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326 – Unpredictable immortal!

Chapter 326: Unpredictable immortal!


A bright silver light was suddenly appearing.

Before there were any signs of the enemy, a brother’s head was separated from his body.

These black mounted soldiers were the personal defence troops of the Governor of Yun Province, Lu Qingming, the brothers who had followed him up north and down south, who he can trust with his life. Each of these people could fight hundreds of enemies alone. They are iron-willed elites that the Lu family specially selected from the military and trained for Lu Qingming.

The incident had happened too suddenly, when the first brother was beheaded, the second and third brothers had already kicked their steel boots, the herd of horse had gathered momentum, charging ahead to where the headless corpse was.

But no one knew what was waiting for them ahead.  

A sword pit? An arrow formation? Or an ambush of countless masters?


Yue Feilong bellowed, pulling back on the reins with his left hand to drag the horse that was charging ahead back, and drawing the West wind blade with his right. He swung his blade horizontally behind him, and all of a sudden his body was in front of Lu Qingming’s horse.

At the same time, Li Pingan also performed the same movements as Yue Feilong, with a swift horizontal swing of his blade, he used his body to shield the other side of Lu Qingming.

Yue Feilong and Li Pingan were the Heng and Ha* of Lu Qingming. Although they were usually seen laughing and cursing and not serious at all, when their master was in danger, they were willing to sacrifice themselves.

*Two fierce-looking gods usually guarding a temple gate

Their existence was to block swords.

No other mounted soldiers were afraid of the sudden onslaught, immediately signalling their horse towards Yue Feilong and Li Pingan, as they had been trained for thousands of times before and surrounded them both.

107 brothers, 107 horses.

107 brothers and 107 horses had formed an impenetrable blade formation.


105 mounted soldiers drew their blades simultaneously.

The blade light was like the scorching sun, the horses’ hooves stomped the soil of spring violently.

After a series of actions, Lu Qingming’s figure had disappeared, fusing together with the other 106 people.

After a moment of mixed chaos, the bamboo sea restored into tranquillity once more.

Dark robes. Black fabric.

West Wind blades. Northern Horses.

The 107 soldiers, with the West wind blade raised, were scanning in all directions that the enemy may invade with piercing eyes.

In the bamboo sea, where the drop of a needle could be heard, there was only the sound of heavy breathing from the steeds.

As soon as the assassin struck, there was no sign of him, no clue to his whereabouts.


A gust of cold wind swept around them, whipping the horse’s mane up, the rainwear draped over the soldiers’ shoulders flapping wildly in the wind.

Both the men and horses felt a piercing chill.


A piece of bamboo leaf floated down from above.

Everyone looked up as if the assassin was going to descend from the sky and launch a heavy blow.

“Straight ahead.” Yue Feilong shouted, drawing a fierce silvery light with the West Wind blade.

The blade qi cuts through the air, buzzing and screeching.

Countless blade light were erupting at the same time, criss-crossing in the air, silver brilliance spreading across the sky, dispersing and breaking up the rain and fog, illuminating the bamboo sea like it was day.


A piece of white clothing was floating in the air, but there was no sign of the owner.

“Come out.” Astride his horse, Yue Feilong stepped out of the blade formation, gazing intently at the rain and fog ahead, and roared, “Did you not want to kill? You won’t be able to complete your master’s order by hiding in fear?”

“Lu family’s blade formation really lives up to its reputation. 107 people united all strength to defend against an attack together. Also coincides with Lu clan’s ‘unintentional mantra’ and the rugged pace——The Lu clan is willing to teach their unique techniques to servants. Doing such, they have achieved wonderful results.” A feminine voice sounded.  

The voice was occasionally far, occasionally near, sometimes left and sometimes right. And from time to time it sounded from above and from the centre of the soldiers.

Illusory, like a ghost.

But no one in the blade formation panicked or moved.

Because they knew that this was the assassin’s Sound Disruption technique to confuse their minds, throw them into disorder, so that flaws in their formation would arise.

“Since you’re so knowledgeable on the unique knowledge of our Lu family, then you must be an ‘old friend’ of the Lu family.” Li Pingan was situated in the centre of the formation, with a faint taunting smile on his face. “Meeting an acquaintance is a happy thing. Why won’t our friend come out to see us, we brought Yun province’s famous roasted belly wine, how about we have a long chat over wine in the bamboo sea? Doesn’t that sound good? How about it?”

“You’re going to be a bunch of dead people anyway. What is the point in meeting?” The feminine voice sounded again.

But this time everyone could tell that the sound was coming from in front.

There was a blue figure appearing in the distant, thick fog, and without making the slightest movements, he had instantly arrived in front of Yue Feilong.

It was a handsome young man, long, flowing hair draped over his shoulders and in a wide, fluttering robe.

Lips red like blood, skin whiter than snow.  

He lazily cast his eyes toward Yue Feilong who was standing by himself in front, lifting the fancy sleeve of his robe, uttering, “Here, it is missing a piece. Is that what you did?””

