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328 – Ruthlessly destroys a flower!

Chapter 328: Ruthlessly destroys a flower!


The youngster had a jade-like face, covered with a layer of frost and dust, and his long hair was messy and straw-like.

There was only a white unlined garment on him, ragged and stained, scorched marks all across, which could not even completely cover his body.

Such a seemingly poor youngster did not give the slightest feeling of helplessness, his expression was serious and his attitude to the enemies was so calm. His eyes were clear and bright, and the corners of his mouth curved upwards slightly, as though he was doing something that he thought was rather amusing.

“Is he amused by himself?” Strange Taoist could not help this thought surfacing to his mind.

“Yan Xiangma?” Strange Taoist studied the young man, saying in a skeptical tone: “You’re Yan Xiangma?”

“A man does not change his name——” The young man replied looking rather proud. “Who are you? Why are you committing an assault in the bamboo sea?”

His gaze swept across the ground where several black-clad soldiers had been severed into two, his eyes burned with a fierce light as he said, “Monks are merciful. Your so ruthless to not let them live——you don’t seem to be a good person.”

Strange Taoist cast a glance over at Unpredictable immortal: “The people are killed by him, and has nothing to do with old Taoist me.”

Unpredictable immortal laughed grimly. “Yes, I’m the one that hacked the people. Does Strange Taoist use swords to kill people? He’ll just calmly stab a needle through their throat like its nothing——except those that were killed by a sword, the other black-clad mounted soldiers died in your hands. That’s the mercy of a monk.”

The sight of Unpredictable immortal was fixed on the youngster the moment he suddenly appeared, a faint inward feeling of fear and apprehension.

Strange Taoist and him had undertaken this task together, to ensure that the Lu family’s eldest son Lu Qingming was killed. There must not be a second possibility.

Although they had not directly dealt with the enemy together, but while Unpredictable immortal was fighting with Lu Qingming, Strange Taoist was always at the side observing the situation.

When Strange Taoist and Lu Qingming fought, it was his turn to observe for Strange Taoist.

In all honesty, he has been paying utmost attention to the situation on the battlefield, as well as the subtle and exquisite moves exchanged between Lu Qingming and Strange Taoist, his six senses have been detecting signs of movements around all along. If there was a surprise attack from an enemy, he should be able to respond at the first instance.

“But when did that guy appear?” Unpredictable immortal could not understand what had occurred.

His sudden appearance, his terrifying power, had astonished everyone. He was able to obstruct Strange Taoist who was exerting full force to quickly get rid of Lu Qingming——The Divine continent was so vast, how many people could grab Strange Taoist by the arm?

On this basis of just this point, this youngster could become famous, be admired by the world.

Which family is this boy from? 

He said his name Yan Xiangma——There is such a young talent in the Yan family?

Unpredictable immortal, although unclear of the youngster’s background, suddenly urged Strange Taoist to get rid of him, “Why are you wasting your time talking to a little brat? Kill him.”

“How I handle my affairs, do I need other people’s reminder?” Strange Taoist said coldly.

Strange Taoist seemed quite dissatisfied with Unpredictable immortal.

While Unpredictable immortal was fighting, he had to act as his assistance. But when he himself was in danger, he had to jump out and rescue himself.

When he was in a battle, Unpredictable immortal let others charge over to interrupt his final killing move. If this young man had not came out disrupting his plan, he would had successfully beheaded Lu Qingming and completed the task of this trip.

In his view, the selfish intention of Unpredictable immortal was to prevent him monopolising all the praises from the employer, but also to maintain his undefeated reputation.

If Unpredictable immortal was defeated, but Strange Taoist succeeded, wouldn’t ‘Unpredictable immortal’ completely lose his dignity?

If they were both defeated, they would keep silent about the matter and never bring it up. Therefore, they would remain as ‘invincible’ existences in the world?

How are prestige and fame cultivated? They also need effective whitening and packaging, right?

Unpredictable immortal understood where Strange Taoist’s resentment was coming from, but he did not care. They have come for fame and fortune; once this task is completed they would go their separate ways. Even if they see each other again, it could be on battlefield.

Therefore, Unpredictable immortal gave a sinister laugh, saying “I did this for your own good. Being stopped by a nobody, wouldn’t that be unfavourable to Strange Taoist’s reputation?”

A glint of murderous intent flashed across Strange Taoist’s eyes, staring at the arm of the youngster. “To achieve such high cultivation level at such young age, it is remarkable. For the sake of you cultivation I can let you live——as long as you break your arm, then I can pretend nothing has happened.”

Strange Taoist’s name has the word ‘strange’, he naturally has to live up to this title.

He could kill without a single word, but he could also let them go because they are pleasing to the eye.

He felt the young man was very pleasing to the eye, so if the young man was willing to leave an arm and apologise to himself, he would be willing to let him go——After all, there is so little fun people in the world, there would be one less if he killed him.

