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339 – This is atonement!

Chapter 339: This is atonement!


Li Muyang both hands were covering his chest as he stared vigilantly at the four pretty servants.

“Young Master, please let Chuyao change your clothes——”

“Young Master, let Zhaihua fix your hair——”

“Young Master, don’t be nervous, Tingxue will help you rub your back, you’ve walked a long way——”

“Young Master, don’t——Young master, don’t run away——”

Li Muyang was repeatedly stepping back, until he reached the door, turned around and tried to run outside.


He bumped directly into a woman.

“Ouch——” The girl cried out, clutching her forehead with both hands and looking at Li Muyang, who was trying to escape. She quickly stretched out her hand and pulled him back. “Young Master Muyang, where are you going?”

“What are they——doing?” Li Muyang asked, pointing at the four girls that were as delicate as flowers.


“Jing’er giggled, “Obviously to bathe Young Master Muyang.”

“It’s okay, it’s okay.” Li Muyang waved his hand in front of his own face. “I do not need anyone to serve me, I can bathe myself. I have always bathed myself.”

In all honesty, Li Muyang had always bathed himself before.

Of course, even if he wanted to find someone to help him, there was no one that would——Luo Qi had bathe him for several years.

He did not think that when he reach Tiandu, and arrive in the Lu mansion, there would be people bathing him and there were four people. And every girl was so young and so beautiful. How would an ordinary youngster from Jiangnan have witnessed such a scene before?

If the four people rubbed his back at the same time, was it not enough to rub a layer of his skin off?

Thinking about it, it was so frightening!  

“Young master Muyang, this is something the Lady ordered us to do.” Jing’er pulled Li Muyang by the sleeve into the room. “Chuyao, Zhaihua, Tingxue and Xiyu are all sent here to serve you, if you do not let them, it means that you’re dissatisfied with them. They will be punished according to the household rules.”

“Then I will speak to Aunt Lu, and say it is my own problem——” Li Muyang said in a loud voice.

“What”s the problem Young Master Muyang? Are you unhappy with them? Do you want to swap them for someone else?”

“No, no.” Li Muyang hastily waved his hand.  

“Is it just them?”

Li Muyang saw the pitiful look on their face and had no choice but to nod and sigh, “They can stay. But I’ll bathe myself——”  

“How could Young Master Muyang bathe himself?” Jing’er refused to comply. “Let Chuyao and Zhaihua stay. They have an understanding of acupuncture points, they can help Young master Muyang relax your muscles.”

“This——” Li Muyang was hesitant. He was a virgin, if the two girls saw him naked, could he still marry in the future?

“Young Master, it’s decided then. Otherwise the Lady will punish us, and Jing’er may also have to suffer. Can you have pity on us servants?” Jing’er knew that Li Muyang was soft hearted, if she said some gentle words he would agree to their request.

“Sigh.” Li Muyang was indeed a sympathetic person. He deeply sighed, “In that case, all four of them can stay, you can also stay——to avoid being scolded by the Lady.”

“——————” Jing’er stared open-mouthed at Li Muyang. This young master does things in a unique way.  

Steam were rising up and into the air, the surrounding was full of women.

Li Muyang had his eyes closed and a contented smile on his face as he was lying in a big barrel, surrounded by girls.

Zhaihua and Chuyao were each massaging Li Muyang’s tired arms.

Tingxue was standing behind, massaging the acupuncture points of Li Muyang’s  head. Xiyu was holding a basket, sprinkling a variety of dried red and yellow flowers into the barrel.

Every now and then Jing’er tested the water temperature, adding boiled hot water into the barrel as soon as the water gets cold and making sure that Li Muyang would not feel cold.  

With Li Muyang’s physical state, he wouldn’t freeze even if he was thrown into an ice hole and hadn’t slept for three days and three nights. How would he be that fragile?  

“Too—” Li Muyang repeatedly sighed. “It is too—”

“Young master, too what—?” The youngest was Xiyu but also the most clever, hearing Li Muyang’s sigh, she bluntly asked.

“This sort of life is too—” Li Muyang angrily said. “The sage of poetry Du Gongbu wrote that ‘Wine and meat rot behind vermillion gates, while there are people frozen to death by the roadside’. This is true, these words are not empty at all.”

“Young master does not like this kind of life?” Tingxue blinked and asked with a smile.

“About this—” Li Muyang thought for a long while, then said irritably, “My back is a little itchy——down, a little lower. Yes that’s it——”

After a long soak in the bath, relaxing the tensed body and mental state, Li Muyang was much more refreshed. It was very comfortable.

