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331 – The rule of assassination!

Chapter 331: The rule of assassination!


Strange Taoist was dead.

Lightning twisted around his body and instantly tore him to shreds.

His death was ruthless, and his corpse was destroyed.

Everyone stared wide-eyed at Li Muyang, finding it hard to believe what they had just witnessed.  

“What happened just now? You——killed Strange Taoist?” A look of panic crossed Unpredictable immortal’s face as he shrieked.

The one that found this the most hard to accept was Unpredictable immortal. Strange Taoist had made a name for himself several decades ago. He was able to move unhindered throughout the Divine continent with his exquisite Heavenly astral technique, and there were numerous strong masters that have died in his hands. Adding to this, he was strange and vengeful. He would kill people that offended him by all kinds of vicious means, so most people avoided offending him.

Everyone has elderly and young to take care of, who would want to provoke such an idiot? Killing a thief in one day is better than preventing thieves everyday.

This young and gentle guy was able to kill a Withered glory master by himself, just what is his background?

What was worse was that he and Strange Taoist were one, they must fight and retreat together. They both accepted the secret mission to assassinate Lu Qingming. Now that Strange Taoist was dead, he would face the danger himself.

Unpredictable immortal was seriously injured while fighting Lu Qingming. However, because Strange Taoist was present, he had nothing to worry. What could a similarly wounded Liu Qingming and those brave but less powerful black-clad soldiers do?

They would still die in the end.

It was just a case of who died first.

What he did not expect was that, a Yan Xiangma all of a sudden came out and spoiled everything.

The others were stunned.

Lu Qingming’s body was hovering in the air, the silver spear in his hand buzzing, ready to fight to death with Unpredictable immortal.

“Gongzi Xiangma——” Lu Qingming’s eyes lit up with joy.

He knew what the death of Strange Taoist meant to them.

If Gongzi Yan Xiangma blocking Strange Taoist’s devastating palm strike could be said as dragging him back from Death’s hand, then Li Muyang killing Strange Taoist could be said as saving him and all the black-clad soldiers.

With Strange Taoist dead, only one Unpredictable immortal was nothing to be worried about.

He could live, and his brothers could also live.

Although they had paid a heavy price, but to be able to retain a little spark, to be able return to Tiandu, had extraordinary significance on the Lu family.

The victims’ unjust treatment requires someone to act on, and someone needs to visit the tombstones to pay respect to the dead.

The last group of black-clad mounted soldiers was still charging over to Strange Taoist, when he was reduced into a rain of blood, splashing onto their face and body.

They rushed through the blood rain, pulling the  reins of their horses and turned around, gazing up at the sky.

These fierce warriors drew back the corner of his mouth and grinned.

They were not afraid to die; they were ready to die.

But if someone could take their place to escort General back to Tiandu safely, it was something worth celebrating.


A black-clad soldier raised his West wind blade high in the air, responding with cheers and yells, in order to vent his joy, and to pay respect to Li Muyang.


The 26 other soldiers that had luckily survived also cheered, raising their West wind blades high into the air, expressing their gratitude to Li Muyang.

Li Muyang waved to them, motioning that they don’t need to worry about it.

When he looked into their eyes, touched upon their deep emotions and joy, his expression all of a sudden became dignified.

Li Muyang placed one hand over his chest, performing the standard military salute.

Let alone of the fact that Lu Qingming was the biological father of Lu Qiji, the Lu family was the important force that protected his parents and little sister.

The bravery that the black-clad soldiers showed in the midst of danger and their unhesitant sacrifice were enough to make one tearful.

When Li Muyang was still a trash in Jiangnan city, the thing that he enjoyed the most was reading hero novels.

He admires the hero’s ability and luck, but more often was touched by the loyal and righteous supporting characters.

Even though sometimes the supporting characters do not have a name at all, but they were still remembered by Li Muyang.

The black-clad army of the Lu family was such a group of supporting characters.

He didn’t know their names, but that didn’t stop him from respecting them and protecting them. And even risking his life to save them.  

“Interesting. Very interesting.” Unpredictable immortal laughed heartily, because he looked too much like a woman, even if he showed a very heroic action he still looked very feminine. “The prestigious and famous Strange Taoist was unexpectedly defeated by a nobody. If this matter goes out, it’s going to shake the entire Divine continent.”

Li Muyang sneered: “I am not interested in shaking the Divine continent, I am more interested whether you were shaken.”

“Oh. Is it because I am beautiful?”

“Speak nicely, these words make people feel sick.” Li Muyang couldn’t stand his coquettish behaviour.

