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334 – The need for hatred!

Chapter 334: The need for hatred!


When Li Shinian just arrived in Tiandu, her relationship with Lu Tianyu wasn’t too good. The little fatty looked harmless on the outside, but was full of evil tricks.

He looked down on the daughter of a maid from Jiangnan city, and had always wanted to let her see the might of the Young master of the Lu family.

Unfortunately, he encountered the little demon Li Shinian.  

Whenever Lu Tianyu attempted to use some extreme method to bully Li Shinian, he instead would experience Li Shinian’s thunder-like counterattack. And every time single time Lu Tianyu had to suffer in silence. His failure time and again cast an unfading shadow on him and made him fear Li Shinian.  

Lu Tianyu found that the little girl who smiled all day long was much more scary that his older sister who was as cold as frost.

There was a time when Lu Tianyu was bullied and Li Shinian fearlessly came to his rescue, which finally made the little fatty realised how wrong was his previous way of thinking actually was.

He not only accepted the arrival of Li Shinian, but also called her ‘older sister’. He completely regarded her as part of his family.

For a rich and powerful with a strict hierarchy, it was a very difficult thing.

The news of Li Muyang’s death spread, and in Li Shinian’s most difficult time, little fatty Lu Tianyu came to accompany Li Shinian everyday, and thought of ways and gave her gifts to make her happy.  

“Sister, have a taste. See if it’s sweet or not.” Lu Tianyu urged, pointing to the candied dates wrapped in silk cloth.

Li Shinian reached out to pat Lu Tianyu’s head. She picked up a date and took a bite. “Sweet. It’s really sweet.” She muttered while chewing.

“I told you it’s sweet. If it’s delicious, then you should eat more. If you don’t like to eat dates, I’ll get some tangerines and sapodilla fruit——you’ve eaten them all before. So I thought I’d let you try something new.”

“No thanks, I like this a lot already.” Li Shinian declined.

“Big sister——” Lu Tianyu looked at the expression on Li Shinian’s face and said, “When I came over, I saw you sitting in a daze. Also——”

“Just say what you want.” Li Shinian cast a glance at Lu Tianyu.

“Big sister, I know you’re upset. Your brother——Li Muyang, although I haven’t met him, but, he is your brother. I’m also upset that he’s gone. But, you two were very close, if he knows your this unhappy, he will certainly be unhappy. Just as when I know you’re unhappy, I also won’t be happy.”

Li Shinian’s chewing slowed, setting down the fruit in her hand, and softly said: “Lu Tianyu, I understand your kind intention. But you don’t understand his importance in my heart.”

“But you’ll hurt your body like this. If something happens to you, what would Uncle Li and Auntie Luo do? They only have a daughter now.”

“So I was grieving alone in the garden. Why are you peeping?” Li Shinian fiercely glared at Lu Tianyu.

Lu Tianyu couldn’t help tensing up, stuttering, “I didn’t know. I just——I accidentally saw.”

“I know.” Li Shinian gently sighed. “Thank you for the fruits. You go practise, or your teacher is going to scold you. I want to sit quietly for a while.”

“Then you promise me not to be upset again?”


“Big sister——”

“Go on.” Li Shinian gestured with her hand. “Don’t talk nonsense. Or do you don’t believe that I’ll hit you?”

Helplessly, Lu Tianyu said, “Big sister, don’t get upset. In fact, I’m also very upset. Think about it, your brother did not come out from that illusion, but my sister came out of that illusion and went missing——Now our family is constantly sending people to search for her. We’re worried that something has happened to her.”  

“Miss Lu——she hasn’t come back yet?”

“No.” Lu Tianyu shook his head.

“Don’t worry. It’s going to be okay.” Li Shinian comforted in a soft voice.

“Yes. My sister will be fine.” Little fatty said confidently. “I believe that she will come back. Because my sister is awesome. Nobody can beat her.”

Seeing the confidence look on his face, Li Shinian couldn’t help feeling envious.

If she could be as confident as he was, in believing that her brother would come back, how good would that be?

Just then, a little servant came in, saying with a smile, “Shinian, someone is looking for you——”

Noticing that Lu Tianyu was also here, the servant girl hurriedly bowed and greeted him. “Young Master.”

Lu Tianyu looked at the little servant girl and asked aloud: “Who came to find my sister?”

“Miss Cui of the Cui family.”

“Cui family?” Lu Tianyu was a little taken aback.

Why would the Cui family come to the gate of the Lu Household? Did the sun rise in the West today?

The inside of luxurious carriage exuded a faint, refreshing fragrance.

Two beautiful young girls sat opposite each other. One was pure like a Chrysanthemum, and the other elegant like an orchid.

