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324 – Still water dew!

Chapter 324: Still water dew!


West Wind University. Still water dew.

Still water dew was a teahouse, a place where the president of West Wind University Song Junhe entertained guests and where friends gather for drinks.

Song Junhe was a profound scholar in the present age. He had written numerous works that would be passed through generations, and was selected as a genius of the Kingdom with the task of fostering talents. He was well known and invaluable beyond words.

Most importantly, Song Junhe was part of the Song family. The Song family, called the ‘Kingdom’s Library’, was as good as a general as a minister, with an abundance of talents. Moreover, the Song family was the in-laws of the royal family, a number of queens of West Wind are women from the Song family. The Song family and the royal Chu clan are interconnected, are one.

Even in private, there was such a saying: Song and Chu, share the world.

The Song clan would always be mentioned in front of the royal Chu clan, which shows how deeply rooted the strength of the Song family was.

The current right minister who controls the affairs of West Wind, Gu Qinglin is the son-in-law of the Song family. The Lu family, Cui family and several other families want to contend for the position of left minister, however, the minster Song family would not let any other people get their fingers on that important position.

And the Chu clan also had extreme trust with the Song family. With the presence of the Song family, Chu clan’s royal bloodline could continue and the Chu clan’s imperial throne would be forever strong.

West Wind University was the best school in the West Wind Kingdom, many powerful and noble families, and even the royal family would send their children to this school.

Some even say that, West Wind university was the future of the West Wind.

This statement was not a false remark at all.

Among the current imperial court, the people who occupies high position has the education background of West Wind university were many. Including the present right minister Gu Qinglin as well as several dukes and Lord, were all graduated from West Wind university and then selected by the imperial household.  

Therefore, West Wind University had the most outstanding students in the Kingdom, but also students with the most profound background.

Today Song Junhe’s grandson Song Tao had hosted a gathering of distinguished scholars. Although called a gathering, it was actually a discussion of the current affairs of the world.

Such gathering of distinguished scholars had been held for many periods. Every time a topic, or beautiful sceneries, or current affairs, and sometimes even military affairs and other fields were chosen as the topic of discussion.  The best young men spoke and argued with each other.

The more they argued, the clearer was the situation. The final result, is the crystallization of knowledge. There would even be a person collecting and organising the information and presenting it to all major guests, and it may even reach the higher authorities, and be inspected by the Emperor himself.  

It could be said that this was the best and fastest way to become famous.

Who doesn’t want their talents or thoughts to be known to their superior?

Therefore, at every gathering there were many people.

Of course, not everyone was eligible to enter. The younger generation of noble families needed to reach a certain status to be able to enter, and it was even more difficult for those of poor and humble families. It was necessary for them to have the recommendation from several noble families and others’ approval before they were authorized to enter.  

How many people could make everyone like them?

Of course, this was not a difficult thing for Cui Xiaoxin.

She was a direct line of descendant of the Cui family, born into a noble background. And is called one of the ‘Three bright moon of the kingdom’, her name is known across the capital.  

The reason she joined the association was due to Song Tao’s personal invitation. Even Cui family’s children dared not directly make the Song family lose face. Therefore, every time there was a gathering, Cui Xiaoxin would appear.

Most of the time Cui Xiaoxin kept quiet and didn’t speak much, maintaining her ‘careful and cautious’ personality.  

However, beautiful girls always attract the attention of others. Even if you hide in a corner and say nothing, you will still be remembered.

When someone throws a verse of a poem or a point of view in front of her, she could always give them a satisfying answer: surprising everyone.

This Cui Xiaoxin made people love her, but also made it difficult for people to approach her.

The theme of today’s gathering was only to talk about the beautiful scenery, so all the people present were relaxed and comfortable, drinking and chatting merrily. Some people were reciting poems, some writing poems, and others were playing idiom solitaire. A person in front of says a four-character proverb, and the person who follows have to say a proverb with equivalent meaning.

Song Tao was facing the window painting, drawing the night view of the lakeside of Weiming lake.

Lake water glistened, the full moon rising.  

There were faint lights in the forest, and on the shore was a crowd of students singing and drinking with wild joy.

In the distance was mist curling in the air, the mountain stretches endlessly, looking like a tremendous dragon hiding in the night sky.

Song Tao blurred the lake and the atmosphere at the campus, focusing on the iron-like mountain ridge.

The thick dark ink and heavy brush strokes, created a majesty aura.

Upon closer inspection, it looked like the mountain ridge was living, twisting and soaring up into the clouds, a rumbling sound at the ear.

“It’s not a mountain ridge, it’s a dragon spine.” Someone said quietly.  

“Whether it looks like a mountain ridge, or a dragon spine, depends on the eyes of each person, this painting is amazing——”

“Young master Song’s painting really is impressive——”

Song Tao’s last brush stroke completed the painting with a steep hill in front of the endless mountain range. The peak was like the head of a dragon.

But, upon closer examination, it was a mountain peak.

Song Tao was a descendant of a profound scholar, his painting skills obviously have positive qualities.

Song Tao looked extremely satisfied with this painting. After receiving the praises of the crowd, looking at Cui Xiaoxin who was admiring the full moon, he asked aloud, “Xiaoxin, what do you think about this painting?”