“Humph.” Infuriated, Unpredictable immortal clasped his sword tightly, glowering at Li Muyang. “You’re from the Yan family of Tiandu?”

“So what?” Since Li Muyang had said his name was Yan Xiangma, he now had to continue pretending till the end. “I can tell you, our Yan family has many talents, numerous masters, you’re just hitting a dog with a meat bun——”

Thinking it over, he felt that this was too insulting to his good friend Yan Xiangma.

So, Li Muyang hurriedly changed his tune. “You won’t be able to return if you go there. Of course, you have no chance of going there either.”

“As far as I know, Tiandu’s Cui family and Lu family have been enemies for hundreds of years, your Yan family and Cui family are like birds of a feather, are in-laws. So I do not understand why a person of the Yan family would risk his life to help the Lu family?” Unpredictable immortal expressed his suspicions. “Have you not thought that, perhaps, Strange Taoist and I were hired by your Yan and Cui family?”

Lu Qingming also couldn’t help shifting his sight to Li Muyang.

Lu Qingming knew that this young man was not Yan Xiangma, because he knows the real Yan Xiangma.

But who was this person? Why did he say his name is Yan Xiangma? Could he a young talent of the Yan family that he didn’t know about?  

Thinking that this person was from the Yan family, he couldn’t help feeling disappointed. If his Lu family had a child like him——ah, the son of the Lu family is also extremely talented, the letter that the Lady sends to him were always full of praise for their son. Some days ago he also heard that he was highly valued by the Double walls of Calligraphy and painting of Starry Sky Academy Gu Huangwu, and was taken in as his disciple, arousing heated discussion and the Divine continents concern.

Unfortunately, his father had made such a ruthless decision back then. It most likely had hurt the child’s heart forever?

Thinking of this, Lu Qingming couldn’t help sighing heavily.

Every family has its problems!

“Right, why should the Yan family desperately protect the Lu family?” Li Muyang forced a smile. Even he himself was suspecting that the Cui family ordered the assassination of Lu Qingming. He had heard from Lu Qiji that the Cui family wanted to retaliate against him and his family, but the Lu family escorted them to Tiandu and protected them. The two families have been enemies for hundred years, it is not at all surprising that there have been a few assassination incidents.

However, since he had already shouted that he is Yan Xiangma, then there was no reason to expose his identity now.

So, Li Muyang angrily shouted back: “You think words can ruin my relationship with Uncle Lu? There are some conflicting views between our family and the Lu family, but those are just administrative issues——Yan family has been a rich and powerful for hundred years, we would not do such evil deeds as hiring assassins to murder people. Such acts are done by hoodlum, and we despise them. Since I, Yan Xiangma ran into this incident, then I must uphold justice and save him. By doing so I can live up to the reputation and good character that our family had accumulated for years.”

“Good character and reputation?” Unpredictable immortal giggled. “I hope you’re saying what’s on your mind. Otherwise, if such a young boy is that shameless, then later I don’t know what monster you will become——”

Before his voice faded, the figure of Unpredictable immortal suddenly and rapidly retreated.

Beautiful clothes quickly vanished, moving back into the thick fog of the bamboo sea.

Shrinking to inches!

The escape version of shrinking to inches!

Li Muyang thought to himself that when he returns to Starry sky, he must ask Master Xiahou to teach him this unique Taoist skill. It was extremely effective in both fighting and escaping.

The most important thing was that it looked very cool and impressive.

“Don’t you dare run.”

Li Muyang bellowed and was about to give chase.

“I’ll go.” As Lu Qingming shouted, he was already clasping his silver spear and charging over.

Very soon, the two figures had vanished without a trace in the sea of fog.

By the time Li Muyang and the many black-clad soldiers caught up, Lu Qingming had already knocked Unpredictable immortal to the ground, pointing the tip of the silver spear at his throat.  

“A scholar prefers death to humiliation.” Unpredictable immortal was paler than paper, blood seeping out the corner of his mouth as he grunted: “Kill me.”

“Are you a scholar?” Lu Qingming said coldly. “You can die. But you have to answer one question——who sent you?”

Unpredictable immortal giggled incessantly, but because the laughter used too much force it impacted the injury of his internal organs, blood gushed out his mouth.

“You should be aware that us assassins have no regard for our own life——We can disregard life, law, ethics, human feelings, but we have to abide by the rule of assassination. Otherwise, we would become a disgrace to the entire assassin industry and be reviled by the generations of assassins to come.”

“The only rule that needs to be followed is: never disclose the identity of the employer.”



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