“It was I who did it.” Yue Feilong glared at this well-dressed man, asking: “Who are you?”

“Some people call me Unpredictable immortal, but I like to call myself a jade-faced scholar——” The young man’s voice was as sharp as a woman, smiling he continued, “I like scholars.”

An astonished look crossed everyone’s faces.

Unpredictable immortal was ranked in the top three in the list of assassins in the Divine continent.

He had killed hundreds, never missed, and had never failed.

The most important thing was that there had been rumours countless times that, Unpredictable immortal had died in the hands of a Starry Sky master. But very soon, Unpredictable immortal reappeared and caused a more shocking event than before.

Dawu nations’ minister Zhang Yulin died in his hands, the lord of Jiange county Mu Qiusheng died in his hands, and the great elder of Changbai sword sect of the Peacock Dynasty Du Hong had also died in his hand——there have been many famous people who had perished.

It was said that Unpredictable immortal had a greedy nature, as long as the price was appropriate and that he was satisfied with the treasures, he will take your order. No matter who the person is, he will put the requested person’s head on your hands as scheduled.

Unpredictable immortal had offended many wealthy and powerful families, yet was still able to live unscathed, which showed how strong his strength is.

Today, he came to find the West wind kingdom’s powerful Lu’s clan Lu Qingming.

The eldest son of the Lu family, the governor of Yun province. Any one of these two identities would make countless people shrink back upon hearing his name.

But regardless, he will come to take the head of Lu Qingming.

“Immortal eunuch.” Yue Feilong shouted.

The pale face of Unpredictable immortal was whiter than before, glowering threateningly at Yue Feilong like a beast. “On the basis of your words, I will slice you to death. There are 107 of you, I will make 106 cuts, no less, no more. I’m going to make every one of your brothers eat your flesh.”

Yue Feilong was indeed a strong and courageous person. He bravely said to Unpredictable immortal, “What? You think so yourself, but we can’t say it? Everyone said that you, in order to practice ‘Lotus sword’ has castrated yourself, is everyone lying? However, if you want to prove that you’re not a eunuch, just sprinkle some pee in front of us brothers. When us brothers return to Tiandu, we will explain to everyone——we will tell them to not call Unpredictable immortal an eunuch. You all misunderstood him before.”

“I’m afraid you won’t return to Tiandu——”

Before the voice of Unpredictable immortal faded, he had vanished.

A blade of dark green bamboo leaf appeared near Yue Feilong’s neck.

The bamboo leaf was the same as the one that dropped from the sky before.

At this very moment, as if the bamboo leaf was a blade, it made a slit across Yue Feilong’s throat at lightning speed. 

Bamboo leaf sword!

Using a bamboo leaf as a sword!

Blood appearing sealing the throat!  

“Feilong watch out.” Li Pingan was aware of the danger of the sword, stood upright on the galloping horse and leapt up high.

Li Pingan’s swung the West Wind blade high up like a silver sickle toward the place where nothing was in the air.


The bamboo leaf suddenly switched direction, mercilessly stabbing into Li Pingan’s chest.


The bamboo leaf pierced through Li Pingan’s chest, bringing a shower of blood rain as it continued flying.

It was only when a black-clad soldier thrust his blade that it twisted around towards the distance.


The bamboo leaf shot through a bamboo with a thickness of a bowl, snapping it with a sharp cracking sound.

As the bamboo sword plunged through Li Pingan’s body, there was a tremendous force propelling him backward across the air.

He forcibly clenched his teeth, pausing in mid-air, unwilling to retreat, waved the West wind blade and again charged forward.

At the same time, Yue Feilong and a black-clad soldier were launching a joint assault, repeatedly administered 81 blade attacks already.

Each blade was faster than the previous blade, each blade more ferocious than the previous.


Without any flickering of lights, the black-clad soldier that was fighting shoulder to shoulder with Yue Feilong was severed into two halves, blood gushing out from between his eyebrows.

Blood spurting violently, inner organs were everywhere.

Yue Feilong had sustained a severe wound to his chest, deep to the bones. If he exerted the slightest strength, it seemed as though his ribs would snap.  

The blue figure finally reappeared, and for some reason there was a sword in his hand.

A vibrating and flickering flexible sword.

The flexible sword was stained red, and the tip of the sword was dripping with blood.

Unpredictable immortal did not even glance at the dead body that he hacked into two and the seriously injured Yue Feilong, looking at the impenetrable blade formation he yelled: “Lu Qingming, Lu clan’s martial arts are passed on through the generations, there are many talents in the family. Are you going to hide behind your subordinates today and live by their protection? So cowardly and incompetent, are you not afraid of being laughed at by the people of the Divine continent?”

“Come on, stand up and let me see your Lu family’s Heavenly dragon spearmanship. If you don’t come out, I’ll kill all the people in front of me. I do not believe that, at that time you can still hide?”



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