Cui Xiaoxin did not like drinking wine, came over carrying a cup of green tea with both hands, carefully studied the painting of Song Tao, and softly said, “If you think its a mountain, it looks a mountain, if you think its water it is water. Congratulations Song family elder brother, this painting has the style of a master.”

Song Tao shook his head, a slight teasing expression on his handsome face, “Xiaoxin, you’re not lying to big brother, right?”

Cui Xiaoxin smiled, “My words are sincere, but you dare not accept it.”

Song Tao seriously studied his painting, feeling quite pleased. “Xiaoxin what do you think the title of this painting should be?”

Cui Xiaoxin thought for a moment before answering, “What about the moon illuminating dragon spine?”

Song Tao after a brief thought exclaimed, “Wonderful. I originally had the plan of drawing the mountain ridge to look like a dragon’s spine. Trying to conceal it would instead make it not beautiful. One must loosen the reins to grasp them better. Since I have this plan then wouldn’t it be better to point it out, then let the viewers examine it themselves. Where is the mountain ridge? Where is the dragon spine?”

Song Tao looked at Cui Xiaoxin. “Since Xiaoxin chose this name, then how about Xiaoxin write the title for me?”

Cui Xiaoxin did not refuse. She received Song Tao’s brush and pondered for a moment, before her wrist was lifted and ink was splashed

Cui Xiaoxin’s original handwriting was delicate and pretty.

But in order to complement the painting, she deliberately used a wild and unrestrained calligraphic writing style.

In a flash, she put down the brush.

The four characters ‘Moon illuminating dragon spine’, under the light, was fierce and strong, vigour penetrating to the back of the paper.

“The calligraphy and painting complements well, a match made in heaven.” Someone made a loud compliment. “

“The painting is good, the writing is good, Young master Song’s and Miss Cui’s talent is as bright as the Sun and moon.”

“Xiaoxin, I didn’t know that you can write such beautiful cursive script—” “

Song Tao did not at all conceal his admiration for Cui Xiaoxin. He said in a loud and clear voice: “Xiaoxin is indeed an outstanding women, the most beautiful bright moon of West Wind.”

Some people ridiculed, “Third young master Song, I’m afraid one of your family member would not agree with your words?”

Song Tao’s sister Song Chenxi was also one of the Kingdom’s three bright moons.Since  Song Tao publicly praised another woman, then Song Chenxi has a reason to be unhappy.

Song Tao laughed: “Xiaoxian although has the name Xiaoxian (careful), but her mind is like the sea, surprises immortals. Chenxi is classical and graceful. Both women are the pride of our Tiandu. Whoever marries any one of them, would be the luckiest man in the world.”

“Third young master, you changed your tune.” Someone laughed.

“It can’t be helped. Little sister is gentle and sweet-tempered, does not argue, when she just looks at you, you will have to surrender. Knowing that she would know about this, I should explain myself first to avoid being scolded by my family when I go home.” Song Tao smiled. Anyone could see the deep love that Song Tao has for his sister.

Everyone burst into laughter, while many girls were looking at Song Tao with blazing eyes.

Song Tao took the clean towel to clean his hands. He received the cup of wine from Li Xun, drank a mouthful and then said aloud: “If we’re talking about the way of painting, I am extremely curious about that Li Muyang of Starry Sky Academy. It is said that he has never touched a painting brush before, but was able to achieve the ten realms of painting, bringing the peach blossoms in the courtyard to life——Do you think that, in this world there really are people born with such knowledge?”

The room indoor had suddenly gone very still and the atmosphere had changed.

Who was Li Muyang?

Cui family’s enemy, it is said that even the royal family extremely disliked him.

In this gathering of distinguished scholars, there were descendants of the Cui family and members of the Chu family. The West Wind Kingdom’s second Prince Chu Jiang was also present, listening to the discussion between two men of humble families.

If it were anyone else, they would never mention that name. Nor dare speak of that name.  

However, Song Tao was one of the people entitled to bring up that name.

Song Tao, seeing all the people had gone quiet, also knew what they were worried about, and loudly said: “I said before, today we only talk about beautiful sceneries. Other things are irrelevant to the meeting. Let’s drink wine and admire the moon, talk about poetry and painting. Speaking freely is the nature of young people.”

“Yes, other matters have nothing to do with this gathering.” Someone echoed.

“Although I have not seen that Li Muyang’s painting skills, but I don’t think it’s as good as Third young master——Third young master is from a noble family, practices everyday, could the brush strokes of some lowly person be compared to yours?”

“Brother Tao, he is dead now. Bad luck. Doesn’t matter whether he is born with knowledge or whether he had achieved the ten realms of painting, he is a dead man ——”

“Right, a man without ability and without luck, I do not know what Gu Huangwu see in him, he became a person widely talked about now——” “

“I wonder if there aren’t any people in Starry Sky? Even if our West Wind University send Brother Li and Brother Wang over, they would most likely be the best there?”  

“Song family elder brother had said to only talk about beautiful scenery, only talk about painting skills——” A cold voice sounded. “Why attack the character of others?”

The room went still again, and the atmosphere sank into silence once more.  

No one thought that the one who stood up and spoke for Li Muyang would be her.



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