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336 – I need to confess!

Chapter 336: I need to confess!


Because there were black-clad soldiers reporting the news to the household in advance, when Lu Qingming came to the doorway of the Lu mansion with a group of soldiers, the door was wide open and there were many people already waiting by the door.

Gongsun Yu was standing by the entrance along with her son Lu Tianyu, the housekeeper, and servants. Upon seeing the vey few number of black-clad soldiers by Lu Qingming’s side, and most were seriously injured, she instantly understood what had happened, and immediately came forward to greet Lu Qingming who was jumping down from a horse, tightly held his huge hand and softly cried with red eyes, “Husband——”

Her voice was filled with grievances, and crammed with grief and indignation.

The news of Li Muyang’s death had spread to Tiandu. This mother who had not seen her son more than once was just as equally sad and heartbroken.

Although Gongsun Yu had fallen ill from grieving, she had to keep holding on.

Because she was the Lady of the Lu household, there were countless businesses that she needed to deal with, which needed her to make a decision.

Li Muyang had died; Lu Qiji had left school and disappeared. It was more painful than the feeling of flesh being gouged out from her chest.

And right now the Lu family was facing internal troubles and outside aggression, but she could not tell these matters to her husband in Yun province. She did not want him to worry about things at home while he was defending the frontier.

It was her duty as a wife.

“I’m all right.” Lu Qingming could not bear to tightly hold his wife’s small hand back. His clasp could break her delicate, fair hand. Gazing into his wife’s worried eyes, he smiled and said in a comforting voice, “I am back now, right?”

“Yes. I’m happy you’re back.” Gongsun Yu knew this was not the time to talk about those matters. She beckoned to Lu Tianyu. “Tianyu, come over to greet your father”

Little fatty Lu Tianyu scurried over and took the horse’s rope from his Father’s hands. “Father must be tired, son will lead the horse for you.”

“Have you been lazy with homework lately? Have you been diligently practicing?” Lu Qingming was extremely stern towards Lu Tianyu and did not care about his flattery at all. Staring at Lu Tianyu, he asked aloud.

“Mister Bai has been supervising my homework, Tianyu dares not to slack off. I have not missed one day of practice, and have been studying morning and evening. Father can personally check.” Lu Tianyu serious answered without panicking. At this moment Lu Tianyu finally showed a trace of the demeanor of a young master of an aristocratic family.

“Well. That’s good if that is the case.” Lu Qingming’s expression eased a little, holding his wife’s hand and reaching for his son’s hand, he said, “Let’s speak inside.”

As they stepped into the courtyard, Lu Qingming instructed the black-clad soldiers to go back to rest, and to deliver the news of the death of the brothers to their family and the funds for the family of those who died in the line of duty, and that they must not omit any person. He would personally go visit the families of his brothers and explain the story tomorrow.  

Watching Lu Qingming issuing commands ever since he returned, Li Muyang felt that the Lu family really was a prominent family of Tiandu. Lu Qingming was the eldest son, and, as far as he knew, Lu Qingming had no brothers and was the only child.

A man of such noble status has to cope with so many affairs every day. It really was not that good being a master of a rich and powerful family.

If he was to visit the family members of his brothers in person, there were so many people that did not return, then the visit would take some time.  

Of course, this would also make those who follow him more loyal. Perhaps, how to win people’s heart was also a basic skill that a General should possess.

Once the matters were organised, the servants went away and worked on their own chores.

Lu Qingming led the people into the drawing room, then turned and said to Lu Tianyu in a serious tone of voice, “Tianyu, kneel down.”

There was a look of confusion on little fatty Lu Tianyu’s face, but he still ‘plopped’ down, kneeling in front of Lu Qingming.  

Lu Qingming pointed to Li Muyang, explaining “I want you to kowtow to Gongzi Xiangma. On the way back to the city we encountered an ambush, the situation was extremely dangerous. If Gongzi Xiangma had not saved me, then I’m afraid I would have been dead now——Gongzi Xiangma would not accept my show of gratitude. You thank Gongzi Xiangma on behalf of father.”

“Yes. Father.” Lu Tianyu was even more dumbfounded. Gongzi Yan Xiangma? Which Gongzi Yan Xiangma? Tiandu’s Gongzi Yan Xiangma, but he was now a junior investigating censorate official of the Monitoring Division. Why was there another Gongzi Yan Xiangma? Could it be that such a bad name has become popular?”

Although these were his thoughts, he could not disobey his father’s order. Moreover his father had said that, when he was in his danger, that Yan Xiangma came to his rescue. He was his father’s saviour. They had to repay him for his great kindness, heavily.

If his father was dead, the Lu family would crumble. His death would be a fatal blow to the Lu family. Grandfather would still be able to protect them, but if Grandfather was not here, they most likely would be swallowed by the enemies.

Lu Tianyu turned to face Li Muyang and was about to kowtow to as he said: “Thank you Gongzi Yan Xiangma for rescuing my father, your great kindness——”

He couldn’t finish his words.

Because his head was blocked by a palm in his way.

He lifted his head up, directly meeting Li Muyang’s gaze.

“Gongzi Xiangma——”

“Don’t kowtow.” Li Muyang smiled. “I’m most afraid of being bowed to.”