This feeling was really good!

Li Muyang was getting ready to stand up inside the barrel, then suddenly looked somewhat troubled. He said to Jing’er, “You guys go out first. I’m getting out.”

Jing’er was carrying a clean towel in her hands, “Young master, we will wipe your body.”

“No, no. This really is not necessary.” Li Muyang hastily declined. “I can do it myself. I’m not a casual person.”

“Young master———”

“Get out. Get out of here.” Li Muyang waved his hand repeatedly.

Jing’er helplessly handed the towel to Li Muyang. “Please forgive Jing’er for being rude.”

Li Muyang took the towel and sat there waiting until Jing’er had left with the four other servants. It was only when he heard the door closed that he got out from the barrel, and dried his body with the towel.

He scanned around and saw a set of clean clothes on the table. So, Li Muyang hurriedly put on these clothes.

In the corridor, Jing’er and the four servants stood in front of Gongsun Yu.

Gongsun Yu, looking at the room where Li Muyang was, asked softly: “Has Young master bathed?”

“Yes” Jing’er replied quietly. “But Young master wouldn’t let us dry his body.”

Gongsun Yu chuckled, “Kids that age are shy. It is a good thing, it proves that he has grown up. Is he happy with these four girls?”

“Yes.” Jing’er glanced at Zhaihua, Chuyao and the others. “He should be happy?”

“That’s good.” Gongsun Yu said in a relieved tone. “From now on, you four will serve Young master.”

“Yes. Lady.” Chuyao, Zhaihua, Tingxue and Xiyu bowed at once.

With a few words from Gongsun Yu, these four have became Li Muyang’s personal servants. They will take care of Li Muyang’s food and clothing, and serve Li Muyang at all times. Li Muyang would be the focus of their lives, they no longer have to receive orders from other people.

The most important thing was that even if Li Muyang liked one of them, or all of them ———— they also have to obey unconditionally.

If there were not too many changes, their future life shall be inseparably close with Li Muyang.

Jing’er was inwardly surprised, these four people were servants that the Lu household had been training for many years. They were literate and proficient in zither, chess, calligraphy, and painting. She thought these people were prepared for Young master Tiandu. She did not expect the Lady to send them away, and all four of them. She really considered that Li Muyang to be a young master of this household?

But she heard that Young master Muyang had saved the life of their governor, so it seems that he was worthy of this huge gift.

Gongsun Yu was still a little worried. She looked at Jing’er and said, “Jing’er, you’ve been by my side for many years, you’re someone that I trust. The four of them are clever, but there are some things that they would be unsure about. In this case, you also stay with Young master Muyang, look after the four girls, if there is anything, you can help Young master Muyang make a decision——————”

“Yes, Lady.” Jing’er hurriedly bowed.

“Well.” Gongsun Yu looked at the five pretty and intelligent servant girls, feeling a bit more relieved. “Go dress Young master Muyang. Right, I brought a few sets of clothes, help him choose one that is suitable for him———”

“Yes.” Jing’er answered.

From Gongsun Yu’s side several servants came forward holding trays.

Under Jing’er’s guiding, Zhaihua, Chuyao, Tingxue and Xiyu received the trays, which was considered as receiving Lady’s reward.

And, from now on, they were Li Muyang’s people. So, under Jing’er’s guiding, the four servant girls at the same time made a deep bow to Gongsun Yu expressing their gratitude.

Gongsun Yu motioned with her hand as said, “Go in. Don’t let Young master do everything himself. He can’t dress and comb his hair himself——————-“

“Yes.” Jing’er answered at once and led the four servants in.

“These clothes are all made by Lady, Young master Muyang must take good care of them.” An old servant quietly instructed.

Gongsun Yu turned around and said with a smile. “You have to speak?”

She again gestured with her hand, “Quickly go inside. Take good care of Young Master Muyang.”

“Yes.” Forcibly suppressing her shock, Jing’er hurriedly led the four servant girls as they carried the trays into Li Muyang’s room.

Gongsun Yu waited until Jing’er and the others were, before she said, “During this period of time the household will be intense inside and relaxed outside. Any one that has come into contact with young master are not allowed to depart.”

“Yes. Lady.” The old servant answered, and with the wave of her hand, there were several dark figures darting off from the shadows of the courtyard.

Gongsun Yu let out a light sigh.

She knew that she cared too much about Li Muyang, she knew that her reward was too much, and it would arouse suspicion.

However, as a mother, seeing a long-lost son after so many years, how could she control her feelings, how could she do nothing?

She just wanted to be a little closer to him!

This is not compensation, it was atonement!



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