. He is the emperor, if he wanted to vent his anger, he could have casually accuse Lu Xingkong for a crime and behead him.

If you want to punish someone, you can always find excuses.

The fact that he came to find him, indicated that he wanted to vent his hatred.

As expected, Chu Xianda after a little hesitation asked again in a lowered voice. “Then, how to vent hatred?”  

“Isn’t he trying to win the position of government minister? Your Majesty should grant it to him.” Cui Xichen said.

Chu Xianda was enraged. “Duke, what do you mean? Your deep words are to suggest me to make such a detrimental move. He already has control of the military, if he was given the government minister position, he would become a tiger that has grown wings, at that time——”  

“Your Majesty.” Cui Xichen added. “Even dragons can be slaughtered, let alone tigers?”



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