Cui Xiaoxin looked at Li Shinian sitting opposite, saying softly: “This meeting should have happened a long time ago.”

“Yes. It should have been when I came to Tiandu.” Li Shinian nodded. She did not avoid sharing her feelings. “When I knew I was coming to Tiandu, although I was extremely against the idea, but thinking that I have a friend there, I thought it wouldn’t be too bad. I thought I could see her often when I go there——this was the only reason that made me want to come to Tiandu.”

“The longer it dragged on, the more I couldn’t find a reason to see each other. Later, I was afraid to think of this problem.”

“Well. I understand how you feel, so I don’t blame you.” Li Shinian looked Cui Xiaoxin in the eye. “I did blame you before, but then standing in your position, the anger in my heart disappeared. Rather it being awkward when we meet, it is better to not see each other. It would be good for both you and for me.”

“You’ve always been so considerate.”

“It’s has also always been so easy for you to make the right choice.”

“Do you hate me?”

“There’s no hatred.” Li Shinian shook her head. “At that time I really wanted you to be with my brother. But after knowing your identity, I knew it would be impossible. I did what I thought was right and you did what you thought was right. None of us are at fault.”

Cui Xiaoxin was silent for a long while, before she said, “I know about what happened to Li Muyang——”

“Stop.” Li Shinian interrupted and looked at Cui Xiaoxin with a serious expression on her face. “Don’t comfort me. Never, ever.”


“Because once you comfort me, I would think that my brother might not come back.” Li Shinian explained. “I don’t believe my brother is dead, I’m still waiting for him to come back.”

“I don’t believe it either.”

“Truly?” Li Shinian looked puzzled at Cui Xiaoxin.  

“Truly.” Cui Xiaoxin firmly nodded.  


“A feeling. Li Muyang is a very strange person, he always surprise people that look down on him. He was like that before, and he will also be like that in the future.”

Li Shinian drew back her mouth in a wide smile.

When she said that her brother was alive, everyone thought she was delusional. They kept telling her that Li Muyang was dead and that she should accept reality.  

Now there was another person standing with her, believing in the fact that Li Muyang was still alive and that he would come back and surprise everyone that thought he was dead.

“Don’t you hate my brother?” Li Shinian felt a lot closer to Cui Xiaoxin. The girl was not as she had imagined, although she was high and mighty, and was one of the dazzling bright moon of Tiandu, she was still the same as before, easy to get along with, frank and sincere.  

“There’s no hatred.” After a hesitation, Cui Xiaoxin replied in a low voice.

“Why?” Li Shinian asked once again.

The entire Cui family hated Li Muyang, they all wanted to peel off his skin and make him die 100 times.

Cui Xiaoxin was part of the Cui family, and one of the few core members of the Cui family.

The entire Tiandu was rife with rumours that her brother killed Cui Xiaoxin’s brother, and it was because of this that two good friends had only met until now.

“I don’t believe it.” Cui Xiaoxin whispered. “I don’t believe Li Muyang killed my brother.”

Li Shinian instantly saw Cui Xiaoxin as a close friend. She said with an agreeing nod, “I also don’t believe it. Li Muyang, you also know, he is scared to even kill a chicken——”

Cui Xiaoxin smiled, without saying anything.

She had seen the other side of Li Muyang. She had seen the fierce appearance of Li Muyang when he used his bare hand to block a knife to save her.

But she believed in the character of Li Muyang.

She believed that Li Muyang would not kill without cause.

More importantly, she did not believe that Li Muyang could wound her brother Cui Zhaoren.

Because at that time Cui Zhaoren was already at the higher stages of the Free clouds, what about Li Muyang?

This matter had too many secrets, and it was because this matter that the Cui and Lui family had been fighting endlessly. The esteemed father of her family would enter the palace to see the Emperor every now and then. It was said that the Lu family did the same——

Li Muyang, he is just a little lamb, his little nibble in the distant grassland could cause a political disaster in Tiandu?

It was not realistic.

Some hatreds are deliberately made.

Because someone needed it.  

Cui Xiaoxin, who was brought up in a powerful aristocratic family, obviously understood this more than Li Shinian.  

Li Shinian looked at Cui Xiaoxin. “I’ve came to Tiandu for some time now, but I haven’t really walked around this imperial city and I haven’t visited many of the City’s famous sights.”

Cui Xiaoxin chuckled aloud, “If you’re free today, let me take you around?”

“I waited six months for you to say this.” Li Shinian said with a giggle.

They two looked at each other, a familiar warmth flowing out from the inside.


Li Shinian said.

Cui Xiaoxin also spoke at the same time.



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