Life is boring!

For Strange Taoist, this was mercy.

For the youngster, this was an insult.

The youngster stared wide-eyed at Strange Taoist and retorted, “You only achieved the strength you have today at such an old age, cultivation must be difficult. How about this, if you cut your head off, today I’ll pretend that nothing happened. What do you think?”

“You want to die.” When Strange Taoist spoke, the arm that was tightly in the youngster’s grip suddenly turned blue like it had burst into blue flames.

Heavenly astral true fire!

Refining the heavenly astral qi within the body into pure fire.

This fire can dissolve mountain rocks and melt strong iron, let alone human flesh and blood.

Unexpectedly this young man gave no reaction at all.

There was not the slightest grimace of pain on his face, and there were no signs or marks of burning across his hand.

He stood gazing at the blue fire curiously, as if he was looking at a delicious fruit.

Something even more strange happened right after.

The Heavenly astral true fire that he had released was fading, automatically began to weaken as they came into contact with the young man’s arm, and then quickly vanished without a trace.

Strange Taoist immediately understood what happened, he had swallowed it up.

But he did not know what was unusual about this young man’s physique that he could swallow up and assimilate the pure and fierce Heavenly astral true fire.

Strange Taoist grinded his teeth, activating essential qi and releasing much more Heavenly astral true fire.


Vibrant blue flames erupted from his arms, growing to one metre long. Half of the Strange Taoist’s body was bathed in flames.

Strange Taoist laughed coldly.

Don’t you like to swallow up flames, then I’ll let you swallow as much as you like. When your sea of qi is unable to hold such a large amount of strong and fierce qi you would suffer the consequence of your own actions. Your meridians and sea of qi being destroyed is a minor problem, the worst case is that your body would explode.

However, Strange Taoist’s plan had failed.

No matter how hard he tried, no matter how bright and fierce the flames were.

Once in the hands of the youngster, were instantly disappearing without a trace.

Adding to this, as he kept an eye on the young man’s face, he came to notice that the fiercer his Heavenly astral true fire was, the more cheerful the expression the young man had.

The white arsenic of others, was like fine wine to the youngster.

It was as though this young man could consume this fire as if it was food, and every time he swallowed it up he had the feeling of fullness and satisfaction.

Strange Taoist could not bear any longer, thrust out a left palm strike.

Youngster raised his clenched fist to receive the attack, the collision of palm intention and fist produced a loud explosive bang and simultaneously pushing the two people back several steps.


Strange Taoist’s knocked into countless green bamboos, before he could steady his body.

Just as the young man was sent somersaulting backwards across the air, a small white beast darted over, biting at the sleeve of the young man to halt his tumble backward, so he could stabilise his body in the air.  

The young man patted the little snow white beast’s head, smiled and said: “Thank you, Snowball.”


Snowball blew a bubble to the youngster, and then waved its four little paws and giggled, seemingly proud of its achievements.

The young man, amused by its innocent look, pinched his little plump face, “Snowball, I really like you a lot.”

Snowball evidently disliked being violated like this, its four little paws were desperately waving and struggling, and its mouth was incessantly producing ‘pff pff pff’ noises.

By the time Strange Taoist had returned to the battlefield, Unpredictable immortal leapt over wielding the flexible sword.

“How is it?” Unpredictable immortal asked.

“This kid is extremely odd.” Strange Taoist, with a gloomy expression across his face, darted a glance over at the youngster. He was not only able to swallow up and digest his Heavenly astral real fire, but was able to withstand a full-strength Heavenly astral palm without being hurt.

His punch contained thunderous force, the way he threw out a fist was like the roar of a dragon or the growl of a tiger, bringing an extremely bold and fierce power.

Strange Taoist had traveled through famous mountains and across great rivers, encountered countless strange people, but he had never seen such astonishing and mysterious fist technique.  

“Frighten Dragon Fist?”

A strange and unfamiliar fist technique surfaced on his mind.

But this idea was quickly dispelled.

How could a young man know the skill Frighten Dragon fist that had been lost for a long, long time? It’s most likely just a bit similar.  

Unpredictable immortal sniggered to himself, ‘you Strange Taoist had always been arrogant and domineering, considers everyone else beneath you. Today, you lost to a young man, you must feel very upset?’  

“It is a little odd.” On the surface however, Unpredictable immortal nodded in agreement. “I didn’t expect that there would be someone in the world that could swallow Strange Taoist’s Heavenly astral true fire.”

“Humph.” Strange Taoist knew that Unpredictable immortal did not have any good intentions. After a grumble, he fixed his gaze on the young man again. “Since he couldn’t tell good from bad, then can’t blame me for destroying a flower ruthlessly.”

“Falling in the hands of Strange Taoist, only death awaits you. Pity it’s a little jade-faced man.” Unpredictable immortal softly sighed, staring at the youngster’s handsome face. “



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