“But you saved my father, and I have to express——”

“Kowtow can’t express any gratitude, better give me a bowl of red-braised pork instead.” Li Muyang said with a smile.

When Li Muyang was trapped in the illusion and was unable to find a way out, he missed his parents and sister the most, and most wanted to eat his mother’s red braised pork. Now that he was in Tiandu, he must eat to his heart’s content.

“Then——” Lu Tianyu looked over in the direction of his father.

Lu Qingming pulled Li Muyang over, whispering: “Gongzi Xiangma, please let Tianyu express the gratitude of our Lu family. Otherwise I won’t feel good.”

Although Lu Tianyu was still very young, he was the true young master of the Lu family. Kneeling and kowtowing to Li Muyang on behalf of his father Lu Qingming was tantamount to representing the Lu family kneeling to Li Muyang. This was a huge gift.

Lu Qingming was very grateful to him.

“Uncle Lu, I have said this all the way here. Standing up against injustice is our bounden duty. I just did what I had to do. Besides, you’re Lu Qiji’s father, and Lu Qiji and I are classmates——”

“You know my big sister?”

Lu Tianyu jumped up from the floor, shouting excitedly.

His father shot a glare at him and he ‘plopped’ back down on his knees.

His Father still hadn’t told him to get up yet.

“Yes.” Li Muyang nodded “Qiji is my classmate in Starry Sky.”

“That’s too great. Do you know where big sister have went?” Lu Tianyu asked excitedly.

“Right now, Qiji should be in the academy.” Li Muyang answered.

“My sister is not at the Academy.” Lu Tianyu said aloud. “My sister left the Academy after she came out of the illusion. We have contacted Starry Sky Academy and the Academy has confirmed it. Now no one knows where my sister has gone.”

“Lu Qiji has left Starry Sky Academy?” Li Muyang exclaimed. He had been trapped in the illusion all this time unaware of what’s going on outside.

But come to think of it, Lu Qiji’s target of going to Starry Sky Academy was him. If he was trapped in the illusion, was there any point of Lu Qiji staying in Starry Sky?  

She was the reincarnation of the Phoenix, possessed the heart of the Phoenix. She only needed to concentrate on cultivation, and she could become the most dazzling existence of the entire starry sky. She could compete with the sun and the moon, and live for eternity along with the heaven and earth. Even in the renowned Starry Sky Academy, who was qualified to serve as her teacher?  

“Yes.” The little fatty nodded seriously.

“What’s going on? Why didn’t you tell me about Qiji’s disappearance?” Lu Qingming was more shocked than him. “When did she leave? Have you sent someone out to search?”

Li Muyang, after a brief thought, added: “Lu Qiji——may have gone to train. You don’t have to worry, Lu Qiji is so strong, she is one of the best students of Starry Sky Academy. She’ll be fine.”

Gongsun Yu did not notice Li Muyang before, as he was dressed in a West Wind military brown robe and a bamboo rain hat, which were travel-worn and dusty, and was standing with the other soldiers. She thought he was one of the bodyguards.

When her husband had sent the others away and only he stayed behind, Gongsun Yu began to notice him. But she didn’t think much of it. She thought that her husband must have told him to remain behind because he had some secret task for him.  

It was only when her husband told son Lu Tianyu to kneel down that she knew the matter was not so simple. But she would never expect that, the youngster who was clad in dirty clothes, and with a haggard face and only his eyes were bright and full of expression was her husband’s saviour.

What was even more unexpected was that he was a classmate of her daughter Lu Qiji.

Gongsun Yu, upon hearing the dialogue between Li Muyang and Lu Tianyu, hurried over, looking at Li Muyang with a grateful expression and said, “Thank you Gongzi Xiangma. You not only saved Lu Qingming, but also saved our Lu family. This kindness, our Lu family will remember forever. If Gongzi Xiangma needs any help, our Lu family would certainly do our best.”

“Aunt is too polite.” Li Muyang bowed to Gongsun Yu, performing the etiquette of the younger generation.  

“Gongzi Xiangma just said that my daughter Qiji is your classmate, do you have news about her? Qiji’s disappearance had made the whole family very worried, we cannot rest or eat in peace.” Gongsun Yu looked at Li Muyang with a hopeful expression.

“I don’t have news of her.” Li Muyang said aloud. “But I can be certain that Lu Qiji is not in any danger. Uncle Lu and Aunt no need to worry.”

“How can I not worry?” Gongsun Yu let out a long sigh.

“Well, well. We’ve travelled so far, Gongzi Xiangma must be tired. How about we let him wash up first and then eat together?” Lu Qingming said aloud.

“That’s right.” Gongsun Yu nodded. “Gongzi Xiangma, I’ll tell people to take you inside to wash and change.”

She beckoned to servant Jing’er and whispered to her, “Take Gongzi Xiangma to the guest room to wash up. Prepare a set of new clothes for him. Tell others to take good care of him.”

“Yes. Lady” Jing’er bowed as she answered, made an invitation gesture to Li Muyang and said politely, “Gongzi Xiangma, please follow me.”

“Wait.” Li Muyang declined Gongsun’s kindness and said awkwardly. “I——I have a confession to make——”



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